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‘We are Sarina Vieth and Julia Schmidt, second year students of IBMS.

Studying at Fontys gives a whole other meaning to what studying is. That is because Fontys takes great care of their students in an extremely familiar environment. More specifically, students are lectured in small classes where it is very easy to socialize. Studying at Fontys is very much practice oriented. Particularly, in the third and fourth semester students get the chance to experience the real business life during the project Mini Company. Here students from all different courses, IBMS, IM, IBE and FFM, are put together into groups in order to develop, promote and sell an innovative product. Our company recycled wine bottles for all kinds of snack bowls. In this way we were able to learn from each other and develop a lot of new skills. The experiences we made during this project are very valuable for our future career, as the project really helps to prepare for the real business life: Dealing with colleagues, customers and external groups, in order to build a valuable network and learn how to approach conflicts. Furthermore, there is a lot of group work involved, which helped us to learn how to deal with a diversity of many different individuals so as to deepen our interpersonal skills. Moreover, we’ve met a lot of international students from all over the world, like the USA, Slovakia, Spain, and Asia just to name a few. That is actually a great experience, as we were able to come to know different cultures. Specifically, we were able to socialize with people from all over the world, which is inevitable for an internationally focused career. Finally, the Mini Company is not only about working but also about having fun and being proud of the achievements, when holding your own product in your hands.’

Sarina Vieth

Julia Schmidt

From my

own experience


Are you interested in a truly international study programme? Are you ready to face challenges on global markets? Then International Business and

Management Studies (IBMS) is the right choice for you! A study programme that teaches you how to successfully combine knowledge, skills and attitude in an international and intercultural setting. All with the purpose of performing business related tasks in a professional manner.

The increasingly global nature of trade and industry leads to greater international competition for large, middle-sized and small companies. A proactive

organisation must therefore be able to collect and analyse foreign market-specific knowledge in order to take correct decisions about expansion. It must also be aware of international finance opportunities and political developments home and abroad. In internationally oriented organisations, decision making is based on business administration and controlling, but also on awareness of cultural differences and a firm’s ability to adapt.

Openness to challenges, a critical mind and focus on results, excellent teamwork and self-management, intercultural discussion and negotiation skills - all these personal characteristics contribute to effective international business management.

Our educational profile for your future

The most striking features of our IBMS study programme are:

• it is international, both in educational contents and student population • it is entirely in English

• it is based on a combination of elements from the traditional economics programmes in the fields of finance, accountancy, sales, marketing and management

• it focuses on international trade and commerce • it offers practical training in international companies.

The course leads to the degree ‘Bachelor of Business Administration’. IBMS students graduate with a real international orientation. They will usually end up in one of the many different positions ranging from international account manager, PR manager, product manager or sales and marketing manager, to international treasury manager or human resource manager. Some graduates prefer to start their own businesses or become consultants. What about you?

International Business and Management Studies


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International Business and

Management Studies 3

Structure of the study course 4 International Campus Venlo -

That’s us! 5

Admission requirements, registration and tuition fees 7

Further information 8

IBMS students graduate with a

real international orientation!!


Structure of the study course

All study courses at Fontys International Business School Venlo have a duration of four years. Each year is made up of two semesters. The first academic year is called Foundation Year or Propaedeutic Phase. It serves as a phase for

orientation and selection. After the first year you enter the Main Phase. In the second academic year this Main Phase consists of the acquisition of

professional competences in the Student Company Project. During the Work Placement in the third academic year all students go to companies for a 5-month internship. After this you continue your studies at Fontys Venlo where you enter the Graduation Phase which is completed with your Graduation Assignment. Once again this takes place within the framework of a 5-month internship in a company.

A selected group of students will have the possibility to participate in our Double Degree programme - a cooperation between two (partner) universities. The idea is to follow a fixed programme at both universities. When completed successfully, the student receives two diplomas, one of each university. IBMS Venlo has reached a double degree agreement with two of our partners: Cologne Business School, Germany and HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


The study course is offered entirely in English.

International Summer and Winter School

Especially in the economic field proficiency in different languages can make a difference. Thus Fontys Venlo offers a broad range of languages in its annual Winter and Summer school. We offer advanced courses in English and beginner courses in Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Our schools are open to everybody. For Fontysians the classes are offered at a reduced price. For more information go to fontysvenlo.nl.

