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The Orange County Mustang Club


Academic year: 2022

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Jeff Weiss’ Retirement Party

27 years from Orangewood Children’s Home

The Orange County Mustang C lub




Paul Montesano (714) 397-0675 ocmc.president@gmail.com

The Orange County Mustang News and the Orange County Mustang Club are not responsible for any opinions or statements, except our own, that may appear in this publication, nor for the integrity of persons selling or buying car parts and accessories or advertising their services in the publication.

Rights to material published herein are owned by the individual authors. Persons wishing to reprint any article or story must obtain the permission of the author(s)

As of August 2021 (By Teri Sulser) Single Memberships: 102 Dual Memberships: 179 Total Memberships: 281 Total Members 460 Vice President

Teri Sulser (714) 315-3450 msteri@sbcglobal.net


Diana Tuseth (714) 271-2046 Dianat129@aol.com

CLUB ADDRESS TO: OCMC P.O. Box 601 Brea, CA 92822 Treasurer

Michele Gammerino (949) 874-9316 gammerino1@cox.net


Membership Chairman Jan Austin (714) 306-8962


Newsletter Editor

Janice Jacques (951) 743-6390 janicejax@yahoo.com

Equipment Manager Keith Johnson (714) 944-0752

Tonkatoy37@hotmail.com Club Items Chairman

Terry Matthews (949) 212-8683 tmatthews@imagemakerapparel.com

Club Items Team Terry & Gerry Matthews,

Viva Palumbo, Jeannie Weiss As of

August 2021 (by Michele Gammerino) Starting Balance $14,785.75 Income $ 3,048.78 Expenses $ 2,881.06 Ending Balance $14,953.47 Donations in Bank $ 984.90 Sergeant at Arms

Natalie Mamola (951) 315-8572

Opportunity Drawing Team Sue Arnold

Opportunity Drawing Chairman Sue Arnold (714) 767-3147


Club Photographers Steve Pavich (714) 322-7561

spavich@socal.rr.com Steve Sumpter (714) 315-1133 swsumpter@gmail.com Past President

Craig Kamansky (714) 469-9517 ckamansky@sbcglobal.net


Larry Rhinehart (909) 730-3005 Larry.rhinehart2@verizon.net


2 new memberships – Club T-Shirt and $10 worth of Raffle Tickets!

4 new memberships – Free club membership for 1 year.

6 new memberships – Mustang Jacket w/name and $10 worth of Raffle Tickets!

Make sure your name is on the membership application of anyone you sponsor!


(714) 397-0675


In 1987 a group of individuals, who appreciated the beauty and performance of the Ford Mustang, joined together to form the Orange County Mustang Club. Their purpose was to promote the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang. To perpetuate this goal members, pay early dues, meet monthly, promote car shows, hold social activities, take cruises, and attend parades and other activities to foster their love for the Ford Mustang. Any person who owns or appreciates the Ford Mustang, no matter what model or year, is welcome to join, Ownership is not obligatory, but enthusiasm is.


Janice Jacques, Editor janicejax@yahoo.com Contributors this Month:

Paul Montesano, Steve Sumpter, Steve Pavich,

Sandra Moura, Teri Sulser

The Newsletter Team

A Message from your President

List of 2021 Club Events

Memberships that are DUE

Jeff Weiss’ Retirement Party from Orangewood Childrens Home

The Funny Bukkit




Welcome to 2021 Orange County Mustang Club!

Welcome to September 2021. So let’s see what is different from the past few months…..car shows are back on, restaurants are dine out or take out, salons open, gyms open, bars open.

OCMC continues to stay active while practicing social distancing and being safe. Most car shows and events returning. The only issue is they are all in September and October. No joke. Many of us will be attending shows back to back on weekends. As we continue to take things week by week the restrictions in the state change continuously. We will continue to keep everyone as up to date as possible. Our calendar of events is up to date. Many shows have been rescheduled for the remainder of the year.

As summer wraps up and we move into the last 4 months of the year as few very important things are taking place. They will be busy months. The highlight will be the 30th Mustang Madness at Ken Grody Ford! Going to be epic.

We will have more details to announce about our Christmas party at the September general meeting. Stay tuned for details. We are also working on several more cruises to keep everyone out and about and active. We just love to drive our Ponies!

The 2021 board continues to work hard to make this another great year for the OCMC. Keep in mind we are always looking for volunteers to help out. That being said our nominating committee will be announced and recruiting for the 2022 board of directors. Whether at one of our car shows or helping out on a cruise or poker run. Please keep your eyes posted on our club website

( www.ocmustangclub.org ), the Events page in our newsletter as well as our Facebook page for announcements.

