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April 2008

National Directory








To lead and coordinate the national

multisectoral response to the HIV

and AIDS Epidemic.

NACA will be the leader in the war

against HIV and AIDS

Above and beyond the Public

Service Charter principles, NACA


Botho, Collaboration,

Empowerment, Teamwork,




1. National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)………...…… 2. Administration of Justice (AJ)... 3. Attorney general's Chambers (AG's CHAMBERS)…... 4. Auditor General (AG)... 5. Botswana Defence Force (BDF)………...…… 6. Botswana Police Service (BPS)………...…... 7. Botswana Prisons Service (BPS)………...… 8. Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)………... 9. Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC)... 10.Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)... 11. Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)………...…... 12.Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology (MCST)…... 13.Ministry of Education (MoE)………... 14.Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT)………... 15. Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP)…………...…... 16.Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MOFAIC)…... 17.Ministry of Health – Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care (DHAPC)...…..… 18.Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs (MLHA)………... 19.Ministry of Lands and Housing (MLH)………... 20.Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)……... 21.Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT)………... 22.Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (MYSC)... 23.Office of the Presiden (OP)... 24.Ministry of Local Government – Department of Primary Health Care (DPHCS)…... 25.District Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committees (DMSACS)...

26.Botswana United States of America Partnership (BOTUSA)………... 27.Delegation of the European Commission to Botswana and SADC... 28.Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)………... 29.Pathfinder International (PI) ………... 30.PACT Botswana (PB)………... 31.Skillshare International (SI)………... 32.The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP)……...… 33.The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)………...….. 34.United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)………..…...………... 35.United Nations Development Program (UNDP)…..………...………... 36.United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA)……..………... 37.US Peace Corps Botswana (PC)... 38.World Health Organization (WHO)………...



Government...4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 12


Development Partners and International Organizations...13 13 14 14 14 15 15 15 16 16 16 17 17 18



Private Sector and Parastatals...18 18 18 19 19 20 20 20 21 21


CivilSociety...22 22 22 22 23 23 24 24 25 25 25 26 26 26 27 27 27 28 28 29 29 29 30 30 30 31 31 31 32 32 33 33 33 34

Masa/Art Sites and Their Satellite Clinics...35 39.Botswana Baylor Children's Clinical Center of excellence (BBCCCE)... 40.Botswana Bussiness Coalition on AIDS (BBCA)……...……… 41.Botswana Harvard School of Public Health Partership (BHP)………...…... 42.Botswana Training Authority (BOTA)………...…… 43.Debswana Diamond Company(DDC)………...………...…… 44.Health Partners (PTY) LTD(HP).………...… 45.Permaculture Trust of Botswana (PTB)………... 46.University of Botswana (UB)………... 47.Wilderness Safari Botswana (WSB)………...

48.Botswana Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (BARP)……...……... 49.Botswana Christian AIDS Interventions Program (BOCAIP)…………....………... 50.Botswana Council of Churches (BCC)………... 51.Botswana Family Welfare Association (BOFWA)………... 52.Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC)………... 53.Botswana Network of AIDS Service Organizations (BONASO)……...…… 54.Botswana Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (BONEPWA)……..………... 55.Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS BONELA)………....……... 56.Botswana Red cross Society (BRCS)………... 57.Botswana Retired Nurses Society (BORNUS)……..………... 58.Centre for Youth of Hope (CEYOHO)………...…………... 59.Emmanuel Counseling Centre (ECC)………...………... 60.Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFP)………....………... 61.Hope Worldwide Botswana (HWWB)………...…………... 62.House of Hope (HOH)………...………... 63.HUMANA People to People Botswana (TCM) ………... 64.Kgothatso AIDS Care & Prevention Program (KACPP)... 65.Makgabaneng... 66.Matshelo Community Development Association (MCDA)………...………... 67.Otse Community Home Based Care Society (OCHBCS)………...………. 68.Population Services International (PSI)………... 69.Salvation Army Psycho-Social Support Innitiative (SAPSSI)………... 70.SOS Childrens Village (SOS)………... 71.Tebelopele Voluntary Counseling & Testing Centers (TVCTC)………... 72.The Light and Courage center (LCC)………... 73.Tirisanyo Catholic Commission (TCC)………... 74.True Men... 75.True Love Waits (TLW)………... 76.Tshireletso AIDS Awareness Center – The Shining Star (TAAC)…………...…... 77.Tsholofelo Trust (TT)………... 78.Women in Action For Abused Women and children Living with HIV/AIDS (WIA)... 79.Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)………... 80.Youth Health Organization (YOHO)………... .





The fight against HIV and AIDS in Botswana is a joint undertaking addressed by a multi-sectoral response with many partners involved in the response. In an attempt to facilitate communication and information flow between stakeholders and the general public at national and international level, NACA has created a National HIV and AIDS Directory. This directory provides a listing of government, civil society, development partners and private sectors institutions working in the area of HIV and AIDS in Botswana.

While every effort was made to include all existing stakeholders resident in Botswana, it is inevitable that some have been left out. Although some stakeholders could not be included due to delayed or non-response, we value all our partners and apologize if anyone has been erroneously omitted or if any information has been wrongly represented. This document is evolving and will be updated annually. I hope that this National HIV and AIDS stakeholder directory will be useful to both NACA and its stakeholders and not only improve the process of information sharing but also enhance collaboration and partnerships.

B.C. Molomo National Coordinator


Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


To lead and coordinate a multi-sectoral response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic

?Coordination of the national HIV and AIDS Response

?Policy and strategy development

?Resource Mobilization

?Monitoring and Evaluation of the National HIV and AIDS response

?Capacity building NACA Divisions

Ministry Management (MM) Program Planning Division (PPD)

Behavior Change Intervention & Communication Division (BCIC) Monitoring & Evaluation Division (M&E)

The National Coordinator Private Bag 00463

Unit 9, Westgate Mall Western By-pass Gaborone, Botswana

Tel: + 267 3710314 Fax: 2673710312/3

To mainstream HIV and AIDS (& WELLNESS), prevention, care or support into AG's Chambers core business.