Our practical training

The Work Placement in the third year and the Graduation Assignment in the fourth year can be completed in a country and company of your own choice. For IBMS students at least one of these projects must be concluded abroad (i.e. outside their native country). During both projects you have to solve problems and apply your knowledge independently. Furthermore, you are allowed to take an inside look at the day-to-day business in companies, which will help you to gain an impression of your future professional life. Of course the projects will also enable you to start building a network for possible future employment. In the past many of our students have found a job at the companies where they carried out projects. Both projects are evaluated on the basis of a written report and a performance assessment. During the projects you will receive individual supervision by one of our lecturers.

‘Hi, we are Judith Stein and Laura Lipka. We are both first year IBMS students. We are interested in other languages, countries, cultures, and of course economics. We chose IBMS not just because it supports our interests, but also because of its variety of courses. This means we get an insight in almost every part of a company. Within huge projects we directly apply our knowledge, so it is not just about theory, but also about real life. For example we had to create a real business plan for our own fictive product. And next year we get the opportunity to develop, produce and sell our own products. So the study course is always very interesting. Additionally, learning in small classes is absolutely the right thing for us because it enables interactive courses. We are looking forward to our internship in a foreign country and studying abroad in one of the partner universities of Fontys which are all in very interesting and exciting countries.’


International Campus Venlo - That’s us!

A fresh wind generates new ideas

Not only our courses but also our appearance is different. If you are looking for crammed college halls, stuffy class rooms or terribly dry theory, we have to disappoint you. Our lecturers work according to the latest didactic principles and teach and tutor small groups of 30 students at the most. We focus on group work and independent problem-solving. We advocate Competence-based Learning, Life-long Learning, Knowledge Management and above all a profound intercultural education. Fontys Venlo is not a mammoth-university; no-one gets lost in the masses or loses orientation in an overly anonymous teaching factory. Instead we establish personal contact and our lecturers and staff offer individual support for everyone right from the start.

Feel at home!

The first week of the academic year new students have the opportunity to take part in the introduction week. During this week you will be introduced to your fellow students, lecturers, facilities and the city of Venlo. Similar to the American tutoring system these lecturers are available for counselling and guidance throughout your studies. They give you advice and support you concerning your individual study progress, general or personal problems and they tutor you during your practical training. In Venlo we have an open door policy. Lecturers always will be at your disposal in case of questions.

Global exchange programmes

Fontys International Campus Venlo strives to maintain and strengthen its international character. For this purpose, it offers various kinds of international exchange opportunities for students and staff. Our students have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester at one of our Fontys partner universities (about 70) or any other university in the world (for a detailed list see

fontysvenlo.nl). Furthermore, we welcome students from our partner universities to enjoy an exchange semester at Fontys International Campus Venlo. Not only our students, but also our lecturing and administrative staff regularly participates in exchange opportunities to broaden their horizons.

Venlo: At the heart of Europe

Venlo is a border city without barriers. It is a city with an intercultural tradition, located centrally within Europe and easily accessible. Travelling to Germany takes only five minutes; to Belgium only 40 minutes. Venlo is small enough ‘not to get lost’ but big enough for fun and action. International Campus Venlo is situated on the campus-like estate ‘De Wylderbeek’ near the banks of the river Maas - one of the three main rivers in The Netherlands.

Studying IBMS is the perfect start

towards a management position in

international business

Think bigger - Denk groter!

Studying is more than learning, that is what we call ‘Think bigger!’ or to put it in Dutch: ‘Denk groter!’ Studying at Fontys Venlo means to try out, to discover your talents, to develop attitudes and perspectives, to start self-realization besides your degree and to think out of the box. Why not set up a company, be in charge of a project, go abroad for a semester or an internship? Why not broaden your horizons?


Fun is guaranteed!

Studying in Venlo is not ‘all work and no play’. That is why we also have a student association that plans extra-curricular activities and offers you the opportunity to meet other students. The city of Venlo also has a lot of entertainment to offer: theatres, cinemas, pubs and bars. Interesting cities such as Roermond, Eindhoven and Maastricht in The Netherlands or Düsseldorf and Cologne in Germany are very close by and await your exploration.