Who is ready for 2022?

The OCMC - The premier car club in Southern California.

Paul Montesano

OCMC President 2021


Find us on Facebook –

The Orange County Mustang Club General Info: (714) 397-0675

Weekly Calendar of Events

Fridays – Garden Grove Main St. Car Show

Historic Main St., GG 5pm to 8pm Saturdays – Donut Derelicts (Adams Ave Donuts) Corner of Adams & Magnolia, HB 6am to 8am Saturdays – Cars & Coffee – South OC

Outlets at San Clemente 9am to 11am Sundays – Balboa Car Show

Fun Zone Balboa Pavillion, NB 7am to 9am 1st & Last Sunday – Million Dollar Breakfast Cruise Enderle Center, 17th St, Tustin 7am to 11am

Check out the updated OCMC website:


3rd WEDNESDAYS - 9:00 am Soon

Chat and Chew 8-18-21

By Barb DeLong

A nice crowd showed up for August’s Chat and Chew breakfast at the Katella Grill, including newly retired chef Jeff Weiss. Any of us who missed his outstanding retirement party got a chance to add congrats to his retirement poster. He had us all LMAO when he shared the “trophy” he won at a poker rally for worst poker hand: a plaque with a “working” toilet, complete with doo-doo under the lid.

Come join us next time, Sept. 15th. You’re guaranteed a good time, good food, and good conversation.



By Jan Austin, Membership Chairman By Terry Matthews, Club Items Chairman

1. Hoodie Prices

(S-XL $68.00, 2XL $70.00. 3XL $72.00, 4XL $74.00)

2. Jacket Prices

(S-XL $139.00, 2XL $141.00, 3XL $143.00, 4XL $145.00)

3. Screen Printed Tee Shirts both Men and Women

(S-XL $22.00, 2XL $24.00, 3XL $25.00)

4. Pocket Tee Shirts

(S-XL $25.00, 2XL $28.00, 3XL $29.00)

5. Polo's with Embroidered Logo (Left Chest)

(S-XL $29.00, 2XL $31.00, 3XL $33.00)

6. Hats both colors "One size fits all"


7. Custom Tee Shirts with your Photo or Image

"White or Color"

(S-XL $20.00, 2XL $22.00, 3XL $24.00, 4XL $26.00)

8. Ceramic Coffee Mugs with Your Photo or Club Logo

11oz. $10.00, 15oz. $15.00

9. Travel Mugs with Your Photo or Club Logo

14oz. $15.00

Members wearing OCMC apparel at General Meetings will receive $1 in raffle tickets!

Our $25 membership is drawn each month…

Be sure to check in at each meeting for your chance to win."


Reminders for Membership Dues – Renew Soon: (See page 8)

David & Graciela Enriquez-2016 Eco-Boost Premiun Convertible

Jason Derting - 1966 289 Hipo Vlue w/Gold Stripes Fastback GT350H

Charlie & Judy Dildine - Shopping for a Classic 1965-68


2021 List of Events


9/8/21 – OCMC General Meeting @ Zito’s Pizza

9/11/21 – Cool Cruise La Verne Car Show – New Rescheduled Date – Flying Dueces 9/15/21 – Chat N Chew Breakfast

9/18/21 – San Clemente / Cruisin For A Cure Event

9/18/21 – Car Show & Concert in the Park – Mile Square Park 9/25/21 – All Ford Cars & Coffee – Marconi Museum


10/2-10/3/21 – Steve McQueen Car Show – Boys Republic – Chino Hills 10/9/21 – Seal Beach Car Show

10/10/21 – Newport El Car Show

10/13/21 – OCMC General Meeting @ Zito’s Pizza 10/17/21 – Silverado Days Car Show – Buena Park 10/20/21 – Chat N Chew Breakfast

10/24/21 – 30th Mustang Madness – Ken Grody Ford NOVEMBER

11/10/21 – OCMC General Meeting @ Zito’s Pizza

11/14/21 – Hot Rods & Hand Guns – Open House w/OCMC (Old Surf City Waxes) HB 11/17/21 – Chat N Chew Breakfast


12/8/21 – OCMC General Meeting @ Zito’s Pizza

12/10/21 – OCMC Christmas Party – David L. Baker Golf Course 12/12/21 – OCMC Toy Drive for Orangewood Children’s Home 12/15/21 – Chat N Chew Breakfast




