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HP StorageWorks X3000 G2 Network Storage


Research shows file growth requirements are exceeding database and e-mail storage. Efficient storage, once a relatively low priority, has become a critical factor in every well-run IT environment. As industries consolidate and IT resources diminish, companies need easy ways to manage and leverage their data, especially when it involves a number of different applications and operating systems. Managing data storage across

heterogeneous environments and across various applications requires extensive file-sharing capabilities with no loss of reliability or integrity. Network-attached storage (NAS) solutions from Hewlett-Packard make this objective possible, with reliability, security, manageability and low total cost of ownership that you can count on.

HP StorageWorks X3000 Network Storage Systems (HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways) are enhanced Windows-powered gateway and shared storage solutions for your medium business, workgroup, or datacenter environment. They are built on industry-standard HP ProLiant servers and come with the Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system—including cluster services, pre-installed. They connect via Ethernet and add file, print, iSCSI, and management services to an array or SAN, or they can be used in conjunction with array storage to build an affordable and highly-available unified storage solution. Since HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways are Windows-based, integration into your Windows environment is easy, your antivirus and backup applications run right on the box, and management has a familiar look and feel. HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways are part of a complete portfolio of NAS products ranging from small office solutions up to full enterprise solutions.

Configuration Assistance, Storage Network Visio’s & Ordering

For X3000 Network Storage System, NAS configuration assistance, and discount pricing, contact Storage Networks, a leading HP Authorized Business Partner. Certified Integration Engineers assist small and large organizations in product selection, customization,

integration, and support.

Visit storagenetworks.com or contact Storage Networks directly to obtain detailed Visio network diagrams depicting how the HP NAS System products can be integrated into your infrastructure.

Dial 855-NET-STOR, then Press 1


HP StorageWorks X3400 G2 Network Storage Gateway

The HP X3400 G2 Network Storage Gateway is a 1U rack-mount solution that makes adding gateway services to an array or SAN more affordable than ever before.

HP StorageWorks X3400 G2 Network Storage Gateway

− 1U rack mount

− Intel Xeon E5503 2.00 GHz • 1 standard

− 4 GB Memory

− 2 internal drives for O/S mirror − 2 x Gigabit Ethernet

− One open PCIe slot for FC or SAS HBA

− A perfect companion for an HP MSA, EVA array, or P4000 Storage System

Adding gateway services

to an array or SAN is

now more affordable

than ever before.

HP StorageWorks X3800 G2 Network Storage Gateway

The HP X3800 G2 Network Storage Gateway sets the standard for performance and expandability in gateway services for your array or Fibre Channel SAN. It is available with up to two Intel Xeon processors with six cores and six PCIe slots.

HP StorageWorks X3800 Network Storage Gateway

− 2U rack mount

− Intel Xeon X5650 2.66 GHz • 1 standard

− 8 GB Memory

− 2 internal drives for O/S mirror − 4 x Gigabit Ethernet

− Six open PCIe slots for FC or SAS HBA(s), extra NIC(s), or backup HBA(s)

− For datacenter environments with HP EVA and XP arrays

Sets the standard for

performance and

expandability in gateway

services for your array or

Fibre Channel SAN

HP X3000 G2 High Availability Shared Storage Solutions

HP StorageWorks X3400 G2 and X3800 G2 Network Storage Gateways can be used in conjunction with array storage to build affordable and highly-available (HA) direct-attach unified (file/block) storage solutions. X3000 G2 HA models use Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise x64 Edition.


HP StorageWorks X3410 G2, X3420 G2, and X3820 G2 Network Storage Systems

• Highly-available unified systems combining X3000 Gateway nodes with MSA arrays • X3410 1-node Network Storage System

− HA ‘starter kit’ with one X3400 Gateway node, a single-controller MSA2312sa array, SAS HBA, and cables

• X3420 2-node Network Storage System

− HA solution with two X3400 Gateway nodes, a dual-controller MSA2312sa array, SAS HBAs, and cables

• X3820 2-node Network Storage System

− High-performance expandable HA solution with two X3800 Gateway nodes, a dual-controller MSA2312fc array, 8 Gb FC HBAs, and cables

Single unified solutions

offering highly-available file

and block services to SMB

environments who thought HA

was out of their price range.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise

x64 Edition

The HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems uses Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise x64 Edition (except HA models) that is enhanced with a smart set of NAS-specific components. Key among those advances is a set of performance

enhancements to both Server Message Block (SMB, formerly CIFS) and Network File System (NFS) along with the addition of the Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise x64 Edition operating system is the latest release in this operating system series and provides improved productivity, more robust storage management, and simpler branch-office integration.

The Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise x64 Edition offers you the following:

 64-bit processing (compatible with 32-bit applications)

 Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) license included

 Optimized for File Serving: Better file serving performance out of the box than a general-purpose Windows Server 2008 installation on the same hardware

 HP-enhanced File Server Management Console features the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

 HP Initial Configuration Task Wizard simplifies and accelerates new device deployment by walking you through basic system settings step-by-step.

 Single-instance Storage (SIS): Recovers up to 35% of disk space by de-duplicating files and reducing the amount of redundant data stored. Identifies identical files, stores a single copy of the file in a central repository, and replaces the files with pointers to the file in the SIS common store.

 Search Enhancements with Indexing Service that extracts the information from a set of documents and organizes it in a way that makes it quick and easy to access that


information through the Search function for computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

 File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) provides both on-demand and scheduled reports detailing storage use that allows your administrators to create and manage folder and volume quotas, and permits both name-based screening of files and allowing/disallowing file creation on specified folder trees.

 File classification infrastructure allows you to manage your data more effectively, reduce costs and mitigate risks by providing a built-in solution for file classification allowing administrators to automate manual processes with predefined policies based on the data's business value. Also provided is an extensible infrastructure upon which independent software vendors can build end-to-end solutions that enable organizations to perform advanced classification and data management.

 Storage Manager for SANs (SMfS): Natively provides basic SAN management (such as device discovery, LUN creation, and storage allocation) for SAN gateway

installations. Moreover, SMfS enables shared storage solutions and clustering.

 Unified Share and Storage Management Snap-in: With a consistent and familiar interface, simplifies management of shares and volumes by unifying SMB and NFS share provisioning, integrating share and storage provisioning, and providing an overview of storage and shares.

 Distributed File System (DFS) Management Console with updated DFS namespace failover, failback, and prioritization controls

 Distributed File System Replication (DFS-R) with state-based, multi-master replication engine that supports replication scheduling and bandwidth throttling. DFS-R uses a new compression algorithm that efficiently updates files over limited bandwidth networks by replicating only the changes needed to ensure global file consistency.

 Hosted Branch Cache using a client/server architecture, Windows 7 client computers cache content on the local network to an X3800sb G2 Network Storage System running Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, known as the Hosted Cache. Other clients who need the same content retrieve it directly from the Hosted Cache.

 Full support of Volume Shadow Copy Service, which creates point-in-time copies of files and folders at predetermined time intervals that can then be accessed from client computers.

 Unlimited Client Access Licenses (CALs) are included.

 Microsoft Services for Network File System (NFS)

 Support for multiple file-serving protocols, including SMB/CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV

 Print Management Console to manage multiple printers (license for support of five networked printers) from a single console, whether locally or over the WAN

 Support for any number of SATA or SAS drives and multiple network ports

 Support for Microsoft iSCSI Software Target


Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

Microsoft iSCSI Software Target is powerful and easy-to-use software that adds iSCSI target functionality to HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems. The combination creates an iSCSI Storage Server solution that is capable of hosting your file, print, and application storage (block) services on a single platform. Unlike environments with separate file, print, e-mail, and database servers, or environments using proprietary technologies, this

approach delivers single-platform manageability, easy scalability, and centralized backup. It provides investment protection for you by offering low-cost storage consolidation using industry-standard hardware and software on an existing Ethernet infrastructure.

The iSCSI Storage Server solution is ideal for small and medium-sized environments that want to take advantage of the simplification of storage consolidation and are application-focused on Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Servers. It is easy to use and

affordable, yet delivers powerful functionality usually reserved for higher-priced and more complex storage architectures.

This easy-to-use, integrated storage management tool works from an application point-of-view and can help you orchestrate the many aspects of your storage environment—even if you lack storage expertise. It's like having your own storage expert in the box.

