Supplemented by a trip to Kenya from 29 th to 4/1-05 (separate report). Separate report from a trip to Tanzania in







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David B. Collinge,

Tanzanian northern circuit safari 21-29


December 2004

Arusha area, Tarangire, Gibb’s Farm, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara Safari operator: Birding and Beyond with Anthony W. Rafael (details p. 11) Supplemented by a trip to Kenya from 29th to 4/1-05 (separate report). Separate report from a trip to Tanzania in 2000-2001

I flew to Nairobi and took the “Riverside shuttles” bus to Arusha. I was met by a lady with a sign who promptly informed me that I should wait in the restaurant then the driver would come with my name and email address written on a piece of paper and not to go with anyone else. It is critically important to have prearranged transportation in Nairobi. 45 minutes later the lady reappeared, and the shuttle arrived, shuttled us to a petrol station outside Nairobi and stuffed us into a slightly larger bus for Arusha (RH bus below). Be prepared for this: I was very happily installed on the first bus, and unprepared to move which meant that I ended up sitting on a rotten clap seat in the middle aisle for a 5 hour journey with a restricted view (having just spent the night in an aeroplane). Visa for Kenya costs US $50 or €50, which is another example of Europeans being screwed (at present exchange rates)!

Open agricultural landscape until near the border then scrub landscape – first zebra. Border crossing is fun and entailed all getting out of the bus and presenting exit cards and passports at the Kenyan side. Be aware of aggressive hawkers. Visas issued to the 3-4 parties who didn’t have them from home.

Then a further 90 minutes to Arusha through a drier landscape to the west side of Mt Meru. Saw more “real” animals here: Impala, Zebra and Ostrich. Arrived at the Shuttle terminal at the Mt Meru Hotel at 2 pm – about 2 hrs late. Shuttled onto another bus bound for Moshi, arrived at MS-TCDC (20 Km) where my partner Brita was staying. This part of Tanzania is very densely populated – maybe 600,000 between Moshi (70 Km from Arusha). The coffee plantations have visibly been neglected in the last 4 years and there are a lot more banana plantations.

It was nice to be back in The MS-TCDC ( – Danish NGO), in the same house that Brita lived in during her previous stay in 2000-2001 (separate report available). Installed, we strolled the grounds. There have been changes, a new library, no cows, but best of all, a brand new


web café with decent computers. We strolled outside, forded the river and had views of

Kilimanjaro. In the evening we met the proprietor of “Birding and Beyond” Anthony Rafael, our operator and guide for the trip and Gaitan, our driver and mammal guide for a beer at the TCDC bar. Familiar night sounds included vociferous Hadaba Ibis, a fruit bat and a Bush Baby.

Vervet Monkey, Mt Kilimajaro

Day 2! - 22/12 was also a working day for Brita. I accompanied her to the host institute, Horti- Tengeru, 6 Km down the road with a local “bus”, seating capacity 12. Rush hour capacity 25 plus market produce, chickens and goats. I successfully birded the grounds, finding the rare Woolly-necked Stork in a tree. We walked back to the road with a “sprite” stop at the Mountain Village Lodge. Back at TCDC we packed for our safari in a thunderstorm, ready for an 8 am start. (bird list below)

The scenery on the Arusha Moshi road. The over-loaded mini busses – dala-dala’s are the mainstay of the cooperative public transport.

Day 3 23/12-04: Safari Tanzania, the short Northern Circuit. From Arusha to Tarangire National Park. We were ready when Anthony and Gaitan arrived. After a brief stop in Arusha to pick up water, we headed west towards Tarangire National park, some 130 Km along a well maintained tarmac road (which heads for Dodoma, official capital city in the middle of the country, 430 Km from Arusha). Saw 75 spp bird on the way! The scenery is initially coffee plantations, then thorn scrub and savannah for the rest of the way. Much overgrazing and erosion, and the “short” rains have been late and patchy this year. I managed to sit on my sunglasses after a birding stop.


The Dodoma road, & a baobab very close to Tarangire. Note Maasai bomas – family villages, a hut for each wife.

We entered the park at 12:30 immediately greeted by herds of Gnu, Zebra and Impala as well as Warthogs. We also saw two colonies of small mongoose – one the rufous Slender (below) and brown Banded – like Timan in the Lion King. These were occupying adjacent termite hills.

We drove to the lodge and had lunch – elephants and a flock of Steppe and Lesser Spotted Eagles from the terrace. This has to be one of the finest views in Africa. At 3 pm we took the main game drive, heading for the marshes at the south of the park. Very constructive. The only carnivore was Bat-eared Fox – something of a rarity, and we heard a Verreaux's Eagle-Owl – also at the lodge. In total about 90 spp bird and mammal on that drive. We finished in time for the sunset on the terrace with a beer and our guides. Accommodation here is in permanent tents, with a thatched roof and own bathroom (curfew!), naturally all viewing the river, which means that we could hear the lion roaring, gnus grunting, and God knows what else.

Long Crested Eagle and Southern Ground Hornbill


24/12-04 from Tarangire to Gibb’s Farm. We awoke up at dawn without the need for an alarm. We drove directly but slowly out of the park, obtaining good though not excellent views of giraffes, and seeing over 60 spp. birds and mammal. Views below are from the tented lodge. Go for it!

Ostrich, RUFOUS-BELLIED HERON, Grey Heron, Goliath Heron, Hamerkop, White Stork, Marabou Stork, Yellow-billed Stork (Wood Ibis), Egyptian Goose, African White-backed Vulture, RÜPPELL'S VULTURE, BROWN SNAKE-EAGLE, Bateleur, Montagu's Harrier, African Fish Eagle, LESSER SPOTTED EAGLE, Tawny Eagle, Steppe Eagle, LONG-CRESTED EAGLE, Pygmy Falcon, COQUI FRANCOLIN, CRESTED FRANCOLIN, HILDEBRANDT'S

FRANCOLIN, RED-NECKED SPURFOWL, YELLOW-NECKED SPURFOWL, Tufted (Helmetted) Guinea Fowl, Grey Crowned-Crane, WHITE-BELLIED BUSTARD, BLACK-BELLIED BUSTARD, (GREATER) PAINTED SNIPE, Blacksmith Lapwing, Crowned Lapwing, Kittlitz's Plover, Three-banded Plover, Marsh Sandpiper, Greenshank, Wood Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Mourning Collared-Dove, Ring-necked Dove, Laughing (Palm) Dove, Brown (Meyer's) Parrot, Yellow-collared Lovebird, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Red-chested Cuckoo, DIDERIC CUCKOO, White-browed Coucal, Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, FRECKLED NIGHTJAR, Swift, Mottled Swift, Little Swift, Speckled Mousebird, Grey-headed Kingfisher, WOODLAND KINGFISHER, Little Bee-eater, ROLLER, Lilac-breasted Roller, , African Hoopoe GREEN WOODHOOPOE, Southern Ground-Hornbill, Red-billed Hornbill, BLACK-THROATED BARBET, D'ARNAUD'S BARBET, GREATER HONEYGUIDE, Nubian Woodpecker, African Pied Wagtail, YELLOW-THROATED LONGCLAW, Swallow, Red-rumped Swallow,

NORTHERN PIED-BABBLER, ROCK THRUSH, Winding Cisticola, Rattling Cisticola, FAN-TAILED WARBLER (ZITTING CISTICOLA), TAWNY-FLANKED PRINIA, Yellow-breasted Apalis, Banded (Parisoma) Warbler, Northern White-crowned (White-rumped) Shrike, MAGPIE SHRIKE, Grey-backed Fiscal, BROWN-CROWNED TCHAGRA, SLATE-COLORED BOUBOU Pied Crow, Red-winged Starling, Superb Starling, ASHY STARLING, SHARPE'S STARLING, Wattled Starling, Red-billed Oxpecker, Beautiful Sunbird, Kenya Rufous-Sparrow, WHITE-HEADED BUFFALO-WEAVER, RED-BILLED BUFFALO-WEAVER, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Southern (Vitelline) Masked-Weaver, Speke's Weaver, Red-billed Firefinch, RED-CHEEKED CORDONBLEU, BLUE-BREASTED CORDONBLEU i.e. 101 spp, 37 only here, Rufous-bellied Heron was the rairity.