Provision of a strengthened legal & ethical environment.

?Intergrate HIV and AIDS issues in the drafting of relevant laws, agreements & conventions.

?Provide legal advice to sector ministries in their review & development of relevant legislation.

?Mainstream legal aspects of HIV and AIDS in quarterly legal education programmes with ministries.

?To coordinate implementation of the AG' Chambers Minimum Internal

National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)

Administration of Justice (AJ)

Attorney General's Chambers (AG's CHAMBERS)

Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Broadhurst magistrate Court P/Bag BR 122

Gaborone Tel. 3956381 Fax 3957801


Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission


Wellness Coordinator Attorney General's Chambers, Government Enclave,Gaborone P/Bag 009 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3613835/3613000 Fax: + 267 3181518

Focus on Workplace program

?VCT ?ARV ?IPT ?PMTCT ?Social marketing ?Male Involvement ?Health Education

HIV and AIDS Coordinator BDF Headquarters, Mogoditshane P/Bag X06 Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3662887 Fax: + 267 3973600

To ensure all that all employees and their families are well informed and encouraged to take practical steps to avoid new infections and to provide adequate care and support services to the infected and affected

?Improve wellness and safety in the workplace

?Monitoring and Evaluations of programs in the workplace

?Enforce legislative policies and reforms related to HIV and AIDS Senior Staff Officer Health & Safety/HIV and AIDS

Block 8 Police Police Camp P/Bag 0012, Gaborone Tel: + 267 3951161 Fax: + 267 3973723

Auditor General (AG)

Botswana Defence Force (BDF)

Botswana Police Service (BPS)

Ministry AIDS Coordinator

P/Bag 0010 Gaborone Tel. 3617100 Fax 3188145

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Address & Contacts

Address & Contacts

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


Botswana Prisons Service (BPS)

Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)

Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime

The health section strives to provide essential services that are geared towards health promotion, disease, prevention, and restoration of health and alleviate suffering

?Information, Education and Communication

?Voluntary Counseling and Testing

?Condom distribution

?IPT and ARV therapy

?Home based care

?Capacity building Prison Health Coordinator

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs block 8 floor 6 P/Bag X02, Gaborone

Tel: +267 3611700 Fax: + 267 3975398/395003

To ensure every public service has the HIV and AIDS coordinating structures in order to facilitate the mainstreaming process as well as collating and processing public sector infinumum data relevant to HIV and AIDS for reporting to the NACA on quarterly basis

?Mainstream HIV and AIDS into the General Order.

?Collate and process public sector human resource data relevant to HIV and AIDS into reports

?In cooperation with MFDP use human resource information to make human resource projections across government

Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Directorate of Public Service management P/Bag 0011, Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3958700 Fax: +267 3971803


To roll out HIV and AIDS strategy to all members of the DCEC and involve their familiesto ensure collective responsibilities

Information sharing on new developments on HIV and AIDS


?Family Involvement

?Testing on HIV and other diseases The Ministry AIDS Coordinator Plot 1212 Molosiwa Road

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Tel. 3914002/3604207 Fax 3913508

Protect yourself – vote to be an HIV and AIDS free electorate

To facilitate the formation of a democratically elected government by delivering transparent, free and fair elections in accordance withe stablished legal framework for Botswana and international accepted principles and standards

Ministry AIDS Coordinator P/Bag 00284,

Gaborone Tel. 3612400

Fax 3900581/3190889

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

Ministry of Communications, Science and

Technology (MCST)

Ministry of Education (MOE)


To create a nondiscriminatory and caring work environment

?Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS control strategies in all MoA programmes

?Implementation of HIV and AIDS workplace programmes with specific focus on prevention, risk reduction, care and support

?Staff capacity building through peer educator's and counselor's trainings in a quest to fight the impact of HIV and AIDS in the Agricultural Sector

?Provision of accurate and relevant HIV and AIDS and related information to MoA employees and clientele.

Ministry AIDS Coordinator

NAMPAAD Offices, Taxi Rank-Old Taxes offices Private Bag 003,Gaborone

Tel: +267 3190030 ext.238 or 3902076 Fax: +267 3190156

Website:http// of agriculture.html

To provide necessary telecommunication, Postal, internet facilities to the country as well as linking to various HIV and AIDS initiatives

Ministry AIDS Coordinator Tel:+ 267 3191105

To provide evidence based HIV and AIDS Education that promotes positive values, attitudes and responsible behavior to all learners and staff at all levels of

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


the Education system.


?Behavior Change Information and

?EducationDevelopment of HIV and AIDS curricula support materials

?Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS into all Action Plans Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Government Enclave P/Bag 005, Gaborone Tel: 3655400/82 Fax: 3655458/3959197

Reduce HIV infection form Ministry's workforce by 25% by 2016


?Strengthening the legal and Ethical Environment

?Care and Support

Ministry AIDS Coordinator Government Enclave P/Bag BO 199, Gaborone Tel: + 267 3914955 Fax: + 267 3914861

Ensure that human resources are developed into a healthy and productive workforce

?Behavior Change Information and Education

?HIV/AIDS impact mitigation

?Rehabilitation and support Ministry AIDS Coordinator MDDP Headquarters P/Bag 008 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3950212 Fax: + 267 3905742

To prevent HIV and mitigate its impact among

Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism


Ministry of Finance and Development Planning


Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International

Cooperation (MOFAIC)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts


?Establishment and implementation of Ministry HIV and AIDS workplace program

?Provision of necessary support, information and assistance to Batswana living and working abroad

Provision of accurate, sensitive and relevant information to the international Community on Botswana National HIV and AIDS Response.

?Advocacy for resource mobilization where opportunities arise.

?Facilitate ratification of appropriate instruments related to HIV and AIDS. Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Government Enclave Private Bag 00368 Gaborone

Tel: +267 3600784 (Direct Line) +267 3600700 Fax: +267 3913366

DHAPC exist to provide universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support Services for HIV and AIDS in Botswana.

