LENOVO ENTERPRISE PORTFOLIO SELLER S PRESENTATION. Enterprise Systems Group, Lenovo North America February, 2015







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(1)LENOVO ENTERPRISE PORTFOLIO SELLER’S PRESENTATION Enterprise Systems Group, Lenovo North America February, 2015.

(2) A global technology leader approaching $43B in sales with 60,000 people & customers in 160+ countries.. 2. 2015 LENOVO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED..

(3) 3. 2014 LENOVO. { Smartphones: #3 WW }. { X86 Server: #3 WW }.

(4) Leadership With A Broad, Innovation Driven Portfolio. 4.

(5) Lenovo is…Channel First SMB. 100%. FEDERAL. 100% 88% $700M. CANADA ENTERPRISE. 61%. PUBLIC GLOBAL 5. 87%. 44%.

(6) System x Sales Acceleration: Outgrow The Market by 20%. =. + Partners • Open Distribution Model = Choice •. Leverage Partner Capabilities. •. Partner Activation. Portfolio •. Attack 2P Rack. •. •. •. Simplify & Expand TopSeller/Express. LEAP Incentives = Cash (Debit Card). Over 700 Sellers Committed to Sys x. •. •. “1” Team &“1” Channel. •. Aggressive Pricing. 20% NCB on ThinkServer Racks. •. Organized for Growth. •95-97% HP or Dell •. 6. People. Programs. Channel Led Storage Resale (v3700). •. Program Consolidation & Optimization. •. Scale Investments.

(7) Sales Organization Dedicated to Large Enterprise. Account Executive Enterprise Sales Specialist. Technical Sales. How to Engage Lenovo Find A Rep Tool (US Only):. http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/findarep/Enterprise/ Aligned Inside Sales 7.


(9) Lenovo Has a Clear Strategy For the Future. A Complete end to end I.T. Portfolio. *. 9.

(10) Winning Together Partner Led: We Prefer Not To Sell Direct Field Engagement & Teaming Simplify the Selling Process Expanded Opportunity = More Earnings! –Servers, Networking, Storage, Services, Mobility, PC & Workstations. 10.

(11) World Class Enterprise Portfolio Chris Bockhop Product Manager, Flex System Enterprise Systems Group, Lenovo North America.

(12) Social Media and Connectivity Growth Are Driving Change. Analytics Explosive Data Growth 12. Customer Connections.

(13) Lenovo is the fastest growing server manufacturer Server Revenue. +150% Server Units. +201%. Channel Tower Server Unit Share. #1 at 32% (passed HP). Rack Units. +176% ( All YoY). 13. Channel Total Server Unit share. #2 at 15%. MAJOR WINS.

(14) Acquired Complete x86 Server Business Acquiring a Complete x86 Server Business. -. -. ALL IBM x86 LINES. SKILLED RESOURCES. 41 FACILITIES.     .   .  . 14. System x Flex System BladeCenter NeXtScale System Networking. Sales force Product Development Continuity of Service & Support. 34 R&D Labs & Offices 7 Manufacturing Plants. STRATEGIC OEM RELATIONSHIP  . Storwize and Tape Storage Cloud and cluster SW.

(15) World Class Enterprise Systems Portfolio* 1P & 2P Rack & Tower Systems – 56%. High-End Enterprise Rack Systems – 13%. Broad rack & tower portfolio to meet wide range of needs from infrastructure to technical computing. Mission Critical 4P & 8P enterprise-class performance, resiliency, security. System x. Converged/Blade Systems – 21% Integration in systems & software for maximum client optimization & value. Dense Systems – 10% Optimize space-constrained data centers with extreme performance & energy efficiency. BladeCenter 15. Cloud. Analytics. *Source: Segment breakdown based on IDC x86 Server Market report. Technical Computing.

(16) Comprehensive portfolio covering all segments. 16.

(17) The Most Powerful Server Portfolio on the Planet World-class quality built-in for enterprise data centers. Trusted Platform Assurance - Innovation in secure firmware development processes for chain of trust between firmware and hardware - Enterprise grade encryption and key management for data security. 1. 131%. - Performance Boost over previous generation for java workloads - Innovative thermal management & power features - Proactive, diagnostic tools for reduced downtime & labor costs. #1 rating by clients - Of all x86 servers, worldwide, per ITIC 2014-2015 survey - Built-in redundancy to maximize uptime 1Up. to 131% performance boost with Intel internal measurements as of June 2014 for SPECjbb*2013 Multi-JVM max jOPS Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 (18C, 2.3GHz, 145W) vs Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 (12C, 2.7GHz, 130W). 17.

