A Study On Marketing And Usage Of Farming Equipment In Backward States Of Telengana

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A Study On Marketing And Usage Of Farming Equipment In

Backward States Of Telengana

K. Bhaskar

MBA Marketing Osmania University College Of Commerce And Business Management



India is an agriculture based country in which, 70% of people depends on the outcome of farming. But if we observe that with increase in population the farm gets distributed among the family and because of this, farmer in India held averagely only two acre farm. Also economically, farmers are very poor due to which they are unable to purchase tractors and other costly equipments hence they use traditional method of farming. Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor. Basically, many farmers in India also use bullocks, horses and he-buffalo for farming operation. This machine perform four farming operation (digging, sowing, cultivation, spraying) which is used small scale farming .By using above attachments one may perform various farming operations in less time and economically. Agricultural farming products and equipment concerns all tools and machinery used in horticulture and animal husbandry. A wide variety of equipment and products are required based on the industries and operations of a particular farm. The agricultural industry has seen a drastic reduction in labor needs in the past century due to mechanization improvements; further labor reductions are expected as automation and digitalization yield more efficiencies. But there are few backward areas where farmers are still using the hand tools for cultivation.

Keywords: Farmer, Farming, Equipment, cultivation, products.


Agriculture sector is in need of well functioning markets, which can drive growth,

employment and economic prosperity in rural areas of the country. According to the amendment to the state (Agriculture Produce

Market Committee) APMC act for

deregulation of marketing system in the country. The purpose of this paper is to examine the potentiality of Indian rural markets and find out various problems are being faced by rural marketer. There are huge opportunities which companies can achieve for their growth and development. Literacy rate is low in rural area so people are unable to identify brand difference. The Rural market has a greater future prospect available for the marketers and there have many opportunities available for them in rural markets. Agriculture has been transformed by technology to increase output and quality of goods. Today, farmers who are still breaking their backs using traditional agriculture tools are wasting their time. Tractor that was once the epitome of technological genius in the agriculture sector is old news. The strength of modern equipment has transformed the agriculture industry for the better. These are the latest tools available to farmers and their uses.

Hand Tools


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Agricultural Equipment and Their Uses


Old is gold and this is true for the tractor. This excellent piece of machinery can address most of your agriculture needs. With wheels designed to move steadily on the uneven ground these machines work well even on flooded fields. A tractor attached to a plough can help you till the field. Attach it to a cart and you can carry your goods or cattle to the market. Carry heavy duty equipment around the field using your tractor. Move earth around in the field with the help of a tractor. A walking tractor is a powerful single axle machine that can help with small scale horticulture and ornamental work. These machines are generally used for the cultivation of gardens.


A remarkable piece of agricultural equipment, meant to furrow into the earth for the planting of seeds. A ploughs greatest advantage over a tractor is that it is easier to shift the earth using its powerful blades.


A machine meant to break wood, metal, and solid particles in the farmland, segregated by the plough. The solid particles impede the growth of crops in the area.


A tank filled with insecticide, fungicide, or pesticide is sprayed uniformly over crops using these machines. A gas mask must be worn as these chemicals can cause us harm.

Tillage planter

A tillage planter comes in handy for hard agricultural land that cannot be shifted easily using a plough. This piece of equipment is meant to sow seeds in the ground without requiring any prior tillage.


Fertilizer is an essential requirement for the healthy growth of crops. A fertilizer distributor only requires the farmer to add the manure in dump tube and spread it around his field.


This equipment is used to pack hay or cereal crops into bales. The complex mechanism inside the machine sure saves a lot of time for farmers who need to bundle up their forage. With these modern tools farming has become more of a science rather than an art. No farmer can complain about the improved productivity and efficiency that these machine have to offer. Take a look at our inventory at Heavy Duty Direct to find the latest farm equipment available in the market. You can buy or sell old farm equipment here as well.

Marketing Overview of the Farming machinery in India


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offer technologically advanced equipment.

The agricultural machinery market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of nearly 8% during the forecast period.

The market is segmented on the basis of product type namely agriculture tractors, harvesters, soil preparation and cultivation equipment, irrigation & crop processing equipment, agriculture spraying equipment, hay and forage equipment, and other agriculture equipment. The tractors segment is the major revenue contributor in the market, accounting for around 34% of the revenue in 2015, whereas the harvester segment is anticipated to witness substantial growth during the forecast period. Farmers are opting for technically advanced harvesters to increase production and to limit the dependency on farm labors. Soil preparation and cultivation equipment are also expected to witness notable growth, driven by the government initiatives to increase farm production and to make the soil preparation and cultivating process faster and efficient.

Prominent companies in the market have adopted product launch and acquisition as their key growth strategies to sustain the intense market competition. In the year 2015, AGCO Corporations transverse rotary combine brand, Gleaner, launched the Gleaner S9 Series Combines. With this launch, the company aims to provide its consumers with efficient and technology-driven means of harvesting their crops. The key companies profiled include Deere &

Company, Mahindra Group, AGCO

Corporation, Agrostroj Pelhrimov A.s, Concern Tractor Plants, Escorts Limited,

China National Machinery Industry

Corporation, Valmont Industries

Incorporated., Weifang Euroking Machinery, and Same Deutz-Fahr Group (SDF).