? The Director P/Bag 0038 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3632093 Fax: + 267 3973380

To implement HIV and AIDS in the world of work for National and district levels, mobilize sections (women, labour and sports) in the response

?Prevention of HIV infection in the world of work

?Care and support

?Impact mitigation

?Coordination of sectoral response

?Monitoring and evaluate Ministry AIDS Coordinator P/Bag 002


Tel: + 267 3611100 Fax: + 267 3907426

Ministry of Health -Department of HIV/AIDS

Prevention and Care (DHAPC)

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs (MLHA)

Policy Development

?Care & Support

?HIV Prevention

?Monitoring & evaluation.

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Ministry of Lands and Housing (MLH)

Ministry of Minerals, Energy & Water Resources


Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT)

To establish and implement prevention, care and support programmes for staff at all levels and to extend clientele.

?HIV Prevention

?Care & Support Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Capital Building,Gaborone Main Mall P/Bag 434


Tel: + 267 3904223 Fax: + 267 3911591

To reduce new infections by 2016

?HIV Prevention


?Voluntary Counseling and Testing

?Distribution of Condoms

?Care & Support


Ministry AIDS Coordinator P/ Bag 0018


Tel: + 267 3903441 Fax: + 267 3903453

To mitigate the impact of HIV in the transport sector

?Education for behavior change

?Care & Support Ministry AIDS Coordinator P/Bag 007,


Tel: + 267 3958500 Fax: + 267 3913303 /

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Ministry of Youth, Sports and Cultue (MYSC)

Office of the President (OP)

Ministry of Local Government Department

of Primary Healthcare Services (DPHCS) - HIV and


1. To offer young people various services from different sectors

2. To increase awareness of sports people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS 3. To promote behavioural change

4. To identify strategies that will help to minimize the spread of HIV/AIDS in sport activities

5. To secure the commitment of sports people and sports organisations in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Botswana

6. To enhance co-operation between the sport and health sectors in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS infection.

?The provision of Youth Friendly Reproductive Health services

? Peer education

? Voluntary and confidential HIV counseling and Testing

? Information, Education and Communication materials

? Behavioral Change Intervention Programmes

? Provision of Care & Support

? Community Mobilization

?Advocacy and General Life Skills empowerment. Ministry AIDS Coordinator

Private Bag 00515 Gaborone Tel: 3901186/ 3926278 Fax: 3901557

To provide OP employees and their clients with sufficient information and services to enable them to reduce HIV infection and be socially responsible and work in a safe and supportive enviroment

?Psychosocial support

?Capacity Building


The Ministry AIDS Coordinator P/Bag 001,

Gaborone Tel. 3950800 Fax 3953439

To coordinate the HIV and AIDS Sectoral response through active engagement of the District and village multisectoral committee and HIV and AIDS prevention amongst MLG employees

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


?Coordination of district response

?Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS into development plans

?Mainstream HIV and AIDS into MLG mandate

Ministry AIDS Coordinator MLG Building Government enclave P/Bag 006

Gaborone Tel: + 267 3658400 Fax: + 267 3901976

To mobilize community participation for the ownership of the district response

?Manage inputs

?Facilitates the development of a mult-sectoral annual HIV and AIDS Action plans

?Resource mobilization

?M & E

District AIDS Coordinator

District Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committees


Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

DMSACS List Bobonong P. O. Box 595 Bobonong Tel: +267 2619285 Fax: + 267 2619271

Charleshill P. O. Box 129 Charleshill Tel: + 267 6592095 Fax: +267 6592141 Fancistown Te: +267 2410241

Fax: + 267 2413448 Gaborone P. O. Box 1003 Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3905061 Fax: + 267 3905061 Ghanzi P. O. Box 13, Ghanzi TeL: + 267 6597763 Fax: + 267 6596357 Goodhope P. O. 142, Goodhope Tel: + 267 5486250 Fax:+ 267 5486241 Gumare P. O. Box 153 Gumare Tel: + 267 6874023 Fax: + 267 6874199 Hukuntsi P. Box 27, Hukuntsi

Tel: + 267 6510236

Mochudi P/Bag 001, Mochudi Tel: + 267 5739953 Fax: + 267 5710239 Molepolole P/Bag 003, Molepolole

Tel: + 267 5920111 Fax: + 267 5910614

Palapye P/Bag 0072, Palapye Tel: + 267 4921092 Fax: + 267 4921541 Ramotswa P. O. Box V137, Ramotswa

Tel: + 267 5390288 Fax: + 267 5390116 Selibe PhikweP. O. Box 60, Selibe Phikwe

Tel: + 267 2610418 Fax: + 267 2610980 Tsabong P. O. Box 1, Tsabong Tel:+ 267 6540292 Fax: + 267 6540215 Tutume P. O. Box 39, Tutume Tel: + 267 2987214/6 Fax: + 267 2987238 Tlokweng P/Bag 30593

Tel:+ 267 3928043 Fax: + 267 3928943

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission




To provide technical assistance, consultation, funding, and conduct research with the Botswana government and other local and international partners for prevention, treatment, care and support, and surveillance of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and related conditions.

?HIV Counseling and Testing

?Prevention of mother to Child Transmission of HIV

?Behavior Change Communication

?Care, Treatment and Support Services

?Blood Safety and Injection Safety

?Strategic Information Systems

?Capacity Building and Laboratory Technical Support

?TB/HIV Research

?HIV Prevention Research

The Director

Plot 5348 Ditlhakore Way, Extension 12,Gaborone P. O Box 90,Gaborone

Tel: +267 390-1696 Fax:+267 318-1697

Botswana United States of America (BOTUSA)


Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Jwaneng P. Box 2, Jwaneng Tel: + 267 5881118 Fax: + 267 5880121 Kanye P/Bag 001, Kanye

Tel: + 267 5480399 Fax: + 267 5440702 Kasane P. Box 2, Kasane

Tel: + 267 6250332 Fax: + 267 6250247 Letlhakane P/Bag 20, Letlhakane

Tel: + 267 2978333 Fax:+ 267 2978235 Letlhakeng P. O. Box 80, Letlhakeng

Tel: + 267 5943022 Fax: + 267 5943025 Lobatse P/Bag 2, Lobatse

Tel: + 267 5300729 Fax: + 267 5334672

Mabutsane P. Box 38, Mabutsane Tel: + 267 5889265 Fax: + 267 5889225 Mahalapye P. O. Box 59, Mahalapye

