Staying Attuned to the Boom Enrollment Management and Planning Priorities for Non- Traditional Students







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Staying Attuned to the


Enrollment Management and Planning Priorities for Non-Traditional Students

Dr. Barbara Keener, Capella University, Earth Kishia Brock, Rio Salado College, Arizona Richard Liedtke, Park University, Missouri



y What we know about adult learners y Non-Traditional Adult Learner

Characteristics and Attitudes

y Enrollment Management Leadership

y Best Practices for Serving Non-Traditional

Adult Students

◦ Rio Salado College

◦ Park University

◦ Capella University


Principles of Effectiveness for

Serving Adult learners

y Outreach

y Life & Career

Planning y Financing y Assessment of Learning Outcomes y Teaching-Learning Process y Student Support Systems y Technology y Strategic Partnerships


Who are the adult learners?

y Have delayed enrollment into postsecondary education y Attend part-time y Are financially independent of parents

y Work full-time while


y Have dependents

other than a spouse/partner

y Are a single parent y Lack a standard high


Who are the adult learners?

y 25 years of age or older y 40% of the nation’s 16 million college and university students y Typical learner 38.8 years old


Who are the adult learners

y Majority are married y One-third have a

dependent under 18 in house

y Nearly one-third are

employed as professional

y Average household


Demographic Forecast

y Fewer than 40% of American adults posses a higher education degree

y In order to meet the international competiveness goal of 55%

◦ Increase degree production by 40%

◦ Increase degree awarding by 16 million in 17 years

y 90% of the fastest growing jobs will


Attitudes of Adult Learners

y Supplement to the Noel Levitz National Freshman Attitude Report – 2007

y 8,867 first year non-traditional-age students from

y 235 colleges and universities y Cross-section of institutions y Non-traditional age = 25 + y Motivational characteristics


What do you know?

y In small groups

◦ select the ones with highest adult agreement

◦ adult and traditional student agreement

y responses were rated on a scale of 1-7

Rating Scale Not at all true Completely True 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Desire to Finish College

y I have a very strong desire to continue my

education, and I am quite determined to finish a degree_____

y I am very strongly dedicated to finishing

college-no matter what obstacles get in my way_____

y I am deeply committed to my educational goals,

and I'm fully prepared to make the effort and sacrifices that will be needed to attain


Attitude Toward Educators

y Most teachers have a superior attitude that I find very annoying_____


Intellectual Interests

y Over the years, books have broadened my horizons and stimulated my


y I get a great deal of satisfaction from reading____

y I don't enjoy reading serious books and articles, and I only do it when I have


Study Habits

y I take very careful notes during class, and I review them thoroughly before a test___ y I study very hard for all my courses, even

those I don't like____

y When I try to study, I usually get bored and quit after a few minutes____


Math and Science Confidence

y Math has always been a challenge for me____


Verbal Confidence

y I pick up new vocabulary words quickly, and I find it easy to use them in my


Career Closure

y I have found a potential career that strongly attracts me____

y I have made a firm decision to enter a certain occupation and have begun

planning my life around that decision_____


Family Emotional Support

y When I was a child, my parents usually understood me,

respected my judgment, and treated me in ways that helped me grow._____

y My family and I communicated very well when I was

young, and we had a good understanding of each other's point of view___

y My family had a one way of looking at me when I was a

child, and they didn't understand my feelings very well____

y When I was a child, the other members of my family

often said hurtful things that caused unpleasant feelings___


Sense of Financial Security

y I have financial problems that are very distracting and troublesome_____



y I greatly enjoy getting together with a crowd of people and having fun____


Opinion Tolerance

y I get along well with people who disagree with my opinion openly____

y I can feel comfortable with someone who thinks quite differently than I do on major social issues____


Receptivity to Academic Assistance

y I would like to receive some individual help in improving my math skills____


Receptivity to Financial Guidance

y I would like to talk to someone about

getting a part-time job during the regular school year___

y I would like to talk to someone about the opportunities available for summer


Receptivity to Social Enrichment

y I would like to attend an informal gathering

where I can meet some new friends____

y I would like to find out more about the clubs

and social organizations at my college____

y I would like to find out more about student

government and the various student activities on campus____

y I would like to meet an experienced student

who can show me around and give me some advice____


Desire to Transfer

y I have no desire to transfer to another school before finishing a degree at this college or university_____

y I plan to transfer to another school

before completing a degree at this college or university____


Importance Ranking – Noel Levitz

Adult Student Priorities

y Instructional Effectiveness y Academic Advising y Registration Effectiveness y Campus Climate y Service Excellence y Admissions and Financial Aid

y Safety and Security y Academic Services


Adult Priorities

y Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment y I seldom get the "run-around" when

seeking information at this institution y There are sufficient options within my

program of study

y Adequate financial aid is available for most adult students

y I am aware of whom to contact for questions about programs and services


Performance Gap Ranking – high to


y Service Excellence y Admissions and Financial Aid y Academic Services y Academic Advising y Registration Effectiveness y Campus Climate y Instructional Effectiveness


What Attracts Adult Learners?

y Scheduling y Delivery y Format y 48% interested in online y 47% in hybrid y Preference for accelerated formats


What Motivates Adult Learners?

y 30% improving

performance and pay

y 24% personal


y 14% licensing,

traditional or


What does this mean?