Farm equipment manufacturers are

concentrating on integrating technologies like robotic systems, GPS, and Google Earth navigation systems in the existing machinery to improve productivity. Another major driver for the predicted growth in this market is the low rates and government subsidies offered to farmers to adopt agricultural machinery.

The top vendors in the agricultural machinery market in India

The agricultural machinery market is expected to see an increase in market consolidation, as a result of the intense, competitive landscape. Therefore, to stay competitive, the leading players are increasingly striving to provide innovative, cost-effective and high-quality services, to the consumers within this market. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the leading vendors and discusses the corresponding vendor landscape in detail.

The top 5 vendors in the market are: -

 Deere and Company

 Mahindra & Mahindra  Sonalika



Other prominent vendors in the market include AGCO, Beri Udyog, CLAAS, CNH, Daedong, Escorts Group, Foton Lovol, Kubota, KUHN, LEMKEN, McCormick, Pöttinger, and SAME DEUTZ-FAHR.

Failures in usage of farming equipment


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because of its characteristics like illiteracy,

distance, vast markets potential,

communication, rail and road transportation, distribution of products and services, understanding consumer behaviour, socio-cultural factors, languages, lack of instrumental facilities etc. The present paper has been covered to know the rural market challenges in India.

 Understanding the rural consumers: The biggest challenge is to understand the perceptions, viewpoints and actual needs of the rural people, which is dramatically different from urban people.

 Lack of appropriate foundation &other

physical offices: Physical

correspondence to these towns in exceedingly costly. Numerous rustic zones are not associated by rail transport. The foundation offices like solidified streets, distribution center, correspondence framework, and budgetary offices are insufficient in country regions. Henceforth physical conveyance is a test to advertisers who

have discovered imaginative

approaches to showcase their items

 Traditional viewpoint: In rustic territories is still administered by traditions and customs and individuals don't effectively adjust new practices. There is an absence of want of new things and styles.

 The education rate in the country territories is fairly low and shopper's conduct in these ranges is customary, which might be an issue for viable correspondence.Available of duplicate

and cheap brands: Retailers pushing imitation or fake products in place of branded ones for better commission.

 Distribution in rural markets is also handicapped due to lack of adequate banking and credit facilities.

 There is no suitable dealer in rural marketing.

 There is large difference between the villages.

 Demand may be seasonal due to dependency on agricultural income. Harvest season might see an increase in disposable income and hence more purchasing power.

Objectives of the Study

1. To study the usage of farming machinery in

the backward areas of Telengana

2. To study the changes in the awareness

among the farmers regarding usage of


3. To study the marketing procedure of farming machinery in the rural areas of telengana.

Data Analysis

A sample of 100 farmers has been selected in the Alampur, Mahbubnagar district and we have examined the farmers regarding the usage of farming equipment from the past 20 years.

The below table clearly says that the usage of hand tools plays an important role in the today’s agriculture.


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Machine/Year 2010-2015 2005-2010 2000-2005 1995-2000 1990-1995

Tracter 42% 40% 25% 15% 12%

Combine Harvester 2% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Ploughing Engine 7% 7% 2% 0% 0%

Sprayer 2% 1% 0% 13% 8%

Tillage Planter 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Packing Machine 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Water Spraying

Pumps 12% 8% 2% 0% 0%

Hand Tools 35% 44% 68% 72% 80%

The current survey reveals the fact that farmers in the backward region are illiterate and they are not aware of latest improvement in technology. The farmers are not aware of benefits that we get from the farming equipment for cultivate of crops. The farmers in the backward sates are only aware of usage of tractors and few farmers don’t even use the tractors in the fields for cultivation. The farmers are also not aware government polices and schemes which are meant for farmers for cultivating land in low cost.

The companies who are coming up with latest farming equipment in low cost should take an extra mile in educating the farmers in rural and backward areas regarding the benefits and usage of equipment in cultivating the land.

Government should also provide an teaching classes for the farmers regarding the schemes and polices which are meant for the farmers exclusively. In 21st century also 35% of farmers are depending upon the hand tools and labour for cultivating the land due to lack of proper knowledge and communication with companies and government. The effective utilization of farming equipments in the rural areas would increase the productivity.


The present study concluded that, the necessary reforms coupled with proper price discovery mechanism through regulated market system will help streamline and strengthen agricultural marketing. In order to 0%

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%






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avoid isolation of small-scale farmers from

the benefits of agricultural produce they need to be integrated and informed with the market knowledge like fluctuations, demand and supply concepts which are the core of economy. Advertising of agriculture equipment can be made successful if it is looked from the collective and integrative endeavors from quarters by tending to agriculturists, mediators, analysts and heads in regards to the advantages got from the utilization of most recent cultivating gear. It is high time we brought out significant strategies in agricultural marketing with innovative and creative approaches to bring fruits of labour to the farmers. From the challenges and the opportunities which rural markets offer to the marketers it can be said that the future is very promising for those who can understand the dynamics of rural markets and exploit them to their best advantage. There is need to rapid development in infrastructure all these opportunities attract companies to target rural market. The rural market is very large in compare to the urban market as well as it is more challenging market. The purchaser needs those items which are enduring, great, simple to utilize and less expensive. The wage level of provincial buyers isn't as high as the wage level of urban purchasers that is the reason they need low value products. It is vital for all the significant organizations to give those items which are anything but difficult to accessible and reasonable to the buyer


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