Tel: + 267 4713323 Fax: + 267 4713205 Masunga P/Bag 1, Masunga

Tel: + 267 2489242 Fax: + 267 2489258 Maun P.O. Box 4, Maun

Tel: + 267 6860431 Fax:+ 267 6860038 P/Bag 10 Tonota Tel. 267 2485978 Fax 267 2485975 Moshupa P. O. Box 1180 Moshupa Tel. 267 5449290 Fax 267 5449310 Tonota


Delegation of the European Commission to

Botswana and SADC

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Pathfinder International (PI)

PACT Botswana (PB)

Project and Sector Policy support to the government of Botswana's strategy to

th th

fight HIV and AIDS through the 9 and 10 European Development Fund (EDF)

?Human Resource Development

Head of Delegation Plot 758, Robinson Road P. O. Box 1253, Gaborone Tel. 3914455

To provide human resource for capacity building in the area of IEC, PMTCT & Nutrition

?Prevention & Care


The Resident Representative

Plot No.896/7,Kaunda Road,Gaborone Private Bag 00369 GABORONE + 267 3912176 + 267 3912535, http//

To provide HIV and AIDS services with emphasis on reproductive health, technical and organizational capacity building related to reproductive health including, youth friendly services, home based care and gender issues

?Organizational and technical capacity The Project Manager

Plot 131 Suite 5 Kohinoor house, independence Ave P. O. Box 60788

Gaborone Tel: + 267 3191816 Fax:+ 267 3191818

To manage PEPFAR Grants and provision of technical support to civil society

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission



?Orphans and Vulnerable Children

?Palliative Care

?Monitoring and Evaluation

?Technical support and capacity Building The Country Director

Plot 53597 Off Samora Machel Drive P. O. Box 26121 Gaborone

Tel: +267 3190198 Fax: + 267 3190398

To build capacity of NGOs in leadership development and Resource mobilization

?Capacity Building

?Leadership Development

?Resource Mobilization

The Country Director

Extension 5,Molefi Close, Plot 257 P. O. Box 471

Gaborone Tel: + 267 3952284 Fax: + 267 3957784

To support the Government of Botswana in area of prevention, HIV Testing , ARV Treatment, community mobilization and empowerment of PLWA

?Expansion of prevention

?Expansion of HIV Counseling and testing + post test

?Continued support of the national ARV Program

?Advocacy and Empowerment/mobilization of communities

The Managing Director Unit 1 Kgale Mews P/Bag x033 Gaborone Tel: +267 3933842 Fax:+ 267 3933507

Skillshare International (SI)

The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS

Partnerships (ACHAP)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation


The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS


United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

To strengthen and supports an expanded response aimed at preventing transmission of HIV, providing care and support, reducing the vulnerability of individuals and communities to HIV and AIDS, and alleviating the impact of the epidemic

?Leadership and advocacy

?Strategic information

?Tracking, monitoring and evaluation

?Civil society engagement and partnership development

?Mobilization of resources The Country Coordinator

United National Palace, Plot 22, Khama Crescent P. O. Box 54, Gaborone

Tel: +267 3952121 Fax: +267 3931243

To strengthen national, community and family capacities and to support creation of a movement and multi-layered partnership with rights-holders and duty bearers to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of the children and women, with a specific focus on preventing and mitigating HIV and AIDS.



?Care of orphans and vulnerable children

?Adolescent Mobilization and Empowerment


?Policy and legal Analysis

?Integrated Early Childhood Development

?Integrated Girls Education


The Country Representative

1st Floor , Plot 27, UN Place, Matsitama Road PO Box 20678


Tel: + 267 3951909 Ext 100 Fax: + 267 3951233

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


?HIV and AIDS, Human Rights and Gender

?Leadership Development Programme

?Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS & Gender

?Applied Research

?Strengthening HIV and AIDS School Level Response

?Community Capacity Enhancement- Community Conversations

?Support to UN Learning Strategy on HIV and AIDS The Deputy Resident

Representative Khama Crescent PO Box 54 Gaborone Tel: +267 3952121 Fax: + 267 3956093

To strengthen sexual reproductive health including HIV prevention with emphasis on young people.

?Strengthening institutional and human capacities for management of the National Population Policy.

?Improving and expanding management and delivery capacities for sexual and reproductive Health programmes

?Strengthening Institutions and programmes for enhancing male involvement in SRH/HIV and AIDS Activities

?Enhancing youth choices and participation in SRH/HIV and AIDS Activities

?Scaling up of SRH and HIV Prevention among young people

The Resident Representative Khama Crescent, Plot 22 PO Box 54

Gaborone Tel: +267 3914753 Fax: +267 3901562

To design and implement a project that will support government of Botswana's efforts to achieve the goals set out in the National Strategic Framework

?Assist in coordination of HIV & AIDS response at district and community level

?Community and capacity building

?NGO support and capacity building

?Counterpart capacity building

?Community education and mobilization

?Youth development

?Organizational development

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

US Peace Corps Botswana (PC)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission HIV and AIDS Mission



To provide care and treatment, in clinical research and health professional training, and to become nothing less than the finest pediatric HIV and AIDS Centre in the world

?Pediatric Care and treatment



The Executive Director

Plot 1836, Hospital Way Princess Marina P/Bag BR 129, Gaborone

To strengthen the Botswana Private sector's role in managing and combating the

Botswana -Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of

Excellence (BBCCCE)

Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS (BBCA)

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission

HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


The Country Director Kgale Mews Unit 14 P/Bag 00243 Gaborone Tel. +267 3933639 Fax: +267 3933640

To provide support in the area of Treatment, Care and Support and Information management


?Strategic planning

?Treatment, care and support


?Information Management

The Resident Representative

MVA Buidling, Plot 50367, Fairgrounds P. O. Box 1355

Gaborone Tel:+ 267 3971505 Fax: + 267 3959483

World Health Organization (WHO)