(18) Attack with the Best High-End Rack Systems Mission critical workloads. Fastest performance. Where to sell …. System x x3850 X6 ®. BigData Analytics. Business Intelligence. Datacenter. Where we win …. System x x3950 X6 ®. 100. % faster performance for accelerated decision making. 50. % more flash storage capacity. Sell when customer needs …  To deploy mission-critical applications with superior RAS features for high availability  To implement large virtual machines or run large in-memory databases 18.

(19) Attack with the Best Blade 2.0 System Manage server, storage and network together System x Flex Chassis ®. Where to sell …. Datacenter. Cloud Computing. HPC Centers. Where we win …. 3 2P/4P/8P Compute. Storage & IO expansion. Open Network Ethernet, FC, Converged. Open storage IBM Storwize & EMC VSPEX Certified. 19. X memory capacity of competitive blades. 71. % more Virtual Machines than previous generation. Sell when customer needs …  Consolidated system management to manage Servers, Network, and Storage under one IT team  Customer requires the industry’s only 8P Intel Xeon technology in a blade form factor.

(20) Attack With The Best Dense Systems Maximizing performance and massive scalability System x nx360 M5 ®. Where to sell …. HPC Centers. Cloud Computing. Where we win …. System x n1200 chassis ®. 2. X more memory. 50. % more CPU cores. Sell when customer needs …  Maximum performance per rack unit  To operate with constrained power, cooling and data center space resources 20.

(21) Attack with Confidence - System x rack & tower systems ®. Enterprise DataCenter proven reliability Where to sell …. System x M5. Datacenter. Cloud Computing. HPC Centers. Where we win … x3650 M5 with Flexible Storage. 130 x3550 M5 with Flexible Storage. % boost in performance over previous generation. 86. Best in class 2U2P storage capacity. Sell when …  System x is incumbent and customer wants to add more System x servers  Customer wants the security of Trusted Platform Assurance. 21. TB.

(22) Attack with Innovation – ThinkServer rack & tower systems Innovative new features combined with outstanding value ThinkServer Gen 5. Where to sell …. Distributed Enterprise. Cloud Computing. Hadoo p Clusters. Where we win …. 120. % Drive bays in 1U compared to competition. 45. o Continuous operation meeting Ashrae A4. Sell when …  ThinkServer is incumbent and customer wants to add more servers  Customer wants a balance of performance and price 22.

(23) Attack every opportunity with a comprehensive portfolio Mainstream. Performance 2P (1U & 2U) enterprise-class rack servers. Entry. 2P (1U & 2U) rack optimized for best price/performance. 1P 1U rack for department & SMB. Rack. RD450 X3650 M5. RD650 X3250 M5. RD350 X3550 M5. RS140. RD550. Mainstream. Performance. 1P & 2P Towers for SMB and distributed enterprise. Tower. 2P (4U & 5U) enterprise-class Tower. Entry. X3500 M5 23. TD350. TD340. TS440. X3100 M5. TS140.

(24) Attack the competition. × Can’t run @ 3 DPC@ 1866MHz × No support for PCIe SSDs × Only has 10x 2.5” on 1U × Lacks LCD Light Path panel × Less PCIe Slots × Doesn’t support Titanium PSU × Less efficient cooling design × Inability to support up to 4 RAID ×. 2424. Adapters Limited support at high-temp operation. × Only has 10x 2.5” on 1U × No 3.5” HDD available on 1U × Less PCIe Slots & USB Ports × No Ethernet standard on planar × Less efficient cooling design × 1.8” SSD old technology × Inability to support up to 4 RAID. × Substandard amount of storage capacity × No support for PCIe SSDs × Lacks LCD Light Path panel × Less PCIe Slots × Doesn’t support Titanium PSU × Less efficient cooling design × Inability to support up to 4 RAID. ×. ×. Adapters Do not support 45C continuous operation. Adapters Do not support 45C continuous operation.

(25) Beyond the Server: Expanded Portfolio. Enterprise Systems Group, Lenovo North America.

(26) Comprehensive Storage Portfolio Announcing Feb 2015. ThinkServer SA120. Direct Attach. LenovoStorage N4610 LenovoStorage N3310. Storwize V3700 Storwize V5000 Storwize V7000. NAS. SAN. RED: Lenovo Designed and Manufactured BLUE: Lenovo PN, fulfilled by OEM or Re-sale agreement with IBM 26. TS2250/2260 Tape Drive TS2900 Tape Autoloader TS3100/TS3200 Tape Library. Archive.

(27) IBM Storwize - Reliable Storage available from Lenovo. V3700 Enterprise SAN and Direct-SAS attached External Storage.  Attach to both System x and ThinkServer  V3700 Storwize software provides easy-to-use interface, Thin Provisioning, FlashCopy® and Data Migration  Optimize expenditures and performance with rapid, flexible storage pool provisioning and auto load balancing  Easy Tier® upgrade automatically moves “hot” data to SSD and “cold” data to nearline storage, resulting in significant cost and performance improvements. Support up to 240 x 2.5” or 120 x 3.5” drives Mix drive types and intermix SSD, SAS and NL SAS HDDs to create optimum performance / cost balance. 3. x Performance with as little as 5% capacity on flash. 47. % Less time managing Storwize system1. 1 Source: Edison Group, Competitive Management Cost Study: IBM Storwize V7000 vs. EMC VNX5500 Storage Systems. 27.