Vervet Monkey, Golden (Common) Jackal, Black(Silver)-backed Jackal, BAT-EARED FOX, SLENDER MONGOOSE, BANDED MONGOOSE, Spotted Hyena, Lion, ROCK DASSIE (HYRAX), African Elephant, Burchell's Zebra, Wart Hog, Giraffe, Kirk's Dik-dik, Waterbuck, Grant's Gazelle, Impala, Bubal Hartebeest, White-bearded Wildebeest 19 spp. Note that we prioritised birds rather than mammals! Bat-eared Fox was the rarity – to see.


We drove 26Km back towards Arusha then turned west on the safari road (actually it goes all the way to Lake Victoria, 308 Km). Four years ago this was an African Adventure – dirt track. It is now a modern Tarmac road all the way to the gate of the NGA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area), where the adventure starts. Right: the Rift Valley escarpment with Lake Manyara. Our destination was Gibb’s Farm, high on the Ngorongoro crater rim overlooking the highlands, with the wonderful address, Haile Selassie Plot No. 50, Karatu. Gibb was a British coffee farmer who had a 250 acre (hectare?) estate, confiscated by the “British Custodian of Enemy Property” from German’s during the war.

Our destination was Gibb’s Farm, high on the Ngorongoro crater rim overlooking the highlands, with the wonderful address, Haile Selassie Plot No. 50, Karatu.

Gibb was a British coffee farmer who had a 250 acre (hectare?) estate, confiscated by the “British Custodian of Enemy Property” from Germans during the war. In 1972 it became a small lodge and it is indeed an oasis, very like something from the colonial “Out of Africa”, though now managed by an American named Dale Jensen Of the three places we stayed on this trip, this was both the most charming and pleasant. After a rather late lunch we had a guided walk (compulsory) in the cloud forest accompanied by Anthony and a local. The clouds conveniently did their burst while we were having lunch (below right). Forest birding is frustrating for the uninitiated, so Brita and local guide left Anthony and I to do the hard work to walk up to the waterfall. Dessert on the terrace gave passable views of a Bush Baby (Lesser Galago) and excellent views of one of several Montane Nightjars.

25/12: from Gibb’s Farm to the NCA. I took a pre-breakfast birding stroll through the edge of the forest.

Gabar Goshawk, COMMON BUZZARD, LANNER, QUAIL, EASTERN BRONZE-NAPED PIGEON, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, TAMBOURINE DOVE, Red-eyed Dove, Laughing (Palm) Dove, Dusky Turtle-Dove, Schalow's Turaco, Red-chested Cuckoo, AFRICAN EMERALD CUCKOO, White-browed Coucal, MONTANE NIGHTJAR, Speckled Mousebird, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, RED-FRONTED TINKERBIRD, Rock Martin, Black Sawwing, African Pied Wagtail, Common Bulbul, MOUNTAIN GREENBUL, White-browed Robin-Chat, Isabelline Wheatear, BROWN WOODLAND-WARBLER, Banded (Parisoma) Warbler, RED-FACED



SUNBIRD, KENYA VIOLET-BACKED SUNBIRD, Common Fiscal, Tropical Boubou, Black-backed Puffback, BLACK-FRONTED BUSHSHRIKE, Northern White-crowned (White-rumped) Shrike, Pied Crow, Kenrick's Starling, Village (Black-headed) Weaver, Grosbeak Weaver,

Spectacled Weaver, Speke's Weaver, Baglafecht Weaver, HOLUB'S GOLDEN-WEAVER, YELLOW BISHOP, ABYSSINIAN CRIMSON-WING, Red-billed Firefinch, YELLOW-BELLIED WAXBILL, African Citril, Streaky Seedeater 61 spp, 25 here.

Mammals: SMALL-EARED GALAGO, bushbuck

We continued to the park entrance where a considerable amount of paperwork has to be done (20 min), including paying many fees - $30 per foreigner per day plus a further $30 descent fee to the crater etc. My full approval. They are trying to maximise profit to preserve it while minimising impact. Then a 22 Km drive to the Sopa Lodge. Anthony wanted to make sure we were checked in BEFORE our drive due to overbooking. He succeeded. Immediate descent to the crater and leisurely drive to the picnic area viewing lions, cheetahs, 4 spp. antelope, elephants én route. You name it!

1. Park entrance.

2. First crater view – elephants, rhinos etc from here.

3. Lobby of the Sopa Lodge. 4. Acacias at the descent. 5. Zebra crossing in the crater. Hard to believe this is a cloud forest – we did not see the view in 2000


1.What are they rushing for? 2.Zebras trying soda water. 3.Anthony & Gaiton.

4.Giant Lobelias along the rim 5.Brita proves she isn’t afraid of

buffalo or elephant

6. Hippos on the crater floor – through the telescope.

This is truly one of the wonders of the world. A 22 km diameter and 260 Km2 in area intact caldera teaming with wildlife – we saw 22 spp mammal & 90 birds As usual, we were among the last to be ready for a meal – our reserved table was passed on. 9pm before we made it in, to see Santa

distribute gifts to the kids. Our slumbers were interrupted by a Dormouse nibbling the mince pie left over from our afternoon tea on the terrace.

Ostrich, PINK-BACKED PELICAN, Little Grebe, WHITE-BREASTED CORMORANT, Cattle Egret, Grey Heron, Black-headed Heron, White Stork, Marabou Stork, Sacred Ibis, Glossy Ibis, GREATER FLAMINGO, Lesser Flamingo, Egyptian Goose, RED-BILLED DUCK,

HOTTENTOT TEAL, CAPE TEAL, Shoveler, Yellow-billed Kite, BLACK KITE, LAPPET-FACED VULTURE, African Marsh-Harrier, Augur Buzzard, MOUNTAIN BUZZARD, Tawny Eagle, Bateleur, Lanner (Keratu – also seen in 2001 here). Tufted (Helmetted) Guinea Fowl, CRESTED (RED-KNOBBED) COOT, Grey Crowned-Crane, KORI BUSTARD, HARTLAUB'S BUSTARD, Black-winged Stilt, Blacksmith Lapwing, Crowned Lapwing, SENEGAL LAPWING, Kittlitz's Plover, RINGED PLOVER, RUFF, Marsh Sandpiper, Little Stint, Gull-billed Tern, AFRICAN GREEN-PIGEON, SPECKLED PIGEON, Mourning Collared-Dove, Dusky Turtle-Dove, Schalow's Turaco, Red-chested Cuckoo, African Wood-Owl (?), White-rumped Swift, Mottled Swift, Speckled Mousebird, BLUE-NAPED MOUSEBIRD, NARINA TROGON,

Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, WAHLBERG'S HONEYGUIDE, Rufous-naped Lark, FLAPPET LARK (near Makuyuni), RED-CAPPED LARK, HOUSE MARTIN, Mosque Swallow, Swallow, Black Sawwing, African Pied Wagtail, GREY WAGTAIL, Yellow/Blue-headed Wagtail, ROSY-THROATED LONGCLAW, African (Grasslands) Pipit, Common Bulbul, CAPE ROBIN-CHAT, White-browed Robin-Chat, Olive Thrush, NORTHERN ANTEATER-CHAT, AFRICAN STONECHAT, CAPPED WHEATEAR, (NORTHERN) WHEATEAR, Isabelline Wheatear, Willow Warbler, Banded (Parisoma) Warbler, PECTORAL-PATCH CISTICOLA, DESERT CISTICOLA, HUNTER'S CISTICOLA, Green-backed

Camaroptera, White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher, WHITE-TAILED BLUE-FLYCATCHER, Tacazze Sunbird, Eastern Double-collared Sunbird, Beautiful Sunbird, Common Fiscal, Tropical Boubou, YELLOW-BILLED OXPECKER, Red-billed Oxpecker, Kenrick's Starling, Red-winged Starling,


Southern (Vitelline) Masked-Weaver, Spectacled Weaver, Baglafecht Weaver, FAN-TAILED WIDOWBIRD, African Citril, THICK-BILLED SEEDEATER, KENYA YELLOW-RUMPED SEEDEATER, Streaky Seedeater is 103 spp, 39 site- specific.