Address & Contacts


?Capacity building in workplace based training in HIV and AIDS management

?Policy Development and Advocacy

?Referral support services for private sector companies in assessing existing government HIV and AIDS services

?Knowledge building, information dissemination and networking

?Monitoring and Evaluation of private sector response HIV/AIDS Coordinator

Private Bag BR 351 Suite 269 Gabororone Tel: +267 3164926/7

Fax: +267 3164929

To undertake collaborative Research and education activities in the fight against HIV and AIDS

?HIV Prevention

?HIV Care & Treatment

?Social & Behavioral Studies

?HIV Molecular Research

The Project Director Plot 1836 Northring Road P/Bag BO 320

Gaborone Tel: +267 3902671 Fax: + 267 3901284

Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS activities into Technical Vocational Education and Training

?Coordination of HIV and AIDS interventions

?Provision of technical support

?Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in to forma vocational training curriculum

?Development of HIV and AIDS unit standards and qualifications for vocational training institutions

HIV and AIDS Coordinator

2nd Floor, BIFM Building , Main Mall P/Bag BO340 Gaoborone

Tel" +267 3657200 Fax: +267 3952301

Botswana Harvard School of Public Health

Partnership (BHP)

Botswana Training Authority (BOTA)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation


Debswana Diamond Company (DDC)

Health Partners (Pty)LTD (HP)

Permaculture Trust of Botswana (PTB)

To reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS on our employees, their families, and the company through the prevention of new infections, the care and support of those infected and the containment

?Epidemic containment through education and prevention


?Economic impact containment; such as deaths, sick leave, ill health retirement

?Stakeholder engagement and Community Partnership

?Greater Involvement of PLWAH

?Information Education and Communication

?Monitoring and Evaluation

Group manager- HIV and AIDS Impact Management Debswana House, The Mall

P. O. Box 329 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3614213 Fax: + 267 3900946


Aim to encourage employers to undertake and implement HIV and AIDS programs within their working environment. Assist set up HIV and AIDS policies e.t.c.

?HIV and AIDS Training

?HIV and AIDS Testing

?HIV and AIDS Awareness and research

The Coordinator

Plot 28562 Unit F17 Fairgrounds Mall Gabs P/Bag 254


Tel: + 267 3922845/9 Fax: + 267 3922845

To promote better nutrition for people living with HIV and AIDS

?Promotion of Nutrition projects

?Promotion of backyard organic gardening and chicken rearing

?Income generation

?Networking on the importance of better nutrition

HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation


Private Bag 005,Ghanzi Tel: + 267 6596138 Fax: + 267 6597619

To promote awareness through education and provide leadership and support in responding to the challenges of HIV and AIDS

?Voluntary counseling and testing

?Information, education and communication




?Referral for post-test services

?Diagnosis and treatment of ST's HIV and AIDS Coordinator

Off Mobutho Road P/Bag 0022 Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3555054 Fax: + 267 3555054

1)To decrease the spread of HIV among staff, partner and dependents by offering HIV VCT in the workplace and assistance with participating in ARV and other related programs and education ,emphasizing positive living and good nutrition. 2) Respect the rights of employees and the employer, and set out the relevant conditions of service as they may relate to an employee with HIV

3) Provide a framework whereby Wilderness Safaris meet its social responsibility and obligations, raised by HIV, towards its employees.

4)Approach employees and HIV with compassion and respect and to be supportive as possible and avoid any unfair discrimination or rejection of people with HIV or form any negative moralistic attitude towards people with HIV.

?Photographic Safaris

The Coordinator Across from Maun Airport P/Bag 14


Tel: + 267 6860086 Fax: + 267 6860632 Enquiry

donnas@Wilderness Safaris

University of Botswana (UB)

Wilderness Safaris Botswana (WSB)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission



To provide psychosocial services to every individual, family and community affected by disabling mental illness and HIV and AIDS in order to enhance their well being.

?To increase access to basic psychosocial rehabilitation services to HIV positive individuals in Lobatse.

?To provide ongoing pallativecare for HIV and AIDS patients in the Lobatse community.

?To rehabilitate the mentally ill clients in Lobatse.

?To prevent substance abuse among in and out school youth. The Project Director

P. O Box 1024 Lobatse

Tel: + 267 5300437/5330640 Fax: + 267 5332174

To strengthen the Christian response to the HIV and AIDS challenge and to contribute to behavior change including mitigation ting psycho-social impact of HIV and AIDS.

?Counseling and Testing

?Orphan Care

?Community Outreach and community mobilization


The National Coordinator

Plot 3284 Bontleng Close, Gaborone P. O. Box 601963

Tel: + 267 3916454 Fax: + 267 3971820

To strengthen advocacy in the church on the reduction of HIV infection among church youth

?Advocacy in Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health issues in the church

Botswana Association for Psychosocial

Rehabilitation (BARP)

Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Program


Botswana Council of Churches (BCC)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


The General Secretary Plot 3283

Bontleng Close, Ext 12 Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3951981 Fax: + 267 3951981

www.botswanacouncil of

To reduce the incidences of HIV and AIDS and to protect he rights of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through delivery of sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and services for Adolescents, man and families.


?Clinical and outreach Voluntary Counseling Testing services (VCT)

?Routine Testing in the Youth Friendly Services (YFS)clinics

?Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Opportunist Infections (OI) management

?Isoniazid prevention therapy(IPT)and partial Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT)

?Voluntary abstinence in particular to Adolescents (10-19 years)

?Pledge 25 groups for blood safety

?Life skills for out of school youth and Parents through Peer Education programmes.


?Psychosocial counseling for individuals and families

?Support Groups (Youth and Adults)

?Referrals for Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) TRAINING

?HIV and AIDS Peer Education and Peer Counseling

The Executive Director

Gaborone West, Phase 4,Plot 23769 Chikwamba Rod Private Bag 00100


Tel: + 267 3900489 Fax: +267 3901222

To create a sustained and enabling environment that will empower the young person in all aspects of human development through coordination, collaboration, networking, lobbying and advocacy with various stakeholders.

