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The object of this book is clearly indicated by the title : it is intended to be a companion to the Traveller who visits the Bast for pleasure or business purposes, and a help to the advanced Student who begins to translate from English into Arabic. In the interest of the Traveller, therefore, primary regard is paid to the modern idiom, as it is spoken at the present day, principally in Egypt - and Syria. For the benefit of the Student, on the other hand, to still greater extent, recourse has been had to the literary and even poetical Vocabulary ; nay, in order to give a fuller idea of the character and richness of this remarkable language, numerous words have been inserted which belong to various slang dialects, as, for instance, the nicknames given to the principal necessaries of life in the Tufaili dialect. Any reader versed in these studies will, therefore, on close examination, find a great deal of curious and

useful information condensed in this comparatively small volume.

Guided by the idea that the task of a Dictionary is to supply those etymological facts which cannot be taught by the Grammar, the Author has excluded regular forms of inflexion, but carefully recorded €he irregular plurals of nouns and adjectives, both in the Arabic and Roman

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character, and given in full the Aorists of verbs after the Preterites, in transliteration, both of them in the third person singular. On the above-stated principle, he might have dispensed with the Aorists of the derived forms, and of quadriliteral verbs, as these are regularly formed from their Preterites. To enhance the usefulness of the book, however, it appeared advisible to give those Aorists also. He who studies the language, not from a scholarly point of view, but for practical ends, can scarcely be expected always to remember the rules for the formation of this class of v \vords, and will be glad to find them ready to hand. At the same time, the knowledge of the Aorists enables him to form from them the active and passive participles, or, in the parlance of the Arabic Grammarians, the nouns of the " Agent" and "Patient"; and thus it became feasible to pass over a great many words, which in English are either originally participles, or nouns derived from verbs by the syllables -er, -or, -tor, &c. The Arabic for such words has, therefore, only been given when they have a particular

form or a particular meaning of their own. A few examples will illustrate this.

On page 1 of the present volume we find the words Abandoned, Abashed, Abet, Abide. The rules* for the

* These rules are :— The Agent of a triliteral verb follows the measure JcU fdHl, that is to say, the first consonant of the root is pronounced with a, the second with i. Its Patient follows the measure Jy** maf'iil, viz. the syllable ma is placed before the root, whose first consonant is pronounced without a vowel, whUst the second takes 11. From derived forms and quadriliteral verbs the two participles are obtained by changing the initial yn or ya of the Aorist into mu, and pronouncing the last consonant but one with i («) tor the Agent, with a (a) for the Patient. Compare the examples, mdkis, matrdk, ntuddivim, muslaaun, muhajjal, given above.

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formation of the Agent and Patient teach us that "abandoned," in the sense of "forsaken," would be

matruk ; in the sense of "given over," musallam. There- fore only the meaning of " profligate " has been rendered into Arabic. From the verb hajjal, " he abashed," the

participle mahajjal is regularly derived ; but besides that, the form hajldn is in use, and has consequently been

mentioned as an equivalent. From the Arabic Preterite makas or the Aorists yastaqim, yuddwim, the active participles, mdkis, musta^vm 9 muddwim, are as easily


formed as the English " abiding " from the infinitive " to abide " ; and if the Reader knows that the Arabic word yuharrilc means " he abets " or " incites," he will not have the slightest difficulty in translating the English word "abettor" by muharrik.

By this appeal to the spontaneous mental activity of an intelligent Student space has been gained for a far greater number of words, both English and Arabic, than other-

wise could have been comprised in a volume of the same size.

With regard to the sources from which this Dictionary has been compiled, the Author was not contented to

consult and to follow the works of a similar scope, which have appeared in France, Germany, and in this country, but he has largely supplemented the information thus gathered by extensive reading of the best Arabic writers up to the present day. Not only Hariri and the Arabian Nights have amply contributed to this little volume, but the works of contemporary authors, as Nasif-al-Yaziji, Dr. Bustani, Faris-el-Shidiac, &c, Manuals in different branches of knowledge, written by natives, and translations

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from European standard books into Arabic, have afforded valuable assistance. Unfortunately the whole of the manuscript was in the hands of the publishers before Dr. Badger's great Dictionary came out, and during the ensuing year, while the printing was unavoidably delayed, the -Author's time was fully taken up in preparing an Arabic-English Dictionary, on a vastly enlarged plan (now in the Press) ; so that, to his very great regret, he could not avail himself of the substantial help which this

important work undoubtedly would have lent him. Nobody can be more keenly alive to the imperfections of this book than the Author, and he will be thankful for any hint which fair and intelligent criticism may have to offer him, with a view to future corrections and improve- ments in another edition. Still, as it is, he ventures to hope that he has, in a certain measure, supplied a real want ; and he will feel himself amply rewarded for the care and labour bestowed on it, if it affords aid and wins friends to the study of a language which not only possesses great beauties of its own, and a rich literature, but which will also become of more and more practical importance to

Englishmen, as the Eastern policy of the empire follows


to, but in friendly and mutually advantageous alliance with, the Muhammadan World.


London, September 13th 1882,

on the day of the Battle of TeUel-Kebir.

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The Arabic letters have, in this volume, been transliterated as follows : —

t a, i, u, at the beginning of a word (see the remark on the Hamzah below).

v> b. «> t.

**> §. Pronounced like the English th in thing. * J-

C fc. A guttural aspirate, stronger than h. t h. Pronounced like the Scotch ch in loch. * d.

* z. Pronounced like the English th in that, with. a- s.

v> sh. Pronounced like the English sh in shut. \f 8. Strongly articulated %.

v> d. Similar to the English th in this. t %. Strongly articulated palatal t. I Z. Strongly articulated palatal z.

£ '. Strong guttural, the pronunciation of which must be learnt bv the ear.


sJ £. J q. *> k. J L f* m. O n. » h. > w.

The Hamzah has not been marked at the beginning of a word, where

it has always the Alif for a prop, r and is pronounced as a, i, u, preceded by a very slight aspiration, like h in the English word " honour."

The vowel signs have been rendered by a f or - , i f or t , « for — ; the

long vowels by a for \— , — , or "\ , i for ^7 , 6 for <jr , at for ^,5— , 4 for y-, o for j—, aw for j— , all to be pronounced as in Italian or


The Arabic ^ and j— are represented by i-y and u-w> the feminine

termination 8- by a-t, in which cases the final letters are joined to the

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1 todies of the words by a hyphen, +o show that in modern Arabic they are not to be pronounced, unless the two former are followed by a

feminine or plural termination, or the feminine noun in 5— is placed in a state of construction with a pronominal suffix, or another noun pre- ceded by the article.

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A, indef. curt, frequently expressed by 8 (fern, term.) subjoined to a generic noun, as, y*$ samar, "fruit "; ly» samara-t, "a fruit." Aback, adv. (backwards) \y wara; \ja {$+ min wara. — (by surprise) &± <J* 'ala gafla-t.

Abandon, v. (leave) dy tarak, ya- truk; j+b> uajar, yahjur; f*\* ha jar, yuhajir. — (give over) jJU sallam, yusallim.

Abandoned, adj. (profligate) y*\* fajir (pi. j^%* fujjar, ytty fawa- jir) ; <>-^i fasiq (pi. «~i fasa- qa-t, jV-i fussaq).

Abandonment, s.a. dy tark; j+&> hajr ; q\j*** hijran ; n. d\y&\ in- tirak ; jWe^ inhijar.

Abase, v. JU zallal, yuzallil ; J^ azall, yuzill ; /*> haqqar, yuljaq- qir ; J»j watta, yuwatti.

Abased, adj. JJ** zalil (pi. J33 zilal, *1±\ azilla, &±\ azilla-t); yu** muhtaqar.

Abasement, *. Sjlfe* ^aqara-t ; y&* ta^qir ; Jeltf tazlil.

Abash, v. Jv* tajjal, yu^ajjil; <Sp* haza, yahzi.

Abashed, adj. ($+* hajlan.

Abate, v.a. jli qallall, yuqallil; ±f& naqqas, yunaqqis ; n. <j*& naqas, yanqus.


Abatement, s. JJU? taqlil ; t^u* tanqis ; <j& nuqs ; ^^» nuqs an ; Sy-U* mukasara-t.

Abbess, s.jt^\ &~*) rayisa-t ad-dair ; cy\*jfc\jj\ &~ij rayisa-t ar-rahibat. Abbey, *. y* dair (pi. Sjy*> duyura-t, &y<A adyira-t).

Abbot, s. y^\ <j~i) rayis ad-dair (pi. *\~» rusa) ; gWAy\ u~*j rayis ar-ruhban.

Abbreviate, v. yd qassar, yuqaf- sir; j*&*\ ihta?ar, yahta?ir.

Abbreviation, s. j\*&»\ ihtigar )\*a«j\ iqti^ar.

Abdicate, v. 0* JjUj tanazal 'an, yatanazal ; J)*> ta'azzal, yata'az- zal ; Jy»\ i'tazal, ya'tazU.

Abdication, s. Jtysrf i'tizal; J<>y nuziil ; Jj^» tanazul ; dJ tark. Abdomen, s. &\+ ma'na-t (pi. «w\ -at, yfy mu'un, tfy mu'un).

Abduction, s. s-«i~ salb ; *-&*> hatf.

Aberration, a. J)U <Jalal; a^j* tauhan ; tlfc galaf.

Abet, v. (incite) { J& J**- hamal 'ala, yahmil; **^ harrak 'ala, yuharrik. — (back up) *j& •** sadd zahra-hu, yaiidd.

Abeyance, *. *^Vj ta'ahhur. Abhob, v. y karih, yakrah ; y&i bagacj, yaogudL

Abhorrence, s. *\/a*\ istikrah ; W/ karaha-t ; S^/karahiya-t.


istaqam, yastaqim ; S*£+ makas, yamkus. — (continue) p\* dam, yadum j fjW dawam, yud4wim. 1

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Ability, s. 8jAS qudra-t ; ^Jtfrt iqti- dar ; &*k\* qabDiya-t.

Abject, adj. jtfr- haqir; ^a * hasis, *^-*j wagd (pi. *>Li^ augad).

Abjectnbss, s. &4** daniya-t (pi. \i\it danaya); S*V**> dana'at ; £** zilla-t ; Sj^- haqarat.

Abjtjbe, v. J&) rafa<J, yarfu<jL ; *W* jahad, yajhud ; /i nakir, yankar ; j&\ ankar, yunkir; *5j\ artadd, yartadd.

Abjuration, e. *>j^* juhud ; *A^j\ irtidad.

Able, adj. j**Vi qadir ; JjVi qabil. Ablution, s. J-~fc gasl, gusl ; Jt-J^ igtisal. — (before prayer) *y±)

wadu. — (with sand) (*+£ tayam- mum.

Abnormal, adj. yf\&\ xs dudd al- qanun ; tjj-a* ^ gair mawjbut. Aboard, adv. s-*^*tt <j* fi-'l-mar-



Abode, s. (j^-^ maskan (pi. (^SV- >• masakin) ; J^» mahall (pi. JV^« mahall) ; Jyt* manzil (pi. JjU* manazil).

