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Early Childhood Learning Centre. Information Booklet


Academic year: 2021

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Early Childhood Learning Centre

Information Booklet

110 Moore Street Howick Ph: 535-5522


Early Childhood Learning Centre

Please bring these things with you when enrolling

2 x Emergency Contact people who can be

Contacted if we cannot get in touch with parents

Photo Identification

of Enrolling Parent



Deposit & 1


week fees

Proof of Address


Communication and Consultation

 We welcome each parent/ caregiver/ whanau into our Centre openly and share information about their child’s learning when given the opportunity

 We provide day-to-day feedback on each individual child in a note book that is taken home by each child at the end of the day for babies. Toddlers and Preschool day is written on a White Board in their classroom.

 Communication / Events are updated regularly on our Parent Notice Board displayed in each classroom.

 Bi-Monthly newsletters are distributed to parents/ caregivers/ whanau with exciting updates on what the children have been experiencing during the last few months.

 Portfolio’s / I.D.P’s are provided and updated on a regular basis with your child’s Strengths, interests and learning possibilities

 We also hold parent evenings throughout the year which gives us the opportunity to talk to parents about their child’s learning and to give the parents a chance to look at their child’s work and see what they are accomplishing and ask questions if need.


Positive Guidance Procedure


To encourage positive/ acceptable behavior


To protect our children


Approach child concern

Get down to their level, talk to them about their actions

explain that it is not o.k. and why

Role model gentle hands and being friendly

If necessary redirect child to another area

If need to spend time with that child in an activity, possibly a

one on one interaction

Repeat steps from the beginning if this happens again

Other staff members are available for assistance if child

becomes uneasy.



To provide a supportive environment for children and their families in which they can achieve their fullest potential as Individuals, family members of the greater community, in an atmosphere of shared responsibility between the centre staff, children’s whanau and the community in which they live.

Kids crafty Clubs believes that children are unique individuals and therefore are our primary focus Children and their families must feel secure and happy within the centre

Environment in order for the children’s learning potential to be developed to its fullest.

Children’s potential to learn is maximised through child initiated play, scaffolding and hands on experience

In the need to work in partnership with parents and whanau, whilst maintaining and developing mutual respect and communication with understanding and sincerity

Children’s learning will be enriched by educators who are responsive and respectful of their own and others individuality, gender, culture and family/Whanau beliefs and ability to be involved In the importance of creating an environment that is attractive, exciting, challenging and fun and that maximises each Individuals potential learning experiences

Teachers should act as positive role models with attitudes and beliefs towards children and their learning that are positive and affirming

That New Zealand has a unique multi-cultural heritage which we reflect at every level of our work. People of all back grounds and cultures will be welcomed, accepted and respected

In the importance of carefully planning and reviewing of our practice, setting specific goals for both Individual children and the service to ensure implantation of our philosophy

That on-going professional development and support is essential for teachers to demonstrate growth


What to bring to Phoenix House each day!!

A named school bag, drink bottle, packed lunch box, plenty of clothes for winter or summer as we have lots of water play activities in the warmer months and in the winter rain does not stop us playing outside unless it is raining really hard. Gumboots are a good option in winter. We also ask you bring a named sun hat for summer and woollen beanie for winter.

A piece of fruit to put in the basket to share.

What to bring to Kowhai House each day!!

A named school bag, drink bottle, packed lunch box, plenty of clothes for winter or summer as we have lots of water play activities in the warmer months and in the winter rain does not stop us playing outside unless it is raining really hard. Gumboots are a good option in winter. We also ask you bring a named sun hat for summer and woollen beanie for winter.

If your child is in nappies enough nappies for the day and 1 packet of wipes per month to share.

Bottles made up if your child is still on formula.


Walking feet inside

Centre rules

When the teacher is talking we are …….listening

Quiet hands up

Biting is for food not our


If our friend hit me I can say “stop I don’t like it” and walk away


No hat, no play

Sun block on

Sand in the Sand pit

Spade is for digging, not

for hitting

Shoes on around carpentry


Hammers are for nails, not for

hurting others

Bikes are for riding, no


When we have water play we get

our bags first.


Kids Crafty Clubs Learning Centre

110 Moore Street Howick Auckland (09) 535-5522 Fee Schedule effective 20th May 2013

Hours: Monday to Friday- 7.30am – 5.30pm Closed: Public Holidays.