Vervet Monkey, Blue Monkey, CAPE HARE, SAVANNA DORMOUSE, GOLDEN (COMMON) JACKAL, BLACK(SILVER)-BACKED JACKAL, SPOTTED HYENA, Lion, Cheetah, Southern Tree Hyrax, African Elephant, Burchell's Zebra, BLACK RHINOCEROS, Hippopotamus, Wart Hog, AFRICAN BUFFALO, ELAND, Waterbuck, THOMPSON'S GAZELLE, Grant's Gazelle, Bubal Hartebeest, White-bearded Wildebeest

26/12 Ngorongoro to Arusha via Lake Manyara. I awoke at dawn to a crashing noise. A troupe of Blue Monkeys was bouncing along the roofs of the terraced rooms. Outside, two Tree Hyraxes were bonking on the grass, and the first intrepid explorers were heading for an early breakfast before their early descent to the crater floor. We were ready for off at 8:30, heading for home. We made the park exit at an acceptable 10:35 – and didn’t have to pay fees for a further 24 hrs. Back on a decent road we were at the Lake Manyara entrance an hour later. Most of the reserve is forest fed by springs from the escarpment. The scenically most interesting part is at the southern end of the reserve at the lake side. This is also the most productive, ornithologically. Fortunately, a couple of giraffes approached close by as Anthony and I were battling with winter plumage marsh terns and silhouettes of ducks.

WHITE PELICAN, SQUACCO HERON, Little Egret, BLACK HERON, Goliath Heron, Grey Heron, Sacred Ibis, Glossy Ibis, AFRICAN SPOONBILL, Lesser Flamingo, Egyptian Goose, COMB (KNOB-BILLED) DUCK, WHITE-FACED WHISTLING DUCK, FULVOUS WHISTLING DUCK, Red-billed Duck, Shoveler, GARGANEY, (COMMON) BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE, PALM-NUT VULTURE, Hooded Vulture, African Marsh-Harrier, Montagu's Harrier, Eastern Chanting-Goshawk, Augur Buzzard, Bateleur, Pygmy Falcon, Tufted (Helmetted) Guinea Fowl, African Jacana, Black-winged Stilt, AVOCET, WATER THICK-KNEE, Blacksmith Lapwing, SPUR-WINGED PLOVER, Crowned Lapwing, Common Sandpiper,

Greenshank, Marsh Sandpiper, Little Stint, BAR-TAILED GODWIT, SNIPE, GREY-HEADED GULL, Gull-billed Tern, WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN, WHISKERED TERN, EMERALD-SPOTTED WOOD-DOVE, NAMAQUA DOVE, Ring-necked Dove, Mourning Collared-Dove, Laughing (Palm) Dove, Yellow-collared Lovebird, PURPLE-CRESTED TURACO, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Red-chested Cuckoo, African Wood-Owl, Mottled Swift, Swift, African Palm-Swift, Speckled Mousebird, STRIPED KINGFISHER, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Little eater, Bee-eater, BROAD-BILLED ROLLER, Lilac-breasted Roller, African Hoopoe, AFRICAN GREY HORNBILL, CROWNED HORNBILL, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, Southern Ground-Hornbill, CARDINAL WOODPECKER, Rufous-naped Lark, Fischer's Sparrow-Lark, Plain Sand Martin, Red-rumped Swallow, Lesser Striped-Swallow, Swallow, Yellow/Blue-headed Wagtail, African (Grasslands) Pipit, Common Bulbul, SCHALOW'S WHEATEAR, Isabelline Wheatear, SPOTTED MORNING-THRUSH, RED-FACED CROMBEC, Rattling Cisticola, Green-backed Camaroptera, WHITE-BELLIED TIT, Common Fiscal, Grey-backed Fiscal, Pied Crow, African Black-headed Oriole, Red-billed Oxpecker, Superb Starling, Wattled Starling, HOUSE SPARROW, Chestnut Sparrow, SPECKLE-FRONTED WEAVER, LESSER MASKED WEAVER, GREEN-WINGED PYTILIA, Red-billed Firefinch 99 spp for an afternoon’s birding incl. 35 site specific.

OLIVE BABOON, Vervet Monkey, Blue Monkey, African Elephant, Burchell's Zebra, Hippopotamus, Wart Hog, Giraffe, Bushbuck, Impala, White-bearded Wildebeest


We left the park at about 3pm and headed towards Arusha. On the east side of the rift valley we stopped at a Maasai Boma which has been built by a group of local villages for tourists, i.e., leave us alone, but we will treat you as equals here, as long as you buy some of our souvenirs. As one of our guide books says, tourists tend to treat the Maasai as the 6th species of the “Big Five”. This project is run by women from 5-6 local villages, though it was a young man who did the talking. The young man aspired to study medicine. There is real wealth, but different values – the herd of cattle is the wealth, maybe worth the price of 5 landrovers!

Hippo pool, Water Thick-knee, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Red-billed Oxpecker, White Pelican, Egyptian Goose, Warthog.

We were taken through 950 Km of some of the finest scenery on the planet, saw some of the most spectacular animals and birds, visited an alien culture and saw the preserved vestiges of a colonial culture long gone.

27 & 28/12 MS-TCDC. These were rest days for me though Brita went to work both days to sort out various things. I sorted out the pictures from Tanzania and wrote part 1 of this journal. In the evening we forced entry to the computer room and checked some mails, but the internet

communication was not working very well so I failed to send more than a few lines to a few people (only those who had sent me mails since the address book system is a pain in the neck). On the 28th I borrowed the key to the sewage treatment plant and took 165 pictures of waterbirds through the telescope. This gave a few fine images worth keeping! On 28/12 I took a walk that Brita and I had taken four years before. I was pleased to remember the route. Up through the adjacent village talking to the kids – Na tafuta ndege (I am looking for birds) is essential Swahili for weirdoes like me who walk through the area with a telescope etc. There were Colobus monkeys in precisely the same trees as 4 years ago. Then through a maize field highly infected with what I presume is maize streak virus. Then past the water cress farm, where women were picking, and others doing their washing, watched by an African Fish Eagle sitting above. Up to the Ngere Sero lodge lake where there is quiet lake full of birds. Through more agricultural land where we took some pictures of a


mixed cultivation of banana, coffee and bean a few years before. Back at 2:30 only to find that Brita was already home, fortunately let in by a cleaner.

two young Maasai giraffes crossing the road just before the border. The driver showed them great respect!