Abolish, v. JM abtal, yubtil ; (~J nasah, yansah, £~i fasah, yaf- sah.

Abolition, «. JVXa^X ibtal ; JJa** tab- til, (^ butlan.

Abominable, ad/. **/ karih ; a^^* makruh ; &** 6ani* ; «t>yu*

mamqut ; «>*&• maqit.

Abominate, v. »/" karih, yakrah ; «ycu.\ istakrah, yastakrih; <>»** baga4, yabgud; <**&• maqat,


Abomination, *.a. &&j£* makraha-t, makraha-t ; ^ kahr, kuhr ; n. lpj£" makraha-t ; ***** sani'a-t (pi. gjU* Sanayi') ; £«** qabi- ha-t (pi. £>Wi qabayih, cW* qi- Mh).

Aboriginal, adj. s. ^M asli-y ; ^\ awwali-y; ^>»^ {$* (^j** (j)U)J\ mutawattin min qadim az- zaman.

Abortion, *. tVa-.\ isqat ; c^ tirb, turl?.

Abortive, adj. tyu*» masq&t » u^e* jahicj ; {j^ naqis.

Abound, v. j& kasur, yaksur ; \J&

fad, yafid ; fr wafar, yafir, *• % *•**■ hasab, yahsib.


About, prep. Jj*- haul. — (speaking of time) Joe 'and ; f^ naljw. — (concerning) 0* 'an ; ^ fi. About, adv. %*yff taqriban; f* nahw.

Above, prep. adv. ,jj* f auq. — (more than) (f j£\ aksar min.

Abrade, v. Jft akal, ya'kul. Abrasion, *. uy. saraf , J^ akl. Abreast, adv. <>*\) «-** ^ fi saff-in wahid-in.

Abridge, v., Abridgement, *., see Abbreviate, Abbreviation.

Abroad, adv. (without doors) "W^ harijan. — (out of the country), *\ji barran.

Abrogate, v. JM ibtal, yubtil ; Jk* battel, yubattil ; c-~* nasah, yan- sah.

Abrogation, s. JM ibtal; £~* nash ; *sJy tark.

Abrupt, ad/, (steep), UUrtj waqif ; ^•U ^amih. — (sudden) &Afc <J^ 'ala gafla-t.

Abruptness, s. (rudeness) ^\-^- haiana-t.

Abscess, *. &*** habba-t ; J^^ dum- mal, SL-*> dummala-t (pi. J^Uo damamil) ; $M *> dumbala-t (pi. danabil) £/ qarh (pi. cjj* quriih).

Abscond, v. ^J*s»\ ihtafa, yahtafi ; £&\ inqala', yanqali*.

Absence, s. ^t gaiba-t ; v»W^ giyab.

Absent, v. s^^ gab, yagib.

Absent, adj. (in mind) i* ***&•>• mu- ^attat ; ^t- sahi.

Absentee, s. s-st^ gayib. Absolute, adj. (despotic) <3^


mutlaq; Jtel* mustaqill. — (com- plete) J*^ kamil ; ^ tamm ; ^Uj tamam.

Absolution, *. yfc* *af u ; Sywu mag- fira-t; q\J& gufran; Js>U? tah«


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Absolve, v. /* gafar, yagfir ; J*k\ igtafar, yagtafir.

Absorb, v. (imbibe) UUJ naiif, yaniaf; s-**> nagab, yangib, yangub; sV* ^ari^>» yakrab. — (wholly to engage) Ja* sagal, yaigal. — (be absorbed in thought) J**a^ i^tagal, yaitagil.

Absorption, 8. gM ibtila'; s^* £arb.

Abstain, v. £**A imtana', yam-

tani' ; {mS **>\ ihtama, yattami, u£ kaff, yakuff; J^j zahad, yanzad (all with i$£ 'an).

Abstemious, adj. ^ ■W* muhtami ; ±*>\j zahid.

Abstemiousness, s. U*A ibtima; JUfcj zuhd; SjVa; zahada-t, u\i6\ ikfaf.

Abstinence, 8. £U-^\ imtina' ; cJtf kaff ; *eU»i qa$a'a-t.


only) *j^>» mujarrad.

Abstract, s. (epitome) &*>%*- hula- sa-t ; ^afc* muhta§ar.

Abstract, v. (separate) Jy*- jarrad, yujarrid. — (purloin) Jk^* naial, yan£ul ; j^- saraq, yasruq.

Abstraction, 8. «tyr tajrid. — (deep thought) jVXsi\ iftikar. — (absence of mind) je~ sahu.

Abstruse, adj. <jl** nraglaq ; (*&>* mubham ; ,3**^ daqiq.

Abstruseness, 8. •*«**> ta'qid. Absurd, adj. ^j** je£ &• min ger ma'na, Afrff ±* dudd al-'aql; J^» muhal.

Absurdity, 8. gl*Afc hazayan, 'abas.

Abundance, *. Sy^ kasra-t ; .

hisb ; SjVjj ziyada-t ; <J±*L f aid ; ijfl^ rahs ; ^ raha.

Abundant, adj. j~& kasir; t/*\i f ayid ; }\ wafir ; j^y maufur ; J«\j zayid.

Abuse, 8. (insult) &<*& bahdala-t, l+~Jb> satima-t. — (misuse) &* Abuse, t;. f*s± satam, ya^tim, yas- tum ; 6attam, yuiattim ; s-*~ sabb, yasubb.

8 [Ace

Abusive, adj. s-*tw~» sabib (pi. s-^W- sabayib) ; ^>U satim. Abut, v. J*rt ittasal, yattasil. Abutment, s. (of a bridge) J^ kabi (pi. ^»W* kibas, <J~£\ akbul, jfcW^ akbiU).

Abyss, 8. <>*x 'umq (pi. ,jUrf a'maq) ; ^3 lujja-t (pi. g*3 lu-


jaj) ; kj*> hawiya-t.

Academy, s. *U1* oV j di w *n 'ula- ma. — (school) %**)<*+ madrasa-t. Academician, s. ^lc 'alim (pi. *Ulc 'ulama).

Accede, v. «t> o - *; rada bi, yard a ; J** qabil, yaqbal. — (to a throne) {j^t- jalas, yajlis.

Accelerate, v. J^ 'aj jal, yu'ajjil ; £j~\ asra', yusri*.

Acceleration, 8. Ja*** ta'jil; &j~\ isra'.

Accent, s. (tone) ( 1 >J labn (pi. (;jVJ\ alhan, g*J luhun). — (pro- nunciation) kft£ talaffuz.

Accept, v. J*S qabil, yaqbal ; J*# taqabbal, yataqabbal.

Acceptable, ad/\ Jj*** maqbiil; j^-4^ ma^kur ; s-*~k* munasib. Acceptance, s. J«3 qabul.

Acceptation, s. (received meaning) ^y*^ ma'na (pi. ^^ ma'ani) ;

v.Sj*** fahwa (pi. v^^* fahawi). Access, s. Jy*-*> duhul ; A*oj wu?ul. Accessible, adj. *+>\/&i\ Je- sa- hil al-iqtirab.

Accession, 8. (addition), 8*>^j ziyada-t. — (to a throne) <j*j^ julus.

Accessory, adj. (additional) Jst^) zayid. — (accomplice) ^ <*kj* <r*&\ ^arik fi-'z-zamb.

Accident, 8. jW\ ittifaq; &*&*• mu§iba-t (pi. s-s*^** masayib) ; ^»j^ 'arida-t (pi. ^f 'awarid) ; &6\s» hadi§a-t (pi. *±>S\^. ^a- wadig).


^/^ 'aradi-y.

Acclaim, v. Jy* hallal, yuhallil. Acclamation, s. J<1«> tahlil. Acclivity, *. *}* 'uluwwa-t (pi.

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««JU <alawi); J* tall (pi. J^ tilal, Jp tulul).

Accommodate, v. <3*j waffaq, yu- waffiq ; «J*U» {abaq, yutabiq. Accommodation, *. (adaptation) L*jm\j*» munasaba-t ; &&\y» muwa- faqat. — (agreement) l&)\*+ musa- laha-t. — (comfort) &*)} lazima-t (pi. fj\ji lawazim).

Accompaniment, s. (in music) &*W taba'a-t.

Accompany, v. s-^^ sahab, yusa- hib; &\) rafaq, yurafiq ; &\* Say a', yusayi*.

Accomplice, *. s-*>«^ ^ **kj* 6arik fi-'z-zamb; s-^\ <jMj rafiq az- zamb.

Accomplish, v. J*^ kammal, yu- kammil; ^-tf qada, yaqdi; ++* tamman, yutammim ; ^/^ halla§, yuhallia.


j»W> tarn am ; J*&« mukammal. — (in mind or person) s-» J ^ s-^^* sahib adab; <-A*U latff; J** fadil.

Accomplishment, a. (completion) *U*\ itmam ; J**# takmil. —

(talents) J* fa<Jl (pi. J^ fudul, JU*\ afdal); &*** facjila-t (pi. J*U* fadayil) ; JUi'kamal (pi. &\ -at.

Accord, v. (agree) v$£\ ittafaq, ya- taffiq; ^\ ittahad, yattahid. — (grant) £*- samuh, yamsuh.

ACCORD, ACCOBDANCE, *. S&\ itti- faq; *>W itti^ad; &*\y* muwa- faqa-t.

According to, Accordingly, adv. s-^^H bi-mujib; w-*-*- hasab, hash ; «etf 3 s-**j* ^ 'ala mujib zalik.

Accost, a. (come near) s^* qarib, yaqrab. — (address) s-^^ hatab, yuhatib.

Account, a. s^~*> hisab. — (bill) ^*\~+&)\ £*j>^> qavima-t al-hisab. — (narrative) p± habar (pi. jW*^

ahbar) ; l^» qissa-t (pi. yo-rf qisa8,|^e-sAi\ aqasis). — (onaccount

°f) J^ <f K" 11 ajl; s-**~* bi- sabab.

Account, v. (esteem) » i a hasab, yahsub. — (explain) j** 'abbar, yu'abbir ; ^--i fassar, yufassir. Accountant, s. s-*-W« muhasib.

Account-book, ytfo daf tar (pi. /Vte dafatir).


^- sallah, yusallih.

Accoutrement, s. $»** 'adda-t (pi. *>ac 'udad) ; j*er tajhiz.

Accrue, v. J^ hasal, yahsal ; *>\) zad, yazid.

Accumulate, v.a. f& kawwam, yu- kawwim ; £ <*- jama', yajma' ; *1 lamm, valumm; n. fr*A

rjtama', yajtami' ; (*$\ iltamm, yaltamm.

Accumulation, *. ptfi takwim ; £ <*- jam* ; &*J lamma-t.

Accuracy, s. &*** sahhat ; W-* dabt ; &*> diqqa-t ; <J**»tf tadqiq.

Accurate, adj. ^y**+ nia4b&t 5 ijS±» mudaqqiq.

Accurse, v. {&v la'a la'an, yula'in.

Accursed, adj. of&" mal'iin (pi. {#*&• mala'in) ; ^^ la'in.

