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Automatic job scheduling software for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows


Academic year: 2021

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JobQue/X is simple to use, yet powerful automated job

scheduling software that defines and schedules

interdependent jobs in your critical IT environment. With

JobQue/X, IT can facilitate a large number of jobs across

diverse applications in multiple locations.

Job scheduling is a critical component for overall IT

management and it can quickly become a very complex task.

Yet a job scheduler need not be an overly-complicated

software product. JobQue/X makes it easy to ensure the

right software task is executed at the right time and your

applications continue to perform. JobQue/X allows you to

plan your schedules while maintaining total control over jobs

within a networked environment.

You will find that JobQue/X provides the core functionality

that automates job definitions, dependencies, calendaring,

and reporting tasks on even the most complex businesses

environment, while costing up to 25% less than the lowest

prices published by competitors.

Nobix JobQue/X - it’s simply what you need.

See firsthand how JobQue/X can help improve your IT operation by downloading a free trial version. Go to www.nobix.com to download JobQue/X today.

Benefits of using JobQue/X

Optimized performance of

machines and staff, with more

effective resource deployment

Simplified job scheduling

control and efficiency

Productivity increases with

automated error checking that

reduces the potential waste of

system resources and time

Improved flexibility and ability

to respond to users’ needs


Automatic job scheduling software for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and


The biggest benefit of using

JobQue/X is never experiencing the

cost and resource drain caused by

irregular, manual job processing and

the errors it can introduce into the

corporate environment. Compared to

these intangible costs, the tangible

benefits of running JobQue/X are

icing on the cake.


‹ Easy to use Windows® interfaces for schedule creation and management of customized job queues, calendars, and activity reports.

‹ Runs on the most popular operating systems: HP®, IBM®, Red Hat Linux®, Sun® and Windows.

‹ Multiple machine scheduling allows any JobQue/X system to make its schedules available to any other JobQue/X system for execution.

‹ Job or schedule dependencies provide total control over job starting even within a networked environment as schedules can be started by calendars, other schedules, or both.

‹ Real-time monitoring and maintenance of schedules provides control over starting and stopping the main schedule, when to complete an active or pending schedule, and

printing the schedule.

‹ Job starting based on time or job completion eliminates the need for manual intervention and offers total control over the timing of jobs.

‹ JobQue/X web interface offers access to the software from any Internet connection.

‹ Between system dependencies allow schedules to control jobs running on networked JobQue/X systems.

‹ Adjustable job limits specifies the number of concurrent schedules, steps and programs.

‹ Parameter substitution capabilities allow variable names in script command files to be replaced by external substitute values.

‹ Changing schedules on the fly without recycling the software reduces down time.

‹ Shared log files amongst networked JobQue/X systems facilitates viewing from any machine on the network.

‹ Configurable retention settings allow users to manage scheduling and text data storage.

‹ User-created jobs and their associated dependencies are seamlessly integrated with previously schedules jobs.

‹ By integrating with PageAlert (our notification and paging product), administrators can be notified of exceptions within any scheduled job.


Nobix JobQue/X - Main Components

TheJobQue/X software includes one data component and five separate client programs. These include the: • Schedule Administration client program

• Scheduler Communications client program • SCOM client program

• Scheduler Communications web interface • Submit client program

• Reporting client program

• JobQue/X Server (HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Solaris version) • JobQue/X Server (Windows version)

Together all these components help to automate batch job scheduling and eliminate the need for manual

intervention. JobQue/X is based on two concepts: the schedule and the calendar. Essentially, schedules contain a list of jobs to be run. Calendars list the dates and times on which schedules should run. The Schedule Administration program is used to create and manage the various job queues and calendars.

The Scheduler Communications program features an easy to use interface used to control JobQue/X. It can be used to start, pause and resume JobQue/X scheduling operations.

Schedule Administration


The SCOM program is an on-line utility that offers all of the same capabilities and functionality as both Scheduler Communications programs. It is offered as an alternative for users who prefer using a command line interface.

The Scheduler Communications web interface is used to manage most JobQue/X functionality via the Internet.

TheSubmit program is an on-line utility that is designed to be used by users from a terminal session on the JobQue/X server. The program is used to submit a job to JobQue/X so that it can be integrated into JobQue/X scheduling operations.


Scheduler Communications Web Interface


The JobQue/X Reporting program can be used to generate various types of reports. Schedule simulation reports show all the schedules JobQue/X plans to run during a set period of time, while calendar reports list all the days specific calendars are valid. A set of command buttons makes it easy to create the type of report users need.

JobQue/X server software is installed on an HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, or Windows computer. Along with the server software, various types of JobQue/X files are stored on this computer such as output files (stdin, stderr, stdout) schedule configuration files, and log files. All of these files are eventually purged from the computer based on JobQue/X retention management settings.


JobQue/X Server (Windows version)

Nobix JobQue/X - Main Components


The JobQue/X server software may be installed on an HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux or Windows host. • JobQue/X server software runs on the following:

• IBM Power systems running AIX 5L 5.1 or later • HP9000s running HP-UX 11.0 or later

• HP Integrity systems HP-UX 11.0 or later • Intel x86 PCs running Red Hat Linux • Sun systems running Solaris 7.0 or later

• Intel x86 PCs running Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003

A minimum of 20 Mb of hard drive space is required. If output files are to be stored for a significant amount of time, more drive space will be required.

The JobQue/X client software requires Windows 2000, XP or 2003 running on a Pentium-class processor. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later must also be installed on the computer. (The .NET Framework is available on the JobQue/X Installation CD.)

It is highly recommended that all web access to JobQue/X be provided by a secure server or a virtual private network (VPN), thus ensuring that any transferred data is encrypted. The web server must be configured and running on the same computer as the JobQue/X server software. (If you have installed JobQue/X server software on multiple computers the web server only needs to be configured and running on one of them.)

Technical support is provided for the JobQue/X software only. Additional items that may be used with JobQue/X are not included in the Nobix support plans.

© 2006 Nobix, Inc. is a trademark of Nobix, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Nobix, Inc. is headquartered in San Ramon, California. We have been providing the best value in the IT management software market for over 20 years. Nobix delivers products specifically for job scheduling and problem notification and paging at a price lower than alternative products. Nobix's simple to use, yet powerful products provide the core functionality required to cost-effectively manage interdependent IT jobs and deliver problem alerts across AIX, HP-UX, Linux, MPE/iX, Solaris and Windows systems. Nobix serves thousands of customers worldwide who have benefited by using our products to simplify and automate their IT management functions.

Nobix, Inc.

3180 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 255 San Ramon, California 94583 925-659-3500 or 1-800-538-3818 www.nobix.com


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