By Telephone The Councils 24 hour payment line where you can pay using your Credit/Debit card

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Warwick District Council

Debit/Credit Cards

If you wish to pay your rent by Debit/Credit card:

Payments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Council's secure website at or by telephoning an automated freephone payments number 0800 028 3377. All major debit and credit cards are accepted although payments made by credit card will incur a surcharge.

Rugby Borough Council

By Telephone

The Councils 24 hour payment line where you can pay using your Credit/Debit card. 01788 533463

Please note there is a surcharge for using a Credit Card

North Warwickshire District Council

You can use the following types of debit or credit card (please note there is a 1.6% administration charge on all credit card payments:

• Mastercard • International Maestro • Switch / Maestro • Visa Debit • Visa Credit • Electron • JCB


North Devon DC

Paying your Council Tax by debit or credit card

Girobank Billpay the service that allowed you to pay your bill over the Internet using your debit card has now been replaced.

North Devon District Council now allows you to pay your Council Tax at any time of day by using your debit or credit card. Please note that we currently take all cards except for Diners Club, American Express and JCB.

The Council is now able to accept payments by debit and credit card for all of its

services. There will be no charge for debit card payments, but a 2% service charge will be placed on credit card transactions. It is now possible to pay by card using a number of methods. You will need to have the reference number from your bill when you pay.

Derby City Council

To use our on-line payments system, you should be aware of the security information at the bottom of this page.

Please contact Rob Strang, if you experience a problem with on-line payments. You can pay for the following bills or services on-line:

• Council Tax

• Housing Benefits Overpayment • Housing Rent

• Business Rates • Invoices

• Other Payments

Other payments are a range of payments that can be made on-line. These include car parking fines, collection of bulky waste, procurement of documents and library fines. To see if the payment you wish to make can be made on-line, continue to on-line

payments, select Other Payments and choose your payment from the list. Payment can be made using all major debit and credit cards.

Please note that a 2.6% surcharge will be applied to credit card payments. No charge will apply to debit card payments.

Wokingham District Council

Credit Card payments

If you are making a payment for Council Tax or Business Rates using your Credit Card, your Card Issuer will make a commission charge to the Council. The level of the commission charge is 1.8% for Council Tax and 2.3% for Business Rates. Regrettably the Council is unable to meet this charge. You will therefore be required to pay this charge in addition to your Council Tax or Business Rates payment.

For example, if you are making a Council Tax payment of £150.00, you will actually be charged £152.70 when completing your transaction.

Cheltenham Borough Council

Which cards can I use?

Delta, Switch or Solo debit cards and Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Please note that a transaction charge of 1.35% of the amount being paid will be added to credit card transactions


Broadland District Council

Alternatively you can pay using a debit or Credit card at the cash office at Thorpe Lodge and at the Council Information Centres or direct over the telephone 01603 435466, 24 hours a day seven days a week with the exception of between 04;30, and 04:45,

Monday to Friday. Please note that a fee will be charged for payment by credit card. You will be told how much the charge will be before you make your payment

Hertsmere Borough Council

You can pay your bill by telephone using the following Debit/Credit cards.

Debit Cards (no charge)





Credit Cards (subject to a 1.45% charge)



Mansfield District Council

Payments by Internet

We accept the following debit cards: Switch/Maestro

Delta Electron Solo

There is no extra charge for debit card payments. We also accept the following credit cards:

Mastercard Visa

Diners Club

Please note that there is a surcharge of £1.00 for payment by credit card

Havant Borough Council

Pay by Debit / Credit Card

Whilst in some circumstances payments by Debit / Credit Card may be accepted at the Civic Offices or over the telephone, this facility is not generally available for instalment payments. When a card payment of less than £200 is accepted there is an additional £2 transaction charge to pay. Payments by debit card can made over the Internet for Council Tax at no extra charge (see below). If you require more information or advice please contact the Revenues Section on (023) 9244 6338 or e-mail


Guildford Borough Council

Please note that, if you wish to make a payment using a credit card, except when paying parking fines, you will also have to pay the commission charge (now 1.8%). This amount will be added to your transaction and clearly identified as such. Debit card payments can be made free of charge.

Dacorum Borough Council

Credit/Debit cards

We are unable to accept payment by credit card, but we are able to accept payment with debit cards in person at the Civic Centre, Hemel Hempstead, or by telephone, please ring (01442 867864). Please have your card details, and personal Council Tax account

number available.

Bolton City Council

If you use a credit card to pay, a surcharge of 1.3% will be payable. This reflects the bank's charges to the Council for accepting credit card payments.

Chelmsford Borough Council

Methods of payment

Online Payment

It is now possible to pay your Council Tax or Business Rates on our secure website. To pay your Council Tax and/or Business Rates online, please click here you will need to have your credit or debit card details to hand.

If you have any queries about using these facilities please phone Council Tax: 01245 606780 Business Rates: 01245 606709

Please note that there is a surchage of £2 for paying Council Tax by credit card and that business rates can only be paid by debit card (no credit card).

Gloucester City Council

Credit card payments - there will be a small handling charge of 2.6% added to payments made using your credit card. We are unable to accept American Express or Diners cards.

Restormel Borough Council

Debit & Credit Cards

You can make payment using either your debit or credit card in person at either of the Council's cash offices, via the Council's website (see offsite links - online payments) or using the Council's automated digital telephone service (available 24hours/7 days a week) on (01726) 223555. (Please note there is currently a charge of 2.6% for all credit card payments, no charge is made for debit card payments.)


Hambleton District Council

Credit Card Charges

Paying Council Tax and Business Rate bills by credit card will incur a 2% surcharge

Waverley Borough Council

Please note the following:

• payments made by credit card incur a handling charge of 50p or 1.5% of the value of the payment, whichever is the greater.

• your card details are passed directly to HSBC and are not stored on Waverley’s systems.

• payments made after 5.30pm will not be processed until 6.00pm the following day.

Congleton Borough Council

If you are paying for Council Tax or Business Rates by Credit Card your card will be charged with an additional fee up to 2% of the transaction value. The fee only covers the banks charges to the Council. There is no fee for Debit Card payments.

Huntingdonshire District Council

• By visit to office

• Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card, Postal Order

(There is a 3.5% bank and processing charge for payment by credit cards for Council Tax and Business Rates)

East Herts Council

Please select which of the following you wish to make a payment for:

• Council Tax - note: there will be an additional 2% charge for a council tax bill paid using a credit card. (This charge will not be applied if you make payment using a debit card)




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