Accusation, *. & *> tuhma-t (pi. f& tuham) ; h\£* 6ikaya-t ; IJ6± £ikawa-t ; c3^** ^akwa.

Accusative, s. s-^J nasb (pi. *yA*t\ ansab) ; ^ J^uJ\ al-maf iil


Accuse, v. v» p$ taham bi, ya- thim ; <J^ { J^J^ iitaka 'ala, yaitaki.

Accuser, s. p*to tahim; ^sJ^m muStaki : ^J^ mudda'f.

Accustom, v. ^ *)* 'awwad 'ala, yu'awwid. — (oneself) *>^«* ta'aw- wad, yata'awwad.

Accustomed, adj. «jy*U ma'luf; oyu^ muta'awwid; *>U**« mu'- tad.


Ace, s. *>y fard (pi. *ty fir&d) ; ^ ass.

Ache, *. &* waja' (pi. £Wj wija', £W^ auja'). /an, yal'an ; ^H Digitized by Google Ach] [Add

Ache, v. g*f tawajja', yatawajja 4 ; £f1 ittaja', yattaji*.

Achieve, v. J*£ kammal, yukam- mil ; p > tammam, yutam- mim.

Achievement, a. £** + * 'ajiba-t (pi. s-iW* 'ajayib) ; Sa***- tainida-t (pi. J«W bamayid).

Acid, adj. J^^ hamid; {j~fo naqis ; y**+ ma4ir.

Acidity, a. &>y*** Ijamuda-t. Acidulate, v. ^fi+* hammad, yu- hammid.

Acknowledge, v. j*\ aqarr, yuqirr ; <jy»t i'taraf, ya'tarif.

Acknowledgment, a. j\j»\ iqrar; sJ\f*\ i'tiraf. — (thanks) ^V^ sukran.

Acorn, a. ty ballut.


«-i^ 'arraf, yu'arrif .

Acquaintance, a. &f* ma'rifa-t (pi. «-ijU* ma'arif). — (knowledge) f$* 'ilm (pi. f>f* 'ulum).

Acquiesce, v. ^j ra4a, yarda; J*s qabil, yaqbal; J J**^ imtagal H, yamtasil.

Acquiescence, a. J**J qabiil ; \*j rida ; s }\*j+\ imtisal.

Acquire, v. <*UsM imtalak, yam- talik ; s-~~stf iktasab, yaktasib ; J*»» ha§$al, yuha^^il; JU nal, yanal.

Acquirement, Acquisition, a. d%s*\ imtilak; sA-j^ iktisab ; J**es* tabgil.

Acquit, v. # barrar, yubarrir, yte gafar, yagfir; yoU- hallas, yu- balli?.

Acquittal, a. y^ 'afu; ^uu mag. fara-t.

Acre, a. (field) Jfe> fcaql (pi. Jy^ huq&l) ; ^ git (pi. eM gitan).

— (mecwttrew*en-<) ^W faddan (pi. ^*)W fadadin).

Acrid, adj. *-**?- tirrif ; y murr (pi. j\f\ amrar) ; v*L. Mmiz. Acrimonious, adi. $*- barr.

Acrimony, a. fijy» marara-t ; $/• murra-t.

Across, adv. "U^W* munfrarifan ;

J^ifM^ mu'taritjan ; u 6 /" 5 ^ bi-'l- 'ard.

Act, v. J«* fa'al, yaf'al; J*W 'amal, yu'amil.


af'al) ; J** 'ami (pi. JU*t a'mal). — (decree) y\ amr (pl./»ty aw &- mir), <^W firman. — (of a drama) > jaz' (pi. ^ ajza').

Action, a. (law-suit) 8jco da'wa-t (pi. «^\ys*> da'wat) ; ^^ da'wa (pi. isj<** da'awa) ; £ty niza*. — (battle) **ij waq'a-t (pi. g>Uj waqayi') ; £*>V^* muharaba-t. Active, a. (in grammar) ^U*3\ £**© sigat al-ma'lum ; JeUM al-fa'il. Active, adj. df» l^arik ; l*M na&t ; £** suni'. — (in grammar) <£***• muta'addi.

Activity, a. &y ^araka-t; ^Ui na^at ; ^a bimma-t.

Actor, a. (stage-player) v^ la'ib ; sr>^ la 4 ab ; ^jVa t&di.

Actual, cw^;. jM^ taqiqi-y ; O^ baqq.

Actuality, a. &*&>• haqiqa-t ; ^Sj waqi'a-t (pi. £>Vij waqayi'). Actuate, v. **^ harrak, yuharrik ; J^o. hamal, yahmil.

Acute, g^Vs qd^i* ; *>U. hadd ; ^U ma<Ji. — (ingenious) ^^ zaki ; ^ok fatin.

Acuteness, a. fo*. hidda-t; ^J^. hiddiya-t. — (acumen) &lo*fitna-t; i-\y firasa-t ; £;&& zakawa-t. Adage, a. (proverb) J** masal (pi. J\JU\ amsal). — (oW saying) J»8 qaul (pi. J\j^ aqwal, Ji^ aqa- wil).

Adamant, a. (j*U3\ almas.

Adapt, v. s-*~^ nasib, yunasib; <J»U» tabaq, yutabiq.


Add, v. «-J^>\ adaf, yu<Jif ; *>\j zad, yazid.

Adder, a. <j«i\ af'a (pi. ^^^ afa'i).

Addict, v. (oneself) J* *>j«* ta'aw- wad 'ala, yata'awwad. — (be ad- dicted to) s-» &p wala* bi, yaula*. Addition, a. Sobj ziyada-t; ii^>\ idafa-t. Digitized by Google Add] 6 [Adm

Addees8, v. (speak to) s-*-U. hatab yuhfitib ; (& kallam, yukallim (ace).

Address, s. &*i»s* hutba-t (pi. s-^ hu^ab) ; s-»^» hitab. — (of a letter) s->j*£*H (^y* 'unwan al-maktub.

Adduce v. (bring forward) fJ^qad- dam, yuqaddim. — (quote) f&

zakur, yazkur.

Adept, a. y&U mahir (pi. 8^* ma- hara-t) ; j**± habir.

Adequate, adj. <3*V» muwafiq ; s-*~^ munasib ; «J*$ layiq. Adequateness, Adequacy, 8. &&£ liyaqa-t ; &*l\y muwafaqa-t ;


C^" munasaba-t.

Adhere, v. (stick) s-» vJH*^ iltasaq bi, yaltasiq ; rf lazam, yalzam. — (be a partisan) Q~ s-***? ta'assab ma*, yata'assab.

Adherence, Adhesion, *. jj-aS lusuq ; (^f^ iqtiran. — (agree- ment) ^ rida ; J^"\ ittifaq.

Adherent, 8. <j*ij rafiq (pi. *U*j rufaqa, &&j ruf qa-t, ,3^ rif aq) ; Uk-J lasiq.

Adherent, Adhesive, adj. &*&• multasiq ; &) lazij ; $ysL» multa- zij.

Adhibit, v. J**a-\ ista'mal, yasta'- mil ; «J^> sarraf , yusarrif .

Adieu, 8. fWj wada*.

Adjacent, adj. J->** muttasil ; jfa" mujawir ; &<>%• mulasiq.

Adjective, 8. *-A*j wasf (pi. «-jUj\ ausaf) ; &* sifa-t ; «>** na'at (pi. &f> mi'ut).

Adjectively, adv. *Vs*j na'atan. Adjoin, v. && lasiq, yalsaq ; J-°j wasal, yasil ; J-*\ ittasal, yatta- sil.

Adjoining, see Adjacent.

Adjourn, v. f*\ ahhar, yu'ahhir ; J$M amhal, yunihil; ^J^ hazaf, yahzif.

Adjournment, 8.j*£-*\* ta'hir ; JW^ imhal ; <*J±*. hazf .

Adjudge, Adjudicate, v. J (*£*> hakam li, yahkum.

Adjudication, s. (*£*» hukm (pi. p\&»\ aJ^kani); &*•)&> j^ukuina-t.


a£rak, *V^a £uraka) ; s-s^ nayib (pi. s-»V nuwwab).

Adjunction, *. *sMjsM i^tirak. — (addition) to\*\ idafa-t.

Adjure, v. a^W *JLc ^— *\ aqsam ale-hi bi-'llah-i, yuqsim ; J^U naiad, yuntUid.

Adjust, v. s-^> rattab, yurattib; (& nazzam, yunazzim; (j&U»

(abaq, yutabiq.

Adjustment, «. s-**>/ tartib ; pjttf tangira.

Adjutant, *. w-**# naqib (pi. %& nuqaba) ; s-«4^ nayib (pi. v*V nuwwab) ; gjl** mu'awin.

Administer, v. ji* dabbar, yudab- bir ; (*£*- hakam, yahkum ; ^L. sas, yasus. — (physics) gJ^c 'alaj, yu'alij.

Administration, «. ^trfJtf tadbir; £~W~ siyasa-t.

Administrator, s. ^-a* mudabbir ; J-^5 wakil (pi. W* wukala).

Admiral, s. j**J\ y*A amir al-bahr ; )^\ u-tsij raiyis al-bahr.

Admiralty, s. j^\ ty+\ imarat al- bahr; j^\ S)VtJ naza'ra-t al- bahr.

Admirable, adj. s « c » f* 'ajib. Admiration, «. s-*%c 'ajab ; s-^v^ ta*ajjub; s-'W*^^ isti'jab.

Admire, v. <$* s ^> ta'ajjab min, yata'ajjab.

Admirer, *. s «■»**'• muta'ajjib. — — (lover) (JaAc *aiiq.

Admissible, adj. JA yuqbal (3 aor. pass.) ; Jj*** maqbiil.

Admission, «. (<o a person or place) Jj*^ duhul ; J^ wusiil. —


(granting) &iW\ ijaba-t; J^«i qabul, qubul.

Admit, v. J^»> dahhal, yudahhil; adhal, yudhil. — (allow, grant) J*S qabil, yaqbal.

Admittance, «. J^a\ idhal ; J*-*> dahl; Jy^J duhM.

Admix, v. U* halat, yahlut ; ^» mazaj, yamzaj.

Admixture, s. WU. hilt (pi- WU.^ ahlat) ; l»to.^ ihtilat.

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Admonish, v. g* nagah, yan?ah ; kcj wa'ag, ya'iz ; &V nabbah, yu- nabbih.

Admonition, 8. &*$ wa'aga-t ; *>U^ ir£ad ; s-***y targib.

Ado, 8. \tjk gauga ; &*& galgala-t ; v T >y B -fc\ ld^irab.

Adolescence, 8. &dtj** 6abubiya-t. Adolescent, adj. 8. s^» &ibb (pi. (j)W* Subban, s>W*\ a^bab, &«a £ababa-t) ; s^j** 6abub.

Adopt, v. (a son) ^^ tabanna, yatabanna; *U*\ kteA ittahaz-hu abnan, yattahiz ; ^S\ izzahar,


yazzahir. — (an opinion) {$~* &* tahassan, yatahassan ; j\&\ ihtar, yah tar.