International Campus Venlo

Are you looking for a job with international career prospects? Would you like to be in shape for the future? Then not only choose a course with an

international content, but also learn and work with students with international backgrounds in an open-minded setting.

The world is increasingly developing into a political and economic unity. New markets offer new chances to industry, trade and the service sector - as well as new challenges. New jobs develop and internationally qualified staff is required. An internationally focused education is thus an investment into your future. International Campus Venlo is leading the way. Campus Venlo offers a broad range of study courses in the fields of economics, ICT, engineering, logistics and education in English, German and Dutch. All our courses do not only focus on international contents but also offer various exchange programmes with our partner universities from all over the world. Besides this we cooperate with a wide range of international companies and global players who actively support our internships, projects and graduation assignments.

My home is my castle

Should you decide to study in Venlo, then you might want to consider living in Venlo too. Venlo has plenty of accommodation to offer.


Admission requirements,

registration and tuition fees

Admission requirements for Dutch and German students

• For Dutch students: havo, vwo or mbo-diploma. • For German students: Fachhochschulreife. There is no numerus clausus (restricted admission).

Admission requirements for students of foreign nationalities (other than Dutch or German)

In order to be admitted to Fontys Venlo students must be eligible for higher education through their school leaving qualification. Besides this other requirements may apply. Please check fontysvenlo.nl for more details.

Official Dutch name of the study course B. International Business and Management Studies


Registration to our courses has to be made via studielink.nl. Studielink is an online portal that allows applicants to apply and maintain their registration. All students are kindly asked to fill in our pre-application form prior to registration via Studielink. Pre-application forms can be downloaded from fontysvenlo.nl. You also have to register at Studielink. Studielink can be accessed directly via studielink.nl or through the link on our pre-application form. If you have questions concerning the registration feel free to contact us via

Int.wirtschaft@fontys.nl (German students) and campusvenlo@fontys.nl

(students of other nationalities).

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are € 1,771 plus € 48 contribution fee per year. This amount applies to students from all EU/EEA-nationalities, under the condition that you formally reside in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or in one of the following German states: Nordrhein Westfalen, Niedersachsen or Bremen during your studies. For Non-EU/EEA students the fees are € 5,500 plus € 48 contribution fee per year. All recent information about fees, scholarships and long-term students is available on fontysvenlo.nl. Costs for books and readers are not included.

Detailed and recent information about registration, admission requirements and study fees for EU/EEA and Non-EU/EEA applicants is available on fontysvenlo.nl.

Tuition fees indicator

The tuition fees indicator helps you to determine the tuition rate for your situation. The information and tuition rates from this indicator are without engagement. Go to fontys.edu/tuitionfeeindicator to start the wizard.

Our study courses are adapted to international markets. This is reflected not only in content but also in other aspects. We offer various exchange programmes with partner universities from all over the world which provide our students the opportunity to spend part of their studies at a partner university. Fontys helps organizing your stay abroad as well as it sup-ports the claiming of scholarships. Furthermore, the subjects followed abroad are fully recognized at our university. We also support students that want to go to a foreign non-partner university. Besides this we cooperate with a wide range of international companies and global players who actively provide and support internships, projects and graduation assignments. Financial support is possible for certain internships abroad.


CaMpuS Venlo


Further information

Come and visit us!

We offer you the opportunity to meet us for a personal consultation. During this consultation you have the possibility to ask any kind of questions you might have. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in consultation.

Your future perspective

Our four-year bachelor courses are highly appreciated within the work field. Many of our students start their careers directly after graduating. However, graduates also have the opportunity to add a master programme in order to get further qualifications. Fontys Venlo provides different master programmes in cooperation with recognized international universities in the UK and Germany. See fontysvenlo.nl for more information about our master programmes. 27.01 200.M.2751.04.12

Fontys International

Business School

Visiting address Tegelseweg 255 Postal address Postbus 141 NL 5900 AC Venlo Telephone +31 8850 77277 campusvenlo@fontys.nl fontysvenlo.nl facebook.com/FontysVenlo


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