How To Use Smarttrust Wib On A Sim Card On A Mobile Phone

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A condensed tutorial on

applications in SmartTrust’s

technical context

July 2009 version

Application Partner Program

Technology Introduction


SmartTrust Wib™ is the world’s most widely deployed Dynamic SIM

Toolkit (DSTK) interpreter. It provides mobile application developers with

the benefits of multiple technologies including DSTK, Java, Cell

broadcast, PKI, NFC, USSD, and GPRS. It enables operators to address

all subscriber segments with Value Added Services; services that you, as

a application partner, can promote and earn money with our help.

SmartTrust, your partner in VAS

“Smart. Smarter. SmartTrust”

A proven solution

SmartTrust Wib is a DSTK interpreter independent of card vendor for mobile operators. Deployed initially in 1999, it has become the de facto standard for SIM based interpreters. It has the support of a full set of development tools and the SmartTrust Certified program.

Available by almost all SIM vendors

Mobile application developers take advantage of proven and widely implemented technologies such as Cell Broadcast, USSD and DSTK to create mobile services that can reach a potential customer base of one billion subscribers. All the major SIM vendors have implemented SmartTrust Wib. To date over 115 implementations from 25 SIM vendors have been certified.

SmartTrust’s market reach

We began delivering systems for SIM management in 1991. Today networks globally rely upon us to manage subscribers, handsets and access to services. The company is headquartered in Sweden with a regional presence in the United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Brazil and the US. By becoming a partner your company will get access to our experience, current global presence and sales force.

Tangible benefits

Operators are searching for new applications to promote to their subscribers. Operators that have launched services on SmartàLaCarte™ report revenues up to 5 times more than services only available through SMS and WAP. By introducing applications on an easily accessible menu in the handset, subscribers utilize the services that are convenient and easy to use. No need to get the handset configured, no need to browse for info or for downloading software. Just click and go!


SmartàLaCarte enables a dynamic menu context to be presented on any

GSM handset. The concept uses a card-based, light weight application

environment. It provides the user the simplicity of SMS services, the

possibility to retrieve information as WAP and to utilize GSM functions

like cell positioning. In short, the best of all worlds.

The solution behind

Value proposition to the VAS ecosystem

Make it easy

The menu is in the handset – no need to remember key words, navigate web sites or configure the phone. The subscribers get immediate and always-present access to services without configuration or installation, works from day one and always on-line. The personal menu follows the user when changing handset

Available to all - works on all handsets and SIM cards

It is a turnkey solution for launching value-added services to the entire subscriber base through a standard SIM, independent of handset model. Services are easily and quickly available via handset menus. And because the operator controls the SIM, it’s easy to ensure correct provisioning and that services are available from day one.

Immediate access to new services

Content and applications can be dynamically fetched and executed on the fly. Services can be changed and new services added “on-the-fly”. The payload is optimized for size.

Service usage

After service selection from the menu, the application on the SIM is initiated and sends a request to the application / content provider. The provider returns the information and sends it to the handset through the SmartTrust platform or via another technology such as SMS, USSD, WAP or voice.

"Making services available to any subscriber.

Always. Easily"


The are many opportunities for new income generating applications in

vertical industries. Here are some examples of generic services suited for

DSTK. What’s your idea?

SmartTrust City™

Local Transport

Convert your current SMS Premium services with hard-to-remember codes into a menu-based dynamic services. Rides on the current strong trends of mobile purchasing. Increases transactions by providing an concise and swift purchase menu.

What’s your idea?

There are numerous untapped possibilities for new Value Added Services, you have probably some great ideas that can be realized successfully on DSTK technology.

Mobile Banking

Gives the users a bank in their pocket. Ability to bank securely on the move and to transfer funds right when its needed.

Update Services

Sometimes the results is what counts. Let the subscriber keep abreast of information of his favorite interest.

Self Service Customer Care

Make your self service accessible to the subscriber in an elegant and user-friendly way without having to having to promote special codes and service numbers. Provide a an always available storefront to your top-up services.


The SIM technology can be used for secure personal voting. For example, for official ballots, competitions running on TV and Radio or customer preference surveys.


When designing or adopting a service to DSTK, it is useful to match the

subscribers’ needs with the capability of the technology. In the model

below you can depict these needs, and what can be realized with a

mobile phone using DSTK. If your services fit within the technical

boundaries you will succeed with the application!

Evaluation of dynamic SIM menus

Compare DSTK’s features with the users’ needs

Variable 1 – Need to remember

Does the user have to remember codes, numbers etc in order to perform the service (for example, USSD codes like *123# or short codes in SMS like ADTCKZA. A SIM menu based solution is then preferable as it will display the option in readable text, for instance: “Adult Ticket for zone A”

Variable 2 – Need quick transaction

Does the user need a quick transaction or will the user prefer to spend time writing text or browsing a webpage? A SIM menu solution is made for speedy transactions: “get me that now”.

Variable 3 – Need mobility

Does the user need mobility or can they solve the task in another way? A SIM menu based solution is simpler for accessing a mobile service faster and better: “I did it with my mobile”

Variable 4 – Need of information

Does the user need a lot of information or can the task be resolved with just 2-3 interactions? A SIM menu based solution is made for a lower number of interactions with concise information; WAP and WWW can better cater for demand of rich media.

Variable 5 – Need positioning

Does the user need a quick rough positioning in order to better solve the scope of his query? A SIM menu based solution with automatic positioning can enrich and facilitate the transaction, for example purchasing a ticket or updating of status in communities.


When a subscriber selects a menu entry on the handset, Wib is invoked

to execute the service chosen by the subscriber. The service can be

locally executed on the SIM to perform some task or asked to fetch

additional content from the server side of the application. Then the

SmartàLaCarte Universal Gateway™ will request WML instructions using

the https protocol from the application server and transfer the answers to

the WIB on the SIM card converted into byte-code, also known as


The execution of a WIB application

The wiblets are sent and interpreted

by the WIB on the SIM card that then

orders the execution on DSTK

commands on the phone.

SmartàLaCarte enables dynamic

exchange of data between a content

or application provider and the

mobile phone.

The Wib concept enables your application to be utilized dynamically by the subscriber. It combines the features of dynamic information over the internet, core GSM network services and handset execution, making it optimal for applications used frequently by the subscriber.


SmartTrust has designed a development tool that enables the developer

to write code and test its functionality on the spot. The WAC tool

simulates the complete mobile environment including SmartTrust DP™,

the GSM network, the mobile terminal and the SIM card with SmartTrust

Wib. It also enables you to verify your WML code. Download it today, its


Wireless Application Creator - WAC

Pushes wiblets for

one time execution

to the phone.

Key features of the WAC:

• Edit your own WIG WML applications in an editor included in the tool

• Verify them in a Wib and phone simulator (the WIB Phone) included in the tool

• Fetch and simulate live WML applications directly from URL addresses on a web server

• Push WML applications to an existing SmartàLaCarte system for delivery and test on a real phone with Wib.


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onboard and exploit the fact that operators are more keen then ever to

reach their customers with revenue generating value added services.

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