Adoption, «. ^j^s tabanni ; £*•**> tabniya-t ; oL_*^ ittihaz ; S^ S^mU^ banuwa-t az-zahira-t. Adorable, adj. *p** ma'bud ;

S*>V^—J\ s-«**\j wajib as-sajada-t. Adoration, 8. SoLx 'ibada-t ; foV^* sajada-t ; *>?*~» sujud.

Adore, v. J ^- sajad li, yasjid ; a*c 'abad, ya'bud.

Adorn, v. q\) zan, yazin ; &) zay- yan, yuzajyin ; jy zawwaq, yu- zawwiq.

Adornment, *. &># tazwin ; j^j zawaq ; Ujjdj zuhruf .

Adript, adv. ^W bi-'l-'aum ; "U*Vc 'ayim-an.

Adroit, adj. £>\* Satir (pi. ;VLdi Suftar) ; j^-J labiq ; y^^ mahir. Adroitness, 8. SjUa satara-t ; &W* labaqa-t ; ij\&» mahara-t ; &^** ma'rifa-t ; Sal haffa-t.

Adulation, 8. «J*U> tamliq ; &&Ay muwajaha-t ; j**+i* taba^bu?. Adulatory, adj. <3U* mumalliq; v >U . ? .- mutamalliq ; &*Ay muwa- jih.

Adult, £JW balig.

Adulterate, v. ^ zawwar, yuzaw- wir; JuJ^ afsad, yufsid; u^ gasS, yagusS.

Adulteration, 8. ol— -i\ if sad ; *>t-J fasad ; foy tazwir.

Adulterer, 8. u ; \) zani (pi. **>^j zunat).


Adultery, s. Uj zina ; <3~i fisq ; (jj^a- haun, hawan.

Adultness, «. ^ bulug; **±jl* balugiyya-t.

Adultress, 8. &*s\) zaniya-t (pi. ^rtjj zawani).

Advance, v. f*B taqaddam, yata- qaddam. — (money) «-AL. sallaf , yusallif ; ^fh aqnuj, yuqrid. Advance, 8. pJtf taqaddum. — (of money) *-AL» salaf ; ?<&• g*o daf * muqaddam.

Advancement, *. &<& taqdim;

^*x«> taqadddm ; sfj*tt~\ istidraj ; J>j tarraqi ; *\&j\ irtiqa*.

Advantage, «. SjjU fayida-t (pi. J*\y fawayid) ; &****• manfi'a-t (pi. ^iU. manafi').

Advantageous, adj. &\i nafi' ; J^u mufid.

Advent, «. 4%*A\ j»W* ^iyam al- milad ; & A \ "^^^ maji al- masih.

Adventure, *. <j*;Us 'arid (pi. u*)^ 'awarid) ; £*» ha^ar (pi. ^\w-

hitar, jb±\ ah^ar) ; y»\^ mu- hatara-t (pi. ^»U^ mahatir). Adventurer, a. ^^aL tafsdni-y (pi. &AUL (afasina-t).

Adventurous, Adventuresome,

<wZ/- cSr^" niujtari ; ^-*W- jasir. Adverb, 8. «J[^. harf (pi. «-^ hu- ruf) ; «J^ zarf (pi. cJ^ zurM). Adverbial, adj. ^£> zarfi-y. Adverbially, adv. *Ujk garfan. Adversary, «. ^ 'adu-w (pi. *\^ a'da; ^^^ a*adi). — (in a Zaw-


8uit) (**± ha^m (pi. j»U^\ ah- 9am) ; ^ » ^ hasim (pi. ^ ».o^ hu^ama).

Adverse, adj. <-AJU^ muhalif; ^*W« muha^im.

Adversely, adv. ±* dudd, didd ; Juij bi-dudd ; u~**^ bi-'l-'aks. Adversity, a. S^Vsa. ^aqawa-t ; ^-^ nahs ; Sja sidda-t (pi. ^>^ja sada- yid) ; &**»> dubaila-t ; J^> nakad. Advert, v. ^j^^^ i'tana, ya'tani; > \ - ^ - r LJ taqayyad, yataqayyad. — (refer to) ^\ J*>\ aiar ila, yu^ir. Advertise, v. p± habbar, yuhab-

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bir; yt*\ ahbar, ynhbir; j&>\ ashar, yuShir.

Advertisement, *. y*&* habar (pi. jL*U ahbar) ; S ; U\ i£ara-t ; fk\ i'lam.

Advice, 8. &^««t nasiha-t (pi. ^U> nasayih) ; j^» Saur (pi. j\^»\ as- war).

Advisable, adj. <J*S layiq; s-^-^ wajib ; s-~l^» munasib.


Advisableness, Advisability, *. & »-U* munasaba-t.

Advise, v. c*^ nasah, yunasih ; v^ ijlc j\*\ aiar 'ale-hi bi, yuSir. Advised, adj. {prudent) «*J* s-^^*» sahib tadbir (pi. v»W*1 aehab). Advisedly, adv. (on purpose) *\<)*& qa?dan.

Advocacy, 8. fete* safa'a-t. Advocate, 8. J-^ wakil (pi. *)^ wukala) ; ^W* muhami ; J-&U* munadil ; M* faqih (pi. *V** fu- qaha).

Advocate, v. g*AS ta^affa', yata- 6affa'.

Aerate, v. <.$y& hawwa, yuhawwi ; &) ray yah, yurayyih.

Aerial, adj. ofy* hawayi-y.

Aerolite, 8. i£)*>f**- hajar hawi-y. Aeronaut, 8. \^( yt~^ musafir al- hawa.

Afar, adv. Ju*> ba'id ; »***» &• min ba'id.

Affability, «. «-J&J lu$f ; &UJ lata- fa-t; jUW £y~ sahulat al-

ahlaq; I&Xa* ba$a£a-t.

Affable, adj. ^J^ halim; «-Aj^ la$if ; {j~t*\ anis ; vr 1 ^ ba- $us\

Affair, *. y\ amr (pi. jy\ umur) ; **^ fcaja-t (pi. «>V^ hajat, &U- baj, ^fjo* hawayij); jj*A gugl, &gl (pi. JV^*-^ asgaf, Jj-*-a Sugul).

Affect, v. (influence) f\ a§§ar, yuassir. — (touch, move) <&>*» hannan, yuhannin; <J*; raqqaq, yuraqqiq. — (pretend) »i» qallad,


yuqallid ; ^«M azhar, yuzhir. Affectation, Affectedness, s. §**S tasannu* ; SU&1** mubaha-t.

Affected, adj. (not natural) £&«*• mutasanni*.

Affection, 8. J** mail; &>y* mn- wadda-t ; &*a^» muhabba-t.

Affectionate, adj. *>«*>* wadud ; Ok** safiq ; s-^y« mufcibb ; «^>Wj wadadi-y.

Affiance, v. s ^ hatab, yah^ub ; haftab, yuhattib; ^U <*\«*

£abak li-'z-ziia-t, yaibuk.

Affiance, *. &*!■** hutba-t. — (confi- dence) *>Ws^ i'timad.

Affidavit, a. j*—** ^/5 taqrir bi- qasam.

Affiliate, see Adopt.

Affinity, 8. h\p qaraba-t; ^^-i nasaba-t.

Affirm, v. *&\ akkad, yu'akkid; rf qarrar, yuqarrir.

Affirmation, 8. ^\* ta'kid ; u^Wft isbat ; <Jk&** tahqiq ; yt/S taqrir. Affirmative, adj. ^Jk «*-» tasdiqi-y ; i^tA^ tahqiqi-y ; ^W-J ijabi-y.

Affix, v. «j-J la§?aq, yulassiq. Affix, «. &*** muttasala-t. Afflict, v. ^\ aganim, yugimm ; yy-\ ahzan, yuhzin ; h bala,

yablii ; 6jtU- ^1^ kasar hatir-hu, yaksir.

Affliction, *. Qp> huzn (pi. y\y>\ ahzan, &#* huzun) ; +k gamm

(pi. fy>± gumum) ; h\± kaba-t. Afflictive, adj. fA+ mugimm ; )<*£+ mukaddir.


(pi. >}\y\ amwal) ; £~) wusa* ; W sarwa-t ; ^ kasra-t ; *Vj rahaC Affluent, adj. ^^ gani ; jh\) wafir ; J*«W jazil ; ^ kasir. Afford, v. s-a^ wahab, yahab; Jac «ata, ya*ti. — (be able) j<& qadar, yaqdir.

Affray, *. ^rajja-t; gV^ irtijaj. Affright, v. «-*j*» hawwaf, yuhaw- wif; fy fazza 4 , yufazzi*; *t**j\ ar 4 ab, yur*ib.

Affront, v. <J* t^**5 ta'adda 'ala, yata*adda ; ^^ azza, yu'azzi.

Affront, *. <^j«? ta'addi; ^4^ aziya-t ; Afe- _* ^ naqs fi fcaqq- hu; V^^^ Digitized by Google An] 9 [Aoo

Afloat, adv. U*^ 'ayimaii. Afoot, adv. "V**U ma&yan. Afore, adv. J*J ^ min qabl. Afore-hand, Afobe-time, adv. U*U sabiqan; UXL. salifan; W*** qadiman ; ^Ji ^ min qadim. Afobe- mention ed, Afore-named, Afobe-8AID, adj. \£±* mazkur.


Afraid, adj. «-A*U. Myif (pi. u\*» huwwaf, c^-i. hiyyaf, «-*j*» haul). — (be afraid) «-*^» haf, yahaf; W faza', yafza' ; Ja* jafal, yaj- Afresh, adv. *i±* ^ min jadid ; if ^J\* sani marra-t.

Afbont, adv. *>U5 qusad ; h^ mu- qabilan.

After, prep, (of place) «-*!*■ half; tjjj wara. — (0/ ^trwe) j*» ba'd; .**» (^ min ba'd.

After, Afterward, Afterwards, adv. *.**» <j* min ba'd-hu ; f* summa.

After, conj. U a** ba'd ma; o*j ^ ba'd ann ; U s-^ gabba ma. Afternoon, *. j-* 'asr ; «t>^^oc 'asriyat ; y&&\ .**» ba'd az-zuhr. Aoain, adv. "W aidan ; j^a* ^ min jadid. — (again and again) ^)\y* mararan.

Against, prep. ** dudd, didd ; <J& 'ala ; U»± hilaf . '

Age, *. j*c 'umr ; ^— sinn. — (period of time) J**- jail (pi. JU^ ajyal) ; y&*> dahr (pi. ^t duhur) ;' f* 'a§r (pi. j\**\ a'sar, jr o* 'u§ur).

Aged, ad/- jj%& 'ajuz ; j\#&\ ihtiyar ; (^— - musinn; y~l\ «j* ^U»

ta'in fi-'s-sinn.

Agency, s. &\*) wakala-t; 2L+\j wasita-t.

Agent, 8. Jefj wakil (pi. ^ wu- kala) ; J*U f a'il ; J*& 'arnil. Aggrandise, v. y4 kabbar, yu-


kabbir ; ^ 'azzam, yu'azzim ; £~j wassa', yuwassi' ; J* *>\j zad 'ala, yazid.

Aggrandisement, s. j#t& takbir; (*}*o ta'gim, fr-f tausi'; ^)\ izdiyad.

