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Proposed Changes to Access Great Schools in Southwest Denver. Enrollment and Transportation Solutions


Academic year: 2021

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Proposed Changes to Access Great Schools in

Southwest Denver


CREA Results

Executive Director


Today’s Agenda

• Welcome/ Introductions • Where we are

• Proposed shared access zone for Southwest middle schools • Question and Answer

• Overview of work in Southwest Community

• Updates to middle school programming • Table exercise


Chief Officer, Family and Community Engagement

Denver Public Schools


Overview of Work in SW Community

• Transportation conversations in the Fall 2013

• Kepner Middle School phase-out

• Work done by partners and DPS to increase the number of and the access to high performing seats

• 67% of the families in the SW filled out the School Choice Form last year – desire to increase that number


Shared Access Zone - What We Have Heard

• 26 meetings with over than 300 families, community members and staff

- 16 school-based, 3 with community leaders, 4 with school leaders, 2 with Kepner Thought Partners, 1 with parent leaders

• The most important factors for families at the moment of choosing a

school are:

• Quality and the performance of the school

• Location and proximity to school

• Transportation options

• The most important factors to accessing transportation to school are:

• Safe Pick up and Drop off

• Walk zones to bus stops

• Direct transportation to schools


Why a Shared Access Zone?

• Several middle school options and a guaranteed spot at one school

• Better chance of attending a high-performing school – priority over non-SW students

• New programs in the Kepner Campus starting in 2016-17

• More uniformity of enrollment practices for all schools – reserve for students who are not able to participate in choice

• Choose the right program for your student

• Schools can better plan for enrollment


Proposed Shared Access Zone


• More variety of programs

• Same number of high-performing schools in both zones

• Greater flexibility in choice


• Likely higher transportation costs

• Possibility that student may attend school further from home

North is 2,900 students and 2,820 seats South is 1,400 students and 1,560 seats

North Zone South Zone

• KIPP Sunshine

• STRIVE Westwood

• West Generation

• West Leadership

• Kunsmiller

• Kepner MS (Phasing out)

• Kepner Beacon (2016-17) • STRIVE Kepner (2016-17) • DSST College View • Henry • Kunsmiller • STRIVE Federal

Compass Academy opening in 2015-16; location TBD. DSST VII opening in 2016-17; location TBD

Kepner Beacon and STRIVE Kepner opening in 2016-17 at Kepner Campus Kepner MS to complete phase out in 2017-18


Transportation: What Might Change

Alternative solutions will take into consideration walk

zones to access bus stops, not to exceed the current

2.5 mile walk zone.

Buses will serve more than one school.

Bell times could become tiered to serve more

students with transportation.

Transportation format that will support the proposed



CREA Results

Executive Director


Table Exercise

Review handout

• Locate your home

• Identify current options; compare to propose options

Consider pros and cons

Share questions with facilitator


Chief, Family and Community Engagement

Denver Public Schools


About School Choice

How to research and find schools

- SchoolFinder.dpsk12.org; (720) 423 3493

- SchoolMatch – schoolmatch.dpsk12.org – online tool to help families identify and choose the school features that are important and find schools that match those features

DPS SchoolChoice Expo

October 28, 2014, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. - Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Enrollment Guide

Comprehensive information on all DPS schools, including program offerings, performance, location, and contact information.

Tour a School

After researching schools in DPS, visit the schools that most interest you and your child.

School Choice Timeline




Middle School Programming

• District commitment to the future of Southwest Denver

students: commitment to have 80% of the Schools in Denver be Blue and Green

• Kepner gradually phasing out as two new middle school programs will phase in starting 2016- 17

Four New Middle School Programs in the Southwest

• Compass Academy – Fall 2015 (location TBD) • DSST VII – Fall 2016 (location TBD)

• STRIVE Kepner – Fall 2016 • Kepner Beacon – Fall 2016


Chief Executive Officer





Beacon Network - Mission:

Achieve, Lead, and Grow Together

Grant Beacon Middle School is committed to the high achievement and growth of every student, providing a college preparatory program of study that sets high expectations and requires critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Through the integration of technology and collaborative work of students, staff, families, and community partners, GBMS will bring together its neighborhoods’ diverse communities and prepare students with the academic knowledge and 21st century leadership skills necessary for

college and career success

Logro,Liderazgo Y Crecimiento Unido

En GBMS Estamos comprometidos al alto rendimiento y crecimiento de cada estudiante promoviendo así un programa de preparación colegial de estudios que provee altas expectativas y requiere pensamiento crítico y habilidades para resolver problemas. Mediante la integración de tecnología y trabajo colaborativo, el trabajo de estudiantes, personal, familias, y socios de la comunidad, GBMS traerá unidad a las comunidades Diversas y preparara a los estudiantes con conocimientos academicos y habilidades de liderazgo necesarias para el éxito en la carrera y el Colegio.


Aprendizaje Modelado Enriquecimientos de la Comunidad Liderazgo Estudiantíl







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GBMS Gradebook

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Grant Beacon Website

Updated Calendar/News



More Time / Más Tiempo

Per Week

Cada Semana Cada Año Per Year


Network 40 hours 1360 hours Traditional

Schools 35 hours 1190 hours Difference +5 hours +170 hours

*4 Extra Weeks of school *4Semanas adicionales de Escuela


More opportunities..

Más oportunidades….

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


(LA, Reading, Math, SS, SC, Electives)


(Arte de Lenguaje, Lectura, Matemáticas, SS, SC, Electivas)

Teacher PD

Academics Academicas

Enrichment - 1 Enrichment -2 Enrichment - 1 Enrichment - 2

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 4:00pm Lunes-Jueves

Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm


ELO Classes

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Arts and Culture Arte y Cultura ❏ Financial Math

❏ Nasa Water Filtration

❏ Alternative Energy

❏ Debate

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❏ Guitar

❏ Relaxation and Yoga

❏ Jewelry Making Through History

❏ Girls are Great

❏ Spoken Word Poetry

❏ Hip-Hop and Spoken Word ❏ Advanced Art ❏ Mexican Folkloric Dance ❏ Cartoon U! ❏ Creative Crafting ❏ Peer Mentoring ❏ Band ❏ Martial Arts

❏ ¡Qué Viva México!

❏ Savory Snack ❏ True Spark ❏ Zumba! Student Leadership Liderazgo Estudiantil Sports / Deportes


GBMS Sample Schedule GBMS/Ejemplo de Horario

Period Subject/Clase Time

1 / Advisory

Science / Ciencias



Math / Matemáticas



Social Studies /

Estudio social 60


Electives / Electivas



Lunch / Recess



Language Arts /

Arte de Lenguaje 60


Reading/ELD / Lectura ELD



Enrichments /












We teach character


CREA Results

Executive Director


Questions and



Chief Officer, Family and Community Engagement

Denver Public Schools


Next Steps

• Do you have more questions? Want us to hold a meeting at your school? - Call us at 720-423-3054

• DPS staff will draft a recommendation to present to the BOE on November 17th for Board Vote on November 20th

• Share your thoughts with the BOE

• Public Comments - October 23rd and November 13th at

4:30pm Emily Griffith Campus - 1860 Lincoln St – contact the Board of Education office at 720-423-3210 no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting for

placement on the speaker's list

• Email the BOE at board@dpsk12.org


Board Member


Rosemary Rodriguez

Board Member

Denver Public Schools

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

6 pm – 8 pm

Abraham Lincoln High School Community Room

2285 South Federal Blvd., Denver


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