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International Studies in


Do you have a vocational diploma in professional cuisine and a higher secondary education diploma (French baccalauréat or the equivalent), or are you a professional in the gourmet food sector with a business startup project in mind?

The Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ)

and FERRANDI Paris, the French School of Culinary

Arts, have joined forces to create an international

graduate training program in high gastronomy,

management and entrepreneurship


A twelve-month program with studies in Montréal and


Considering our respective educational methods, which are both based on learning through hands-on experience, working together was an obvious choice for FERRANDI Paris and the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. Sharing our know-how ensures that program participants experience first hand a practical operational approach to running a business in an industry where adapting to trends and customers with varied profiles while respecting the seasonal nature of products remains a constant challenge.

Bruno de Monte Director General, FERRANDI Paris

Four months in Montréal

Since its foundation in 1968 by the Government of Québec, the ITHQ has trained more than 11 000 graduates in tourism, hospitality, food service and sommelier training. Located in Montréal, a cosmopolitan cultural hub bridging Europe and North America and the largest city in the province of Québec, Canada, the ITHQ is ideally situated between the Quartier Latin and Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhoods and a stone’s throw from the Quartier des Spectacles.

Eight months in Paris

Founded in 1920 by the Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FERRANDI Paris has trained generations of kitchen chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers, restaurant managers and business leaders. Situated in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés

neighbourhood near the Jardin du Luxembourg, FERRANDI Paris enjoys a prime location in the heart of Paris, the world’s culinary capital.

The Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) and FERRANDI Paris are aware that students today seek advanced training focused on international practices and so have joined forces to develop an enhanced study program that offers stimulating professional challenges. I wish the best of success to all of our students! Lucille Daoust


A unique and innovative study program

• A 12-month English-language program offered successively in Montréal and Paris

• Two schools that are responsive to the needs of businesses and recognized for their educational excellence

• Practical benefits facilitated by a hands-on training approach throughout the program

• The advantages of two cultural approaches that foster open-mindedness and creativity

• A four-month internship in one of the finest French restaurants • Faculty members with professional expertise in management and


• Ongoing cooperation between the two schools • Participation of awarded chefs as associate professors

On completion of this program providing instruction in both technical-vocational and managerial skills, you will be fully equipped to successfully complete your business startup project.

A study program leading to competency in both North American management

skills and French high gastronomy

Effective managerial skills combined with knowledge of French and international cuisine and gastronomy will ensure efficient management of a profitable restaurant business, no matter where in the world it is located.

The program is completed over a 12-month period:

• Four months in Québec for North American business management training

• Eight months in France, with four months at FERRANDI Paris to acquire French culinary know-how followed by a four-month internship to put acquired knowledge into practice

Joël Robuchon, 2016

graduating class patron


Restaurant Management and Entrepreneurship, ITHQ

Four-month program

Skills to be acquired

• Analyse the job function and duties of the restaurant chef-owner

• Monitor application of health and safety rules and hygiene and food safety rules • Set up a restaurant production and service plan

• Devise and set up dining room service delivery

• Manage restaurant revenue, expenditures, costs and budgets • Manage specialized material resources

• Manage restaurant supply operations

• Provide leadership to restaurant staff and maintain good relations with business stakeholders • Develop a restaurant business plan

• Implement a marketing plan in line with the restaurant’s mission

• Analyse the restaurant’s economic performance and identify any required corrective action • Estimate the restaurant’s success, sustainability and growth

ITHQ program course list – 630 hours

• Restaurant entrepreneurship – 70 hours

• Restaurant strategy and management – 70 hours • Revenue management – 63 hours

• Specialized food and beverage production – 42 hours • Product and service development – 70 hours

• Operational management – 70 hours

• Outsourcing supplies for a better guest experience – 42 hours • Hospitality health and safety management – 56 hours

• Managerial leadership and intercultural communication – 63 hours • Facility planning and equipment layout – 42 hours

• Financial planning for profitability and growth – 42 hours

Course projects

Project 1: Development of a restaurant concept

Project 2: The business plan – two components: analysis and planning Project 3: The operational plan

Project 4: Final review and presentation of the business startup project

Project 5: Creation of a reference toolbox to support business performance analysis

The North American management model is the basis of the ITHQ instructional and course content.

With its focus on entrepreneurship, the ITHQ program specifically targets chef-owners who wish to create or take over a restaurant business. Under the guidance of the ITHQ’s specialist professors, students develop a business model and complete the various steps in creating a business plan.

The professors also provide students with a range of tools to help them adapt North American managerial practices for use anywhere in the world.

