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CREATIVITY for SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Nafta Technology Development Co.


Academic year: 2021

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Who We Are

Welcome to Nafta onboarding journey. Nafta is a software

development and consulting group. We deliver a full spectrum of software consulting and development services to clients. Nafta offers its clients complete life-cycle product and project

development, right from requirements stage, to design, implementation, testing, review, and project management. Nafta

Nafta provides professional staffing, QA/testing, design, specialized services in customized application development.



Our vision and mission is an amalgamation of our group philosophy and our motto of providing next generation IT services.

To envision, design and construct the most innovative solutions that contributes tangibly to the overall success of our customers. Quality, Technology, Innovation, Creativity and Customer Service are the pillars of our vision and mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement.

Nafta’s mission is to be instrumental in making our customer’s businesses stronger by providing rich technology competencies, domain expertise, and passion for quality of our software professionals. The team vision is to be a one-stop software partner for our global clients while maintaining an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-centric approach to delivering cutting-edge solutions.




Our competitive advantage is based on following things:

Expertise of Our People

We are an efficient and productive team with the resources to quickly scale based on project requirements and workload.

Competitive Prices

We offer robust and completely satisfying software development solutions at highly competitive prices.


Customized Solutions

We offer a great off the shelf solution that can be customized for your business. We can integrate our system with other solutions.


We embrace constant innovation to create our products while being future-proof as much as possible.


We operate providing state-of-the -art solutions by leveraging new technologies to help bring down the gap between the business and technology.




Nafta has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, Stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their IT environment and information systems.

We have accumulated extensive experience in designing the software development solutions needs and requirements of the public and private sectors.

We also undertake the development and support of tailor-made applications according to clients’ needs.


Product & Services

Application & software


Designing and developing applications and software solutions has been a core and continuous activity of Nafta since its early existence, 15 years ago.

A typical example of our products is Visitor Management system. Most organizations use security staff to manage visitors. Security staff change frequently and are not very computer savvy leading to training issues. Nafta Visitor Management system is a SMART desktop application with very user friendly GUI helping

security person to learn and operate quickly.


Product & Services


Nafta has been developing software solutions that change the way citizens interact with society and central and local governments.

In attempt to provide citizens with easy access to services and information that people might need any time any day, many government institutions started to integrate tools and software applications for the public sector that change the way citizens interact with their local governments. That caused a rapid implementation of e-government applications in large western countries.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and solutions in e-Governance and have attained rich expertise in delivering solutions that are enriched with the highest standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability. We have extended our expertise to the state, local and provincial governments to tackle evolving challenges by successfully delivering citizen-centric services and values.


The major areas where our expertise has actively contributed include police, social and rural services, agriculture, etc. We can help deploy e-government services and applications for users are able to have access to services everywhere and anytime from any device and receive up to the minute updates right to their phones. Nafta is helping to pave the way for accessible, Transparent government and we welcome you to leverage our expertise in order to facilitate successful planning, design and development of e-government initiatives and expand online services to the public sector.

To list down a few, our offerings are:

> Immigration services solutions(E-visa, passport, etc.)

> Office automation services(Archive, etc.)

> Government health and family services solutions

> Public services solutions(Post, Billing, etc.)

> Education university model for e-Governance

> Police services solutions(Car numbering, Car crimes, etc.)


Product & Services


Market Analysis

Comprehensive market analysis for gaining market insights and gathering market data related to, but not limited to, market segmentation, competition analysis, market regulation, current trends and distribution channels. Future oriented analytics that enable an organization to leverage market insights for gaining competitive advantage and prepare itself for possible market opportunities and threats.


Launching the business is probably the most difficult task any startup faces. Nafta afford startups the much needed boost for gaining market presence and identification. We aim at building brands that are built around customer satisfaction and product quality. Providing client support all the way from idea generation to idea development to execution, thereby transforming nascent dreams into reality.


Solving complex business problems with robust, sophisticated and dedicated digital solutions, build to transform business ideas into reality. Built around the concept of MVP, we provide web and app development solutions that are tailor made to your business requirements and run across multiple devices and platforms.


For a startup to grow and expand, it is necessary that it has market recognition and acceptance. We, at Nafta make sure that your startup has sufficient market presence to win over customers and investors and build on the strength of your brand. We realize the tremendous scope of online marketing and promote your brand through several digital channels like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, forum posting, etc.


Product & Services

Data analysis

Our data and analytics consulting services include:

Data Management

As corporations collect large amounts of customer, product, transaction, market and social data, it becomes very important to manage, maintain and make sense of the data collected to get actionable insights out of it. Data Management at our team helps these global corporations in managing the data effectively and efficiently, create or manage accurate reports, dashboards and alerts which will help in satisfying various reporting needs from MIS reporting to regulatory compliance reporting.

Our experts understand clearly that competent and valuable data handling can maximize profits of any business. Before implementing a process, we recognize your exact requirements and areas of data quality improvement. Once the concept is

clear, we deliver strategies that make your data more useful in structured form. We offer a wide range of data management services that cover following areas:


Database Development

We support our clients in building databases of current and updated information via data entry and data mining services. Our professionals explore and extract required data as per your guidelines and deliver it to you in a prescribed format.

Data Analytics Services

Employing tested data analytic techniques, we help our clients to convert unstructured data into useful, insightful and handy information. With our quality data analysis support, you can cut-down your expenses and increase profits.

De-duplicate entries: We remove duplicate data or information from your databases and save storage space as well as unwanted marketing or management expenses.

Verify and validate database records: To ensure that the data is authentic, our data management experts carefully verify and validate information against all the reliable sources.



Data Cleaning & Enrichment

To make your data consistent, we clean and standardize all records carefully. Also, we remove typos and spelling errors to improve quality of records.

Big Data

With more data coming from more sources faster than ever, the question is: what is your Big Data strategy? Could new data sources including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business? We help you combine new and existing data sources to manage and make better decisions about your business.

Data Science

Our data scientists incorporate techniques and theories from many fields, including mathematics, probability models, machine learning, statistical learning, data engineering, pattern recognition, and visualization to extract meaning from data.




Back End


Front End

Data Engineering

Cloud Native Development


M a c h i n e



Legal Automation System

Legal automation system delivers secure, integrated legal document workflow help organizations to keep control of their documents, streamline workflow, improve compliance and increase productivity. scanner, fax, traditional mail, e-mail, and other

channels. Incoming documents are classified by their appearance (Visual classification) and content (Content classification), categorized, and directed to the appropriate agents in the business or data capture workflows to extract additional data. Custom workflows then allow client to define and streamline the business processes.


Project Tracking System, Budget & Accounting System, Inventory & Purchasing System, Operation & Maintenance System, Committee/Meeting Management System, and Enterprise Search.

Hospital Management System

hospital management system is a web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up. This system is helping to make the whole functioning paperless. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details etc. into one software.

Office Automation

The Office Automation System is a set of fully web-based applications designed to automate many of the administrative functions carried out by organizations such as Human Capital System, Document Management System, E-Payroll System,


Visitor Management System

Nafta Visitor Management System(VMS) refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By the growth of information volume, VMS can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.

Automated Vehicle Recognition and RegistrationA

This system using to authorities needing vehicle registration information had to call in to a central office and wait for a response. Now, however, registration data can be accessed quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) combines automated vehicle recognition with a centralized management of vehicle registration data. EVR systems are of great use to the police, especially in countries where many vehicles are not properly registered or insured, or where theft rates are high.


Contact Us




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