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Delivering the Transdev Customer Experience



Delivering the Transdev Customer Experience


Transdev Australasia’s Customer Experience Strategy sets out our aims and ambitions, as well as the operational framework for delivering excellent customer service throughout our business.

Defining customer service at Transdev Australasia

At Transdev Australasia, customer service means anticipating, responding to and exceeding our customers’ changing needs and expectations. Every trip, every customer interaction, every customer service program and every training session must be based on the notion that our business revolves around the customer.

This encompasses getting to know our customer both at the network level and as individuals. This is why we are committed to thorough research and to learning from the results of both our own research and that of others, within and outside our industry.

With the help of our parent company Transdev (SA) and all our international experience, we bring the latest innovations to all areas of transport – from customer service to safety and sustainability – as part of an overarching long- term vision and commitment to our customers’ experience.

We concentrate our responses where they will make the most difference, i.e. to meet needs as determined by research and feedback. This might be in the area of staff interactions, or the actual experience of using our services, or the communications between us and our customers.

In achieving success in this area, we are confident we will continually and consistently have the highest customer satisfaction scores, the lowest number of complaints, we will win customer service awards and we will be able to attain customer service accreditation.


Why a Customer Experience Strategy?

Transdev Australasia has developed a customer experience strategy for a number of reasons including:

• It’s our vision to be the best – Our vision is to be Australasia’s acknowledged passenger transport leader. We need to strive to be the best in everything we do, including the customer experience.

• Customer service is embedded in our Values – Each of our Values has a customer service element reflected in the supporting behaviours. These are:

▪ Safety - Keep the safety of passengers, workmates and myself front of mind

▪ Commitment - Understand and anticipate customers’ needs

▪ Partnership - Actively listen to customers, clients, colleagues and stakeholders

▪ Passion - Always find a way to make a positive difference in our customers’ day

▪ Performance - Always provide safe, reliable and friendly services for our customers

• Customers expect more – Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and have evolving expectations regarding public transport.

• Defending existing and winning new markets – Our clients are increasingly placing greater emphasis on customer service and expecting higher levels of engagement from operators.

• Greater demand for public transport– With more people using public transport, we will need to make a greater effort to ensure that their journeys are not something to be ‘endured’ but can become a useful and positive part of their day.



Delivering the Transdev Customer Experience

There are key customer service messages relating to each element of the Promise. In terms of ‘uncompromising safety’, customers can be reassured that we will keep them safe on their journey. The ‘best in class operational performance’

heading covers reliable and punctual services. ‘Superior experience’ includes a commitment that we will strive for

continuous improvement to the customer experience. ‘High

performance culture’ means customers can expect our staff to be well trained, pleasant, helpful and engaged. Under the

heading of ‘quality asset management’ customers can expect

our vehicles/vessels to be clean and well maintained. Finally,

‘value for money’ means that customers can be assured that our services offer excellent value for money.

We have identified the following areas of importance to achieving a high level of customer service:

• Punctuality

• Reliability

• Safety

• Security

• Polite and helpful frontline staff

• Customer information

• Clean environment – internal

• Condition of vehicle/vessel – external

• Station/stop condition

• Rapid and simple feedback channels

• Value for money

• Accessibility

Scope of Strategy

Transdev Australasia’s Customer Experience Strategy acknowledges that there is value that can be added through

organisation-wide customer-centric thinking. The strategy brings together existing customer service programs and initiatives that have already been implemented, coupled with new ways to consider and reposition our traditionally asset management focused programs, in line with customer-centric thinking. This strategy does not cover revenue protection and marketing.

Transdev Australasia’s customer experience framework

Our customer experience framework is our Promise (Figure 1 below) which is a guarantee of what stakeholders including customers can expect when they partner, travel or work with us.