(28) Highly profitable direct-attached storage. SA120 Direct-SAS attached External Storage.  Now supported on both System x and ThinkServer  4 rear-load SSDs for storage tiering or to accelerate the RAID controller (with CacheCade software, up to 512GB)  Up to 72TB of primary storage (vs. competitor’s 48TB)  Daisy chain up to 8 enclosures on one dual port server SAS adapter (4 per port). Each enclosure supports 12 x 6TB NL SAS HDDs + 4 rear-load hot-swap SSDs Up to 128 drives on one server adapter (64 per port). 28. 1. st DAS system to integrate rear-load hot-swap SSDs. 50. % More primary storage than competitive offerings.

(29) Rack networking: RackSwitch G8000 Portfolio 10G. 1/10G RackSwitch G8052 • • • •. 48 ports 1G, RJ-45 4 ports 10G, SFP+ HS redundant fans & power Layer 2 & 3. • • • •. 10/40G. 24 ports 10G, SFP+ Ultra low latency 570ns Redundant fans & power Layer 2 & 3. 10GBase-T 40G. 48 ports 10G SFP+ 4 ports 40G QSFP+ Low Latency – 880ns HS redundant fans & power Stacking Support. 10/40G Eth, 4/8G FC. RackSwitch G8264-T. RackSwitch G8264 • • • • •. RackSwitch G8124E. • • • •. RackSwitch G8264CS. Low cost RJ45 cables/connections Forty-eight 10GBase-T ports, Four QSFP+ 40GbE ports HS redundant fans & power. RackSwitch G8316. 29. 16 ports 40G QSFP+ Up to 64 SFP+ connections Low Latency - ~1ms HS redundant fans & power. • • •. Ideal for FCoE 12 Omni Ports – 10GbE or 4/8Gb Fibre Channel 36 ports 10G SFP+ 4 ports 40G QSFP+ HS redundant fans & power. 40Gb. 40Gb. • • • •. • •. RackSwitch G8332 • • • •. 32 ports 40G QSFP+ Low Latency - ~1ms HS redundant fans & power SDN – VXLAN Gateway.

(30) Complete the server sale with Rack and Power Options Rack System Enclosure Optimized equipment mounting in a secure packaged solution.. Console Sleek design and innovative features, such as the built-in DVD Drive and USB, allow administrators to do more right from the console tray.. Global Console Manager (GCM) Local Console Manager ( LCM) Highly-scalable KVM switches allow administrators complete control of systems at the rack or across the globe.. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Efficiently distributes power and flexible design allows for easy mounting.. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Deliver superior power protection and battery backup for continuous operation.. Extended Battery Module (EBM) Prolongs UPS battery run time.. 30.

(31) Partnerships w/ leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) Cloud Virtualization Virtual Desktop. Big Data. Business Processing. Business Continuity. Virtualized Storage. 31.

(32) Equipping, Enabling and Supporting Partners Channel resources that can help reduce time to sell and deploy enterprise solutions and technologies Technical Sales. Online Configurator. Solution Architects. Reference Architectures. Online Resources. Extensive Training. Industry Experience Architecture Installation Integration Training. Lenovo has offerings – and expertise – to help business partners. 32.

(33) Reason to call – Windows Server 2003 End Of Service Drive consideration for ThinkServer and System x. Windows Server 2003 End Of Service. 33.     . Campaign: Tick Tock, the Clock is ticking Assets: Brochure, flyers, DM, emails, banners, promotional items Target: All disty/DRC/Tier II, plus new target partners Tactics: F2F, digital, events, co-marketing Timing: Now … go to the Lenovo Partner Network website www.lenovopartnernetwork.com/resources/ms-server-eos www.lenovopartnernetwork.com/ca/resources/ms-server-eos.

(34) Walk away remembering this page Lenovo will be #1 in x86 servers. We have the best engineered servers in the world, designed in the United States & manufactured directly by Lenovo in the U.S. and Mexico. We work with other hardware & software vendors to build solutions for you to offer to your clients, while leaving room for our partners to add value. We focus not just on SMB, but Enterprise workloads, CSP/MSP, and OEM: IT runs on Lenovo Server.. 34.

(35) For More Information … www.lenovopartnernetwork.com Please visit us at the Lenovo Partner Network www.lenovopartnernetwork.com www.lenovopartnernetwork.com/ca. Extensive Sales Tools, Reference Architectures, Marketing Collateral and Competitive Information. 35.







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