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Lean Muscle Gain

Meal Plan

Version 4.1: Fully Updated

For Natural Results




Author: Richard Andoh | BarBrothersGroningen.com & RichardAndoh.com

COPYRIGHT © 2015 BarBrothersGroningen.com & RichardAndoh.com

All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, or other without prior written permission of Richard Andoh.


The information presented herein is in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical counselling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. If you have any doubts due to medical conditions, consult your physician before beginning this program as you would with any exercise and nutrition program. If you choose to work with the forthcoming advice in this ebook, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.







body you want




time. It does not

need to be one

or the other.”

(Me in my favourite grocery store in Groningen)

Hey I’m Rich from Bar Brothers Groningen.

A beginner at heart in everything with a passion for nutrition, calisthenics and movement in general. I especially love good food and eating tons and tons of it ;).

You might not know this, but a good diet is 100% of your results, whether it’s building muscle, burning fat or simply becoming healthier. Working out is 100% too, in case you were wondering. You don’t need to be good at math to realize that it means you’ll need to give it 200% of your effort to get the results you want.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with in this FREE ‘Lean Muscle Gain Meal Plan For Natural Results’ which is specifically meant to build muscle.




“Whenever people

tell me that eating




expensive to do, I

ask them: “What

about the medical

bill you will have to

pay a few years

from now, if you

choose not to?”

That’s usually not

what they want to


I know there is a lot of dieting information out there and as far as I know you have no reason to take my advice, that’s why I want to emphasize

that all my recommendations are based upon solid scientific proof and personal experience.

And the picture on the front page is the result this diet in combination with

calisthenics has given me, so I must be doing something good, right? ;)

By now you might wonder why I am giving away advice which some people ask a fortune for?

Because I can.

Perhaps it has something to do with my crazy goal of helping at least 1.000.000 people in becoming a better, stronger and healthier version of themselves.

Starting with you ;).

So enough about me, we will hopefully bump into each other quite a few more times on the forum and website and at the end of this ebook.

PS. Enjoy the meals! In case you haven’t downloaded The Bar Brother Starter Guide yet, make sure to leave your email address here and I’ll send it to you!



Muscle Gain

Meal Plan For Optimal




“The best diet is

the one you can

follow. Do what

works for you,

but stick to the


Count Your Calories And Make Your Calories Count

Because Hormones Count Even More

So before I’m giving you any type of diet advice you need to know that if we dumb down the complete and complex process of gaining or losing weight it basically boils down to a simple formula.

 Energy Consumed – Energy Burned > 0 = Gaining Weight.

 Energy Consumed – Energy Burned < 0 = Losing Weight

 Energy Consumer – Energy Burned = Maintaining Weight

I don’t care about how much protein or whey shakes you consume, I don’t care about how much super supplements you take.

I don’t care about whether you are an endo, ecto, meso or whateverthemorph. I don’t care about whether you like drawing stick figures with your 3-year old nieces or whether you have 2 or 3 dogs or cats.

I do care about your total caloric intake however. Here is why:

You will NEVER gain a single gram of weight if your caloric intake is not where you need it to be to gain weight.

You need to be in a caloric surplus. You need to consume more energy than you burn. Want to know more? Check out my vlog and you’ll get an extra free

meal from me. In the 4 rules –which will be addressed in one of the next


Lean Muscle Gain Meal Plan For Natural Results

16 Hour Fast/8 Hour Eating

Note: Take note that this is a plan specifically aimed at gaining

weight and muscle and is not exhaustive by any means.

Drink 8am – 12pm: Prior to eating make sure you consume enough liquids. Tip: 10-15 minutes before your workout you can consume some black coffee. It’s a great pre-workout booster. Don’t drink it too much however, but every now and then. Read this blog for more information.

Meal 1 - 12pm: 2-3 Eggs1 boiled or baked in coconut oil with some spinach or

other green vegetables and a hand filled with almonds or mixed nuts. 1 or 2 glass(es) of tea or water with lime or lemon

Meal 2 – 3:00 pm: 1-2 cups of white rice or 2 sweet potatoes with 1-200 gram

of chicken with cashew nuts and green vegetables with nuts2

1 or 2 glass(es) of tea or water with lime or lemon

Meal 3 – 6:00 pm: 1-2 cups of white rice or 2 sweet potatoes with 1-200 gram

of chicken with cashew nuts and green vegetables with nuts 1 or 2 glass(es) of tea or water with lime or lemon

Meal 4 – 8:00 pm: mixed berries with 1-2 apples topped with cinnamon and sunflower seeds.