Finally, students are continually sensitized to the standards and legislation that likely exist in their countries of origin and which must be considered in any entrepreneurial initiative.


Restaurant Management and Entrepreneurship, ITHQ

Four-month program

Restaurateurs must be leaders, creative minds and managers. They must tailor their food offering to their customer base, the seasons and workflows while taking budget constraints into account.

Throughout the FERRANDI program, students must organize, plan, manage and create classic gastronomic culinary productions.

They must also devise “stylish” and “creative” food productions, produce meals with wine and food or tea and food pairings, conceive and produce innovative buffets, and learn food design basics.

Skills to be acquired

• Master basic cooking techniques and create gourmet culinary productions that are “stylish” and “creative” • Using a given product or technique, reinvent and adapt recipes for a given customer profile and season within a

set budget

• Analyse and summarize costs and justify any discrepancies • Master the basics of restaurant service

• Plan, stage and create an innovative buffet

• Produce the various recipes for a buffet to meet catering requirements: reproducibility, series, packaging • Create a wine list

• Set up a restaurant wine cellar

FERRANDI Paris program course list

610 hours

Restaurant production and production management 380 hours

Technical positioning – 33 hours

Culinary techniques and production – 260 hours Storeroom management – 7 hours

Wine list and menu development – 20 hours Food hygiene and safety – 20 hours

Basics of restaurant service – 20 hours Production analysis and summary – 20 hours

Catering production and production management 90 hours

Culinary techniques: hot and cold cocktail buffets – 20 hours Culinary techniques: advanced cocktail buffets – 16 hours Organizing catering production – 7 hours

Catering service techniques – 7 hours Creating a buffet – 20 hours

Food style and design – 20 hours

Professional environment – 90 hours

Associate chef demonstrations and master class – 30 hours Oenology and wine stewardship – 60 hours

High Gastronomy, FERRANDI Paris

Four-month program + internship

Professional trip to Bordeaux and creation of a dinner with wine and food pairing -– 40 hours

The program is completed with a trip to the renowned Bordeaux wine-producing region. Students will have an opportunity to learn from the experts at the World Sommelier Academy of Bordeaux, the international sommelier school of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and produce a dinner with food and wine pairings at the BEST (Bordeaux École Supérieure de la Table) teaching restaurant.

Trip to the Marché d’Intérêt National (MIN) in Rungis – 10 hours

Students will visit Rungis, Europe’s leading international market.

Workplace internship

Four-month program – 560 hours

Workplace internships are an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the professional world and enhance their training by testing acquired knowledge and skills through an enriching experience in a renowned restaurant.



the French School of Culinary Arts

Founded in 1920 by the Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FERRANDI has trained generations of kitchen chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers, restaurant managers and business leaders.

FERRANDI offers a unique range of complete professional training programs, as well as a number of short programs for professionals and adults seeking vocational retraining.

Each year, 1 300 students enrol in its programs and 2 000 professionals attend its continuing education courses. This palette of profiles, specializations and trades enriches and sets FERRANDI apart on both the professional and human levels.

FERRANDI’s reputation is not however based solely on these aspects. The talents and expertise of its instructors along with regular contributions from prestigious guest chefs, an advisory board of 28 awarded chefs chaired by Joël Robuchon, and its focus on entrepreneurship, position at the core of a powerful professional network, education partnerships and practical, innovative approach have positioned FERRANDI today as the leading French school of culinary arts.

A school of the Paris

Île-de-France Regional

Chamber of Commerce

and Industry

The Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is committed to driving the local economy forward alongside of business leaders, decision-makers, apprentices, students and workers. It acts throughout the Île-de-France region, always innovating to give businesses a voice and foster their growth, train men and women to meet the challenges of tomorrow, develop business projects, and promote the capital region in order to expand its reach.

Renowned in both France and abroad,

FERRANDI Paris offers the world fine

cuisine and the art of living à la française.