Aggravate, v. (make mine) J* gaqqal, yusaqqil ; *Uj\ p* sayyar arda, , yusayyir. — (make angry) s~aM agdab, yugtjib; l\t\ agaz, yugiz.

Aggravation, 8. && saqla-t ; *+>\*t\ igdab.

Aggregate, v. a. g**. jama', yaj- ma' ; rf kawwam, yukawwim.

Aggregate, Aggregation, e. £+*- jam' ; ^y£> takwim ; &W jum- la-t.

Aggress, v. (*+* haiam, yabjum ; J**> hamal, ya^mil.

Aggression, 8. fy+* hujum ; 8U*> hamla-t.

Aggressive, adj. ^J^ta* muta'ad- di.

Aggressiveness, 8. ^a** ta'addi. Aggressor, 8. j*»Aa hajim ; ^J^a* muta'addi ; <^*>l* badi.

Aggrieve, v. s-»«^ 'azzab, yu'az- zib ; Qf»\ afczan, yuhzin ; ^ galam, yaglim. (See Afflict.) Aghast, adj. ^\^ hainin.

Agile, adj. ^ na^H ; J^^ *ajil ; JUa. ^amlal; U^As. hafif (pi.

^V&s. hifaf , *J\*±\ ahfaf , UU ahif- ^ a ) ; &r* 8ar ^ (P^ o^r* s ur<an ;


f . S , pi. g^ sira') ; ,3^ ra^iq. Agility, 8. &\&* na^at a -t; ^W*» ^ahama-t; &^ ra^aqa-t ; ^Ua

^amlala-t; iAi hiffa-t; ^y« sur'a-t ; il^ 'ajala-t.

Agitate, *f3^ harrak, yutarrik; t) rajj, varujj ; y» hazz, yahuzz ; \J& qallaq, yuqalliq; ^jA hay- yaj, ynbayyij.

Agitation, s. ^^ hayajan;

^) rajja-t; fy* huzza-t; s^y**^ i(Jtirab ; (ji* qalaq.

Agitator, *. *«3^* mubarrik ; s^V^ {$& cjarrab fitan.

Ago, adv. "VajU sabiqan; J*J ^ min qabl.

Agonise, v. n. £)U naza', yunazi' ; a. v**^ 'azzab, yu'azzib.

Agony, 8. icjU* munaza'a-t; gy «wy*i\ niza' al - maut ; »*>\^5w va>yJ\ sakrat al-maut.


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Aor] 10

Agree, v. s> o^ m 4a bi, yar<Ja; <j*5\ ittafaq, yattafiq.

Agreeable, adj. Jj*** maqbul ; s-~-U* munasib ; <3*V muwafiq ; ugj latif (pi. ^UJ lull).


UtfJ lutf .

Agreement, 8. •*** 'aqd (pi. *>y^ <uqud) ; *»,* Sart (pi. M* Surut) ; jULJ\ ittifaq; *>M ittihad ;

SjutU* mu'ahada-t.

AoRiciTLTURE, 8. &*&> f alaha-t ; ,/)» ^ taflih al-ard; Wjj

zara'a-t ; #\^- harasa-t.

Agriculturist, *. c^* fallal ; *±>^ fcaris (pi. s±>\jcw hurras) ; £j\) zari' (pi. f^j zurra').

Aground, adj. (on the ground) J* ijbft 'ala-'l-ard. — (run ashore) glSjfc garqan.

Ague, «. fy\* ^j-*^ humma dayira-t. Ahead, adv. ^J* quddam; ^abJ


Aid, v. q)\* 'awan, yu'awin ; q\b\ a'an, yu'in; J^U. sa'ad, yusa'id; U u u.\ as'af, yus'if.

Aid, 8. (jjjc'aun; &j** ma' una- 1; &jU* mu'awana-t ; &^ i'ana-t ;

SjkcL-^ musa'ada-t ; 8& ? \-~ * uiusa.- 'afa-t ; »>J^ madad.

Ail, v.a. &-> wajja', yuwajji' ; n. Q*f tawajja', yatawajja*.

Ailing, Ailment, s. g*j waja* (pi. gW-^ auja«) ; J>f mard (pi. ^UM amrad) ; &* 'illa-t (pi. «*& 'illat, JU 4 ilal).

Aim, v. (design) *-* qasad, yaqsid ; a— a a,» taqas?ad, yataqassad. — (fake aim) q^ ±±\ ahaz ni&in, jahuz ; jf» harrar, yuharrir. Aim, 8. (design) & my a-t ; A*i qasd ; **\f murad ; a-Su maqsad


(pi. a*V*» inaqasid) ; y^* garad (pi. J>\£\ agrad).— (target) ^i**> hadf (pi. u\*t\ ahdaf); <^

ntean, y^<J nUan (pi. <^«W naya^in) ; \j>£ garad.

Air, 8. \)& hawa (pi. k^ abwi- ya-t); & rih (pi. c^; riyah); p~i nasam (pi. f^\ ansarn) ; ^%^-i nasim (pi. ^ nisam).—


(in music) &+*> nagma-t; f# nagam (pi. f\-*->\ angam). — (mien, aspect) }&• manzar (pi. JL\j* manazir); **j wajh (pi. tp\ ujuh, »^ aujuh, 6^ wu- juh).

Air, v. ^y* hawwa, yuhawwt ; &j rayyah, yurayyih.

Airy, adj. ^^ hawayi-y.

Akin, ai;. s-4^5 qarib (pi. ^\ aq- riba) ; s-^—> naaib (pi. W*\ an- siba).

Alabaster, «. u±ts^ /•/• marmar abyad ; ^ ruham.

Alacrity, «. jy» 6auq (pi. j>\y*\ a^waq) ; ^A* naiat ; S^c gaira-t (pl.^tgiyar).

Alarm, v. ^y^ hawwaf , yuhawwif ; g)i fazza 4 , yufazzi* ; <jk qallaq, yuqalliq ; J^* qalqal, yuqalqil. Alarm, s. *~*f* hauf ; ^ qalaq ; &*rtj ru*ba-t ; ^^ dajja-t.

Alarmist, s. «-A«^\)^ s-^^* sahib arajif (pi. s-»W*^ ashab).



Album, «. Z&y±^+ rnajuiu'a-t. Albumen, s. j±*J\ u*W bay ad al- bed.

Alchemist, s. W*^ &\*> sani* ki- miva.

Alchemy, a. U »^\ ^lc ^m al-ki- niiya.

Alcohol, s. Jj**\ ^ ruh al- c araq. Alcoholic, adj. ^^ nihi-y.

Alcove, «. £>-a* madja* (pi. ^^« niadaji 4 ) ; l*i qubba-t (pi. s-»W* qibab, s-^i qubab) ; ^ hidr (pi. j)<u» hudur) ; v>j* 'ar^ (pi. ^^ 'arii^).

Alderman, s. &* ^aih (pi. ty** suyuh).

Ale, 8. Sj^ buza-t.

Alert, adj. (vigilant) &*+* nabih ; &** - * *• muntabih; uHt^- haris; j±*> hazir. — (active, nimble) 1**J naiit.

Alertness, 8. £ - a I-.-j nabaha-t; b\+*\ intibdh ; tUi nasa^.

Algebra, s. aJl^UJ^ rf ^ s 3\ ^Jc 'ilm al-jabr wa-'l-muqabala-t. Digitized by Google Am] 11 [AlL


v->U*U afamat) j oV quti-y;

Alien, *. s-j/ garib (pi. ^ gu- raba.

Alienate, v. {-property) £^ ba', yabi' ; ^tt Jtf naqal ila, yanqul ; J^ hawwal, yuhawwil. — {the

mind) J& naffar, yunaffir; »*«t\ &* ab'ad 'an, yub'id.

Alienation, *. **\f* hawala-t; £U* naqla-t ; £«jL* mubaya'a-t. — {aversion) ijU naf ra-t ; yw ta- naffur; Sy^c 'adawa-t, jLa-a £iqaq.

Alight, v. Jy nazal, yanzil ; jJ^\ inhadar, yanhadir.

Alike, adj. ^L-j^ mutasavi ; J** misl ; J*&« masil ; J>U* munia- sil ; a**a sabih ; ^ nagir, J»>U* mu'adil.

Aliment, a. «y»* qut (pi. «y\ys\ aq- ?**); Jf akl; fUL $a'am (pi.

***M at'ima-t, i^U* ma'as. Alimentary, adj «^**a* muqft.

Alimony, 8. &tf kalfa-t ; &tf na- faqa-t.

Aliquot, 8. J**\j^ *>«xe 'adad mu- tadahil.

Alive, adj. ^ bai-y (pi. W ahya) ; <j**W 'ayis\

Alkali, s. <Js qali ; <JUtf\ ^» milh al-qali ; ^^ usnan.

All, adj. J^ kull ; £**► jam!'. All, *. aJ^ kulliya-t: *W jum- la-t.


Allay, v. ^- sakkan, yusakkin ; i$+L t^mman, yu^ammin; ^ja hadda, yuhaddi ; U*± baffaf, juhaffif.

Allegation, 8. *\j>\ irad ; ji/s taq- rir.

Allege, v. ^\ aurad, yurid ; /* zakar, yazkur ; <j^ rawa, yarwi ; $* qarrar, yuqarrir.

Allegiance, a. £*Ux~\ istiqama-t ; &\±o sadaqa-t; £eU» {a'a-t; ***** taba'iy-a-t.

Allegorical, adj. «4y»; ramzi-y ; i3$++ majazi-y ; ^y^ makni-y ; o^* mukanna.

Allegobically, adv. k^^ bi-'l-

kinaya-t ; y^W bi-'r-ramz ; "IjW* majazan.

Allegorise, v. J£* masgal, yu- masgil ; yj ramaz, yarmiz (yar- muz); <J* kana, yakni; j-J

&L£5\ ^ ^.y\ ^ifc^ L*_a fassar £ayan bi-ma'na - 'r - ramz wa-'l- kinaya-t, yufassir.

Allegory, 8. AjU* kinaya-t ; J***? taingil ; SjU\ i^ara-t ; y+) ramz (pi. )yj rumuz) ; j \+* majaz. Alleviate, v. «-AAt baffaf, yu- haffif ; Je-» sahbal, yusahhil. Alleviation, s. *-M**tabfif, Ja*~J tashil ; &JL-J tasliya-t.

Alley, 8. {narrow road) jUj zuqaq (pi. ^Uj zuqqan, Al)\ aziqqa-t) ; <J»^ baniq (pi. vj^^ hawaniq). Alliance, 8. *>«c 'and (pi. *>j$e 'ubud) ; S a &V-*-« mu^ahada-t ; ii^»\ ittifaq. — {by marriage) &j&\*" musahara-t.

Alligator, 8. c^-^ timsa^ (pi. £*~U* tamasih.

Allocate, v. g*j wada', yadia' ; ^ ha^t, yahutt-

Allocation, 8. W hatt, £•*$ wa4* (pi. £^ auda').

Allocution, «. W&*. hu^ba-t (pi. s-^ bntab) ;' v>^ hitab.


sam, yuqassim ; ^**- ba^^as, yu- ha^^if.