** Please note the expiration date on your membership card. We will also publish your due date each month in the newsletter and send you a courtesy eMail reminder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Teri Sulser (714) 315.3450

First Notice - Due

1908 Damon Allen & Shannon Allen

1982 Hank Gallegos & Amie Butler

1790 M. W. Corky Gill 1987 Thomas Keneipp

1907 Marko Liu & Autumn Liu 1986 Deborah Marianno 1696 Charlie & Bonnie Shaw 1404 Karen & Craig Stevens

Second Notice

1625 Rivonne & Dennis Alsted 1823 Susan Bermudez

1972 Bruce Fleck 1693 Bill & Del Goltman 1418 Nathan Guillory 1903 Anthony & Irma


1977 Dennis and Jody Kemp 1914 Mike & Jennifer Potter Bob & Michelle Wess 1973 Jeffery Scheer


0888 Larry & Renee King 1750 Frank Valdez

1874 Bob & Mary Goldman 1886 Daniel Hill

1887 Dave Brett

1888 Edward Hennings &

Shawna Hennings 1952 Bill and Grace Zangger 1953 Mike and Marla Cacace 1955 Alonso Hernandez 1957 Phil Moreno

Last Notice

1967 Paul Cowland & Emma Cowland

1961 Gary & Jeanne Delfium 1963 Fred Francis

1896 Justin and Isabel Iselin 1866 Andy & Chris Otero 1966 Justin Ross

1822 Rick Valentini



Jeff Weiss’ Retirement Party

(Con’t from front page)








** Yep, it’s been confirmed… I just checked my birth certificate and, just as I thought, I wasn’t born yesterday!

** Pretty sure roughly 1/3 of my life has been spent standing in the middle of the room wondering what I came in here for.

** Two rules of business – 1. Mind your own, 2. Stay out of mine.

** I’m retired… I was tired yesterday and I’m tired again today…

** When my house is clean, no one comes to visit. But when I’m a little behind on the cleaning suddenly everyone decides to drop in for a visit.

** I just rescued some wine…. It was trapped in a bottle.

** My house isn’t messy; I’ve just set up obstacles for any burglars who want to try their luck.

** When I find it, I don’t need it… When I need it, I can’t find it!

** I want to be like a caterpillar, eat a lot, sleep loads, and then wake up beautiful.

** Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose a shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.

** Don’t worry about getting older. You still get to do stupid things, only slower.

** I wish I could lose weight as easy as I lose my cell phone, keys, remotes, pens, temper, and even my freakin’ mind.

** I would be unstoppable if only I could just get started.

** You can’t control everything in your life… your hair was put on your head to remind you of that.

** It may look like I’m having really deep thoughts but 99% of the time I’m just thinking about what food I’m going to eat later.

** The only exercise some people get is running their mouth, jumping to conclusions and pushing their luck!

The Funny Bukkit


18 Gloria A. Strayer / President

800 S. Harbor Blvd., Suite 110 Anaheim, CA 92805


Email: glorias@dandpresource.com








letsdinein@msn.com 949-722-6832



www.ocmustangclub.org “The Orange County Mustang Club”

General Information Number (714) 397-0675

The Orange Country Mustang Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at:

ZITO’s PIZZA – 2036 N. Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92865 Zito’s Phone: (714) 974-6191 Meeting starts at 7:00pm

Show your OCMC member card at the register for a 10% discount off your bill during meetings!

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE ORANGE COUNTY MUSTANG CLUB Annual Membership Dues: $30.00 (1 year) - $55 (2 years). Membership includes (1) Primary and

(1) Associate Member. Children of driving age shall be required to have their own membership.

Name: ____________________________________________Spouse/Child: __________________________

Email Address:______________________________________Spouse Email:__________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ( ) __________________________________________________________________

Tell us about your CAR(S):__________________________________________________________________

Car Year/Engine/Model Body/Color: ___________________________________________________________

From whom or where did you hear about the O.C.M.C.? ___________________________________________

All members are required to observe The Orange County Mustang Club bylaws and are required to comply with the Financial Responsibility Laws as prescribed by The State of California. The O.C.M.C. reserves the right to refuse membership to any person.

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________

Make check payable to: Orange County Mustang Club

Mail check and application to: Membership Chairman, 8101 San Hacienda Cir., Buena Park, CA 90620 For Information call: Paul Montesano, O.C.M.C. President (714) 397-0675

8101 San Hacienda Cir., Buena Park, CA 90620


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