African Fish Eagle Yellow-billed Stork Hadada Ibis

Black and White Mannikin (Rufous-backed race)

The Arusha area list below covers border to the MS-TCDC (blue coding includes the “local patch” a walk of about 5 Km via Ngere Sero Lodge and Hotel dik-dik) centre at Usa River.

Ostrich, Little Grebe, LONG-TAILED (REED) CORMORANT, Cattle Egret, STRIATED (LITTLE) HERON, Little Egret, Intermediate (Yellow-billed) Egret, Grey Heron, Black-headed Heron, Hamerkop, Yellow-billed Stork (Wood Ibis), White Stork, WOOLLY-NECKED STORK, Marabou Stork, Sacred Ibis, HADADA IBIS, Egyptian Goose, Yellow-billed Kite, African Fish Eagle, Hooded Vulture, African White-backed Vulture, Eastern Chanting-Goshawk, Augur Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, Tawny Eagle, MOORHEN, African Jacana, Common Sandpiper, WOOD SANDPIPER, Green Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper, YELLOW-THROATED SANDGROUSE, AFRICAN OLIVE-PIGEON, ROCK PIGEON, Ring-necked Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Mourning Collared-Dove, Laughing (Palm) Dove, Yellow-collared Lovebird, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Red-chested Cuckoo, BLACK CUCKOO, BLACK COUCAL, AFRICAN WOOD-OWL,

Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, Little Swift, White-rumped Swift, Mottled Swift, Swift, African Palm-Swift, Speckled Mousebird, AFRICAN PYGMY-KINGFISHER, Bee-eater, Red-billed Hornbill, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, WHITE-EARED BARBET, SPOT-FLANKED BARBET, LESSER

HONEYGUIDE, Nubian Woodpecker, Rufous-naped Lark, WHITE-TAILED LARK, Fischer's Sparrow-Lark, Rock Martin, Plain Sand Martin, Red-rumped Swallow, Lesser Striped-Swallow, Swallow, WIRE-TAILED SWALLOW, Black Sawwing, African Pied Wagtail, PANGANI LONGCLAW, African (Grasslands) Pipit, Common Bulbul, Olive Thrush, Rattling Cisticola, Winding Cisticola, Green-backed Camaroptera, AMETHYST SUNBIRD, SCARLET-CHESTED SUNBIRD, Variable Sunbird, COLLARED SUNBIRD, Common Fiscal, Tropical Boubou, Black-backed Puffback, FORK-TAILED DRONGO, Pied Crow, African Black-headed Oriole, AFRICAN GOLDEN-ORIOLE, KENRICK'S STARLING, Red-winged Starling, Violet-backed Starling, Superb Starling, Hildebrandt's Starling, Wattled Starling, Kenya Rufous-Sparrow, Chestnut Sparrow, Grey-headed Sparrow, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Village (Black-headed) Weaver,

GROSBEAK WEAVER, Speke's Weaver, Baglafecht Weaver, TAVETA GOLDEN WEAVER, RED-BILLED QUELEA, RED-HEADED WEAVER, PURPLE GRENADIER, Red-billed Firefinch, Black-and-white Munia, African Citril


GUEREZA (Colobus), Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey, Small-eared Galago, ROUSETTE BAT, Burchell's Zebra, Impala

29/12 We left Arusha at 8 am for Nairobi with the Riverside shuttle, price 10000 Tz shillings (52 Kr or $10), as opposed to the US$ 30 I paid for the same service through the net. This is the same as we gave for the taxi from MS-TCDC for the 20 Km ride to the shuttle terminal at the Mt Meru Hotel in Arusha – he also quoted $20 for the ride, but MS said 10K, local! We arrived in good time and had (in our humble opinion) the best seats on the bus, as opposed to my trip down where I suffered for 5 hrs on a clap down seat in the centre aisle. As we on the bus, Anthony, our operator and tour guide in Tanzania arrived to wish us the best. Unexpected and a very nice touch.

The trip to Nairobi was uneventful, the Kenyan customs were not as thorough as their Tanzanian colleagues, Brita received a stamp in her passport for the princely sum of $50 (as opposed being ripped off €50!). The weather was kind and we saw masses of wildlife on the way – Thompson’s Gazelle, Zebra, Hartebeest, Impala and a large ground squirrel.

See the Kenya report for that part of the trip Safari organised by:

Anthony W Raphael

BIRDING & BEYOND SAFARIS, P.O. Box 11500, Arusha, Tanzania, Telephone: +255 744 286058

Fax: +255 27 2544454

Emails: & &

Anthony is an expert birder, no doubt! Has a lot of stake outs and knows his cisticolas! His safaris are not cheap as he is a small operator, but I would use him again.

There are two good bird guides: Stevenson & Zimmeman. The former is better for Tanzania but as it was unavailable for my first trip. I benefited from having both with me.

I have the Kingdon Guide for the mammals, as opposed to the shorter field guide. Same pictures in the latter, half the weight…


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Ostrich Struthio camelus Afrikansk Struds

21/12 nr Namanga 23/12 25/12 25 White Pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus Almindelig Pelikan 26/12 30 Pink-backed

Pelican Pelecanus rufescens


Pelikan 26/12

Little Grebe


ruficollis Lille Lappedykker

28/12 Ngere

Sero 4 25/12 Keratu

White-breasted Cormorant


(carbo) lucidus Komoran 25/12

Long-tailed (Reed) Phalacrocorax africanus Rørskarv 21/12 MS TCDC; 28/12 21/12 6; 28/12

Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Kohejre 22/12 Arusha 28/12 3 25/12 90

Squacco Heron Ardeola ralloides Tophejre 26/12 3

Striated (Little)

Heron Butorides striatus Mangrovehejre

28/12 Ngere Sero 2


Heron Ardeola rufiventris Sort Rishejre 23/12

Little Egret Egretta garzetta Silkehejre

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12; 28/12

24/12 Mto Wa Mba; 26/12

Black Heron Egretta ardesiaca Skyggehejre 26/12

Intermediate (Yellow-billed) Mesophoyx (Egretta) intermedia Mellemhejre 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12

Goliath Heron Ardea goliath Kæmpehejre 23 & 24/12 26/12

Grey Heron Ardea cinerea Fiskehejre 26/12 near 28/12 23 & 24/12 25/12 2 26/12

Black-headed Heron


melanocephala Fiskehejre 23/12 Arusha 25/12 2

Hamerkop Scopus umbretta Hammerhoved

21/12 MS

TCDC; 28/12 21/12 23/12 3 + nest


Stork (Wood Mycteria ibis Skovstork

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12 8 24/12


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Abdim's Stork Ciconia abdimii Abdimstork

24/12 Makuyuni

Black Stork Ciconia nigra Sort Stork

24/12 Makuyuni


Stork Ciconia episcopus Uldhalsstork

22/12 Horti Tengeru Marabou Stork Leptoptilos crumeniferus Marabustork 21/12 Arusha; 21/12 24/12 nearby 25/12 8 Sacred Ibis Threskiornis

aethiopicus Hellig Ibis 23/12 Arusha

28/12 MS TCDC 16 25/12 100 26/12 Hadada Ibis Bostrychia (Hagedashia) hagedash Hadadaibis 21/12 MS TCDC 27/12 breeding

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus Sort Ibis 25/12 6 26/12


Spoonbill Platalea alba


Skestork 26/12 23

Greater Flamingo


roseus Stor Flamingo 25/12 3

Lesser Flamingo


minor Lille Flamingo 25/12 24/12; 26/12

Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiacus Nilgås 23/12-04 nr Monduli 28/12 23/12 4 25/12 44 26/12 Comb (knob-billed) Duck Sarkidiornis melanotos Knobgås 26/12 White-faced

