Extra financial protection choices for you and your family

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Aetna Voluntary Plans

Extra financial protection choices

for you and your family


Life insurance policies are offered and underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company. AD&D insurance plans are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

Life insurance is important

during every stage of life

You’re single — nothing to

tie you down

Car loans. Student loans. Credit card bills. You should have enough cash available for your family to pay off any outstanding debt.

Married with kids — balancing

family and work

You may need additional insurance. Families with children often have big responsibilities and too little savings. If you die prematurely, life insurance will help give your spouse and children the support they need.

Single parent — flying solo

You’re the one they count on. Life insurance can help pay for their day care and other living expenses if you’re no longer here. Their dreams of college can still come true.

You can also get

emotional support —

at no additional cost

A terminal illness is stressful for everyone. To help you and your loved ones handle the strain, our Aetna Life EssentialsSM program offers:

Counseling services. We’re here to listen. We give you, your family members and caregivers unlimited grief counseling sessions over the telephone. Three phone counseling sessions are also available to beneficiaries and family members after the insured member has passed away. This service is completely confidential, of course.

Compassionate care website. Feel free to log in anytime. We’ll help you think about, and talk about, end-of-life issues. You’ll find information about end-of-life care, plus facts about living wills and more. We even have checklists to help you organize important papers and contacts.

Personal care advocate. Someone to lean on. As an Aetna Life Insurance member, you’ll have access to a licensed social worker who can provide emotional support and education and help you and your caregivers make important decisions as you near the end of life.

Married, no kids — assets

to protect

Hold on to what you’ve both worked hard to achieve. If you have a double income, high-worth assets or both, life insurance is vital. It will help your spouse maintain his or her standard of living when you’re gone. It can also be a smart financial investment.

Midlife couple — feeling


Protect your spouse from a big financial loss. Life insurance can help you avoid eating up retirement savings to care for older parents or pay for college tuition.

Mature couple — making plans

Your grandchildren need help with college expenses. And wouldn’t it be nice to leave money to your favorite charity? Whatever your goals, life insurance should be an important part of your overall financial plan.

Choose the coverage that meets


How much insurance do

you need?

Make sure your coverage keeps up with the changes in your life — such as marriage, having children, or home purchases. Use this worksheet as a general guide.

It’s also a good idea to study your insurance needs with a trusted financial counselor.

Your Benefits Manager

has all the details

Please review your plan’s Summary of Benefits, if available, or check with your benefits manager to find out about all the features and details of your Aetna Life Insurance coverage. Options and features of life insurance policies vary between employers and states.

Term life insurance


Employee and dependent life insurance may include a two-year suicide exclusion. Dependent life insurance may also exclude children under 14 days old, and dependents who are in full-time active military duty. See your Certificate/ Evidence of Insurance for further information on these and all other plan provisions.

Here’s a calculator worksheet to use as a guide.

1. Annual Income Needed (Each 12-Month Period)

Mortgage/Rent (total monthly payments, real estate taxes, home repairs and improvement, furniture, etc.) $

Utilities/other home expenses $

Food, medicines $

Clothing $

Transportation (car payments, gas, repairs, bus, etc.) $ Child care (day care, sitters, other) $

Other (such as entertainment) $

Total Annual Income Needed $

2. Sources of Annual Income of Surviving Spouse

Annual income of surviving spouse/other family member $ Annual earnings (investments, earnings on savings, etc.) $ Other (Social Security, pension, etc.) $

Total Source of Annual Income $

Subtract Total Sources of Annual Income from Total Annual

Income Needed (Section 1 Total minus Section 2 Total) $

Multiply by Number of Years You Would Like to Provide Support years

3. Total Income Needed by Family $

4. Lump-Sum Expenses Needed

(What you want/need to pay off) $

Mortgage $

Funeral $

Medical $

Estate costs, federal and state taxes $ Debts to be paid off (credit cards, loans, etc.) $ Education (total education costs for all children) $ Other (support of aging family members, etc.) $

Total Lump-Sum Expenses $

Total Coverage Needed

Add Total Income Needed by Family + Lump-Sum Expenses

Needed (Section 3 Total plus Section 4 Total) $ Subtract Current Coverage Held (term life insurance, etc.) $

Total Additional Term Life Insurance You Need to Purchase $

Want to figure out the life insurance

benefit you need?


Accidents can happen. And when they do, they may have a major impact on your health and finances. That’s why it’s important to have good insurance protection.

And good protection means the right choices — like you get with Aetna AD&D Plans. We offer the products that help you look after yourself and your family, with an eye on saving money, too. AD&D Ultra, the Accidental Death and Personal Loss Insurance coverage by Aetna, offers your loved ones a payment and other benefits if an unexpected accident causes your death. Plus, you’ll get a financial payment if an accident leaves you with a disabling injury.