Allotment, 8. £*»» bi?9a-t (pi. j*** hi^as) ; ^-»— 3 qisma-t.

Allow, v. && azan, ya'zan; ^4— samut, yasmuh. — (botb witb *J <^*4 la-bu bi-sayin) ; ^ <& q/^-j rabbas la-bu fi, yurabhis.

Allowable, adj. l*±f\ s-^^ wajib ar - ruhsa-t ; cW^ mubah ; yiW jayiz*

Allowance, * &S\ izn; t)\+X ija- za-t ; £-o4y rub? a-t. — {portion) see Allotment. — {abatement of price) j& naqs.

Alloy, v. Ua. halat, yablut.

Alloy, *. Uk hilt (pi. ^U\ ahlaj). Allude, v. J\ j\*\ aiar ila, yudir ; u**\ a'na, yu'ni ; ^ ^ kanna

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'an, yukanni; <j*k fahha, yu- fahhi (with s^ bi and J\ ilk). Allure, v. vW- jazab, yajzub ; ^yt\ agwa, yugwi.

Allubement, 8. *r>«**» jazb ; \jt\ igwa ; hty gawaya-t ; v ^/ tar- gib.

AlliTsion, 8. y\ ramz (pi. \y\ ramuz); £*Us kinaya-t; h^bS i£ara-t.

Ally, v.a. ^ waeal, yasil; &+ jama', yajma'; n. <**\ ittahad, yattaljid; &s\ ittafaq, yataffiq (both with g* ma'); v> &***


ijtama' bi, yajtami'. — (by mar- riage) yfcU sahar, yusahir.

Ally, «. JUfcU* mu'ahid ; fjto* mut- tafiq ; j^a« mutta^id ; «-AjL.

fcalif (pi. VaU fculafa).

Almanac, *. ^y* taqwim (pi. m^S taqawim); *>V*c!N f*~j& fihrist al - a'yad ; &-^\-Jj« ruzniima-h (Per*.).

Almiohtiness, «. &e$\ S^jj qudra-t ilahiya-t.

Almighty, aci;. ^ J^ Jc »*>ls qadir 'ala kull se-y; J*N LjU cjabit al-kull.

Almighty, *. <JU? a)tt allah ta- 'ala.

Almond, «. jj-J lauz, loz; Sjj-J lftllZfli«t

Almost, adv. J*U » ilia qaltl ; Jjl J*l* lau-la qalil ; W*y* taqriban ; J^fi 'and.

Alms, *. &a* ?adaqa-t; fa~» ha- sana-t; Syfj zakwa-t ; SUjj za- kat.

Aloe, a. ^ 'aud (pi, ^\j^ 'idan, •tfj^ a'wacj) ; <4/** qumari-y ; p*> ?abr.

Aloft, adj. J\* 'ali ; g**; rafi'. Alone, adj. *A) wahid; J^ wa- hid ; *>yu* munf arid ; *>/&* mu- tafarrid.

Along, prep. jyJV* bi-'t-tM ; &• ma*.

Aloof, adv. s-u*. ^J* < a la jamb; *«^ <J* 'ala nafciya-t; ****


Aloud, adv. JU <*>^ bi-saut 'all.


huruf al-hija; * » « H *-*#** lmruf al - mu'jam ; *J^\ ^^ W huruf al-alif ba; J*r.\ abjad (=a, 6, c, d, arrangement of the letters according to their nu- merical value).

Alphabetical, adj. ^J^ s-V/ <JL* \+£\ 'ala tartlb hurul al-hija. Already, adv. <& qad ; J£* fa-qad ; J^fi la-qad.

Also, adv. ^ aidan; ^W kama- nan ; *aU^ kazalik.

Altar, 8. £»X» mazbah (pi. &\*" mazabih) ; J-£*-* haikal (pi. J*Wfc hayakil ; s^j^* mihrab (pi. s-stj^ maharib.

Alter, v.a. j^ gayyar, yugayyir ; JJ4 badal, yabdul ; baddal, yu- baddil; n. j<*s tagayyar, yata- gayyar.

Alteration, a. j«** tagyir; ^*» tagayyur.

Altercate, v. £fr naza', yunazi' ; ^►^ 6ajar, yu^ajir, ^ ladd, ya- ludd.

Altercation, 8. £cjU* munaza'a-t ; S^-lA^ mu^ajara-t ; ^ ladad.

Alternate, v. s-*to> taqallab, yata- qallab ; s-iU? ta'aqab, yata'aqab ; j^ J4A 'amal bi - 'd - daur,


Alternately, adv. j^W bi-'d-

daur ; &eiViu3l| bi-'l-mu'aqaba-t. Alternative, «. (choice) J^^ ih- tiyar; S«^ hira-t; v>^^^ inti- hab.


Altitude, «. J^ 'alii-w ; gVtf%^ irti- fa'.

Always, adv. WW dayiman; Jc f>\)<£\ 'ala-'d-dawam.

A.M. (Arlium magister) ff*R fl*+ l**sy\ mu'allim al-'ulum al-ada- biya-t. — (Anno Mundi) &.& w ^%JU3\ min takwin al-'alam. — (Ante Meridiem) ]&&\ J<i qabl ag-zuhr.

Amalgam, 8. 8W-\y ^jW3\ l^^\ vjM^\ ihtilat al-ma'adin bi-w&- sitat az-zibaq. Digitized by Google Ama] 13 [Amo

Amalgamate, v. q*>\*<A\ Ua- balat al-ma'adin, yabluj.

Amanuensis, *. s-*?tf katib (pi. s^ kuttab) ; £~U nasib.

Amass, t;. e** jama*, yajma' ; jJ lamm, yalumm ; f>? kawwam,


Amateur, a. ^M. gawi (pi. «a>\** guwat); s-JVL talib (pi. *t>&>


tullab) ; ^ h-^j ragib fi. Amatory, adj. <j*^ 'a&q; 0*** *i£qi-y.

Amaze, v. j#» bayyar, yubayyir; s~*»£ 'ajjab, yu'ajjib ; ,J**S\ ad- bai, yudbis\

Amazement, *. S^a. l^ira-t; 'ajab ; s-^*? ta'ajjub.

Ambassador, *. ^- safir (pi. \yk- sufara); Jj-j rasul (pi. J-j rusul) ; JUj* marsal (pi. J*~V* marasil) ; <^V ilcbi-y (pi. &*^)\ ilcbiya-t, Turk.).

Amber, s. (yellow) ^*y^ kabru- man; tas kabruba (vulg. W/ karba).

Ambergri8, 8. j*** 'ambar; f\*- j*& 'ambar bam ; j*** 'abir.

Ambiguity, *. fiLja>\ istibab ; l±&6 ta'qida-t; pi&\ ibbam; <j*W^\

tj***^ iltibas al-ma'na. Ambiguous, adj. ^j raibi-y ;

^5***^ (jmfjl* multabis al-ma'na ; c5 *** mu'amma ; **X£a* musak- kak ; f*** mubham ; 0**** ^ zu ma'nen.

Ambition, *. Lj* bugya-t; fcUxrt intifah; g*L tama* ; & * him- ma-t.

Ambitious, adj. g*ll {ami' ; JUL tamma ( ; &+* ^ zu bimma-t.

Amble, v. s-^ habb, yabubb ; J^yfc barwal, yubarwil.

Amble, s. s-^ babab; fl^y* bar- wala-t.


Ambulance, s. yL**M Uyi &to naq- qala-t li-murada al-'askar; ^ (^>^»%^^ ^/»N 'araba-t al-mu- ra4a wa- 1-niajruhin.

Ambuscade, Ambush, 8. &*** ka- min; *y. c^ mat rat bftna-t (pi. t^VU ma{arib) J^ kaid.

Ameliorate, v. ^ sallab, yusal- lib; ^M a^lah, yuslih; £^« sahbah, yusahhih; J^ a'dal, yu'dil.

Amelioration, 8. &?** taslih ; t$*>\ islah ; Ji J«? ta'dil. Amen, 8. {$#•} amin.

Amenable, adj. (responsible) s-JU>* mu^alab ; Jj*-^ mas' ul. — (govern- able) &!*• mutf'; •>** yuqad (3 aor. pass.).

Amenability, 8. £<JUa* mutalaba-t ; &£ySZ~* mas'uliya-t.

Amend, v. Amendment, 8. see Ame- liorate, Amelioration.

Amends, s. {compensation) SUX» makafat ; &*jU* mu'awa^a-t ; \ff* 'iwad (pi. jAjd a'wad). Amenity, 8. &J lazza-t (pi. **A& lazzat, $*)& lazayiz) ; iivW lata- falt.

Amerce, v. &+ij+}\ **?& ^j& qada 'ale-bi al-jarima-t, yaqdi.

Amethyst, s. q\&/ karkaban ; s*S/ karkand ; f»y*W jaballaqum.

Amiable, adj. J)-*- 3 -* maqbiil; *T>fs*>» mahbub; «-Aj^ la^if (pi. ^<U li^af). '


lu^f; A*^Jlatafa-t.

Amicable, ad;. <j«**\ anis; *-AjJ la^if (pi. «-i^ litaf) ; w-*^* mu- hibb.

Amicableness, 8. *>\j* wadad; £*^» mubabba-t; ^^w la^afa-t; jU^ &je~ subula-t al-ablaq.

Amid, Amidst, prep. W-j ^y f i wast ; (^ ben, bain ; ($* min.

Amiss, adv. ^-3\ a«m J^ 'ala wajb as-su; ^iU3 it bi-'l-bilaf.

Amity, s. l*y muwadda-t; &***• mubabba-t.

Ammunition, a. 8^0 zabira-t (pi. ^jU-3 zahayir) ; AiVa^. jabbana-b (Per 8.). — (ammunition waggon) s^yj\ hf 'araba-t al-^arb. Amnesty, s. f\* yke 'afu 'arnm; ^U\ aman ; &£*• mutaraka-t. Among, Amongst, prep. {&* bain ; ^ U ma bain ; (^ U J> fl mA bain; <$*• min. Digitized by Google Amo] 14 [ang


'ussaq) ; <JjA£* masgM.

Amorousness, a. <>^ *i£q ; '<-*** sagaf ; &*^* muhabba-t.

Amount, v. £l* balag, yablug. Amount, a. *W jumla-t; £l** mablag (pi. g\*» mabalig). Amphibious, adj 9 ^^ ^ barri-y bahri-y.

Amphitheatbe, a. g;^ •*«*• maq'ad bi-duraj ; &^«* ma'araka-t (pi. *4>U* ma'arik) ; ^J^ maidan (pi. c^W* mayadin).

Ample, adj. £-\j wasi' ; £*~j wast* (pi. £U> wisa'); s-^j rahib;

E*"» * fasih.

Ampleness, Amplitude, a. &u.j

wus'a-t ; £*~ si'a-t ; £*,~i fasha-t. Amplification, a. £*-»/ tausi* ; J*y»» tatwil.— (m worda) &^U

ifcala-t ; Itiiy mubalaga-t ; J*** tahfil.

Amplify, v. £-j wassa', yuwassi* ; g\* balag, yubalig; *>\j zad, yazid.

