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Department of Biology and Marine Science, Jacksonville University 2800 University North Jacksonville, Florida 32211-3394 904-256-7319 (Office) 904-256-7573 (Fax)

September 2009 EDUCATION

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Florida Bachelor of Arts, Zoology - University of North Carolina LICENSURE

State Veterinary Licenses – Florida and Virginia PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Jacksonville University – Jacksonville, Florida 2006 - Present

Responsible for teaching undergraduate courses in comparative vertebrate anatomy, marine mammal biology, human ecology and zoonotic disease, human anatomy and physiology. Oversees student internship, independent study, research, and shadowing programs involving diverse animal species at zoos, wildlife agencies, racetracks, and veterinary practices.


Dolphin Conservation Field Station – Marineland, Florida 2009 - Present (Southeast Regional Marine Mammal Stranding Network)


United States Navy Marine Mammal Program


Colonial Downs Summer Thoroughbred Meet – New Kent, Virginia


Exotic Bird Hospital – Jacksonville, Florida ATTENDING VETERINARIAN

Lion Country Safari - Loxahatchee, Florida 2000-2006

Full-time medical and surgical services for diverse species at large AZA accredited zoological park. Inventory of nearly one thousand animals including several hundred African hoofstock, elephants, lions, chimpanzees, birds, reptiles, others. Field experience involved hundreds of large exotic animal immobilizations and substantial clinical work with hoofstock and primates. Developed preventive medicine and disease surveillance programs, escaped animal plans/drills, refined species-specific field anesthesia regimens. Oversaw hospital development, equipment acquisition, compliance with USDA, DEA, and AZA regulations, consulting veterinarian involvement, zoonotic disease education, student externships.




National Marine Fisheries Service - Silver Spring, Maryland 2001-2002 Served as a primary writer developing national guidelines for the release of rehabilitated wild marine mammals. Document emphasized prevention of disease transmission to free-ranging populations.


South Florida Veterinary Practices – Key West and Miami, Florida

Provision of medical and surgical services for dogs, cats, and exotic pets at several South Florida veterinary practices needing additional coverage for primary veterinarians.


Grafton, Massachusetts 1995-1999

Full-time clinician for exotic animal service. Medical and surgical services for pet birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals plus animals from area zoological parks, circuses, and biomedical centers. Oversaw student and resident clinical rotations, served as general student advisor, presented lectures in comparative medicine course, served as course coordinator for aquatic animal medicine course and faculty advisor for student chapter of International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine.


New England Aquarium (NEA) – Boston, Massachusetts 1995 - 1999

Medical and surgical services for collection animals and aquatic wildlife, particularly aquatic birds, pinnipeds, and small cetaceans. Provided veterinary support for marine mammal strandings including response to single and mass cetacean stranding events. Clinical instruction of veterinary students and interns at NEA.


Big Apple Circus – New York, New York 1999

Composed written guidelines for the husbandry and care of captive performing elephants. INTERN AND ASSISTANT STAFF VETERINARIAN

Tufts Wildlife Clinic - Grafton, Massachusetts 1993-1995

Completed a one year internship in wildlife medicine and surgery, then joined the staff of this full-service wildlife hospital. Provided medical and surgical services to ill and injured native wild animals, primarily avian cases with smaller percentage of wild mammals and reptiles. Participated in field biosampling and health assessment of juvenile wild bald eagles as part of reintroduction efforts for this species in Massachusetts. Conducted wild bird necropsies and sampling for mass avian mortality event in Boston. VETERINARIAN

Calusa Animal Hospital - Boca Raton, Florida 1992-1993


Angell Memorial Animal Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts 1991-1992 Completed 13-month internship in small animal medicine and surgery. Intensive experience in the management of small domestic animal and exotic pet emergencies as well as routine preventive health care. MARINE MAMMAL TRAINER AND SUMMER EDUCATION DIRECTOR

Miami Seaquarium - Key Biscayne, Florida 1985, 1987-1989

Full-time marine mammal trainer, worked primarily with bottlenose dolphins, occasionally with manatees and sea lions. Daily general care of captive dolphins, plus training for performances, veterinary examinations and venipuncture. Served as director of the park’s first summer education camp for children.



Dade County Public Schools - Miami, Florida 1983-1985

Full-time certified science instructor for Miami Palmetto Senior High School and Miami Southridge Senior High School. Taught biology, ecology, and physical science including laboratory. Served as coach for girls’ basketball and softball teams.


Borkowski, R., C. Merigo, B, Rubenstein, and J. Rice. 1998. Kohlberg Foundation. Stranded Marine Animal Facility. Delivered a presentation that demonstrated how rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals can enhance public support for conservation issues. The presentation secured funding for the New England Aquarium to construct a marine mammal rehabilitation pool in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Harper, C., R. Borkowski, A. Hoffman, and A. Warner. 1997. Geraldine Dodge Foundation. “Noninvasive development of bronchial nomenclature and bronchoscopic protocol for the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).” Development of artificial models, radiographic and videoendoscopic images of harbor porpoise bronchial anatomy.

Borkowski, R. and Rommel, S. 1995-96. National Marine Fisheries Service. “Thymus characteristics and histopathologic findings in stranded and gill netted harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena).” Morphologic and histopathologic characterization of the harbor porpoise thymus in health and disease. Collaborated with scientists in Woods Hole, MA., Grand Manan, Canada, and the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., conducting necropsies on porpoises that died in the gill net fishery or following stranding.


*Publication also presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians or the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine as indicated.

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*Borkowski, R. and R. Boswell. 2004. Use of ACell VetTM Scaffold, an extracellular matrix incorporating pig urinary bladder for wound healing in zoo species. Proc. Joint Conf. Am. Assoc. Zoo Vet / Wildl. Dis. Assoc./ Am. Assoc. Wildl. Vet. Pp. 531-532.


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*Borkowski, R., P.A. Moore, and S. Mumford, et. al. 1999. Extended use of subpalpebral lavage systems for treatment of keratitis in a harbor seal, (Phoca vitulina). Proc. Internatl. Assoc. for Aquatic Animal Med. Pp. 39-40.

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PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American Veterinary Medical Association

American Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians Association of Avian Veterinarians

Wildlife Disease Association Society for Marine Mammalogy



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