Whistling Duck Dendrocygna viduata Nonnetræand 26/12 4


Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolor Okkertræand 26/12 30

Red-billed Duck Anas erythrorhyncha Rødnæbbet And 25/12 26/12

Hottentot Teal (punctata) Hottentotand 25/12 3

Cape Teal Anas capensis Kapand 25/12

Shoveler Anas clypeata Skeand 25/12 100 26/12


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Black Kite Milvus migrans Sort Glente 25/12 & 26/12


Kite Milvus parasiticus

Gulnæbbet Glente

23/12 nr

Monduli 28/12 25/12 8


Black- Elanus caeruleus Blå Glente

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to

African Fish

Eagle Haliaeetus vocifer Skrigørn

28/12 Ngere Sero 28/12 Ngere Sero 23/12 2 Palm-nut Vulture Gypohierax

angolensis Palmegrib 26/12 imm

Hooded Vulture Necrosyrtes monachus Hættegrib 22/12 Horti Tengeru 26/12 Mto Wa Mba African

White-backed Vulture Gyps africanus Hvidrygget Grib

22/12 Horti

Tengeru 28/12 23 & 24/12


Vulture Gyps rueppellii Rüppells Grib 24/12

Lappet-faced Vulture

Torgos (Aegypius)

tracheloitus Øregrib 25/12 2


Snake-Eagle Circaetus pectoralis

Hvidbuget Slangeørn Brown

Snake-Eagle Circaetus cinereus Mørk Slangeørn 24/12

Banded Snake-Eagle


cinerascens Brun Slangeørn

24/12 Makuyuni


Marsh-Harrier Circus ranivorus Afrikansk Rørhøg 25/12 & 26/12 26/12


Harrier Circus pygargus Hedehøg 24/12

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to

Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus Steppehøg

24/12 Makuyuni


Chanting-Goshawk Melierax poliopterus Somalisanghøg

29/12 Namanga

26/12 Mto Wa Mba



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro Lake Manyara Augur Buzzard Buteo augurMelanocorypha Augurvåge 22/12 Horti Tengeru 2 25/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni

Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis Steppeørn 28/12 Ngere 23/12 6


Buzzard Buteo oreophilus Bjergvåge 26/12

Buzzard Buteo buteo Musvåge 25/12

Tawny Eagle Aquila rapax Rovørn

21/12 nr Namanga

23/12 5; 24/12

3 + nest 26/12

Lesser Spotted

Eagle Aquila pomarina Lille Skrigeørn 23/12

Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus Gøglerørn 23/12 2; 24/12 26/12 Ngorongoro 26/12 Long-crested

Eagle Lophaetus occipitalis Topørn 23/12

Martial Eagle (Hieraaetus) bellicosus Kampørn Pygmy Falcon Polihierax semitorquatus Afrikansk Pygmæfalk 24/12 2 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni 2

Lanner Falco biarmicus Lannerfalk 24/12 Keratu 26/12 Keratu

Tufted (Helmetted)

Guinea Fowl Numida meleagris Perlehøne 23 & 24/12 25/12 20 26/12 7


Francolin Francolinus coqui Cocquifrankolin 23/12

Hildebrandt's Francolin Francolinus hildebrandti Hildebrandts Frankolin 24/12 Crested Francolin Francolinus

sephaena Topfrankolin 23 & 24/12

Yellow-necked Spurfowl Francolinus leucoscepus Gulstrubbet Spurfugl 23 & 24/12 Red-necked

Spurfowl Francolinus afer


Spurfugl 23/12 6; 24/12


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


(Red-knobbed) Coot Fulica cristata Kamblishøne 25/12 4

Moorhen Gallinula chloropus Grønbenet 28/12 Ngere

African Jacana Actophilornis africanus Afrikansk Bladhøns 28/12 Ngere Sero 26/12 20 Grey

Crowned-Crane Balearica regulorum Grå Krontrane 23/12 3; 24/12

25/12 16; 26/12 Keratu

Kori Bustard Ardeotis kori Kori-trappe 25/12 7

White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis Rusttoppet Trappe 23/12 Black-bellied Bustard Eupodotis

melanogaster Sortbuget Trappe 23/12

Hartlaub's Eupodotis hartlaubii Sølvtrappe 25/12 2

Black-winged Stilt


himantopus Stylteløber 25/12 30 26/12

Avocet avosetta Klyde 26/12

(Greater) Painted Snipe Rostratula benghalensis Broget Riksesneppe 23/12 Water Thick-knee Burhinus vermiculatus Vandtriel 26/12 2 Double-banded

Courser Rhinoptilus africanus

Tobandet Ørkenløbbet 24/12 Makuyuni Blacksmith Lapwing Vanellus (Antibyx)

armatus Broget Vibe 23/12 3; 24/12 25/12 40 26/12 4

Spur-winged Plover


spinosus Sporevibe 26/12


Lapwing Vanellus coronatus Kronvibe 23/12 25/12 3

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to


Lapwing Vanellus lugubris Mørk Sporevibe 25/12 4

Kittlitz's Plover Charadrius pecuarius Kittlitz 23/12 25/12 37


Plover Charadrius tricollaris



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula Stor Præstekrave 25/12 2

Ruff Philomachus pugnax Brusehane 25/12 50

Common Sandpiper Actitis (Tringa) hypoleucos Mudderklire 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 23/12 2 26/12 3 Wood

Sandpiper Tringa glareola Tinksmed

21/12 MS TCDC; 28/12 Ngere Sero 2 21/12 2; 28/12 2 23/12 2 Green

Sandpiper Tringa ochropus Svaleklire

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12

Greenshank Tringa nebularia Hvidklire 23/12; 24/12 2 26/12


Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis Damklire

26/12 near Makiyuni

23/12 6; 24/12

2 25/12 3 26/12

Little Stint Calidris minuta Dværgryle 25/12 26/12


Godwit Limosa lapponica


Kobbersneppe 26/12

Snipe Gallinago gallinago Dobbeltbekkasin 26/12


Gull Larus cirrocephalus


Måge 26/12

Gull-billed Tern


(Sterna) nilotica Sandterne 25/12 15 26/12

White-winged Black Tern


leucoptera Hvidvinget Terne 26/12 8

Whiskered Tern Childonias hybrida


Terne 26/12 150


Sandgrouse Pterocles gutturalis

Gulstrubbet Sandhøne

23/12-04 nr Monduli;


Green-Pigeon Treron calva Papagøjedue 26/12



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Pigeon Columba guinea Guineadue 25/12 Sopa


Olive-Pigeon Columba arquatrix Olivenduen 22/12 Duluti

Rock Pigeon Columba livia Klippedue 23/12 Arusha


Wood-Dove Turtur chalcospilos Smaragdpletdue 25/12 26/12


Dove Turtur tympanistria Tamburinedue 24/12

Namaqua Dove Oena capensis Namaquadue

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to


Dove Streptopelia capicola

Savannaskogger due 21/12 MS TCDC; 26/12 21/12 23/12 26/12 near Makiyuni; Red-eyed Dove Streptopelia semitorquata Rødøjet Skoggerdue 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 25/12 Mourning Collared-Dove Streptopelia decipiens Guløjet Skoggerdue 23/12 Arusha 24/12 26/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Laughing (Palm) Dove Streptopelia senegalensis Senegaldue 21/12 nr

Namanga 23 & 24/12 25/12 Keratu 26/12 2


Turtle-Dove Streptopelia lugens Mørk Turteldue 24/12 2 25/12 8


(Meyer's) Parrot Poicephalus meyeri Meyers Papagøje 23/12 5

Yellow-collared Lovebird Agapornis personatus Sorthovedet Dværgpapagøje 23/12-04 nr Monduli 24/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni Purple-crested Turaco (Musophaga) porphyreolopha Violettoppet Turako 26/12 Schalow's