Note: Due to the high amount of nuts and carbs this meal will put most people

in a caloric surplus.

If you are not quite sure, make sure you start counting those calories.




Meal 4 – 8:00 pm: mixed berries or blue berries with 1-2 apples topped with


1 or 2 glass(es) of tea or water with lime or lemon

3 Easy And Exquisite


And How To

Prepare Them

To Upgrade Your


“If you are truly eating

healthy already, why

aren’t you getting the

results you want?”

3 Easy And Exquisite Meals And How To Prepare Them To

Upgrade Your Diet Today

Let’s start with the best part of this short ebook.

Probably your favourite part, that is…if you like eating ;).

If you aren’t a creative wizard in the kitchen, don’t worry. If I can make this you can too (I used to be highly skilled and specialized in burning my food). I’ll share 3 of my favourite meals with you which are extremely easy to make, almost impossible to ruin and…not expensive.

If you can make a cup of tea you can make these 3 exquisite meals.

Crazy Curry Chicken

Chicken, Curry Spices, Chili Spices, Cashew Nuts,

Spinach And Veggies

Recovery Fruit Bowl

Mixed Berries, Sliced Pieces Of Apple, Cinnamon And

Mixed Nuts

Tasty Lemon Tuna

Mixed Lettuce, 2 Cans Of Tuna, 2 Slices Of Lemon And





 100-200 grams of chicken3

 Hand of cashew nuts  2-3 teaspoons of curry  ½ teaspoon of chilli  150 grams of vegetables

 Sea salt depending on own preference  ½ teaspoon of coconut oil


Put half a teaspoon of coconut oil into a pan, add the chicken, wait until it’s white, add a decent amount of curry 2 teaspoons (Depends on how much you prefer), add the chilli + sea salt and the cashew nuts.

Keep moving the chicken around the pan for another 3-5 minutes. Put the chicken on top of the spinach (Optionally add other veggies).

The rice can be added depending on your goals, especially recommendable if you are a hard gainer and want those muscles to grow!

3 If you are a vegan or vegetarian replace the 100-200 grams of chicken with mushrooms or beans.



 1-2 apples

 1 hand of mixed fruits  ½ teaspoon of cinnamon  1 hand of mixed nuts  1 lime


Slice the apples up in small pieces depending on how small you want it.

Add 1 hand of mixed fruits (blue berries, strawberries), add 1 hand of mixed nuts (You can also just use almonds), add the cinnamon and squeeze some lime or lemon over the berries and apples for a nice sour after taste.

You can also replace the apples with bananas, mandarins or other fruits. Be creative.





 1-2 cans of tuna  1 hand of almonds  1 lemon

 150 grams of mixed green lettuce

 Optionally seasoning (Make sure there aren’t any hidden sugars in the ingredients, go for natural)

 Optionally beans


Put the green mixed lettuce on a plate. Add the tuna to the lettuce. Slice two pieces of your lemon put them on the side of your plate.

Depending on how sour you want your salad, you can squeeze them over your food.

Add 1 hand of almonds for a nice crunchy sensation and you are ready to feast!


One extra recipe, just in case ;).

Just in case you don’t know how to make tea or a nice and healthy drink. Take note that a lot of the ‘so called healthy fruit

juices’ are nothing more than sugary water, because all of the

fibers have been lost in the processing and quite often even have added sugars. Which means you might as well drink lemonade. These juices are detrimental to your progress, especially if you want to gain lean muscle. Either don’t drink them or make your own smoothies which include the fibers4.


 1 cup of water (hot or cold)  1 lime

 1 bag of tea (there are a lot of good tasting teas out there, just experiment)

 1 small piece of gingerroot (optionally)


Add water to your mug, squeeze some lime into it.

Slice up a bit of gingerroot (gives a nice after burn) and add the tea.

Water or tea (optionally all black coffee) can be consumed throughout the day. More, if you plan on cutting your weight and really want to focus on burning fat, you will need to have another dieting plan. Find more information here.





4 Simple


To Optimize Your Diet



4 Simple Rules

How To Easily Improve Your Diet To Start Burning Fat

And Building Muscle Today

Since this is just a short PDF-document, I’m not going to give you a complete explanation of why these rules work and the underlying mechanisms and views. You can find more information in the articles and the Starter Guide.

Here are the 4 rules:

Rule 1: Get The Right Liquids

Only drink water or tea (occasionally all black coffee) to stay hydrated and cleanse your body from toxins, skip the ‘so called healthy’ energy drinks and juices (study, study, study, study, study).

