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iCoordinator™ is a web-based project

management and collaboration software that can act as the central nervous system of businesses, enabling them to collabora-te easily, manage projects efficiently and achieve higher productivity with the re-sources. iCoordinator™ assist organizations to manage their projects with high degree of collaboration capabilities.

With iCoordinator™ organizations get a real time view of different projects and ac-tivities that are happening between depart-ments and locations. iCoordinator™ helps in having all the projects and related activities in a single place and one can easily create plans, enter the time lines, add the resour-ces and track it based on the progress. With the in-built resource management area, organizations can effectively mana-ge their resources and ensure optimum utilization. If there are costs allocated to activities, it can be easily tracked and have Budgeted versus Actual analysis enabling you to have a better control of your finances. Keeping track of your activities, resources and expenses on timely manner help organisations to execute their tasks on time, keep their deliveries efficiently and keep their customers happy.

iCoordinator™ improves cross-team com-munication by centralizing documents, conversations and other activities under one user interface. It comes with in-built

briefing board, calendar, meeting organizer, group updates on documents and files, activity updates, views across different projects and activities, documents approval workflow capabilities and more. Based on the user rights, the users will get to see the consolidated view of projects, activities and communications around it.

With main focus on easy collaboration, efficient project management and optimal resource utilization, iCoordinator™ helps organizations to achieve their goals and attain higher productivity.





Key Features

Activity planner in iCoordinator™ helps users to create the project plans, add activities and track and monitor them on day-to-day basis. The planner within iCoordinator™ allows scheduling with work break down structure (WBS) and managers can assign the resources to each of the activities.

Users can see the activities with respon-sibilities and progress status regarding time and budget. It allows including people, mat-erials and equipment pertaining to the projects in the schedule. Users can track

projects from an organizational level as well as the room level and the progress will be automatically updated in the organiza-tional level based on the input from room level projects. Users can attach documents to their activities and can drag and drop activities. iCoordinator™ allows import and export of Microsoft® Project plans within the planner. The solution provides different reports and graphical representations like Gantt charts for better management and readability of project plans.

Project Planning

Coordination & collaboration

In order to make the collaboration between participants in different activities within a project or between different projects, iCoor-dinator™ provides a project briefing board that act as a dashboard and allows the resources to follow the project progress and getting a quick summary of project meetings, project activities, messages and events.

iCoordinator™ comes with a in-built forum where users could discuss topics related to their projects. The discussion topics

could be on the organizational level (Lobby) as well the room level which helps easier communication between the participants without leaving the system.

The calendar function in iCoordinator™ makes it easier to organize the project re-lated meetings. Meetings can be organized on a room level as well as organizational level and the participants can be added and notifications can be sent to the participants directly from the iCoordinator™ interface.


Time Tracking

Project Portfolio

Resource Management

For an effective monitoring of the progress and the time spend on different activities within the project, iCoordinator™ provides different ways for resources to update the status and enter the time. Apart from the normal web-based interface, they could utilize the add-on applications that can be used from the desktop as well as from their mobile devices. Access to different activities to enter the time is possible only

if the resource is allocated to a particular activity. With daily, weekly and monthly view of the time entries, it is very easy for the resources to track and manage their time. The often-used activities could be stored as favourites for the resource to enter the time even faster. Once the time is entered, finalized and submitted at the end of month, it will be locked and only mana-gers could unlock it if necessary.

In order to take care of multiple projects that belongs to different departments or customers, iCoordinator™ is based on the Lobby and Room concept. The lobby is intended to use as a project/organization shared space. The rooms enable you to organize the collaboration between

diffe-rent organizations and the projects. Each of the rooms comes with different areas like project management & planning, document management, resource management, cost management, contact management and time reporting. Organization can get a consoli-dated view of all their projects from the Lobby.

iCoordinator™ allows an easy way to build the projects and ensure optimum utilization of the resources. With a full-fledged resource management area, iCoordinator™ makes it easier to define roles and skills on resource level and assist in identifying the resources who are free with specific skills in a given time period through the resource utiliza-tion dashboard. People as well as materials can be included as the resources against different activities giving more control on the utilization of resources. iCoordinator™ allows easy allocation of resources to

va-rious activities with the duration they need to complete the activities. The resource planner act as a dashboard showing the re-source utilization. It shows different activi-ties the resources are involved in with start date and end date, time and percentage of the allocation. The allocation chart displays the planned time working time and the overtime of a particular resource. From the resource planner, one can easily see the work time details and the role details and resources could be informed or request a response.


