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CORPORATE FACTS. The IP Communications Cloud


Academic year: 2021

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The IP Communications Cloud

Jibe - the IP communications cloud company - provides an open platform that bridges the gap between carriers, subscribers, and their friends across devices and networks - to build the new global communications ecosystem.



ibe - the IP communications cloud company, provides the only end-to-end IP platform -- including the public cloud, private cloud, communications client, RCS hub, and telco-web gateway -- built for carriers to launch ‘the new native’ experience for mobile consumers everywhere, rivaling the best OTT has to offer. Jibe’s cloud-based technology and economics enable the rapid cost-efficient transition to a globally connected IP mobile network able to deliver the most innovative and engaging communication services.

Jibe’s IP Communications Cloud supports industry standards (including WebRTC, RCS, joyn™) and interoperability enabling carriers to deliver rich IP-based communications services —video calling, group chat, and large media-file sharing. Already disrupting the position of traditional infracture vendors, the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of Jibe’s cloud, RCS Hub, and its IP communication clients are enabling carriers to quickly launch rich communication services over LTE and WiFi, and extend carriers’ reach globally through Jibe’s public and private cloud.



ibe Mobile powered Messaging Plus is now available on nearly all new Android-powered smartphones by Sprint. Messaging Plus lets Sprint deliver high quality video, real-time messaging and sharing with the telecom-tested quality and interoperability that mobile subscribers really want as part of their mobile messaging experience.



“Messaging Plus continues to gain

momentum for its rich communications

innovation and customer satisfaction.

Based on this success, Messaging Plus

is now pre-loaded on most of our new

Android-powered smartphones. With

Messaging Plus, we are making it easy

for our customers to get more out of

every conversation with features such as

the app to video call, group chat and file


- Wayne Ward, Vice president-Business

and Product Development, Sprint



eutsche Telekom is leading the charge to interconnect European operators using Jibe’s RCS Hub — a carrier-grade interconnection platform that provides access to the global community of RCS and joyn carriers via a single connection.

COSMOTE Romania, which is part of the DT-owned COSMOTE Group, launched commercial operations in December 2005 with the aim of making mobile telephony accessible to all. COSMOTE Romania expanded 4G population coverage in Bucharest to 90 percent, while also expanding the service on mobile phones through a variety of handsets.

Slovak Telekom is the largest Slovak multimedia operator with many years of experience and responsible approach to doing business. The company is an universal operator offering residential and corporate clientele benefits of a comprehensive solution provided from a single source. The Telekom brand offers the complex portfolio of voice and data services provided via fixed and mobile network. It also constantly introduces international know-how, innovative solutions and cutting edge technological trends to the market.

Jibe’s RCS Hub addresses the challenge facing the telecom industry, how to quickly connect and interconnect carriers with established RCS communications services — hosted or in-network, IMS or pre-IMS networks — to deliver the most innovative IP communications services such as video calling, group chat, and sharing of video, photos, and location to the world’s more than 6 billion mobile subscribers as part of their everyday experience.


“Deutsche Telekom has been a supporter of RCS and joyn from day one, and we are now expanding these rich communications services using the Jibe Communications Cloud and RCS Hub, as well as inviting carriers throughout Europe to join us in enabling these important services for their customers. We have found a hosted service model to be particularly well suited to some of our markets and Jibe Mobile is a key partner for Deutsche Telekom in delivering these services in these countries.”


ibe Mobile is committed to helping build the interconnected “network of networks” for mobile operators to enable consumers anywhere, on any smart device, on any carrier to connect with others via the world’s most advanced telecom IP standards and communications applications.

The Silicon Valley cloud-based communications provider, Jibe has developed the world’s first open technology platform supporting industry standards including GSMA RCS 5.1, joyn™ and ‘rich communications’ into mobile applications.

Jibe’s cloud enabled IP-based communications services enable carriers to rapidly connect smartphone customers with friends on any mobile network to communicate using video calling, group messaging, chat and VoIP, as well as easily share videos, photos and data files. It’s here, and it’s the future of global telephony.

Cloud Services: Global Interoperability for Carriers to Consumers

Jibe Mobile solutions enable mobile operators to respond to the growing threat from over-the-top (OTT) services and remain competitive as communications service providers. Jibe strives to assist mobile operators in the transition to IP-based services by providing carriers with the cloud-based capabilities and interoperability to connect subscriber’s with their friends both on their own networks and others throughout the region.

Jibe’s Telecom Cloud provides a powerful and strategic advantage allowing operators around the globe to connect and establish their own IP Communications-based leadership. Jibe’s messaging app and cloud are leading the move toward a cloud-enabled globally connected IP communications network positioning carriers to rapidly deliver the most innovative communications to their customers and their friends throughout the world.





Why Cloud First? The traditional way of assembling infrastructure takes too long and is too costly. Embracing the cloud is the key to putting the infrastructure in place today to keep subscribers ‘on Network’ for their preferred mobile experience. The cloud enables a flexible delivery model when time to market is key. Based on industry standards, the cloud offers global reach today while leveraging standards as they evolve in the industry. Using the Jibe IP Communications Cloud these services don’t need in-network integration and can be deployed in weeks. Cloud First allows carriers to deploy their service today in the cloud and iterate on features quickly, as well as learn from their customer base and address rapidly emerging market needs with feature innovation.

Cloud Economics: Shifting from CapEx to Opex Cloud

is a lower upfront investment, which means there is less pressure to monetize services immediately. This provides the flexibility to explore new premium services and monetization strategies for future revenue growth (OTTs already are).