UNDER 3’s 1 DAY 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Morning Session 8-12 or 12-4 $26 $51.00 $77.00 $100.00 $128.00 School Session 8.30-3.30 $48.50 $97.00 $133.00 $174.00 $200.00 Full Time 7.30-5.30 $54.00 $108.00 $145.00 $195.00 $231.00

OVER 3’s 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Morning Session

8-12 or 12-4 N/A FREE FREE FREE FREE

School Session

8.30-3.30 $31.00 $62.00 $92.00 $123.00 $154.00

Full Time

7.30-5.30 $41.00 $82.00 $123.00 $160.00 $205.00

FREE ECE 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

School Session

8.30-3.30 N/A $39.00 $62.00 $82.00 $97.00

Full Time

7.30-5.30 N/A $60.00 $92.00 $123.00 $149.00

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

Minimum booking 2 days

Objective: To manage the organisation in a way that ensures on-going financial viability of the service.

Payment Terms: An Enrolment fee of $25 is charged to cover administrational costs. We operate a Two week in advance payment policy, please refer to the centres Terms and conditions for full details. Initial enrolment payment 2 weeks fees paid by cheque or cash. Weekly payments made by automatic payment, Internet payment, Eftpos, phone banking, on Friday of each week and maintained at 1 week in advance at all times. You are required to arrange payment to commence on the following Friday after initial enrolment. Lump sum payments to be arrange direct with the Centre Manager.

Public Holidays: The service closes for all public holiday, usual fees apply.

20 ECE Hours: No fees are charged for the hours of care that are fully attested under 20 hours ECE (4 hourly sessions).Fees quoted are charged for the hours outside of the free sessions to apply for this your child must attend the centre for a minimum of 2 days per week and a maximum of 6.5 hours per day. An attestation form must be completed and returned to the office. The fees charged are to help pay the extra costs involved with administration/ MOE requirements.

Sibling Discount: If more than one child of the same family account attends our centres full time, the older child may be given up to 10% discount.


Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

Objective: To manage the organisation in a way that ensures on-going financial viability of the service

Change of Attendance: A change of Attendance form must be completed for any changes other than illness related absences. The service must be informed of any Permanent or Temporary reductions to attendance at least 2 weeks in advance by means of a Change of Attendance form. Failure to do so will Result in the service claiming the Bond and the non-payment of fees will apply.

Holidays & Absences: Statutory holidays are charged in full except for any hours attested as 20 hours ECE. You are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave at a reduced charge of 50% of your normal fee during the year. You should notify the centre in writing of the dates of such absences. You should also discuss and agree terms in writing for any extended leave. If you fail to do so a full fee will be

charged. In order to ensure the best care of children in our charge it is important that you inform one of the staff in your child’s area if your child is going to be absent.

Late Pickup Fee: Fees are payable on a session length basis. To retain our License these sessions must be strictly adhered to. A penalty payment of $20 per 15 minutes or part thereof shall be charged for any child being picked up late from the service. Failure to pay Penalty charges will result in the non-payment of fees

section of the fee collection policy being applied.

Work and Income: If you believe you are eligible for a childcare subsidy, please discuss this with the Centre administrator or Centre Manager.

WINZ Subsidy Payments: Full fees are required to be paid until WINZ subsidy payments are confirmed by way of WINZ statements. Once confirmed, any monies paid will be refunded by way of account credit. You will be notified of new fees to pay (minus your winz subsidy) and when to start paying will depend on your account credit.

Where the subsidy is adjusted or ceased by WINZ, due to changes in circumstances or the number of child absence, the parent shall be liable for any discrepancies between fees due and payments received.

Non Payment of Fees: Payments are checked on a weekly basis, failure to pay fees will result in the following actions being taken:

 Parents/Guardians being notified that payment has not been received and immediate payment is required no later than the next fees due date

 The bond of one week shall be taken to cover fees when the account is not paid by due date

 Child’s space being withdrawn immediately where payment is not received or automatic payment is not amended by next fees due date to bring account up to date

 The outstanding debt shall be referred to Baycorp Debt Collection Agency if no attempt/correspondence is made to paying outstanding fees

 A child’s place will only be reinstated if there is a space available and all outstanding fees have been paid in full

Agreement Declaration:

I have read and understand the above information. I understand that Kids Crafty Clubs and the staff employed by this centre will take care of my child in a way that protects my child’s best interests, health, well-being and safety and that this may include emergency action being taken in an accident situation and that any costs incurred at such times is not the responsibility of the centre. I understand that further additions or charges to the centre rules, policies and procedures may be added to this contract by management if required.

Discounts are allowed at the discretion of the centre manager and may be withdrawn at any time. Discounts will be withdrawn for accounts not paid in accordance with centre policy.