Microsoft iSCSI Software Target offers the following:

 File Share creation wizard for SMB or NFS shares with storage allocation, directory quota management, and scheduled snapshots

 Quota monitoring and alerting per share or application

 Remote management via Microsoft Internet Explorer or Terminal Services RemoteApp

 Support for setup and management of both internal storage as well as supported direct attached HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array (HP MSA) storage enclosures

 Supports management of tiered storage environments where both SAS and SATA hard drives are attached to HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways either internally or in externally-attached HP MSA enclosures.

 Disaster recovery tools work in concert with backup applications to preserve storage subsystem settings in case they need restored after a system rebuild.

 Provides end-to-end management and provisioning of iSCSI storage for non-clustered 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 hosts (including derivatives like Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business Server 2008) from the iSCSI Target all the way through to the host.

 Provides management and provisioning of iSCSI storage for standards-compliant non-Windows iSCSI initiators such as VMWare, Linux, etc.

 Application data hosting and migration wizard using HP and Microsoft 'Best Practice' storage provisioning for Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 Storage Groups and Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008* databases (*SQL Server 2008 support requires

installation of "SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility" option; file stream functionality not supported).

 Application-level capacity provisioning and online growth for shares, SQL Server and Exchange. SQL Server support includes data file and log directory provisioning and Exchange support includes Mailstore, Publicstore and log directory provisioning.

 Application data hosting and iSCSI Setup wizard for other 'User Defined' Application (Oracle, mySQL, VMware ESX, etc…)


 Data protection policy assignment (snapshots, backup, and HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring replication) integrated into application migration and share creation wizards for data hosted on the system (Requires HP Data Protector Express Software and/or HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring Software).

 Data Protector Express Virtual Library Disk-to-Disk (D2D) device provisioning and space management as well as support for Data Protector Express D2D2Any add-on option (Requires HP Data Protector Express Software).

 Integration with HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring Software to accommodate asynchronous replication of file and block data to another system (Requires HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring Software).

HP Storage Mirroring (Optional)

HP Storage Mirroring (HP SM), an optional software product, is an ideal entry host-based software product for IP networks. HP SM does not require high-bandwidth Fibre Channel networks, high-capacity replication and zero–down-time service levels. Storage Mirroring provides near-real-time full application or file recovery up to the last byte replication. HP SM is an excellent choice for low-bandwidth, low-storage volume changes and meets business-recovery goals, sometimes, in as few as tens of minutes. The immediate return on investment is realized in the reduced management cost associated with branch or small offices’ networks.

HP Storage Mirroring Highlights

 Offers three levels of simple recovery—engineered to offer you recovery of applications, servers, and storage with the same easy-to-use GUI interface.

 Performs real time asynchronous replication—captures data changes as they occur to help accurately maintain the sequence of data as it arrives at the target server.

 Protects Exchange, SQL and SharePoint applicationsfor customers with limited Exchange, SQL or SharePoint knowledge or limited time, Storage Mirroring has an Application Manager that provides an automated, four button wizard to configure and test Exchange, SQL and SharePoint failover. Enables accurate disaster recovery for each application.

 Provides an alternative way to centralize backup—eliminate the "backup window" by replicating data from several production servers to a single centralized server. This centralization enables tape backup to occur from the replication server instead of pulling data sets across the LAN or WAN.

 Supports many servers, OSs and storage platforms—designed to be flexible, easy to learn, and support many different customer platforms. you can intuitively learn how to use the software and be able to apply that knowledge to support any DAS, NAS and SAN storage and many operating system platforms.

 Transports byte-level changes across the network—compares data and transports only the data that has changed. Sending "bytes" across a network reduces the impact on the network and eliminates the need for dedicated bandwidth.

 Optimizes the LAN/WAN with data compression—engineered to reduce network consumption, Storage Mirroring provides you various options to throttle bandwidth and compress data minimizing the impact on their existing LAN/WAN bandwidth.


 Support for VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server—replicate and recover in the guest operating systems or replicate and recover the entire guest OS—the operating system, the applications, and the data.