Turaco Tauraco schalowi



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro Lake Manyara White-bellied Go-away-bird Corythaixoides leucogaster Hvidbuget Larmfugl 21/12 nr Namanga; 26/12 near Makiyuni; 29/12 3 24/12 26/12 near Makiyuni Bare-faced Go-away-bird Corythaixoides personata Maskelarmfugl 23/12 Red-chested

Cuckoo Cuculus solitarius Eremitgøg

22/12 Horti

Tengeru 22/12 23 & 24/12 25/12 25/12 Sopa 26/12 4

Black Cuckoo Cuculus clamosus Sortgøg

27/12 MS-TCDC 27/12 Dideric Cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius Guldgøg 24/12 3 African Emerald Cuckoo Chrysococcyx cupreus Gulbugetgøg 24/12 White-browed Coucal Centropus superciliosus Hvidbrynet Sporegøg 23 & 24/12 24/12

Black Coucal Centropus grillii

Korthalet Sporegøg

21/12 Longido


Wood-Owl Strix woodfordii Afrikansk Natugle

27/12 MS

TCDC ? ?

27/12 MS TCDC


Eagle-Owl Bubo lacteus Savannahornugle

26/12 MS

TCDC 26/12 23 & 24/12

Montane Nightjar


poliocephalus Etiopisk Natravn

24/12 several calling Freckled Nightjar Caprimulgus tristigma Rødvinget Natravn 23/12

Little Swift Apus affinis Lille Sejler

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12 24/12


Swift Apus caffer

Hvidrumpet Sejler 23/12 Arusha 25/12 & 26/12 Sopa Mottled Swift Tachymarptis

aequatorialis Skellet Murseler 23/12 Arusha 23/12 25/12

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Swift Apus apus Mursejler

23/12-04 nr Monduli; 26/12 near Makiyuni 28/12 24/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni African

Palm-Swift Cypsiurus parvus

Afrikansk Palmsejler

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12 3 26/12 4


Mousebird Colius striatus Brun Musefugl

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12 23/12 24/12 4; 25/12 26/12 Sopa

26/12 Keratu 4


Mousebird Urocolius macrourus


Musefugl 25/12 2

Narina Trogon Apaloderma narina Narinatrogon 26/12 2


Kingfisher Halcyon chelicuti Stribet Isfugl

24/12 Mto Wa Mba; 26/12 2

Grey-headed Kingfisher


leucocephala Gråhovedet Isfugl 23/12 2 26/12

Woodland Kingfisher


senegalensis Skovisfugl 23/12 3


Pygmy-Kingfisher Ispidina (Ceyx) picta

Afrikansk Dværgisfugl

28/12 Ngere Sero

Little Bee-eater Merops pusillus Dværgbiæder 24/12 3

26/12 Mto Wa Mba


Bee-eater Merops oreobates


Biæder 24/12

25/12 4; 26/12 9

Bee-eater Merops apiaster Biæder 28/12 MS 28/12 8 26/12 6

Broad-billed Roller Eurystomus glaucurus Brednæbbet Ellekrage 26/12 Lilac-breasted

Roller Coracias caudata


Ellekrage 23 & 24/12

26/12 2; 26/12 Mto Wa

Roller Coracias garrulus Ellekrage 23/12

Green Woodhoopoe Phoeniculus purpureus Purpurskovhærfu gl 23 & 24/12


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

African Hoopoe Upupa africana


Hærfugl 23/12 24/12

Red-billed Hornbill


erythrorhynchus Rødnæbbet Toko


Namanga 23 & 24/12

Von der Decken's

Hornbill Tockus deckeni Sortvinget Toko 23-Dec

African Grey

Hornbill Tockus nasutus Grå Toko

23/12 Makuyuni 26/12 on escarpment; 2 in reserve Crowned Hornbill Tockus alboterminatus Krontoko 26/12 Silvery-cheeked Ceratogymna (Bycanistes) brevis Sølvkindet Hornfugl 21/12 MS TCDC 22/12; 28/12 6 26/12 26/12 3 Southern Ground-Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri (cafer) Kafferhornravn 23/12 3 26/12 2 White-eared Barbet Stactolaema (Smilorhis) leucotis Hvidøret Skægfugl 21/12 MS TCDC 22/12 Red-fronted

Tinkerbird Pogoniulus pusillus

Rødpandet Tinkerfugl 25/12 Spot-flanked Barbet Tricholaema lacrymosa Dråbeskægfugl 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 Black-throated Barbet Tricholaema melanocephala Sortkronet Skægfugl 24/12 ? D'Arnaud's Barbet Trachyphonus darnaudii Perleskægfugl 23/12 Greater

Honeyguide Indicator indicator


Honninggøg 23/12


Honeyguide Indicator minor

Gråbrystet Honninggøg

27/12 MS

TCDC 27/12


Honeyguide Prodotiscus regulus



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Woodpecker Campethera nubica Nubisk Spætte

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12 23/12

Cardinal fuscescens Kardinalspætte 26/12


Lark Mirafra africana

Rødnakket Busklærke 23/12 Arusha; 28/12 25/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to

Flappet Lark rufocinnamomea Kanelbusklærke 25/12 2


Lark Mirafra albicauda


Busklærke 29/12 Olnoti


Lark Calandrella cinerea Rødisset Lærke 25/12

Fischer's Sparrow-Lark Eremopterix leucopareia Savannalærke 23/12 Arusha; 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Rock Martin (Ptyonoprogne)

fuligula Bleg Klippesvale

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12 24 & 25/12

Plain Sand

Martin Riparia paludicola Brun Klippesvale

23/12 MS-TCDC

24/12 Mto Wa Mba

House Martin Delichon urbica Bysvale 25/12 & 26/12

Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo (Cecropis)

daurica Rødrygget Svale

21/12 MS TCDC 21/12 23/12 26/12 Lesser Striped-Swallow Hirundo (Cecropis) abyssinica Stribesvale 22/12 Horti Tengeru 28/12 5 26/12 Mosque Swallow Hirundo (Cecropis) senegalensis Savannasvale 25/12 3 & 26/12

Swallow Hirundo rustica Landsvale

22/12 Horti

Tengeru 24/12 25/12 24 26/12


Swallow Hirundo smithii Trådhalesvale

28/12 MS TCDC

Black Sawwing


holomelas Sort Skovsvale

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12 25/12 25/12 & 26/12

African Pied

Wagtail Motacilla aguimp

Afrikansk Vipstjært 22/12 MS TCDC; 28/12 22/12; 28/12 23/12 2 25/12 25/12 & Sopa; 26/12

Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea Bjergvipstjært 25/12


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Longclaw Macronyx croceus

Gulbrystet Sporepibe 24/12 Pangani Longclaw Macronyx aurantiigula Panganisporepib e 28/12 nr. MS TCDC Rosy-throated

Longclaw Macronyx ameliae Rosasporepibe 25/12

African (Grasslands) Pipit Anthus cinnamomeus Savannapiber 26/12 near Makiyuni 25/12 3 26/12 Common

Bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus Almindelig Bulbul

22/12 MS TCDC 22/12 24 & 25/12 25/12 & 26/12 26/12 Mountain Greenbul (Pycnonotus) nigriceps n/a 24/12 Cape

Robin-Chat Cossypha caffra Drosselsanger

25/12 & Sopa; 26/12


Robin-Chat Cossypha heuglini n/a

24 & 25/12;