These studies indicate that sport drinks contain tons of hidden sugars. Some sport drinks and juices even contain a fair amount of 10 teaspoons of table sugar, just as much as in a can of Coke. Well if that isn’t unhealthy, I don’t know what is. Considering this fact, it’s clearly a waste of money and time. Coffee however has shown to increase the energy expenditure up to 11% which is beneficial to fat loss in addition to other benefits. But if you drink too much your body will become dependent and stopping abruptly will lead to withdrawal. Making ‘good old water’ still by far the best liquid.

Rule 2: Cut Refined Sugars, Dairy & Most Grains

Cut refined sugars, dairy and most grains to prevent inflammation, keep your insulin levels in check to burn fat and testosterone levels high to build muscle




This one is going to blow your mind, because not only do people who drink milk not have stronger bones than people who don’t, they actually have more fractures and weaker bones, a higher risk of cancer and a higher risk of heart failure. More, milk has shown to trigger type 1 diabetes in children (1200% risk increase) by turning the immune system against itself and the list goes on and on…Most grains are no better, showing to increase gut inflammation and high insulin responses (especially in refined forms). Refined sugars don’t need an explanation. Say goodbye to milk and refined sugars and be selective with grains. Read what your doctor isn’t telling you about milk for more information.

Rule 3: Maintain An 8 Hour Window

Eat all your food within an 8 hour window to optimize your digestion, supercharge your recovery and testosterone and anti-fragilize your body (study, study, study).

Essentially what these three studies state is that by adhering to an intermittent fasting schedule you increase your testosterone by 180%, that a 24 hour fast can increase growth hormone levels up to 2000% while at the same time activating the cellular process which removes toxins from your body and starts repairs. Doesn’t sound bad does it?

Rule 4: Experiment With Fastened Training

Don’t eat foods which spike your insulin levels before your training, because it’s beneficial to burning fat and staying ripped (study, study).

What this boils down to is that training in a fastened state has shown to be more potent than training in a fed state. The main benefits are derived from an improved tolerance of glucose (sugar), an increase in insulin sensitivity even while on a suboptimal diet and a higher activation of fat handling cells.


“Some people don’t




scientific studies. They

hardly know why they

eat food in the first

place. And those are

the people who tell

you they know what

good nutrition is.”

Those were the 4 simple and highly controversial rules at least for most people. Some of this information might feel like a lie since it challenges your complete world view of healthy food.

It definitely felt that way for me, considering the fact that my favourite breakfast early in the morning consisted of a cheese sandwich with a big glass of milk for strong bones. In addition to that, before every training I made sure I had a good meal for energy and a ‘healthy’ sports drink to stay hydrated during my workouts. Wondering why you aren’t getting results? If your schedule is similar you have your answer now.

I invite you to read through all the articles and look at the research methods and results. At first this information might be a bit overwhelming and you’ll probably need to re-read it all before you can fully grasp it. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg, because things are far more complex.

I’ll be honest, finding out about this information felt like a slap in the face for me and it probably feels the same for you (Unless you like reading scientific articles and don’t listen to people who don’t know !@#$ about nutrition).

Just beware of people who say you ‘just have to eat a balanced diet’ or that they have ‘a grandma or uncle who reached 90 while smoking and drinking heavily’, because they are confusing the exceptional 3% of people with the

majority which consist of the other 97%. And even that exceptional 3% will

never get the results you want. At least now you know a bit more of the truth, which should be well worth giving your nutritional ego a black eye (Sorry).




More Diet Resources

All Your Need To Know About The Right Diet And

Habits To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Naturally

A comprehensive ebook about dieting and working out

Looking for some fast answers? The Bar Brother Starter Guide. A complete step-by-step explanation for beginners. This ebook contains a full body workout, mindset and diet tips and it’s all for free.

Complete diet plan for gaining/maintaining or losing weight

Want to have complete diet plans for any body type and dieting goal? The Renegade Diet is the one diet book that has changed my results and those of my fellow Bar Brothers FOR EVER. Not only will it blow your mind, but it will also help you burn away that awful skinny fat while at the same time build muscle naturally.

A complete guide with 350+ recipes for healthy gains

Don’t have a clue what to cook other than rice and chicken? I know how it feels. The Paleo Recipe book is based upon foods our bodies are actually designed to eat. You will get a complete explanation of different recipes including their nutritional value.




Just Before You Go

Running To Do The




“Always keep an

open mind, but

not so open that

your brains fall

out. That would

be kind of silly.”

Final Word

Just Before You Go Running To Do The Groceries

One final note: ‘Never follow any advice blindly and follow those who walk the


Always question everything, including my advice. I’m definitely not someone who holds the gospel truth to anything, but I’m not going to recommend you something I don’t believe in 100% and haven’t been doing myself successfully.