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Document Management

Metadata & Smart folders

With large amount of content, it often be-comes a herculean task to find information easily or storing them in a structured way to access it later. In iCoordinator™, users can add metadata to their files within the system. The metadata can be used to search and locate an object such as title, author, subjects, keywords etc. It can also be used to organize files based on different

attributes for easier access and catego-rization. Smart folders in iCoordinator™ allows the users to have virtual folders that contains files that are having specific metadata information attached to it. Apart from having the smart folders in each room and lobby area, individual users can have their personal smart folders under the “My Functions” area.

Having the entire project related files in single place and the possibility to attach documents to corresponding activities within a project makes the information-flow complete and accurate. iCoordinator™ offers a document management area that is highly secure and that works hand-in-hand with the project plan and activities. The Document management area comes with all the ingre-dients of a secured web-based document management system. Each room has a stor-age area for data in all formats. Based on a tree structure similar to the one in common file browsers one can easily upload, move, copy and edit documents and folders. The powerful access control functions gives the user full control over access to different

fol-ders and the contents. The files within these folders can also be published. The software also consists of in-built workflow capa-bilities including basic approval to group approval processes. Users can directly send email with the documents as links to other users without leaving the software. The in-built version controlling system enable users to keep the history of the changes they have made in different versions of a particular document. At anytime users could go back to an earlier version of a particular document and see the earlier status of that document. Each of the folders within the document management system could be associated to users. This allows secure access based on the users role.


Contact Management

Task Management

Message Centre

Key Features

The viewer in iCoordinator™ allows users to easily view the project related drawings and files online. The viewer support more than 300 document types and users can view

documents in all modern browser environ-ments. It automatically generates thumb-nail previews of documents and support HTML5.


The different areas of iCoordinator™ comes with reports which are detailed and easier to understand. Reports in iCoordinator™ varies from resource utilization to cash

flow reports. For easier readability and understanding graphical representation of data is adopted in many of the reports.


While working on different projects and ac-tivities, it is important to keep track of the day-today tasks. iCoordinator™ provides a task management area where users could maintain their tasks and manage them.

Users can create new tasks with their

due dates and mark the ones that are com-pleted on daily basis. Tasks can be associ-ated with categories and groups. The tasks view can be filtered based on the status of the tasks for easier management.

In order to make the communication more effective and ensure accountability, iCoordinator™ provides a message centre where users could communicate with each other. With real time notification and read/

unread status, users can ensure that the other resource has definitely received the message. This helps in higher accountability and quality in the communication between the participants.

iCoordinator™ allows users to organize and keep their contacts in a single place. Con-tacts can be organized based on groups.

Users can control the visibility of the contacts, convert them as users based on the their role and send email as well as SMS to them. Apart from the default information

fields, users can add custom fields to ex-tend the contact details further. Users can attach notes and comments to a contact.

With the full-fledged contact management section available online within iCoordinator™ it is easier to access and communicate with them.


Add-on Applications

My Functions area

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Cost Management

Keeping track of the cash flow within the project and monitor the expenses is one of the crucial aspects in projects. iCoordi-nator™ has the ability to track actual cost and budgeted cost against project related activities and have an in-built Cash flow management system. The expenses feature comes with provision to enter the actual expenses and the budgeted expenses. It

allows to capture the expense for activities and check against the budgeted expenses.

It has the provision to enter cost exclu-ding & incluexclu-ding VAT in different currencies.

It also allows capturing the income from activities and check against the budgeted income. Based on the entries expenses, income, cost table, budget and cash flow reports is generated.

In coordination with your iCoordinator™ web-based software, users can take advantage of the iCoordinator™ desktop and mobile applications. iCoordinator™ Desktop, which is available for Windows and Mac environ-ment, can easily configurable to connect with your iCoordinator™ portals without

going through the web browser. iCoordina-tor™ Mobile for iPhone and Android mobile phones takes your iCoordinator™ experience one step further by enabling easier task and time management from where ever you are, right from your Phone.

Apart from the Lobby and Room area, users can have their own personal area in iCoor-dinator™. Under My Functions area users can store their personal files, notifications in the briefing board related to them, calendar to manage the meetings and the time report-ing area where they can report time and sub-mit the reported time. My Functions area also includes smart folders where users can

have folders containing files with specific meta-data information. Another key feature under My Functions area is My messages. Users can send messages to each other using the message centre in iCoordinator™ and the mes-sages sent to the current user are displayed here, the message status indicator displays different colours based on whether the user has read the message or not.