 Configure different server recovery scenarios—flexible setup of different failover scenarios based on resources and importance—one server failover, one-to-many server failover, one-to-many-to-one server failover and physical to virtual, virtual to physical or any combination of physical and virtual.

HP Data Protector (Optional)

The HP Data Protector software offers enterprise data protection and disaster recovery, enabling recovery from any disruption. The HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways supports using Data Protector as the backup software solution.

Data Protector integrates a variety of techniques to eliminate backup and recovery windows. The capabilities to eliminate planned downtime range from online backup and backup of open files to zero-downtime, zero-impact backup. The software provides industry-leading instant recovery as well as several disaster-recovery alternatives to eliminate unplanned downtime, allowing recovery of entire data centers in minutes. Data Protector is enabling organizations to reduce costs by automating routine tasks to maximize the effectiveness of the data-protection staff. For the price of an entry-level product, it provides the enterprise functionality customers need. Data Protector scales from single server to a distributed enterprise, covering an extensive range of heterogeneous applications, operating environments and storage configurations with a single solution.

HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software


HP StorageWorks Command View EVA software provides a comprehensive software suite designed to simplify, enhance, and maximize the high performance EVA family of storage array products. And it provides a powerfully simple storage management experience when compared to managing traditional array storage management products. HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways are excellent companion platforms for EVA arrays; not only can they host Command View EVA, but they also add file and iSCSI services to the array/SAN environment.

HP StorageWorks File Migration Agent (Optional)

HP StorageWorks File Migration Agent is an automated solution designed to help simplify Windows-based file, web, and application server administration in small business to enterprise environments. This is accomplished through policy-based file migration and archive to popular storage targets, including HP Integrated Archive Platform, HP StorageWorks File System Extender, and NAS, via Server Message Block.

HP Systems Insight Manager Software (Optional)

HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) is the first unified server and storage management platform. Now, from a single management console, administrators can manage their complete HP server and storage environment with a feature rich, extensible and secure management tool set.


Service and Support, HP Care Pack and Warranty


Storage Service Packages

HP offers a portfolio of services ranging from Storage Design and Architecture that provides a complete multi-site design and implementation, to various levels of ongoing maintenance support. Additionally, the basic warranty service can be enhanced or HP Installation Services can be purchased, or both. Specifically, Care Pack services include the following:

 Proactive 24 (P24)

 Support Plus 24 for Storage

 Support Plus for Storage

 4-Hour, 24 x 7 Onsite, HW Support

 4-Hour, 13 x 5 Onsite, HW Support

 Next Business Day Onsite, HW Support

 Installation for Storage (per event)

 Installation and Startup for Storage (per event)

Product Services

 Installation services

 Onsite maintenance (includes warranty support)

 Response-time upgrades during the warranty period

 Post-warranty coverage

 Performance consulting via statement of work

 Migration service consulting via statement of work

Installation and Startup Services

The Installation and Startup Service package provides installation and configuration of HP StorageWorks products. Major categories of work could include the following:

 Pre-installation consulting and planning

 Hardware installation, configuration and verification

 Service tools installed, configured and verified

 Customer orientation


HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways have a standard 3-3-3 warranty (3-years parts exchange, 3-years labor, and 3-years onsite, next business day response) plus 1-year software support.

Why HP?

Businesses everywhere are making NAS solutions key components of their long-term storage plans. The HP commitment to NAS products and solutions remains a fundamental part of its Adaptive Storage Enterprise strategy; NAS is critical to the HP goal of providing its customers powerful, scalable storage and the ability to manage unpredictable storage demands.

The HP overall storage roadmap calls for continued creation of superior NAS products. These products do not stand alone; they are backed by the first-class HP brand of

consulting services and support. Equipped with an HP solution, the resources of one of the world’s pre-eminent technology companies are with you every step of the way.


Configuration Assistance, Storage Network Visio’s & Ordering

For X3000 Network Storage System, NAS configuration assistance, and discount pricing, contact Storage Networks, a leading HP Authorized Business Partner. Certified Integration Engineers assist small and large organizations in product selection, customization,

integration, and support.

Visit storagenetworks.com or contact Storage Networks directly to obtain detailed Visio network diagrams depicting how the HP NAS System products can be integrated into your infrastructure.

Dial 855-NET-STOR, then Press 1