As I mentioned in the introduction, there is a gigantic ocean of dieting advice out there and I’ve almost drowned a few times in that ocean of complex and contradicting information to be completely honest and the same will happen to you as you embark on this journey to optimal health and muscle growth.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On the other hand it has given me and will give you a lot of scientific insights into what works and what doesn’t work (Just make sure you learn how to swim or use this ebook as a life vest).

That being said, this meal plan will provide you with general rules which you can use and upon which you can individualize your own meal plan if you wish to do so.

No body is the same and nobody is the same, so feel free to individualize or add/remove ingredients as you wish. The best diet is still the one that works for you.


“The only way to truly

find out if anything really

works is to try it out for

yourself. And if you don’t

find out, you might

eventually pay the high

price of not knowing.”

Just like you I’m looking for better ways to develop myself, get more out of my

health and physical abilities and I’m improving and finding better ways every


That’s why I recommend you to make use of this information. Don’t just leave this PDF in the dust collecting part of your pc/laptop/phone, where most diet plans end up, because this meal plan -if applied correctly in combination with

calisthenics- will without a doubt change your results indefinitely.

IT WORKS and there is science to back it up.

Still, it has probably left you with some ‘whys’.

That’s why I challenge you to read through the blog posts on this topic to find out why this stuff works, why I recommend it to all my friends, students and brothers and why they have been getting great results.

Now it’s your turn to get the results you deserve. Beast Mode ON!

Questions, remarks, inspirational stories, errors or anything else which you want to share? Make sure you send an e-mail to

barbrothersgroningen@gmail.com or leave a comment on the website. It







Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: I still want to enjoy life and have the food I like, do I really need to stick to this to get results?

Of course you don’t need to stick to this, but you will pay the price sooner or later. Just don’t confuse healthy food with bad tasting food. Food actually becomes even better, because your taste improves as you shift to non-processed foods. Due to the health benefits and better taste not only can you enjoy your food more, but also for a longer time. In addition, if you want to lose either fat or build muscle, your hormonal system needs to be in balance and that’s exactly what bad nutrition is detrimental to. In the end, I’m not here to force you to do anything. It’s your body and your life, but the proof is in the pudding. Experiment, it’s all about what works for you.

Q 2: I’ve been using dairy my entire life, should I really skip all the dairy products?

Even though I’ve only mentioned a few studies, there are tons and tons more. Just Google articles about milk and diabetes or cancer. Make sure you read independent resources, because there are a lot of dairy companies who don’t want you to know this. There are millions of dollars involved in the dairy industry and for them their money is more important than the truth. I however have not earned a single penny by handing you this free ebook, so I don’t have a reason to lie to you, neither do the scientist who did independent studies do. Basically, there is not a single reason why you should drink or consume dairy products other than wanting to have an increased risk of illnesses such as: cancer, acne, diabetes, arthritis and the list goes on and on. Stick to greens for calcium instead. Then again, do what feels best for you.




Q 3: I’ve always eaten bread and pasta and love my cereals for breakfast, I really don’t want to stop eating those, what can I do?

I didn’t say it would be easy, but I can definitely say it will be worth it. In any case what you want to start off with is by cutting the refined grains. These grain products usually even have added sugars which make matters worse. The issue with whole grains however, is that they have an inflammatory effect on the gut and your immune system, specifically due to the lectins which seem like your own proteins, but which your body can’t digest and therefore tries to get rid of. In the process however, it also attacks itself. Some people are more sensitive than others. More, you know the after dinner dip? That’s because not only do grains have an inflammatory effect, they also raise your insulin levels significantly, in the process causing an energy drop after you are done with eating. So either you raise your insulin or you irritate your gut. Replace your grains, with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, it makes for a good breakfast. But individualize and experiment. Find what works best for you.

Q 4: I really want to do this, but I don’t know if I have the discipline. Am I allowed to cheat every now and then?

I’ll never be a teacher who is standing behind you and watching you to see if you are doing your homework correctly. It’s all about doing what you want to do. So again, of course you can cheat. It’s all about doing what works for you. For some people the reward is a cheat meal, for other people the rewards are purely in the results they have.


“Genes alone do not determine whether you are skinny, fat or

muscular. Genes alone do not determine whether you can or cannot

do a scorpion stand, pull up or push up. Genes function only by being

activated or expressed and the nutrition you choose to put into your

body plays a critical role in determining which genes, good or bad

you allow to be expressed.”

- Richard Andoh



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