Amputate, a. \y& gSai qa$a* 'ad wan, yaqta'.

Amputation, 8. ^»i qat*.

Amuse, v.a. J- salla, yusalli ; u*^ anas, yunis. — (one's self) Ji~J tasalla, yatasalla ; )*~*i\ imbasat, yambasit ; Sy* tanazzah, yata-


Amusement, 8. &JL-J tasliya-t ; £*y nuzha-t ; i\~~,i\ imbisa^.

Anachbonism, 8. &fly&\ o* ^ galat fi-'t-tawarih.


s-^» qalab.

Analogical, Analogous, adj. *t*-U* munasib ; s-^^* muta- nasib; &*\&f musabih; <j-W* qiyasi-y.

Analogise, v. w^-i nassab, yunas- sib.

Analogy, a. £*-U* munasaba-t ; s-*-^* tanasub.

Analyse, v. J-* fassal, yufassil ; *r>f\ a'rab, yu'rib ; J^ tall, ya- fcull.

Analysis, a. (grammatical) **>\fb

i'rab. — (chemical) J*-tf tafsil ; J- hall ; JM inhilal.

Analytical, ad/. <JL> halli-y; ^5^*-^ tafyili-y.

Anabchic, Anabchical, adj. ^ac ^J\ 'adim al-hukm ; f!kA\ ^y muzil an-nizam.

Anabchy, a. ^J\ j^c 'adam al- hukm ; (J^yiS taSwte; Jte±\ ih- tilal ; ty* ) &)* harj wa marj. Anathema, 8. f^ hirm, hurm (pi. f»/»- hurum, p^ hurum) ; 2jj& la'anat ; (<fi qa$*.

Anathematise, v. ^ haram, yah- rim j ^«J la'an, yaTan.

Anatomical, adj. ^f^s tairihi-y. Anatomise, v. c/» £arrah, yu^ar- rih.

Anatomy, 8. ^r^^ (^* i ^ m &t-ta£- rih.

Ancestob, 8. <*+ jadd (pi. »>^ ju- dud, »>\^ ajdad); UdL salaf


Ancestby, 8. j\ al (pi. Jty awal) ; s-^-i nasab (pi. s->*— ^ ansab); J*^S^ al-awayil.

Anchob, s. SL-^ mirsat (pl/cr*V* marasi); s-ifc halb (pi. s^^ hulub, ^Jt\ ahlab).

Anchobage, a. ^j-y marsa (pi. is*\f marasi).

Anchovy, «. hfA anjuya-t. Ancient, adj. ^Ai qadim ; &** 4 atiq (pi. jUc 4taq).

Ancients, «. Uxs)\ al-qudama; J£)N al-awayil.

And, conj . ) wa.

Anecdote, 8. &*& qissa-t (pi. ^j*** qi?as) ; k^- hikaya-t (pi. k^


Anemone, s. jM*» Saqiq (pi. dM^ saqayiq).

Anew, adv. *&<**• ^ min jadid. Angel, s. «t\U malak ; d%» malak (pi. &*%• malayika-t).

Angelic, Angelical, adj. ^s^U malaki-y.

Anger, a. s-^fc ga<Jab; M gaiz; ^ feulq; OM* tanaq; W*


Digitized by


Ano] 15


Anger, v. ttM agftz, yugtz. ; s-uM agdab, yugdib; b**\ ahfaz, yuh- fiz.

Angle, a. Wj zawiya-t (pi. V*^j zawaya); ^5 qurna-t (pi. <J\f qarani). — (for fishing) S;U* sin- nara-t (pi. «t>> at, and yU*

sananir) ; £*i^ balii* (pi. *Jta bawali').

Angle, v. c«U-* ju*» tasayyad 8amak, yatasayyad.

Angry, adj. ^W-** gadban.

Angular, adj. k\)) ^ zu zawaja. Anguish, s. *ja £idda-t (pi. j*\ja sadayid) ; v»/ karb ; &** diqa-t ; **r>\J**\ idjirab ; ^UM { J>^\ inqi- bad al-ha$ir.

Animadversion, s. (observation) &*>X» mulahaza-t. — (censure) f£ laum, lom ; £*.x* mazzama-t. Animadvert, v. (turn the mind to) ^aJ dl* JLc\ a 'ta bfilbu li-se-y, yu'ti; t-»-^ lahag, yulabiz. — (blame) &* wabbah, yuwabbih ; ^3 lam, yalum.

Animal, s. ($\yt*» haiwan (pi. cyUU**. haiwanat); &-*U dabba-t (pi.

v»\j J dawwab) ; (*& babim (pi. piw bahayim).

Animal, adj. o>V** haiwani-y. Animalcule, s. ^^ huwwain (pi. *A>Wy»- ljuwwainat).

Animate, v. ^-^ ahya, yuhyi. — (encourage) <jb** harrad, yuhar- rid, s-*; raggab, yuraggib. Animate, adj. ^ bayy (pi. \&A


ahya) ; Cj; ^ ?u ruh.

Animated, adj. (lively) **** nabih ; sj»y** basus; q\£* batran; N-»jk $arib.

Animation, s. <j*Aju$\ inti'jU. — (liveliness, spirit) &&>\&* ba£a£at; tU* naiat ; &J^ hadda-t ; tyy*


Animosity, 8. &*»U£ kaiaha-t ; *+* kaid ; J* gill ; ja*. haqd.

Ankle, s. s-^ ka'ab (pi. s-»^ ki'ab).

Anklet, s. Jail*, balhal (pi. J^)^ halahil, J*£u halahil).

Annalist, 8. tfy muw'arrih. I

Annals, a. (fyf tawarlh ; Ji^\ ah- bar.

Annex, v. <J\ «jU\ adaf ila, yucjif ; <Jastt albaq, yulhiq.

Annexation, s. &l^ idafa-t ; &*k) ziyada-t; jWH ilhaq.

Annihilate, v. vJ^* mabaq, yam- haq ; mahhaq, yumahhiq ; y<* damar, yadmur; dammar, yu-

dammir; *\>\ 'abad, yu'bid ; p±&\ a'dam, yu'dim.

Annihilation, s. <j-*-* mahq; j\+* mubaq ; y*+<£ tadmir ; S S^\ ibadat.

Anniversary, s. ^y^- j^ 'aid sanawi-y.

Annotate, v. c/» 6arah, yairah ; ^— i fassar, yufassir.

Annotation, s. c/» 3arh ; jt-JS taf sir ; S*aU* hiUiya-t (pi. ^^



Announce, v. p±\ ahbar, yubbir ; y*± habbar, yuhabbir ; ^\ a'lam, yu*lim. — (good news) jM baSsur, yubassir.

Announcement, s. ;W ibbar, ^y tabbir ; (*A*s ta*lim ; pb\ i«lam. Annoy, v. $*)\ az'aj, yuz 4 ij ; Jcj za u al, yuza"il ; s-*>\ at'ab, yu- t*ib ; J*\ amall, yumill.

Annoyance, s. &b> saqla-t; s-*> ta*ab; u^jA* taiwis ; &%• ma- lala-t.

Annoyed, adj. ^Jbj za 4 lan. Annual, adj. ^^u. sanawi-y ; ^J^ bauli-y.

Annuity, s. ^y- & *> daf * sanawi-y ; ^y-» sanawiya-t.

Annul, v. £*~} nasah, yansah ; JW baUal,yubattil ; JM abtal,yubtil. Annular, adj. j^ mudawwar;

^Ai-^ mustadir; MJ\ J^> bisikl al-halqat.

Annulment, s. ^— i nasb; JJ<^ tabtil ; J^^ ibtal.

Annunciation, s. see Announce- ment. — (feast of) SjU^\ jua 'aid al-basara-t.

Anoint, t;. ^j daban, yadhun ; dabhan, yudahbin ; ^-—« masab, yamsah.

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Anointed, 8. £6~*tt al-masty. Anomalous, adj. yf>&\ •** Qidd al-qanum; l*y**+ pA ger matfbut ; pjtL* ytft ger manzum.

Anomaly, s. fUtf ^ 'adam nizam ; W* &* qillat dab*.

Anon, adv. A\J\ ^ ft-'l-hftl ; 3^ Mian ; teeu ^ min sa'at-bu.

Anonymous, adj. J*£ gufl (pi. J^ agfal) ; ,*-3\ ^A^ muhfi-'l-ism, f*<W J?**"* majbul al-ism; ^ JU-\ katim ism-bu.

Another, adj. y*k ger (pi. j^\ agyar) ; /*\ ahar ; f . ^/A ubra (pi. &jl\ abarin, /^ uhar, «4)W uhara).

Answer, v. s^W jawab, yujawib ; s-»M ajab, yujib. — (be surety) JaT kafal, yakful ; t>*-* damin yadman.

Answer, s. s^j* jawab (pi. %a>\ at, %^ ajwibat) ; **jV» mu- jawaba-t.

Answerable, ad/, (wfcatf may 6e replied to) v>\j*^ J*^> qabil al- jawab. — (responsible) er*^ 4 a - min ; J** kafil (pi. ** kuf ala'). Ant, «. iUi namla-t (pi. J** naml, JUi nimal).


SjU* mudaddat ; **J^ dudiyyat.

Antagonist, s. ^-**- ba§m (pi. f\**»\ abeam) ; (**<*» hasim (pi. U— s. hueama; a* didd, dudd (pi.

J\j^ acjdad).

Antagonistic, adj. ^*^ 'ada- wi-y.

Antarctic, 007. ^j**^ v*WM jjW* mujawir al-qu^b al-janubiy. Antecedent, 8. ?<&• muqaddam. Antecedent, adj. f.Wtt* mutaqad- dim ; v5*^- sabiq.

Antediluvian, adj. q^^ J** &• min qabl a|-tufan.

Antenuptial, adj. u-^ J* 5 &" min qabl al-'urs ; c^^ J*S <^ min qabl an-nikab.

Anterior, adj. «J*U sabiq; [••***• mutaqaddim.

Anthem, s. e**~? tasbih ; &*>** madiljat (pi. e*^ madayib).

Antic, ad;. *W*» mu4tfr> **-*^ garib.

Antic, s. ^— * masbara-t (pi. ^Uw« masanir).

Antichrist, s. JW*d\ fcc ~» fl al- masib ad-dajjal.

Anticipate, v. J*- sabaq, yasbiq ; sabbaq, yusabbiq, b bazz, ya- buzz.

Anticipation, s. <J**~ * tasbiq. — (expectation) Jk&\ intizar.

Antidote, s. jV tiryaq ; ^~tt •** dudd (didd) as- samm.

Antimony, s. JW**^ J** kuW


«t^-.U\ ^^ hajar ar-rasubt; yy+zsA antimun.

Antipathy, s. &*>\/ karabat; 5y» nafra-t.

Antipodes, s. Wa^^J SjU* ^j%\ (jjVC snkkan aJ-ard mudadda-t liba'- diha.

Antiquarian, Antiquary, a. ^JVc ^jjC\ ^l>^l^ 'alim bi-'l-agar al- qadima-t.

Antiquated, adj. %3y*~~+ masbuq ; j»jJU^ mutaqaddim.