25/12 Keratu 26/12 Sopa

Olive Thrush Turdus olivaceus Olivendrossel

27/12 MS

TCDC 27/12 26/12

Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis Stendrossel 23/12

Northern Anteater-Chat


aethiops Myrepikker 25/12 5


Stonechat Saxicola axilaris


Bynkefugl 25/12 Sopa


Wheatear Oenanthe pileata Stenpikker 25/12


Wheatear Oenanthe lugubris Stenpikker

24 & 26/12 plateau above


Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe


Stenpikker 25/12 5


Wheatear Oenanthe isabellina


Stenpikker 25/12 Keratu 25/12

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Morning-Thrush Cichladusa guttata n/a 26/12 2

Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus Løvsanger 25/12 Brown Woodland-Warbler Phylloscopus umbrovirens n/a 25/12 Red-faced

Crombec Sylvietta whytii n/a 26/12

Banded (Parisoma) Warbler Sylvia (Parisoma) boehmi Sortstrubbet Sanger 24/12 24/12 25/12 Pectoral-patch Cisticola Cisticola brunnescens n/a 25/12 Fan-tailed

Warbler (Zitting Cisticola juncidis Cistussanger 23/12

Desert Cisticola Cisticola aridulus n/a 25/12


Cisticola Cisticola chinianus n/a 23/12 Arusha 23 & 24/12 26/12


Cisticola Cisticola galactotes n/a 23/12 Arusha 23/12 2; 24/12


Cisticola Cisticola erythrops n/a 24/12


Cisticola Cisticola hunteri n/a 26/12


Prinia Prinia subflava Almindelig Prinia 24/12

Green-backed Camaroptera Camaroptera brachyura n/a 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 24 & 25/12; 25/12 Keratu 25/12 4; 26/12 2 26/12 2


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro Lake Manyara Chestnut-throated Apalis Apalis porphyrolaema n/a 24/12 ? White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher Dioptrornis (Meleanornis)

fischeri n/a 24 & 25/12

25/12 Sopa & 26/12 Large (African Grey) Flycatcher Bradornis (Melaenornis) microrhynchus n/a 23/12 nr. Tarangire Spotted

Flycatcher Muscicapa striata Grå Fluesnapper 24/12

Chinspot Batis Batis molitor Brunstrubbet 24/12


Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone viridis

Afrikansk Paradisfluesnapp

er 24 & 25/12


Blue-Flycatcher Elminia albicauda n/a 25/12

Northern Pied-Babbler


hypoleucus 23 & 24/12 4


Tit Parus albiventris

Hvidbuget Sodmejse 26/12 Montane (Broad-ringed) Zosterops poliogaster Bredringet Brillefugl 24 & 25/12 Tacazze

Sunbird Nectarinia tacazze Tacazzesolfugl 24/12

25/12 & Sopa; 26/12 Eastern Double-collared Cinnyris (Nectarinia) mediocris Østlig Halsbåndsolfugl 24/12 25/12 2 Amethyst Sunbird (Nectarinia)

amethystina Ametystsolfugl 22/12 Duluti

Mariqua Sunbird

Cinnyris (Nectarinia)

mariquensis Mariqusolfugl 24/12

English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Scarlet-chested Sunbird Chalcomitra (Nectarinia) senegalensis Skarlagenbrystet Solfugl 28/12 MS TCDC; 28/12 Ngere Sero 28/12 Beautiful

Sunbird Nectarinia pulchella

Langhalet Pragtsolfugl 24/12 3 26/12 Variable Sunbird Cinnyris (Nectarinia) venusta Savannasolfugl 22/12 Horti Tengeru 24 & 25/12 Collared Sunbird Hedydipna

(Anthreptes) collaris Kravesolfugl

27/12 MS

TCDC 27/12 pair


Violet-backed Sunbird Anthreptes orientalis


Solfugl 24/12

Common Fiscal Lanius collaris


Tornskade 23/12 Arusha 28/12 26/12 25/12 4

26/12 Keratu 3

Teita Fiscal Lanius dorsalis Taitatornskade

23/12 Makuyuni


Fiscal Lanius cabanisi Kenyatornskade

23/12 Makuyuni Grey-backed Fiscal Lanius excubitoroides Grårygget Tornskade 23/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to

Magpie Shrike melanoleuca Broget 23/12


Boubou Laniarius aethiopicus Bubu

27/12 MS TCDC

27/12 MS

TCDC 24/12 25/12 & 26/12


Boubou Laniarius funebris Sodbubu 24/12


Puffback Dryoscopus cubla

Sortrygget Kvastryg 22/12 Horti Tengeru 22/12; 29/12 24/12 Brown-crowned

Tchagra Tchagra australis

Brunkronet Krattornskade 24/12 Black-fronted Bushshrike (Malaconotus) nigrifrons Sortpandet Busktornskade 24/12 Northern White-crowned (White-Eurocephalus rueppelli Hvidgumpet Tornskade 23/12 24/12 2 Fork-tailed

Drongo Dicrurus adsimilis



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Pied Crow Corvus albus Broget Krage

21/12 Arusha; 26/12 near Makiyuni 7 21/12 Arusha 24/12 near Tarangire 25/12 Keratu 26/12 near Makiyuni 7 African

Black-headed Oriole Oriolus larvatus

Østafrikansk Hættepirol 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to African

Golden-Oriole Oriolus auratus Sortmasket Pirol

22/12 Horti Tengeru


Oxpecker Buphagus africanus

Gulnæbbet Oksehakker 25/12 Red-billed Oxpecker Buphagus erythrorhynchus Rødnæbbet Oksehakker 23/12 25/12 5 26/12 2

Ashy Starling unicolor Ensfarvet 23/12


Starling Poeoptera kenricki Østlig Bjergstær

22/12 Horti Tengeru 24/12 26/12 Sopa Red-winged Starling Onychognathus morio Rødvinget Sortstær 21/12 Arusha 21/12 MS-TCDC 23/12 26/12 Sopa Violet-backed Starling Cinnyricinclus leucogaster Ametyststær 22/12 MS TCDC 22/12; 28/12 Ngere Sero 6 Sharpe's

Starling Cinnyricinclus sharpii Rustbuget Stær 23/12

Superb Starling Lamprotornis superbus Trefarvet Glansstær 21/12 Namanga 23 & 24/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Hildebrandt's Starling Lamprotornis (Spreo) hildebrandti Masaiglansstær 23/12-04 nr Monduli Wattled

Starling Creatophora cinerea Lappestær

23/12 nr

Monduli 24/12 20 26/12 20


Rufous-Sparrow Passer rufocinctus Kenyastær 23/12 Arusha

24/12-4 Tarangire

House Sparrow Passer domesticus Gråspurv 26/12


Sparrow Passer eminibey Kastaniebrunstær

29/12 Namanga

26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni 100


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara


Weaver Sporopipes frontalis

Skælhovedet Finkevæver 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni Grey-headed

Sparrow Passer griseus

Gråhovedet Spurv

23/12 nr Monduli


Sparrow Passer suahelicus Swahilispurv Rufous-tailed

Weaver Histurgops ruficauda Serengeti Væver 23/12 Arusha 24/12


Buffalo-Weaver Dinemellia dinemelli


Bøffelvæver 24/12


Buffalo-Weaver Bubalornis niger


Bøffelvæver 23/12


(Black-headed) Ploceus cucullatus Stor Maskevæver

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12 25/12

Lesser Masked

Weaver Ploceus intermedius Lille Væver 26/12


Weaver Ploceus rubiginosus Rødbrun Væver Southern

(Vitelline) Ploceus velatus

Sydlig Maskevæver 24/12 by gate 25/12 Grosbeak Weaver Amblyospiza albifrons Tyknæbbet Væver 28/12 Ngere Sero 2 24 & 25/12 Spectacled

