Quick Reference Guide: Adding a Patient

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To access Patient Details you can click the Patient icon on your toolbar or from the main screen select the Patient menu followed by Patient Details.

Accessing Patient Details > Front screen>Patient Menu>Patient Details

> Toolbar>Patient

Once accessed the Patient Details screen will appear, as shown below.

The left side of the Patient Details screen (highlighted in Red) is for the patient’s personal information.

The active field will be highlighted in Yellow. To navigate between fields you can either press the Enter or

Tab keys on your keyboard or use your mouse.

Fields that have a drop-down menu are referred to as Learning Fields. If you type an entry that does

not appear in the list (such as Professor in the screen-shot above) you will be prompted to add this to your list for future access.


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Clicking Yes will add the title ‘Professor’ to your list of salutations within your DGL Practice Manager


If you add incorrect entries to a list you can amend these by using the Look-Up Table Maintenance

option within the Misc menu.

The Address 2 tab allows you to enter a second address for your patient. If the patient would like correspondence, accounts or both sent to their second address you can check either of the options just above the OK button, as shown on the screen-shot below.

If your patient is under the age of 18 (this is a setting within Patient Preferences) you will automatically

be prompted if you want to enter an Alernative Billing Address.


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After completing the first 4 fields you are prompted wheter you want to Use The Same Address. If you

click Yes the address you entered for the patient will automatically populate the address fields above.

An Alternative Billing Address is also commonly used for elderley patients who would like their accounts sent to their son/daughter.

To access the Alternative Billing Address screen manually you can click the Magnifying Glass directly

to the right of the wording Alternative Billing Address (directly below the email field).

The top right section of the patient details screen (highlighted in Red below) allows you to link GP’s, Solicitor’s, Clinician’s and Insurance Companies to your patient. All of these fields work in the same way and are searchable by Surname. To search for a GP type the GP’s surname and press the magnifying glass directly to the right of G.P.

Pressing F2 when the field is highlighted (yellow) will prompt a search. The same as clicking the magnifying glass.


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Select the required GP from your list and click OK. If the GP you are searching for is not in your list you

will need to either click Add New G.P. and enter their details or click the Search NHS GP Database

button (to the left of Add New G.P.). Finding the relevant GP in the NHS database and clicking OK will

take a copy of the GP from the NHS database and insert them into your GP database within DGL Practice Manager.

The Solicitor, Clinician and Insurance fields all work in the same way. You type the name, or part thereof, and press F2 or click the magnifying glass to be presented with your list of available options. Click the entry you would like and click OK. If the solicitor, clinician or insurer you are looking for does not exist you will need to click Add and enter their details. They will then be available options within your licence for all future patients.

Invoice To, shown below, is who you would like the invoices to be addressed to by default. This will only display available options for your patient. If no Solicitor was added for this patient then Solicitor would not be an available option.


Need Help? Call 08450 664999 Visits

The visits tab links with the Clinic and Thearte diaries. If you have booked a patient to come in for a consultation or operation this information will be stored here. All historic appointment information is stored against each patient.

User Defined

User Defined allows you to choose up to 7 fields of your choice. If there is something specific you need to record about your patients you can create the field by going to Patient Preferences and entering the wording of your choice.

Add. Info

The Additional Information tab has multiple drop down options and allows you to record items including referral source, ethnic origin and location of notes.


The N.O.K tab allows you to enter Next Of Kin details for your patient. Comments

Comments are particualy useful and regularly used. Any comments typed in the Urgent Comments

section (see above screen shot) will automatically pop up as a reminder when you select a patient. Payment

The Payment tab allows you to take credit/debit card payments without using a PDQ machine. We currently link with Cardsave and Worldpay. In order to use this function you need to create an account with either of these and let us know your account details so we can configure the software for you. If you would like further information please contact dglsales@helixhealth.co.uk.

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