?Advocacy and lobbying

?Resource mobilasation

?Research information

?Capacity building

?Sexual and reproductive Health (cross cutting)

Botswana Family Welfare Association (BOFWA)

Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


The Executive Director

Plot 13304,Gaborone West Phase 1,Gaborone Tel: +267 3939735/39399736/3939737 Fax: +267 3180898

To facilitate a coordinated response to the changing needs of AIDS Service Organizations(ASO) in the fight against HIV and AIDS. BONASO focuses on coordinating the work of various Community Based Organizations (CBO's), Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's),Mental and some corporate sector institutions working in prevention care, support and treatment, impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS as well as Orphan care support.

BONASO is a membership organization and supports its members through four main programming areas:

?Policy influence and advocacy

?Capacity Building

?Information Dissemination and networking

?Resource Mobilization

The Executive Secretary

Extension 2, plot 767, GIB Building, 3rd Floor. PO Box 3129

Gaborone Botswana

Tel: +2673170582,/3908490 Fax: +267 3908436

To improve the well being and quality of life of PLWHAs in positive living, self reliance, education, prevention and care

?Formation of PLWHA support groups

?Dissemination of information on HIV and AIDS to PLWHAs

?To facilitate networking among stakeholders

?Lobbying and Advocacy for greater Involvement of PLWHAs (GIPA) The National Coordinator

Plot 5346, Corner of Nyerere Drive and Okavango Close, Gaborone P. O. Box 1599, Mogoditshane

Tel: + 267 3906224 Fax: +267 3190977

Botswana Network of AIDS Service Organizations


Botswana Network of People Living with HIV and


Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV and


Botswana Red Cross Society (BRCS)

Botswana Retired Nurses Society (BORNUS)

To ensure that ethics, the law and human rights are made an essential part of the national response to fighting this pandemic in Botswana. BONELA activities are aimed at fighting HIV-related stigma and discrimination and promoting respect for humanity in all its diversity.

?Legal Assistance(e.g., legal aid, mediation, workshops on HIV and the law

?Training and Education (e.g., awareness raising workshops, Training of Focal Persons)

?Advocacy (e.g., development and passage of HIV- related laws, topics such as treatment reproductive rights of people living with HIV and AIDS)

?Media Campaign (e.g. poster campaign, radio jingles, newsletter, media relations)

?Research( e.g. training materials, monitoring of human rights of people living with HIV and AIDS,HIV and confidentiality)

The Director

Plot 50662,Medical Mews, Fairground, Gaborone PO Box 402958


Tel: +267 39392516 Fax: +267 393 2517

To contribute to the reduction of transmission of HIV and AIDS

?Prevention of HIV and AIDS,STD and other communicable diseases

?Care and support for PLWHA and Orphans.

?ARV adherence

?Advocacy for access to services and for rights e.g. OVC,PLWHA The Secretary General

Plot 135 Independence Avenue PO Box 485


Tel: + 267 3952465 Fax: + 267 73912352

To provide quality health care and support to the chronically and terminally ill clients including HIV and AIDS as well as orphans and vulnerable children and the elderly who are mostly caregivers. In addition to relieve the burden of care on caregivers.

?Day care services at the Centre

?Provision of nutritional supplements to children and adults

?Conduct follow up visits to clients to clients' home for care and support to

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts

HIV and AIDS Mission


ensure adherence to Therapy

?Monitoring of children's weight and general well - being The Centre Coordinator

Plot No 5876, Mafitlhakgosi Ward, Tlokweng P O Box 301729, Tlokweng Phone: 3132276 Cell: 71614200 Fax: 3132275 Email: Website:

Provides hope and love young people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS

?HIV and AIDS Awareness

?Anti-stigma Campaign

?Promotion of IPT, ARVs, PMTCT and VCT

?Counseling ?Public speaking The Director Phase II Clinic Gaborone West P. O. Box 25211 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3919958

To mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the individual, social interactions and the society

?HIV and AIDS counseling, care and support of OVCs,blood safety and youth HIV and AIDS prevention programme,community educational talks, youth friendly clinic for SRH issues, marital counseling

The Coordinator

Tswelelopele Brigades Centre Box v1499


Tel : + 267 5390223/5390177 Fax : + 267 5390223

To envision a caring church living and leading through biblical principles and

Centre for Youth of Hope (CEYOHO)

Emmanuel Counseling Centre (ECC)

Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFP)

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


Prevention: To promote HIV and AIDS programs that focus on abstinence for adolescents and single adults and family values for married couples in communities The Pastor Plot 61225 Block 10 P. O. Box 20131 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3935989 Fax: + 267 3912981

To promote abstinence and behavior change among youth

Abstinence and behavior change for youth Orphans and vulnerable children. The Country Director

Plot 767,Tati Road, Extension 2 Gaborone Private Bag 289 Gaborone Tel: +267 3165536/3191600 Fax: +267 3191600

To give hope and life through a comprehensive support system to people infected, affected and impacted by the HIV and AIDS scourge.

?Provide comprehensive orphan support that includes education, food, clothes and psychosocial care and support.

?Provide material assistance to the terminally ill PLWHA's.

?Develop and implement strategies to alleviate poverty.

?Provide counseling services to all people infected, raped and impacted.

?Provide good environment for the reduction or elimination of stigma.

?Solicit finance internally and externally and develop strategies for fund raising The Coordinator Boikago ward PO Box 15 Palapye Tel: + 267 4923830 Fax: + 267 4924558

To create development in partnership with government, other organizations and committees in need on the basis of the soundary humanism principle

Hope Worldwide Botswana (HWWB)

House of Hope Trust (HOH)

HUMANA People to People Botswana (TCM)

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation

HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts


?Community mobilization


The National Project Coordinator

Plot No.22085 G.West Industrial,Ditshoswane Road P/Bag 00149,G.West Industrial,Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3913650/3908983 Fax: + 267 3913687 www.humana

To support and compliment government effort in particular in the field of care, counseling, mitigation and prevention mainly to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS living in Gaborone

?Care and support-day care, home visits and counseling

?Prevention/reduction of HIV infections. The Coordinator Gwent PH.1 Plot no 28570 PO Box 365 Gaborone Tel: + 267 3186058 Fax: + 267 3164615

Kgothatso AIDS

Care & Prevention Programme (KACPP)


To improve sexual and reproductive health amongst 10-14 year olds in Botswana by:

1. increasing the adoption of preventive behaviors

2. increasing the take up of available services and adhererance to care and treatment regimes for HIV and AIDS, STIs, TB and other opportunistic infections.

