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Client Certification


Facilitator Certification Process

Workforce and Leadership Development Programs

Targeted Selection


Interviewer, Trainer, and Program Manager

Success Profiles


: Card Sort Analyst

DDI’s Fresh Approach to Job Analysis

Terms and Conditions



Build the knowledge and skills facilitators need

Organizations need confident facilitators who move and engage their workforce and leaders—partnering with them in the development of essential skills for today’s highly competitive environment.

Workshop Overview: DDI’s four-day Facilitator Certification Process: Developing Extraordinary Facilitators (FCP) prepares participants to train others in DDI’s suite of world-class learning programs (Interaction Management


). The knowledge and skills acquired through this workshop will ensure that you maximize every learning and development investment.

Who Should Attend: Individuals involved in learning and development, team leaders, managers, human resource professionals, organizational development, and learning and development professionals.

Course Length: Four days.

Prerequisites: None.

Learning Outcomes:

• Develop skills across the four competencies that have been proven to be requisites of a successful facilitator.

• Learn and embed key DDI models (i.e., Interaction Essentials


) that will change the way you and the leaders in your organization have conversations.

• Demonstrate knowledge, motivation, and behaviors (competencies) required to be a successful facilitator.

• Use DDI facilitator materials and a variety of learning methods to effectively facilitate learning.

• Understand learning methods—experiential learning, skill practices, action planners, and how they can be used to both transfer training to the workplace and conduct refresher activities.

• Recognize the components involved in a successful training implementation and your influence and impact on it.

DDI’s Interaction Management


development series:

• Designed using 40+ years’

experience assessing and developing millions of people around the world.

• Based on key foundational leadership skills and behaviors critical to successful conversa- tions in the workplace that lead to more effective leadership skills and business outcomes like productivity.

• A comprehensive yet flexible development solution for your frontline and emerging leaders and individual contributors.

• Creates alignment using common and consistent leadership language and competencies with the ability to integrate with selection, performance, development, and succession talent practices and systems.






• Empowers facilitators to be change agents within their organizations.

• Develops or enhances the skills needed to facilitate nearly 40 of DDI’s Interaction Management



• Helps organizations achieve business results through effective and efficient learning and development practices.

• Demonstrates behavior modeling as a primary DDI approach to behavior change in regard to learning.

• Equips facilitators with tools to support sustainability and application of learning.

• Enables organizations to implement cost-effective leadership and workforce curriculums with their own facilitators.

Your Commitment:

By becoming an accredited DDI facilitator, you agree to purchase participant materials to run your ongoing leadership development programs. This may also include the purchase of additional facilitator materials for courses not covered in your workshop.


• Course preparation (web-based content and self-assessment, three hours).

• Four days, plus overnight preparation time.

Benefits of DDI’s Interaction Management


development series:

• Uses a blended learning approach by combining best-in-class content with diagnostics, manager sup- port, on-the-job application, just-in-time learning, and technology-enabled tools to reinforce and sustain development.

• Develops effective workforce and leadership skills needed today and tomorrow, providing support at every step to grow per- sonally and professionally.

Your Investment

Facilitator Certification Process

PHP 79,000.00/pax

Public local rates (per person) include training facilities, course materials, and meals.

(All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and exclusive of personal expenses such as travel and accommodation.)



Interviewer, Trainer, and Program Manager

For over 40 years, Targeted Selection




) has been used by thousands of leading companies around the world to identify, hire, and promote millions of peo- ple. It is the most proven and accurate behavior-based selection system available.

This client certification workshop series speaks to today’s business needs, offering three distinct workshop options designed to equip interviewers, trainers, and program managers with the tools to hire the best people for your organization. You can attend each program individually, or capitalize on bundling investment options by attending more than one program at a time.

Benefits of DDI’s Targeted Selection System:

Ensures you consistently, accurately, and legally hire and promote in line with your organization’s current needs. The TS



• Clearly identifies the competencies needed for key positions.

• Builds the interviewing skills and confidence that lead to more accurate selection decisions.

• Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your selection process.

Targeted Selection: Interviewer

Who Should Attend: Individuals who want to improve their interviewing capability.

Course Length: Two days.

Prerequisites: None.

By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will:

• Build interviewing skills and confidence.

• Use the interview guide to prepare for and conduct an effective interview, while making a positive impression on candidates to increase job acceptance rates.

• Gather and evaluate data on a candidate’s entire profile: experience, knowledge, competencies, and motivations.

• Make hiring decisions using candidate data evaluation and integration to hire successful candidates who are willing and able to perform the job.



Your Investment in Targeted Selection



PHP 28,000.00/pax


PHP 85,000.00/pax

Program Manager:

PHP 60,000.00/pax

Public local rates (per person) include training facilities, course materials, and meals.

(All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and exclusive of personal expenses such as travel and accommodation.)

Targeted Selection: Trainer

Who Should Attend: Individuals who need to be accredited to deliver the Targeted Selection


: Interviewer workshop in their organization.

Course Length: Three days.

Prerequisites: None.

By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will:

• Obtain certification to deliver Targeted Selection


: Interviewer, Practice Lab, Strong Start


, Targeted Selection


: Interviewing for Technical Skills, and Targeted Selection


: Coach training.