Phoenix House Daily Routine

8.00am Teachers arrive set up activities Settle children

Free play –Inside/ Outside (activities set out on tables)

10.00am Rolling morning tea

11.20am Tidy up time

11.30am Morning mat-time (Stories, Music, News etc.)

12.00pm Lunch Time

12.30pm Free play- Inside/Outside

(activities set out on tables)

2.00pm Rolling afternoon tea

3.30pm Group tidy up time (Deck/ Inside)

3.40pm Afternoon mat-time (Stories, news, music etc.)

4.00-4.30pm Table top activities /outside play & clean up 4.30-5.30pm Children from Phoenix House combine

with Kowhai House for end of day activities.

Each day activities are set up inside & outside based on the children’s Interests other activities include, baking, arts & crafts, music & dance. Literacy,

computer, carpentry etc. Teachers engage in interactions with children and have meaningful conversations throughout the day.


Kowhai House Daily Routine 7.30am Teachers arrive set up table top activities

Settle children

8.00am Phoenix children leave to go set up their classroom 8.15am Inside / Outside play (arrange of activities set out) 9.30am Morning Tea

10.00am Nappy change/ Toileting older children

11.15am Tidy up time

11.25am Mat time (Stories, music, games)

11.40am Lunch time

12.00pm sleep time (Nappies, toileting)

Activities set up for children that don’t sleep Free play Indoor/Out door

2.00pm Nappy Change/Toilet older children

2.30pm Afternoon tea

3.45pm Tidy up time

4.00pm Nappy change/ Toilet older children

4.15pm Mat Time

4.30pm Free play (table top activities, free play on deck)

5.30pm Home Time

Each day activities are set up inside & outside based on the children’s Interests other activities include, baking, arts and crafts, music, dance, Literacy,

carpentry etc. Teachers engage in interactions with children and have meaningful conversations throughout the day.


Kowhai House Staff

Hi my name is Ki, I’m married with 2 children aged 13 and 11 and come from Hong Kong, I completed my Bachelor of teaching ECE in 2012. I currently work with the toddlers, I really enjoy with the children, I have a great passion to support them in their early journey.

Hi my name is Serena, I’m a qualified teacher. Tender love and care is always my priority when working with children, I enjoy every day at KCC taking care of the lovely children we have here and getting them ready for their next lot of discoveries.

Hi my name is Maria. I am a qualified teacher and I have been working at KCC since 2011. I have a passion for working with under 3’s and being part of their play, exploration and discoveries.

Hi my name is Karen, I am a qualified teacher. I love working with children, especially with babies as that is my passion.

Hi I’m Cherise and I have been working in Kowhai House with our beautiful babies and toddlers since 2011. I enjoy every minute watching them go through this exciting time of development and feel truly privileged to be part of it.


Phoenix House Teachers

Hi my name is Deanne and I am a fully qualified, registered teacher and Head Teacher in Phoenix House who has been working with KCC since April 2007. I love my teaching role being part of the early years, helping children to develop and grow their knowledge, skills and attributes in a warm and fun loving environment

Hi my name is Amanda. I am a qualified teacher working towards my full registration. I have worked at KCC since 2012 and am enjoying working with Phoenix House as they move through their learning journey.

Hi my name is Rebecca, but I am better known as Bex. I am a qualified teacher who has been working at KCC since April 2012. I am passionate about working with preschool children and helping to prepare them for their next step in life as they move towards their exciting school adventure.

Hi my name is Kavita. I am a qualified teacher and working towards my full registration. I have been working with KCC since 2009. I love working with children and am enjoying it here at KCC.

Kia ora my name is Nicole and I am a fully qualified teacher working towards my full registration. I have been working with KCC since August 2011. I have a passion for working with under 5’s and enjoy being part of their learning adventure.


Office Information

Office Hours: Monday 8.00 to 4.30 Tuesday 8.00 to 4.30 Wednesday 8.00 to 4.30 Thursday 8.00 to 4.30 Friday 8.00 to 4.00

 Eftpos is available for payments

 Payments by Internet or direct debit can be made into ASB account 12-30400708381-01

 Please use your child’s name and APT number as reference.

 Any Queries regarding your account please see Tina or Corrine in the Office.

 Booking Change forms, Holiday forms, leave forms are available in the Office as well as in Kowhai House and Phoenix House.

Office Staff

Corrine Maruariki Tina Nglam

ECE Manager Assistant Manager & Administration support Leesa Hill


Relievers and Volunteers

Ananda Singh Joannah Anderson


Stella Chen

Our Farmyard Friends

Thank you for visiting Kids Crafty Clubs


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