?Radio Serial Drama

?Reinforcement Activities


The Managing Director Village Recreational Centre Plot 4921, Village P. O. Box 46078, Gaborone Tel. 3910699 Fax: 3910695

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Matshelo Community Development Association


Otse Community Home Based Care Society


Population Services International (PSI)

To develop community capacity, particularly under-served geographic areas in HIV and AIDS, community Health and development

?Prevention programme through peer education targeting out of school youth, single mothers and commercial sex workers.

The Director

Plot T63 Area G.Francistown PO Box 30137 Francistown Tel: +267 2410295 Fax: + 267 2410232

To provide palliative care to chronically and terminally ill in Otse Village

?Pallative Care The Deputy Head Tswapong Ward-Otse P/B07


Tel: +267 5337512 Fax: +267 5337003

To motivate vulnerable people of Botswana to adopt healthy sexual and reproductive behavior using evidence-based social marketing techniques

?Condom Social Marketing

?Multi-media life skills education for in & out of school youth

?Behavior Change Initiatives

?Social Marketing of Water purifier system for PLWHA

?Social Marketing of nutritional supplements for PLWHA The Country Represeantive

Unit 13, Plot 115, Millennium office Park, Kgale Mews, P/Bag 00465

Gaborone Tel: +267 3180098 Fax: + 267 3931529

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission

Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Salvation Army Psycho-Social Support Initiative


SOS Children's Village

Tebelopele Voluntary Counseling & Testing

Centres (TVCTC)

To address the issue of psycho-social support for children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS

?Kids Clubs for orphans and vulnerable Children (OVC)

?Life Skills camps for OVC

?Human Capacity Development in Psycho-social support (PSS)

?Mentoring other child service organizations and their staff in integration and implementation of PSS activities of OVC

?Knowledge Network Center for PSS

The Coordinator P. O. Box 203033 Gaborone Tel + 267 3188930 Fax: + 267 3188930

To provide Care for Orphans

?Give a home to orphans & abandoned children The Village Coordinator

Plot 16075,Marang Road, Somerset ext.Francistown PO Box 30202

Francistown Tel: + 267 2406010 Fax: + 267 2406010

To provide immediate, confidential and high quality HIV counseling, testing and referral services though out Botswana

?HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing with same day test results using dual parallel rapid tests

?Client referral to access other HIV and AIDs prevention, treatment and support services

?Social marketing to promote VCT as a necessary first step to healthier living in the HIV and AIDS era

The Executive Director Plot 61735 GSS Grounds Ext 4 TeL: + 267 3198015

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


The Light and Courage Centre (LCC)

Tirisanyo Catholic Commission (T.C.C.)

True Men

To offer holistic support to all people infected, affected, living with HIV and AIDS by effectively utilizing the physical, social and spiritual resources available to it.

?Hospice at home

?Day Centre


?Education The Centre Coordinator

Plot 1277/c19,Government Camp,Francistown,Botswana PO Box 1774 Francis town Tel: + 267 2413423/2440407 Fax: + 267 2413423/2440407 www.lightand

To foster integral human development and promote formation of communities to create awareness, education and mobilization of available resources and involve communities in their development

?O V C

?Home based care

The National Coordinator Plot 162,Queen 's Road PO Box 42

Gaborone Tel: +267 3956970 Fax:+ 267 3956970

To mobilise, sensitise, educate and empower men within and around

Francistown to realise their role and actively participate in HIV and AIDS infection and reduction and prevention.

Information dissemination to government and organisations/sectors in and around Francistown.

The Chairperson True Men Organisation c/o District AIDS Coordinator P/Bag F1



Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


True Love Waits (TLW)

Tshireletso AIDS Awareness Centre-The Shining

Stars (TAAC)

To promote abstinence and behavior change among young people

?Prevention: Abstinence and Behavior Change (AB) The Coordinator

BNYC Premises P. O. Box 778 Ghanzi Tel: 267 6596416 Fax: + 267 6596416

To provide multi purpose and culturally relevant responses to orphans and other vulnerable children.

1. Organizational Development and Capacity enhancement for volunteers, board, community members and Shining Stars.

Training in;

?Organizational Management


?Peer Education

?Child Care

2.Community Education and Prevention

?Community Outreach Programmes for parent groups and the Shining Stars

?Behavior change communication-drama, choral and KAP activities

3. Advocacy and lobby action for the provision of an enabling child friendly policy environment.

?Quality services for Shining Stars and other children in need of care

?Provision of psychosocial and spiritual counseling, moral enlistment and education.

?Early Learning Childhood Development Program (free pre-primary education for Shining Stars and other vulnerable children) to foster an appreciation for formal education and further education.

?Feeding Shining Stars and other vulnerable children in Monarch, Tonota and Mmadinare.

?Provisional of structured recreational and sporting activities in the afternoon for all children.

?Income generation projects. The Coordinator

Plot 31311,Monarch,Francistown

PO Box 20815 Monarch,Francistown,Botswana

Tel: + 267 2403336,(267) 2412241 ext 214, or + 267 2485395 Fax: + 267 2413448/+ 2672405049

Key Areas Of Operation Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Tsholofelo Trust (TT)

Women in Action For Abused women and children

Living with HIV and AIDS (WIA)

Young Women Christian Association


To provide support services to people living with HIV and AIDS in the village of Letlhakeng,

?To train volunteers as community counselors in palliative care and HIV and AIDS protection

?To provide counseling support to home based care patients through the trained community counselor volunteers, and their relative and care givers.