Key figures


students, of whom 70% are



international students


adult continuing education



tenured professors and over


associate professors

More than


events and competitions

hosted in 2013


kitchens and laboratories including

a sensory analysis laboratory


teaching restaurants


Advisory board chaired by

chef Joël Robuchon

Board members:

Christine Ferber – Maison Ferber Anne-Sophie Pic – Maison Pic

Jacques Bellanger – Chocolaterie Béline Sébastien Bouillet – Chokola

Éric Briffard – Four Seasons, George V Frédéric Cassel – Maison Frédéric Cassel

Gontran Cherrier – Boulangerie Gontran Cherrier Denis Courtiade – Plaza Athénée

Bruno de Monte – Director, FERRANDI Paris Alain Dutournier – Carré des Feuillants Philippe Etchebest

Vincent Ferniot – journaliste culinaire et restaurateur

Éric Frechon – Le Bristol

Gilles Goujon – Auberge du Vieux Puits Éric Guérin – La Mare aux Oiseaux Pierre Hermé – Pierre Hermé Paris

Jean-Paul Hévin – Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier Arnaud Larher – Maison Arnaud Larher Jean-Michel Lecerf – Professor Institut Pasteur William Ledeuil – Ze Kitchen Galerie Régis Marcon – Restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon

Thierry Marx – Le Mandarin Oriental Olivier Nasti – Le Chambard

Georges Nectoux – President of the FERRANDI board Gérald Passédat – Le Petit Nice

François Pasteau – L’Épi Dupin Éric Pras – Lameloise

Olivier Roellinger – Les Maisons de Bricourt Michel Roth – Le Bayview

Guy Savoy – Restaurant Guy Savoy Mathieu Viannay – La Mère Brazier



a world-class institution

With its wealth of experience acquired over 45 years, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) is Canada’s leading hotel management school specializing in tourism, hospitality, food service and sommelier training. The ITHQ offers vocational, technical, advanced, university-level and continuing education programs. It is equipped with a 42-room teaching hotel and two teaching restaurants that enable students to quickly put acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. It also has a research centre, the Centre d’expertise et de recherche en tourisme, hôtellerie et restauration, and is a member of Hotel Schools of Distinction, a global alliance of premier hotel schools in partnership with hospitality industry leaders dedicated to creating high-quality talent by sharing knowledge and research.

The qualities of discipline, excellence and professionalism are the pillars of all ITHQ programs and key to the professional success of the thousands of passionate individuals who have chosen the ITHQ as their academic institution.

To ensure that its programs reflect labour market realities, the ITHQ works closely with industry and representative organizations. Its study programs meet industry requirements through additional professional contributions and adhere to international quality standards, while its professors, all experts who are up to date with the latest trends, are selected from the best the industry has to offer.

ITHQ programs include internships offered in Québec, elsewhere in Canada, or abroad with renowned collaborators including Relais & Châteaux, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Sandals Resorts International, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. This winning strategy gives students an opportunity to acquire professional experience before entering the labour market.


Key figures




internships in Québec, Canada

and abroad




kitchens and laboratories, including

a sensory analysis laboratory


computer and language laboratories


study programs, including



a work-study format


teaching hotel (4-star)


teaching restaurants


research center


national and international partnerships






whom work in the fields for which they


With their advanced skills,

ITHQ graduates can work in

any type of hotel or restaurant

in Québec or around the world.


Class patron: Joël ROBUCHON

Associate chefs:

Yannick ALLENO, Ledoyen***, Paris

Fabrice DESVIGNES, Bocuse d’Or 2007, Présidence du Sénat, Paris Christophe HATON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011, FERRANDI Paris Frédéric JAUNAULT, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Primeur 2011

Thierry MARX, Le Mandarin Oriental**, Paris

Eric ROBERT, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000, FERRANDI Paris

Michel ROTH, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1991, Bocuse d’Or 1991, Le Bayview*, restaurant de l’hôtel Président Wilson, Genève

Eric TROCHON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011, FERRANDI Paris

Mathieu VIANNEY, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004, La Mère Brazier**, Lyon


Practical information


The International Studies in Management and Gastronomy program is open to students holding a professional cuisine diploma and a higher secondary education diploma (French baccalauréat or the equivalent) and to professionals in the gourmet food sector with a business startup project. Applicants are required to pass an English-language skills test.


A certificate is awarded to students when they successfully complete each of the component programs in the complete study program.

• ITHQ: Restaurant Management and Entrepreneurship certificate • FERRANDI Paris: High Gastronomy certificate

• Workplace internship certificate

A FERRANDI-ITHQ diploma is issued to International Studies in Management and Gastronomy students who successfully complete the entire study program.


Download the application form from

The completed application must be sent to

Tuition fees: €30,000

Lodging: The ITHQ and FERRANDI Paris can assist you in finding lodging.

Students must have a laptop computer or tablet for note taking and to access the schools’ electronic course materials. If you have any questions, please write to



3535, rue Saint-Denis Montréal (Québec) H2X 3P1 Canada E-mail: >>


28, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006 PARIS


E-mail: >>





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