Coverage for many

physical losses

Our AD&D Ultra plan covers general accidental death and dismemberment, and other serious results of accidents:

■Loss of eyesight, hearing or speech ■

■Loss of a limb (arm or leg) ■

■Loss of limb use due to paralysis ■

■Disfiguring third-degree burns ■

■Coma ■

■Paralysis ■

■Accidental death, including:

> Death due to exposure to natural or chemical elements, and

> Presumed death due to disappearance

Beneficiary lifestyle and

education benefits*

Feel secure. Your loved ones can get additional coverage with these lifestyle and education benefits:

Child care benefit. Here’s help to pay the cost of state-licensed child care providers for your eligible children for up to four years after the death of a covered parent.

Education benefit. If eligible, your dependent children may get an education benefit for up to four years beyond the death of a covered parent. After high school, the benefit is for eligible education expenses already paid. Age limitations apply. We’ll also help a surviving spouse pay for job training to help cope with lost income.

Passenger restraint and airbag benefit. Families get an additional benefit if a plan member dies in a covered car accident while properly wearing a seatbelt. An extra benefit may be paid if an airbag was also activated.

Repatriation of remains. We’ll help pay for a member’s body to be returned to their hometown if an accidental death takes place more than 200 miles from home.

Aetna Voluntary AD&D Ultra Insurance

* Not all features are available in all states. Please check your plan documents for information about which features are available.


Three reasons to buy

It’s responsible. Whether you are

young and single or leaving a family behind, your death will have a financial impact on those you love.

It’s affordable. Term life insurance is

generally less expensive than other types of life insurance.

It’s convenient. It’s easy to enroll at

work, and premiums are typically paid through payroll deduction.

Do you have loved ones

that count on your income?

What would happen to them

if something happened to

you? Your home, your vehicles,

your children’s education,

the list goes on.

Aetna Voluntary Term Life is life insurance that provides the financial protection your loved ones need for the period of time (term) you remain insured for the coverage.

What is term life


In the event of your death, a benefit is paid to your beneficiaries in the amount of coverage provided by your plan, subject to plan provisions. We pay your beneficiary(ies) the amount of coverage you are eligible for under the policy.

Language assistance: If you need assistance in any language, please call Member Services at 1-888-772-9682. Su necesita asistencia en cualquier idioma, por favor llame a Servicios al Cliente al 1-888-772-9682.

It’s great to know you have

ways to protect your finances

Aetna Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Please see your Summary of Benefits, if available, or contact your benefits manager for details on how to enroll. We have the products that can help protect you and your family — at an affordable price.


AD&D Ultra works

with your other

insurance policies

Health insurance helps pay the bills from doctors and hospitals. Disability insurance helps give you financial protection if you become disabled.

Life insurance helps give your loved ones financial protection if you pass away.

AD&D Ultra helps give you and your family added protection if you pass away or suffer a serious loss as the direct result of an accident.

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This material is for information only and is not an offer or invitation to contract. An application must be completed to obtain coverage. Rates and benefits vary by location. Specific features of life insurance plans vary, depending on employers and states. Plan features and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Plans contain exclusions and limitations. See policy or plan documents for a complete description of benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change. For more information about Aetna plans, refer to www.aetna.com.

Policy form numbers issued in OK: GR-9/GR-9N and/or GR-29/GR-29N.

Aetna AD&D Ultra Insurance

Financial and legal help

to handle life’s demands

The loss of a loved one brings many difficult challenges. There are the feelings to deal with ... but there are difficult financial and legal decisions, too.

That’s where Aetna Life EssentialsSM steps in. Your family will get access to legal and financial resources to help make important decisions. There’s no additional cost to you — and it’s all confidential. Here’s what’s included:

■ Access to financial guidance from

JPMorgan Chase.* Help for your beneficiaries so they know the best ways to invest their money.

■ Access to legal information through

ARAG North America.** Beneficiaries will get forms for living wills, will preparation services and more. The program also offers identity theft protection resources.

Aetna AD&D Ultra


No benefits are payable for a loss caused or contributed to by: a bodily or mental infirmity; a disease, ptomaine or bacterial infection, not a direct result of an accident; medical or surgical treatment, not needed as a direct result of an accident; suicide or attempted suicide; an intentionally self-inflicted injury; war or act of war; voluntary inhalation of poisonous gases; commission of or attempt to commit a criminal act; use of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants, except as prescribed by a physician; contact with nuclear or atomic energy; air or space travel, unless a passenger without duties. Other exclusions and limitations apply and may vary from state to state; please consult your plan documents for details of your policy.