?To build capacity of the existing support group of PLWA,and to look towards helping to establish further groups

?To empower young people to be better informed about HIV and AIDS, leading to a change in attitudes and behavior, and the reduction of stigma and discrimination.

The Executive Director Modimo Ward ,Letlhakeng PO Box 200 Letlhakeng PO Box 40757 Gaborone Gaborone : Tel:+267 3923118 Letlhakeng: Tel: +267 5943071 Fax: + 267 5943078

To provides relief for women and children living with HIV and AIDS who are victims of violence and abuse..

?Training and education

?Lobbying and advocacy

?Consultancy and Facilitation

?Legal Advice and services

?Project design, implementation and management, human development

?Link between HIV/AIDS, Porvety and ICT. The Executive Secretary

PO Box 25464 Gaborone

Tel: +267 392 7360 Fax: +267 392 7360

To empower women and youth and work towards the elimination of all obstacles that hinder holistic development(spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts HIV and AIDS Mission


?Education Centre for Adolescent Women (Teen Mothers)

?Peer Approach to Counseling (PACT)

?Day Care Centre

The National Executive Director Plot 5350/1/2 Ext 10 Church Road P. O. Box 359 Gaborone

Tel: + 267 3974113 Fax: + 267 3957783

To promote sexually healthy young people to contribute to the reduction of HIV and AIDS, STIs and teenage pregnancy among youth in Botswana.

?Behavior change intervention using the triple E strategy among the youth and ASRH

The Chief Executive Officer

Plot 798,Independence Avenue,Gaborone PO Box 90,c/o BOTUSA,YOHO

Gaborone Tel: 267 3933537/8 Fax: 267 3937418

Youth Health Organization (YOHO)

Key Areas Of Operation

Address & Contacts Address & Contacts

Key Areas Of Operation HIV and AIDS Mission


Masa/ART Sites And

Their Satellite Clinics

ART Site Hospital Satellite Clinic 1 Satellite Clinic 2 Satellite Clinic 3 Satellite Clinic 4 PMH Baylor Bontleng Clinic Village Clinic Broadhurst Clinic Phase II Clinic Gaborone Nyangabwe RH Jubi lee Clinic Gerald Estate Cl. Area W Clinic Botswelelo Clinic Tonota F rancist own Sekgoma MH Kadimo Clinic Newtown Clinic Nutrition Clinic Serowe Clinic Mmashoro Moiyabana Serowe Maun Hospital Boyei Clinic Sedie Clinic Boseja Clinic Shorobe C linic Maun Clinic Maun Jwaneng Mine Hospital Town Council Clinic Mabutsane Clinic Maoka Clinic Khakhea Clinic K okong Clinic Jwaneng

Orapa Mine Hospital

Mopipi Clinic Mmatshum -o Clinic -Orapa Tutume Primary Hospital Th ini Clinic Sebina Clinic Maitengwe Clinic Nata Clinic Sowa T utume Scottish Livingstone Hospital Phuthadiko -bo Clinic Letlhakeng Clinic Sojwe Clinic Molepolole Clinic Sojwe Clinic K opong Clinic Molepolole Mahalapye DH Airstrip Cl inic Shoshong Clinic Xhosa 1 Clinic Mookane Clinic -Mahalapye Kanye SD A Hospital Moshupa Clinic Mafhikana Clinic Kgwatlheng Clinic Kanye Main Clinic -Kanye


Hukuntsi PH Kang Clinic Hukuntsi Clinic -Hukuntsi Athlone H ospital Tsopeng Clinic P el e ng Central Central P

eleng East Clinic

W oodhall Clinic -Lobatse Bobonong PH Tsetsebwe Clinic Mathathane Clinic Sefophe Clinic Borotsi Clinic -Semolale Clinic Bobonong Kasane PH Kachikau Clinic P andamate -nga Clinic Plateau Clinic -Kasane Selibe -Phikwe Hospital Kagiso Clinic Botshabelo Clinic Tapologo Clinic Industrial clinic --Phikwe Gumare PH Shakawe Clinic Etsha 6 Clinic Seronga Clinic Nokaneng Clinic Xakao Clinic Gumare Thamaga PH Nkoyaphiri Clinic Lentsweletau Clinic Molepolole Clinic Thamaga New Clinic Mankgodi Clinic Gabane Clinic Thamaga Tsabong PH Middlepits Clinic W erda Clinic Tsabong Clinic -T sabong Sefhare PH Pilikwe Clinic Ch adibe Clinic Seleka Clinic Machaneng Clinic -Sefhare Gantsi PH Charles Hill Clinic Nojane Clinic Kalkfontein Clinic Gantsi Clinic -Gantsi

Deborah Retief Memorial Hosp.

Morwa Clinic Makakatlela Clinic Mmathubudukw ane Clinic Oodi Cl inic -Mochudi Gweta PH Nata Clinic Gweta Clinic -Sowa Clinic -Gweta Letlhakane PH Letlhakane Clinic Tawana Clinic Mokubilo Clinic Khwee Clinic Mmats hum o Clinic Letlhakane

-Masa/ART Sites And

Their Satellite Clinics.



Goodhope PH Mmathethe Clinic Mabule Clinic Phitshane Molopo Clinic Pitsane Clinic -Goodhope Rakops PH Motopi Clinic Khumaga Clinic Mopipi Clinic Xhomo Clinic -Rakops Bamalete Lutheran Hosp. Tlokweng Clinic Lesetlhana Clinic Taung Clinic Ootse Clinic -Ramotswa P alapye PH K ediretswe Clinic Khurumela Clinic Lotsane Clinic Ext 3 Clinic -P alapye Masunga PH

Tati Siding Clinic

Makaleng Clinic Mapoka Clinic Tsamaya Clinic -Masunga Mmadinare PH Manga Clinic Damochuchen a Clinic -Mmadinare BD F Thebe -phatshwa BDF F/T own BDF S SKB N/A


The National Coordinator Private Bag 00463

Unit 9, Westgate Mall Western By-pass Gaborone, Botswana

Tel: + 267 3710314 Fax: 2673710312/3





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