Weaver Ploceus ocularis Vrillevæver 24/12 25/12

Speke's Weaver Ploceus spekei Somalivæver 23/12 Arusha 23/12 24 & 25/12


Weaver Ploceus baglafecht


Væver 22/12 Duluti 24 & 25/12 25/12 & 26/12



English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro Lake Manyara Taveta Golden Weaver Ploceus castaneiceps Tavetavæver 28/12 Ngere Sero 5 Red-billed

Quelea Quelea quelea Blodnæbsvæver 23/12 Arusha


Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps Skarlagenvæver

21/12 MS

TCDC 21/12


Widowbird Euplectes axillaris


Vidafinke 25/12 20

Yellow Bishop Euplectes capensis Fløjsvæver 24/12


Pytilia Pytilia melba Broget Astrild 26/12

Abyssinian Crimson-wing Cryptospiza salvadorii Salvadoribjergast rild 24/12 Red-cheeked Cordonbleu Uraeginthus

bengalus Sommerfuglfinke 23 & 24/12

Blue-breasted Cordonbleu Uraeginthus angolensis Angolasommer-fuglefinke 23/12 Purple Grenadier Uraeginthus ianthinogaster Violbuget Granatastrild 23/12 nr Monduli Red-billed Firefinch Lagonosticta senegala Amarant 28/12 MS TCDC 28/12 MS TCDC 24/12 25/12 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Yellow-bellied

Waxbill Estrilda quartinia


Astrild 24 & 25/12

Black-and-white Munia Lonchura bicolor Glansskadefinke

22/12 Horti

Tengeru 28/12


Whydah Vidua hypocherina

Langhalet Atlaskfinke African Citril Serinus citrinelloides

Finnæbbet Sisken

28/12 MS

TCDC 28/12 24/12 25/12


Indigobird Vidua chalybeata Atlaskfinke Thick-billed

Seedeater Serinus burtoni


English name Latin name Danske navne Arusha area MS TCDC Tarangire Gibb's Farm Ngorongoro

Lake Manyara

Kenya Yellow-rumped

Seedeater Serinus reichenowi


Sisken 25/12



English name Swaheli name Latin name Dansk navn Tanzania 2004 Tarangire 04 Arusha 04 Ngorongoro 04 Manyara 04

Waterbuck Kuru Kobus Vandbuk 23/12 Tarangire 23 & 24/12 25/12 crater floor

Cape Hare Sungura Lepus capensis Kapske Hare 25/12 25/12 crater floor


Dormouse Graphiurus parvus Syvsover

26/12 Sopa Lodge

26/12 Sopa Lodge

Cheetah Duma Acinonyx jubatus Geoparde

25/12 Ngorongoro

25/12 crater floor 6

Lion Simba Panthera leo Løve 23/12 Tarangire

23/12 roraring at night 25/12 crater floor 6 Slender Mongoose Nguchiro Herpestes

sanguinea Desmerdyre 23/12 Tarangire 23 & 24/12


Mongoose Kicheche Mungos mungo Zebra Manguste 23/12 Tarangire 23/12

Spotted Hyena Fisi Crocuta crocuta Plettede Hyæne

25/12 Ngorongoro 24/12 Gibb's Farm (droppings), crater floor 3

Bat-eared Fox Bweha masigio Otocyon megalotis Ørehunden 23/12 Tarangire 23/12

Golden (Common)

Jackal Bwegha Canis aureus Sjakal

25/12 Ngorongoro

25/12 crater floor 5

Black(Silver)-backed Jackal Bwegha Canis mesomelas Skaberaksjakal

25/12 Ngorongoro 25/12 crater floor 3 Rousette Bat Rousettus aegyptiacus Ægyptiske Flyvende Hund 21/12 MS-TCDC 26/12 MS-TCDC 2 Small-eared Galago Komba

mkubwa ya Otolemur garnetti Galago

24/12 Gibb's Farm 27/12 MS-TCDC 24/12 Gibb's Farm 2

Guereza Mbega Colobus guereza Guereza

28/12 near MS-TCDC

28/12 near MS-TCDC 5

Olive Baboon Nyani Papio anubis Bavian 26/12 Manyara 26/12 32 + 103

Sykes Monkey Kima


albogularis Marekatten 22/12 MS TCDC

22/12 MS TCDC

Vervet Monkey Ngedere


pygerythrus Marekatten 21/12 MS-TCDC 23 & 24/12


MS-TCDC 25/12 crater floor 26/12


Blue Monkey Kima Cercopithecus mitis


Marekatten el. Sort

Mangabey 26/12 Manyara

27/12 MS-TCDC

26/12 Sopa

Lodge 26/12 5

Wart Hog Ngiri


aethiopicus Vortesvin 23/12 Tarangire 23 & 24/12 3

25/12 crater floor 12 26/12 3 Hippopotamus Kiboko Hippopotamus amphibius Flodhest 25/12 Ngorongoro 25/12 & 26/12 crater floor 12 26/12 3 Giraffe Twiga Giraffa

cameoleoparis Giraf 23/12 Tarangire 23/12

24/12; 26/12 8; 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to Makiyuni 9

Grant's Gazelle Swala granti Gazella granti Grantsgazelle 23/12 Tarangire 23 & 24/12 5

25/12 & 26/12 crater floor 8


Gazelle Swala tomi Gazella thomsoni Thompson-Gazelle

25/12 Ngorongoro

25/12 crater floor 25

Kirk's Dik-dik Dikidiki Madoqua kirki Dik-dik 23/12 Tarangire 23 & 24/12

African Buffalo Nyati Syncerus cafer Kafferbøffel

25/12 Ngorongoro 25/12 crater floor 2 Bushbuck Mbawala Tragelaphus scriptus Hieroglyfantilopen 24/12 Gibb's Farm 24/12 Gibb's Farm 26/12

Eland Pofu Taurotragus oryx Elsdyrantilopen

25/12 Ngorongoro

25/12 & 26/12 crater floor 28

Bubal Hartebeest Kongoni


buselaphus Kongoni 23/12 Tarangire 23/12 25/12 crater floor

White-bearded Wildebeest Nyumbu Connochaetes taurinus Hvidskæggede Gnu 23/12 Tarangire 24/12 6 25/12 & 26/12

crater floor lots 26/12

Impala Swala pala

Aepyceros melampus Impala 21/12 nr Namanga 23 & 24/12 21/12 nr Namanga 26/12 36

Burchell's Zebra Punda milia

Equus /uagga/burchelli Böhms/Burchell Zebra 21/12 nr Namanga 24/12 12 21/12 nr Namanga 25/12 crater floor 30 24/12; 26/12; 26/12 Mto Wa Mba to

Black Rhinoceros Faru Diceros bicornis

Spidsmulet Næsehorn


Ngorongoro 25/12 crater floor

Rock Dassie

(Hyrax) Pimbi Procavia capensis Klippegrævling 23/12 Tarangire 23/12 2

Bush (Grey - Yellow-spotted)

Hyrax Pimbi Heterohyrax brucei

Gulplettede Klippegrævling

26/12 Ngorongoro


English name Swaheli name Latin name Dansk navn Tanzania 2004 Tarangire 04 Arusha 04 Ngorongoro 04 Manyara 04 Southern Tree Hyrax Perere Dendrohyrax arboreus Trægrævling 26/12 Sopa Lodge 26/12 Sopa Lodge 6

African Elephant Tembo Loxodonta africana Afrikansk Elefant 23/12 Tarangire

23/12 33 3 families; 23/12 13

25/12 & 26/12






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