2013 Work Weekend Projects (please mark off on bulletin board in dining hall when done)

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2013 Work Weekend Projects

(please mark off on bulletin board in dining hall when done)

Mowers and power tools may only be used by people over 16 years old (in

compliance with child labor laws). Please see post-it board for other restrictions for minors.

2013 High Priority projects

Replace roofing over lodge room 2 (N side) (must be 18 for roof work)

Replace missing roof shingles from SE side of dining hall (must be 18 for roof work)

Replace flooring in cabins 5&6

Plant new trees at marked spots and at new property. Put down weed guard and water well.


Burn limbs, brush and leaves - we are only allowed to burn Friday and Saturday night from 6pm to Midnight. We must have a hose ready to control the fire. Burn by volleyball court, behind chapel or other open area with no overhead trees or wires.

Setup all chairs in chapel (plus three tables in back) before 8:30am for Berry Lake Meeting at 9:00. (we are providing coffee)

Remove electrical wire to pyramid – coil out of reach at source


Replace paper air filters on push mowers. Check blades, gas and oil. Riding mowers likely need engine work before usable.

Mow all grass everywhere. Only people over 16 may use mowers or other power equipment. Be careful of septic vents. Be sure to remove all sticks first and avoid rocks, RR ties and concrete. Mow along road but watch for rocks and glass.


Rake leaves everywhere. Load tarps and carry to burn piles (Only let burn 6pm – midnight Friday and Saturday. Do not put leaves on hot ashes during day.)

Cover with heavy plastic if rain is expected or after burning opportunities.

Spread grass seed on bare areas of lawn. Rake before and after to loosen soil. Water gently.

Remove thorny black locust bushes/trees at new property (plus few behind dumpster) and on neighbors property. Use leather gloves, bypass lopers and apply herbicide (2,4-D) to trunks. Also spray “crown vetch” plants by logs west of drive and at east shoreland. Be careful that spray doesn’t drift to desirable plants or trees.

Clean out gutters on Lodge, Dining Hall and Chapel (must be 18 for roof work). Clear other needles off roof.

Remove plastic from office porch and scrub hut. Put plastic (if still good) and lath strips neatly in workshop (under work bench)

Spray cut tree stumps with pruning sealant (use sparingly, trunks will be ground down soon).

Clothes lines - put up clothes lines behind cabins 1-4 and behind 7&8. Use tensioners at ends.

Sweep down the exterior of all buildings (before windows are washed)- use OLD brooms please. 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, activities, staff, helpers, brown, lodge, dining, chapel, directors, garages

Trim bushes (make smaller and shape them) by bathrooms and other buildings. Also trim bush in planter by main sign at the entrance.

Rake the beach (between docks area) and pull weeds (do not mow - it is not permitted by law). It is easiest to do by turning over sand with a shovel. Gather weeds in wheel barrow and dump where rain water drains out by sea wall.

Trim bottom third of branches on young trees (but NOT trees along the road- we want low branches for privacy)

Put mailbox out at road (look for old hole) - it is in scrub cabin porch.


Split and move dried wood by dumpsters under cabin 5&6 for summer use (stack neatly). Place any recently cut wood behind dumpsters to season (dry for next year).

Clear out volleyball court, weed, rake and set up. Also horseshoe pits.

Replace rotted boards on benches at waterfront (especially broken bench board by the lilac bush) – leave unstained if new treated wood is still “wet” with treated chemicals

Turn over sand in play area (by volleyball) with shovel to remove weeds and make soft

Rake/shovel/weed old wood chips in playground (by 7&8) to reduce compaction Install window A/C units in lodge, director’s house, staff house, brown cabin, and helpers’ hut. Be sure to seal top window gap with foam inserts.

Disassemble pyramid (screwed together) – discard crumbling sheeting and save lumber.

Clean out grill – remove ashes and spread behind chapel in low spots. Put aluminum sheet metal over rust holes in bottom.