Aims and Objectives

Our aims are to:

• Be Australasia’s acknowledged leader in customer service within the public transport industry

• Embed a customer-centric culture across our networks and operations

Our objectives are to:

• Achieve a minimum customer satisfaction rate of 90% across our business

• Reduce customer complaints by 8% across our business

We have a clear set of measures and targets and will report our customer service performance against these targets. Most of these are already reflected in our existing KPIs and include:

• To ensure that 100% of our drivers are trained in customer safety

• To ensure that our fleet is fully accessible (where in our ownership)

• To ensure we measure customer satisfaction in all our networks and operations

• To use best practice fleet management processes such as Eco-Drive and Cleanskin

• To achieve a minimum customer satisfaction rate of 90% • To ensure all businesses have a robust incident/disruption

customer communications plan

• To ensure 100% of induction training includes a customer service module



Delivering the Transdev Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience Strategy in Action

This strategy will be rolled out over three years (2013 - 2015) with some of the activities listed below already underway in a number of our businesses. Note: not all actions/initiatives are relevant to all businesses.


Customers can be reassured that we will keep them safe on their journey.

• Run an annual Australasian Safety Campaign • Ensure each business has a Safety Charter signed

by senior management

• Promote our school safety program, Creating Safe Travellers for Life

OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE Our services will be reliable and punctual.

• Ensure all of our businesses comply with accessibility and DDA legislation

• Implement Transdev’s proprietary service design methodology to improve reliability and punctuality • Continually improve reliability and punctuality by

implementing best practice from across the globe


We will strive for continuous improvement to the customer experience.

• Accredit businesses to CSIA standards

• Undertake customer experience mapping within each business

• Ensure all businesses undertake regular Customer Satisfaction surveys (including Mystery Traveller program)

• Implement Meet our Managers program across our businesses

• Ensure all businesses have incident/disruption management systems and processes in place • Work with clients to implement real-time

information systems

• Ensure all businesses have special event systems and processes in place

• Implement an improved customer feedback database in all businesses (where appropriate) • Develop and launch smart phone applications in

our businesses (where relevant)


Our staff are well trained, pleasant, helpful and engaged. • Ensure all HR systems and processes incorporate a

customer service focus

• Implement Going for Care customer service training as well as other customer service training

• Provide all staff with access to an Employee Assistance Program

• Implement Golden Star Awards that includes a customer service category and other role specific annual Awards

• Undertake annual CEO staff engagement program • Ensure employee engagement survey includes

customer service orientated questions • Undertake regular stakeholder engagement


• Ensure all businesses have a customer charter


The vehicles/vessels will be clean and well maintained. • Reduce incidents of vandalism in and on vehicles

and vessels

• Implement driver training for fuel efficient techniques

• Ensure all businesses have appropriate cleaning schedules

• Ensure all businesses have appropriate vehicle replacement programs in place and procurement capabilities


As a result of the above, our services offer excellent value for money.

• Implement customer loyalty schemes, where relevant

• Work with clients and other external partners to introduce integrated ticketing for special events



Two main governance groups will be established to provide oversight for the Customer Experience Strategy and implementation:

1. Customer Experience Steering Group

2. Customer Experience Forum

The Customer Experience Steering Group has primary responsibility for approving the strategy, ensuring major initiatives are implemented on time and budget, and assessing the performance of the strategy against agreed measures and targets.

The Customer Experience Forum will provide an opportunity to share ideas and best practice on customer service, provide feedback on key initiatives and programs, and will recommend where programs should be piloted.


For further information or to share your customer experience ideas, please feel free to contact:

Stephanie Morison

Transdev Australasia Customer Experience Manager M: +61 455 838 621, E:

Monitor, Evaluate and Review

An important element of this strategy is to monitor, review and evaluate its implementation as part of our continuous improvement process. This will include the following:


• Customer satisfaction surveys (PTAs)

• Mystery traveller reports

• Listen + reports • Complaints handling • Recruitment • Induction • Training Evaluate • Staff retention

• Internal communications survey

• Staff engagement survey

• Client feedback

• Customer feedback


This three year strategy will be reviewed annually in line with the business planning cycle.



Delivering the Transdev Customer Experience

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