Antique, adj. ^4^ qadim (pi. U^i qudama) ; <3<^ 'atiq (pi. jUc 'itaq, ^c 'utaqa).

Antiquities, s. *+i*&\ )W\ al-asar al-qadimat.

Antiquity, s. l^\^\ JW^\ al-ajyal al-baliya-t; MU)\ JW^ al-

ajyal al-macjiyat.

Antithesis, s. a* didd, dudd. Antler, s. Jty^ oj* qarn al- gazal.

Anvil, s. ^juu. sandan (pi. t>**>U- sanadin).

Anxiety, *. j*± cjajar ; 8^* duj- ra-t; ^ qalaq ; ^ hamm (pi.

f]+jt> humum).

Anxious, adj. s^ 8 -^ mu^tarib ;j»^* mukaddar. — (desirous) ^fat *

mu^tabi ; ^ s-^^ ragib fi. Any, adj. q& ^ <J\ ayyu m& kan, yakun ; q\£ W« mabma kan.

Anybody, Anyone, s. ^ J^kull man ; ^ ^\ ayyu man.






Anyhow, adv. *y*jH er* **•# bi- wajh min al-wujuh.

Anywhere, adv. Uo^ aina-ma ; ^ q\Z g*y <j\ fi e mauda* kan.

Anywise, adv. £ty3\ ^ gyt* bi-nau' min al-anwa*.

Aobist, 8. £j\A" mudari*.



Apace, adv. J*>*^ bi-'l-'j bi-sur'a-t.

Apart, adv. "tayu* munfaridan ; a^yw* a*A> J* kull wahid bi-mu- frad-hi.

Apartment, s. &>)\ auda-t (pi. <j6^ uwad) ; o^j bait (pi. «y)rf buyut) ; Sjj-aJU maqaura-t ; &M> tabaqa-t.

Apathetic, adj. &W+^ ^i^ 'adim al-mubala-t.


Apathy, 8. &\~A\ +m 'adam al- mubala-t ; *<>h balada-t ; ^ burud.

Ape, 8. *>^i qird (pi. J^l qurud) ; Or*** maimun; ^ja- sa'dan

(pi. ^i*^*- sa'adin).

Ape, v. & qallad, yuqallid. Aperient, a. J$«~* mushil; &£+ mulayyin ; J«— * \y» dawa mushil. Aperture, a. <W* fathat ; J/- harq (pi. J^ huruq) ; v-iu* manfas (pi. ^-JU* manafis).

Apex, a. e^ auj ; <j*\> r'as (pi. u*^\ arus, (j-jj; ru'us).

Aphelion, a. &* ^>fl\ «**» ,j*i\ (.r*-^ aqsa bu'd al-ard min a£- £ams.

Aphorism, a. J** masal (pi. JW amsal) ; ^ ra'y (pi. \>\ ara). Apiary, 8. J^» manhal.

Apiece, adv. **A) J& li-kull wahid. Apish, adj. JkU* muqallid.

Apocalypse, 8. Jrv^ ^^ j^* ^j ruya mar yohana ar-rasul ; s->^> ir-* ?lfy ^ kitab abukalibsis ; «- ft i*-6 taksif ; ^W^- jalayan. Apocryphal, ad/. ^* munkar (pi. f^» manakir) ; s-**/« marib. Apologetic, Apologetical, adj. ^Jue^ i'tizari-y.

Apologise, v. ^ tabarrar, yata- barrar ; j±**\ itazar, yatazir. Apologist, 8. ^Vft. hami.

Apology, 8. {excuse) S>J«* ma'zarat (pi. jS\ju» ina'azir) ; j\Aze\ i'tizar. — (defence) SUV^* muhama-t.

Apoplectic, adj. <j*£~ sakti-y. Apoplexy, 8. &*£- sakta-t ; &<*+& hamda-t.

Apostasy, 8. &<A\ &* *A^\ irtidad 'an ad-din ; &<A\ )\&\ inkar ad- din ; ytf kufr ; »W*. jahd. Apostate, 8. &>&\ djti tank ad- din ; tfj" murtadd.


'an ad- din, yartadd.

Apostle, 8. <^;V- hawari-y (pi. C#!)V^ a * " bawariyun) ; J*-j rasul (pi. J-j rusul) ; c*L salih. Apostleship, 8. & — J^j rasala-t; &yj rasuliyya-t.

Apostolic, Apostolical, adj. Jrt) rasuli-y.

Apostrophe, 8. ^>U^ muhataba-t ; IM- hutbat (pi. s-U hutab). — (the mark) £* &f± haraka-t qata*.

Apostrophise, v. s-^^ hatab, yu- hatib.

Apothecary, 8. ^yA ijzaii-y; ^s^o saidalani-y (pi. &a\*± sayadila-t).

Appal, v. Jj* hawwal, yuhawwil ; s-^ ar'ab, yur'ib.

Apparatus, a. «^ alat; Sjl-c 'udda-t (pi. *>J* 4 udad).

Apparel, 8. ^-^ libs ; &>*) badla-t ; s-»W> siyab or s-»V^ a ? wa b (pi. of Apparel, v. {j~*} labbas, yulabbis ; ^5-^ kassa, yukassi.

Apparent, adj. y^Vk zahir; ^-*^ wAdih.

Apparition, 8. (phantom) JV^s. hival; obUta'if (pi. u\jL tuw- waf).

Appeal, v. y£\ ^U J\ &s^ gj^ rafa* da'watbu ila hakim akbar, yarfa' ; *i>^ gawwas, yugawwis. Appeal, 8. (for mercy) &\**J\

istigasa-t ; y£\ f*X\c* <Ji\ S^cj ^ raf da'wat ila hakim akbar.

Appear, v. ^ zahir, yazhar; ^l| ban, yabin ; c^ lab, yaluh. 3


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Appearance, a. (look) ^ zuhur ; ^ zahir; l )y o sura-t ; q\& ba- yitn.

Appease, v. fc>£~ sakkan, yusak- kin ; ^^a hadda, yuhaddi ; ^J^\ ahda, yuhdi.

Appellant, a. — cu* munda'i ; v ^^to » mustagig ; Ajy>*> g*\j rafi' da'wat-hu.

Appellation, a. ^-t ism (pi. U-\ asma, ^U\ asami) ; fin ». l ? tas- miya-t.

Appellative, a. u *a^5\ ^ ism al- jins.

Append, v. <j\* 'allaq, yu'alliq. — (add) U\*\ adaf, yudif.

Appendage, a. Appendix, a. & - , »■ * * 4amima-t (pi. ^JU* dama'im) ;

Ji^ zel, zail (pi. J^3 zuyul, J^\ azyal).

Appertain, v. <j** hass, yahuss; s— ^\ intasab, yantasib.


\&*>\ istiha.

Applaud, v. J <3&*> saffaq li, yu- saffiq ; Jk> hallal, yuhallil ; .3u** habbaz, yuhabbiz.

Applause, a. vJk*-* tasfiq; J*l$* tahlil.

Apple, a. &»-te tuffaha-t (pi. tte tuffah).

Appliance, a. &*~j wasila-t (pi. J*~j wasil, Jfl-j wasa'il). Applicable, adj. v3*^* mu^abiq; <3^y* muwafiq.

Application, a. « J » ? Vi ? tatbiq ;

mu|abaqa-t. — (study)

j\qx+\ ijtihad ; a^ jahad. — (for a place) s-<& talab.

Apply, v. (a law, &c.) <J*1=> Jabbaq, yu^abbiq. — (employ) J**s-^ ista'- mal, yasta'mil. — (apply oneself to) *&*\ ijtabad, yajtahid ; <**& taqayyad, yataqayyad.

Appoint, t). imS +~> samma, yusanimi, J«* ja'al, yaj'al; & qallad, yu- qallid ; s-^ nasab, yansub.

Appointment, a. s- ****** niansab (pi. s-^l** manasib) ; &*kj wazifa-t

(pi. «-tfU>j wazayif). — (for a

meeting, &c.) j\&\ ittifaq ; raa'bad ; *>U** mi'ad.

Apportion, v. ij^ hass, yahuss ; yj***» hassas, yuhassis ; ^-a» qas- 8am, yuqassini.

Apportionment, a. tei/s tafriqa-t ; ( n*~B taksim.

Apposite, adj. <jfc$ layiq ; &\y muwafiq ; s-~l** munasib.

Appositeness, a. &*— U* munasa- ba-t ; &u\y muwafaqa-t.


(^ saramau, yusainmin ; jJu> qaddar, yuqaddir.

Appraiser, a. J$o dallal ; y-** mu"asir.

Appraisement, a. ^>**** tahinin ; j**~> tas'ir; £<& taqdir ; Zx& t lS tasmina-t.

Appreciable, adj. ^JA*5\ y£++ mum kin al-taqdir.

Appreciate, v. y*\ a'azz, yu'izz ; p**\ i'tabar, ya'tabir.

Appreciation, a. &*<ssN &yi* ma'ri- fa-t al-qima-t; ^ys? taqwim ;

{$*+£ tasmin.

Apprehend, v. (understand) ^ fahim, yafham , v* ^ fa^in bi, yaftan; djS\ adrak, yudrik. —

( fear) «-*W haf, yahaf ; gy faza 4 , yafza*. — (seize) ceL-^ masak,

yamsik; ^ j^i qabad 'ala, yaqbid.

Apprehension, a. (conception) ^ fahm; f*&} wahm. — (fear) <Jy± hauf, hot* ; iiUy* mahafa-t. — (seizure) ,J^ qabd.

Apprehensive, p*& fahim; J*lc %il. — (fearful) «-Afti ha'if; <-*tf» hawif.

Apprentice, a. ,*Ux* muta'allim ; &*\j*° ^ Xn*\5 talmiz fi samVa-t (pi. ±**)5 talamiz).

Apprenticeship, a. J*s ta'allum. Apprise, v. ^ habbar, yuhabbir ; ^4-^ ah bar, yuhbir.

Approach, v. s-*/ qarib, yaqrab; v»y^ iqtarab, yaqtarib ; Vs*>


dana, yadiiu.

Approach, a. v»\^5\ iqtirab ; Jy^o ^\ dahul ila ; s-»/ qurb.

Digitized by Google App] 19 [Ard Approachable, adj. v>V*^ J*- sahil al-iqtirab.

Approbation, see Approval.

Appropriate, v. {set apart) { J± halla, yuhalli ; {j-& 'ayyan, yu- 'ayyin. — {take possession of) < «U ? *\ istamlak, yastamlik ; Jyu.\ istaula, yastauli ; ^J^ls-t istalhaq, yastalhiq.

Appropriate, adj. o — W layiq; s-*~U* munasib.

Appropriateness, s. &-— U* muna- saba-t ; &&\y muwafaqa-t.

Appropriation, s. **3JUL.\ istim- lak ; &*U> hassa-t ; j*~c& tahsis. Approval, Approbation, s.

^■■ ■ ^; „ \ istihsan ; s^j*^ istis- wab.

Approve, v. &~»**:~*\ istahsan, yas- tahsin; s^* 8 -^ ista§wab, yasta§-





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