Painting / staining (please clean brushes in utility sinks – not bathrooms)

Clean mold (use mold cleaner) and paint lodge bathroom ceiling

Stain bare or worn bench boards (Redwood) at the waterfront – leave unstained new boards which are still “wet” with treated chemicals. Scrape off stain on plastic.

Re-stain the boards on picnic tables (waterfront, lodge, canteen, blacktop, 7&8) with Redwood stain

Clean and stain seat of swing in front of lodge with Cedar/tan Stain seat of swing by horseshoe pit with Cedar/tan

Stain worn areas on playset in front of 7 & 8 with Cedar/tan Stain bench by tetherball and log by cabin 5&6 cedar/tan

Re-stain chapel cupola (cedar/tan) and cross on roof (must be 18 to be on roof) Powerwash (adult only), sand, prime (spray) and paint (spray or brush) rusted spots on lifeguard stand (oil based – thinner cleanup)

Scrape, prime and paint SW corner of lodge with flat red paint (not redwood stain)

Scrape, prime and paint East side of Helper’s hut with flat red paint (not redwood stain)

Prep and re-paint garage doors of rec and craft house (Ray Emmer)

Experience, Skills or power tools needed:

Replace electrical outlets in Lodge rooms 1, 3 and main room (old ones have loose hold of plugs). Add new GFCI outlet in bathroom (wires from bookstore outlet)

Install batteries in vehicles, check oil and fluids and start: new bus, white van, brown minivan

Prime pump at new property with priming tube and 5 gallons of water



Move empty bottles from dining hall to inside canteen. Clean interior of fridges and freezer in canteen (soapy water). Move drinks and candy from basement to the canteen (place in fridge and plug in).

Clean Cabins according to Cabin Cleaning Sheet – write your name next to building you are cleaning. Also write down any maintenance needs.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lodge Staff House Scrub Hut Brown Cabin

Screens - wash outside of windows, clean screens and put up (match up #s) on the following buildings

Brown Cabin Scrub Hut Staff House Lodge 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Clean out and vacuum/sweep camp vehicles, wipe dash and console with rag in soapy water. Wash exterior of vehicles.

Clean chapel windows and screens

Clean light fixtures - dining hall, chapel porch and bathrooms with soapy water and rag.

Clean fans in Chapel (very high ladder – must be over 16) Clean fan grills in main bathrooms (re-attach electrical plugs)

Clean heating vents and cold air return grills in dining hall and kitchen

Clean rec room - sweep floor and vacuum/ wipe down all game equipment with damp rag

Dining Hall: Clean windows inside and out and clean inside window frames. (Windows can be lifted out for more thorough cleaning of frames). Also clean screens


Indoor/Rain List (projects that can be done inside) see also cleaning list

Put window film on Lodge bathroom window.

Check felt pads on bottom of all dining room chair legs. Clean the leg bottoms, let dry and attach pad. Check for missing screws (see box with new screws) and tighten all screws. Wipe down chairs with rag and soapy water.

Vacuum, check and repair Chapel chairs and add felt pads to bottom of feet Repair screens on screen doors (and windows). Replace screen door if beyond repair.

Tighten joints on Chapel porch furniture. Glue (and clamp) any wood that has split.

Check and replace ALL smoke alarm batteries in all sleeping areas (every bedroom). 1-2-3-4-5-6, scrub(2), brown(3), barracks, lodge(3), staff(4), 7-8 Re-glue sound panels falling in chapel (high ladder) and dining hall with construction adhesive

Clean(remove dirt and stains) and apply floor finish in barracks and office Scrape old window covering from activity shed

Indoor/Rain Skilled List

Replace top kitchen shelving with wider wire shelving. Install used wall shelving in dining utility room.

Finish counter installation in kitchen (Don) Install 7 & 8 shower rubber base cove

Enclose cold air return ducts under director’s cabin (confined space) Re-glue sound panels falling in chapel (high ladder) and dining hall with construction adhesive





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