Jibe – The IP Communications Cloud

Jibe’s Communications Cloud enables carriers’ subscribers to connect, communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere across any network using the unified and intuitive features of IP-based Communication Services - providing a hybrid approach for carriers to invest in standards, connect together and leverage OTT.

Jibe Supports Open Carrier Standards in the Cloud

Jibe has been committed to standards and an open approach from the start. In 2010, Jibe did substantial work to help redefine and simplify RCS (jump start).

IP, RCS5 and beyond - Jibe provides apps that work

with existing carrier infrastructure and the ability for carriers to interconnect with each other using the latest open IP carrier standards.

Jibe Mobile’s Cloud brings together carriers and developers to openly innovate and build new standards-based applications that let consumers connect, communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere using the newest modes of communication - video calling, group chat, location sharing, voice calling and data-media file sharing.










Private Cloud: uniquely enables carriers to

launch IP communications and messaging services quickly for their subscribers using Jibe’s secure, dedicated Private Cloud solution instead of investing in traditional infrastructure.

Public Cloud: provides the ability to invite

any subscriber on any mobile network, in any country, to cloud-based messaging so friends, family and colleagues can connect together.

RCS Hub (NEW): is the carrier-grade

interconnection platform that provides access to the global community of RCS and joyn carriers via a single connection.

IP Communications Clients: delivers the full

power of IP communications -- including joyn and RCS5 -- as a fast, clean and smooth user experience for video calling, group chat, media-file sharing, and location sharing. While pre-loaded on some smartphones, subscribers simply need to download the mobile app to begin using this new IP messaging service on their iPhone and Android phones.

Telco Web Gateway: is the foundation to

prepare RCS networks for mass market, multi-device access enabling an open web gateway for secure connections into the Jibe Cloud.

Jibe’s cloud-based approach allows mobile carriers to launch RCS solutions quickly. Jibe Mobile’s cloud-based platform includes a public cloud, private cloud, communications client, RCS hub, and telco-web gateway built for carriers to launch ‘the new native’ experience for mobile consumers everywhere, rivaling the best OTT has to offer. Jibe’s IP Communications Cloud supports industry standards (including WebRTC, RCS, joyn™) and interoperability enabling carriers to deliver rich IP-based communications services —video calling, group chat, and large media-file sharing.

The company’s end-to-end IP communications cloud helps to eliminate technology fragmentation both within and across mobile carriers. Jibe’s Private Cloud allows carriers to rapidly launch cost-effective RCS services to their subscribers, and Jibe’s Public Cloud provides providing ubiquitious reach for subscribers of those carriers that have yet to support RCS. Jibe’s Cloud also includes ‘white label IP clients’ providing the interface to Android and iOS mobile consumers, and enhancing their everyday mobile experience.



Amir Sarhangi, CEO and Founder

Steve Schroeder, COO, CFO and Founder Elmar Weber, CTO

Dan Seyer, VP Marketing Todd Parker, VP BD, & US Sales Jason Choy, Senior VP of Sales, EMEA Hieu Ta, VP of Engineering


Jibe Mobile was founded in 2006, headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in London and Düsseldorf. Jibe has been committed to global telephony innovation from the beginning. We’re working hard from our offices around the world to drive global mobile innovation working with the best and the brightest from the mobile ecosystem. Jibe Mobile is a privately held company backed by Vodafone Ventures (the U.S. investment arm of Vodafone Group), MTI, and other investors.

Headquarters: 990 N Rengstorff Ave Mountain View, CA 94043 Offices: Mountain View • London • Düsseldorf


Website: www.jibemobile.com Blog: www.jibemobile.com/blog/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/jibemobile YouTube: www.youtube.com/jibemobile Media Contact: Jeff Lettes, jlettes@globalmediastrategy.com 408-406-1161


2014, June, Deutsche Telekom’s COSMOTE launches joyn powered by COSMOTE, developed and delivered by Jibe Mobile

2014, June, Deutsche Telekom’s Slovak Telekom launches joyn by Telekom, developed and delivered by Jibe Mobile

2014, February, Jibe demonstrates live interconnect at Mobile World Congress between Deutsche Telekom and Orange

2014, February, Jibe announces launch of RCS Hub at Mobile World Congress with Deutsche Telekom leading the charge

2014, February, Sprint announces Messaging Plus installed on nearly all new Android phones

2014, January, Jibe recipient of TMC’s Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2013, October, Jibe shortlisted for North America LTE Award’s Most Innovative Application/Service

2013, October, Jibe and Sprint launch Messaging Plus

2013, September, Jibe Mobile Receives 2013 Customer Magazine Innovation Award

2013, September, Jibe named World Communications Award Finalist 2013 July, Jibe honored with TMC Labs Innovation Award 2013

2013 July, Jibe receives Telecom Council SPIFFY Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence

2013 February, MetroPCS Selects Jibe Mobile to Expand Joyn to North America 2012 December, Jibe Announces $8.3M funding backed by Vodafone ventures 2012 October, Jibe Opens Dev Portal to Global Developers at Droidcon London 2012 February, Jibe Powers RCS SDK for Vodafone, launched at Mobile World Congress

2011 February, Jibe wins RCS DevChallenge for best RCS App at Mobile World Congress

2011 March, Jibe launches messenger app on Kyocera phone 2010 Jibe partners with Vodafone to author RCS-e specification 2008 Jibe launches first app in beta


Learn how Jibe is transforming the

telecom world The IP Communications Cloud Company


990 N Rengstorff Ave

Mountain View, CA 94043


Tel: +1 (650) 336-JIBE

Fax: +1 (415) 358-4254



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