Isolated to



Unaware to



Passive to


The connected,

informed and

active consumer

expects to

interact and

co-create value


What do they Want/Need?


y Respect y Considerate/Kind Staff y Positive Interaction y Concerns Need y Answers to questions y Competent staff y Consistent information y Expediency


Effective Leadership in Enrollment


y Ability to analyze National Trends y Systems Thinker y Strategic y Change agent y Understanding of

how to gain credibility and build


y Advocate of


Rio Salado College

y One of ten Maricopa

Community Colleges y Accredited by HLC y College Without Walls in 1978 y Online Education in 1996

y Choice, Access, and


Who we are

y 61,000 annual headcount ◦ 49,000 credit ◦ 12,000 non-credit y 31, 000 online learners y Partnerships y Dual Enrollment y ABE/ESL


Who we serve

y 60% female y Age: 30 y Working y Time Strapped y Savvy Online Consumer y 88% in AZ


“The performance of a system depends upon the

performance of its parts and how each part interacts with the other parts to affect the performance of the whole.”


Rio Salado College – Outreach

y 450 online courses y Weekly start dates y Never close or cancel a class y Portal – personalized y 86% course completion rate y Customer Relationship Management Solution y Marketing and Outreach

◦ The Rio Advantages


Rio Salado College - Finances

y Provide Federal

Financial Aid

y Low cost payment


y Stager start dates

and pay course by course

y Affordable

◦ $71.00 per credit hour

◦ $174 outofstate -online


Rio Salado College - Finances

y Discounts on


y Discounts on


y Text Book Savings


Rio Salado College –Student

Support Systems

y Never close more than

two days consecutively

y 24/7 helpdesk services y Expanded evening

weekend student services

y Online chat, phone,

email, online, fax

y Advisement and career

counseling provide prior to enrollment


Rio Salado College - Technology

y 450 online courses ◦ Interactive y 17 online degrees ◦ Teacher Education ◦ Nursing ◦ Dental Assisting y Post Baccalaureate y RioLounge – virtual student union



y May 2008 – Virtual

Student Union

◦ Online orientation

◦ Success tips – articles

◦ Social networking

◦ Discussion boards

◦ Community x Events

x Items for sale


Park University is…

y …in the mining business

y …in the space leasing business y …in the seminar Business

But most


Park University Programs


Traditional Program – since


Kansas City Area, face-to-face, 8 and 16 week terms


Extended Program – since 1972

At 38 Campus Centers in 22 states, 8 week terms


Online Program – since 1996


y Established in 1875

y Administrative center located in Parkville, MO

y Just over 1600 students at Parkville campus

y Serving the Kansas City metropolitan area – Parkville, Downtown, Independence –

approximately 3500 students


Extended Learning Program

y School for Extended Learning (SEL) established in 1972

y Currently serves over 18,000 students at 38 campuses in 22 states

y Most campuses located at military installations within the U.S.

y Focus on non-traditional students – accelerated programs


Online Program

y Started with one class in 1996

y Currently more than 50,000 enrollments annually in 2000 sections of more than 200 courses

y Reported as 2nd largest Online

enrollments in the US by US News and

World Report – January 2006


Capella University

y Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

y Offers online learning to enrollees in 50 states and over 50 countries

y Over 20,000 students enrolled y 80% in graduate level studies


Capella University

y Graduate Programs in ◦ Business ◦ Information Technology ◦ Education ◦ Human Services ◦ Psychology

y Enrollment Management degree and certificate


Capella University

Principles of Exemplary Practice

y Outreach

y Life and Career Planning y Financing

y Assessment of Learning Outcome y Teaching and Learning Outcomes y Student Support Systems

y Technology



y Dr. Barbara Keener ◦ y Richard Liedtke ◦ y Kishia Brock ◦



y Noel Levitz –

◦ National Adult Student Priorities Report

◦ Attitudes of Adult Learners

y Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

y American Council on Education


y Eduventures -

◦ Adult Learners and Eduventures Perspective

y U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



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