• Demonstrate the competencies required for successful training in a supportive, safe environment.

• Use the Targeted Selection trainer materials and a variety of learning methods to facilitate learning effectively.

• Create a safe learning environment, respond to learners’ needs, and promote behaviorial change.

Targeted Selection: Program Manager

Who Should Attend: Individuals responsible for designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining the TS


system and processes.

Course Length: One day.

Prerequisites: Targeted Selection: Interviewer.

By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will:

• Identify business needs, objectives, barriers, and support.

• Plan rollout and communication strategies.

• Design an interviewing system and training solution.

• Establish progress and outcome measures.

• Develop an implementation timeline and ensure sustainability.

• Receive a CD toolkit for implementation planning. This includes a DDI library of 56 competencies from the high-performance and health care sub-libraries, as well as a bank of interview questions tied to those categories.







MAY 27-29






Success Profiles


help clearly define the specific requirements for success in a specific job or group of jobs, or within the organization as a whole. The profiles are essential building blocks for designing and implementing integrated hiring, promotion, performance manage- ment, and learning and development systems. In addition, they are integral to realizing high performance and organizational change.

Success Profiles


draw on a wide range of tools, software applications, and consulting services for a time- and cost-efficient, streamlined profiling approach or a more comprehen- sive, detailed approach. In the certification workshop, participants learn to create Success Profiles using DDI’s tools and methodologies. Participants gain an understanding of the components of a holistic Success Profile, how to create Success Profiles by facilitating Focus Group Discussions, and how to confirm Success Profiles by administering Confirmation Questionnaires and/or focus group techniques.

Success Profiles: Foundations

With Success Profiles: Foundations, job analysts are introduced to the concepts of

designing and planning a Success Profiling


process. They gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to identify the required competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experiences for a target job, role, or family of jobs, plus an understanding of the common legal requirements and ways to avoid common pitfalls.

Who Should Attend: Course Length: Prerequisites:

Human resource professionals. One day. None.

Success Profiles: Analyst Certification

With the Success Profiles: Analyst Training, job analysts in your organization are trained and certified to facilitate the Success Profiling



This hands-on, three-day certification training ensures analysts are skilled when it comes to understanding, rating, and ranking Success Profiles, roles, business drivers, job- and organizational-fit facets, knowledge areas, and experiences. Participant analysts also gain a working knowledge of the Card Sort analyst guide, tools, card decks, and competencies.

On the third day, a DDI consultant helps them plan for their implementation strategy to ensure that they leave the workshop with lifetime accreditation and the skills, confidence, and materials to implement the process in their own organizations.

Who Should Attend: Course Length: Prerequisites:

Human resource professionals Three days. None.

and job analysts.


Benefits of DDI’s Success Profiles Approach:

• Connects people strategy to busi- ness strategy; keeps competency models aligned with changes in business strategy.

• Develops an established touchstone to drive integrated HR talent man- agement systems.

• Supports the entire talent manage- ment life cycle with consistent profiles that provide a common understanding of job and role expectations. These profiles:

– Apply a streamlined process for getting to the right profile quickly.

– Identify four characteristics that describe the ideal candidate:

work experience, knowledge/

skills, personal attributes, and competencies.

– Use a business-focused description of performance that operational users will adopt as a tool to drive performance.

– Enable placement of the right people in any role.

– Focus development activities on the most critical areas.

Your Investment

Foundations: PHP 19,000.00/pax

Analyst: PHP 90,000.00/pax

Public local rates (per person) include training facilities, course materials, and meals.

(All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and exclusive of personal expenses such as travel and accommodation.)

A Fresh Approach to Job Analysis and Competency Management




• Email or your DDI consultant to get a copy of the Registration Form.

• Send your completed Registration Form via fax (638-0150) or send a scanned PDF copy to

• DDI shall confirm all registrations two (2) weeks before the workshop date.

• Attendees will receive pre-reading, activities (where appropriate), and logistical information two (2) weeks before the commencement of the course.

Invoicing and Payment

• A Statement of Account will be faxed or sent to you upon receipt of the Registration Form.

Payments should be made before the workshop date.

Checks should be made payable to Development Dimensions International Philippines, Inc.

VAT Policies

• Companies located in export processing zones are VAT-exempt. A VAT exemption certificate is required when you fax or email your completed registration form.


Cancellations will be accepted only up to seven (7) working days before the workshop date.

• Due to the considerable administration and pre-course materials associated with these workshops, late cancellations and no-shows will be charged a fee equivalent to 20 percent of the entire workshop fee.

• In the event that a substitute participant is nominated, the cancellation fee will not apply. All cancellations and substitutions must be made in writing to DDI.

• In the case of registrations that have been paid in advance, no refunds or credits will be given for registrations cancelled less than seven (7) working days before the workshop date or for no-shows. A substitute may be sent.


• DDI reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or reschedule public workshops due to unforeseen circumstances or where minimum attendance requirements are not met. In this event, clients will be contacted and offered a full refund or transfer to another workshop.

Copyright and Course Materials

• All DDI course materials are property of Development Dimensions International. The materials are copyrighted under Philippines copyright laws. Copying DDI materials without written permission from DDI is illegal.

• Information contained in training course materials may change due to standards’ revisions and the changing


For DDI Client Certification Workshops



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