PRELIMINARY MX150 CETM Sealed Wire-to-Wire Interconnects

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Individual wire-seals Ensure IP6K9K-level protection of the entire wired assembly from end-to-end

Highly compact mated interconnect length (43.95 mm)

Provides up to 30% more space-savings than competing equivalents Automatic seal positioning

(patent pending)

Ensures reliable sealing during repeated mate and un-mate cycles Supports up to 12.0A current per

blade; 16.0A current per blade option available upon request

Suitable for high and low-current applications

Choice of 3 keyed, color-coded version interconnects

Differentiates between connectors with identical circuit sizes and prevents mis-mating during final assembly

Pre-loaded Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) feature for additional terminal retention (optional)

Seats terminals firmly in housing to prevent accidental back-out. Non-PLR feature version gives flexibility in pricing based on customer need

Clip-slot feature (optional) Secures the connector to the application chassis for use in high-vibration environment. Non-clip-slot version gives greater pricing flexibility based on customer need

Features and Benefits

Molex introduces the most robust and rugged

wire-sealed connector system designed for superior value,

ideal for light-vehicle applications not requiring USCAR


Faced with increased competition and price pressures, domestic vehicle manufacturers of non-USCAR automotive, light commercial vehicles, 3- and 2-wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) in emerging-economy countries are replacing legacy, sealed wire-to-wire interconnect solutions (used in these applications) with lower-cost, higher-performance equivalents.

The MX150 CE sealed wire-to-wire connector system was developed to deliver higher value and performance car makers need. Designed to operate reliably under harsh environmental and geological conditions where vast travel distances, rugged terrain, poor road conditions and extreme weather temperatures are expected, this highly compact, sealed interconnect solution is the ideal choice for maximum space and cost savings.


Sealed Wire-to-Wire


150148 Dual-row+

Female Connector

150149 Dual-row

Male Connector

150150 Single-row*

Female Connector

150151 Single-row

Male Connector

150152 Male Crimp Terminal

150153 Female Crimp Terminal

150154 Wire Seal

(sold separately)

150155 Cavity Plug

* Single-row available in: 2, 3, 4 circuits + Dual-row available in: 2-by-2, 2-by-4

and 2-by-6 circuits

2- and 12-circuit MX150 CE Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector Assemblies


6-circuit MX150 CE Connector Assembly

Male crimped leads

Male Connector Housing

Pre-loaded (optional)Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) in

male housing Ring Seal

Female Connector Housing

Female crimped leads

Wire-seals (sold separately) Pre-loaded (optional) Primary Latch

Reinforcement (PLR) in female housing

Exploded view of 6-circuit MX150 CE Connector Solution – Pre-plated Tin (Sn) crimps inhibit

corrosion and improve crimp contact and mating

– Uses automotive-fluid-compatible resins to meet operating temperatures from –40 to +125°C

– Ring seal and individual wire seals prevent water seepage at IP6K9K sealing class during high-durablity cycles

– Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) feature (optional) ensures no accidental terminal back-out of crimped contacts during vibrations of up to 10G – MX150 CETM connectors accept ISO6722-compliant, FLRY-B* wires from 0.35 to 1.5 mm2


Sealed Wire-to-Wire



12-circuit Connector Assembly

12-circuit Connector Assembly

– Figure 1: Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) feature prevents accidental back-out of crimped contacts during high vibrations (able to withstand up to 10G vibrations)

– Figure 2: Ring and Wire seals meet IP6K9K-class sealing – Figure 3: Cavity Plugs for

voiding circuits

– Figure 4: Optional Clip-slot for securing connector onto a chassis – Figure 5: Polarization keys with locking latches for ‘poka-yoke’

(a Japanese term for ‘mistake-proofing’ when assembling parts) – Figure 6: Various key coding options for poka-yoke

Figure 1: Pre-loaded Primary Latch Reinforcement (PLR) feature in male connector

Primary Latch Reinforcement


Male connector

Figure 6: Key coding options

Housing color options Black

Grey Natural

Polarization Angle options 60 (L) by 60 (R) degrees 50 (L) by 70 (R) degrees 40 (L) by 40 (R) degrees

Figure 4: Male Housing connector features

Automatic seal-alignment


Integral Clip Slot

Stopper feature Polarization keys

Figure 5: Female housing connector features

Polarization keys

Figure 2: Ring and Wire Seals used (respectively) in connectors and crimps Female connector Ring seal Wire seal (separately ordered)

Male (left) and female (right) crimped leads

Figure 3: Cavity plug can be used to void circuits Cavity plugs (separately ordered)


Sealed Wire-to-Wire



Applicable Wiring

– The tables below shows the range and sizes of various FLRY-B wires the MX150CE interconnect system targets to handle

– Barrel-type terminals are used for universal support of a variety of wire gauge and styles

Wire Size Insulation Outer Diameter (mm)

mm2 *FLRY-B 0.35 1.40 0.50 1.60 0.75 1.90 1.00 2.10 1.50 2.40

Crimp Terminal Features

Insulation outer diameter of wire

*FL – Automotive Wire; R – Reduced Thickness of Insulation; Y – PVC Insulation

Crimp orientation feature

Backward motion arrest features

Forward motion arrest features

Crimp orientation feature

Standalone (crimp) contact design provides enhanced mechanical stability between mated contacts


Sealed Wire-to-Wire




Automotive (non-USCAR) – Cars

– Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) Non-automotive Transportation – Motorcycles

– Scooters

– 3-wheelers (auto rickshaw, tuk tuk)

Tuk Tuk

Auto Rickshaw Motorcycle



Light Commercial Vehicle


Order No. 987651-0861 Printed in USA/KC/2014.04 ©2014 Molex


Sealed Wire-to-Wire





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