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Terry Blackburn

214 Sheffield Lane, Yorktown, VA 23693 (757) 224-1180 EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE

Result-driven Systems Engineering and IT Professional with over 20 years of demo nstrated excellence in project management, supervision and technical support ser vices with expertise rooted across a wide array of government, military, aerospa ce and commercial environments and programs, seeking a position in the customer service management or engineering support services fields where my experience ca n be utilized to improve customer satisfaction, improve project quality, and exp and my skills and abilities through exposure to new environments.


Top Secret with Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). Attestation date: September 2008.



a Solid engineering and technical support experience under 7 organizations and 5 military/civilian installations; providing leadership, administration, directio n of personnel, technical consultation services, and on-site/remote field techni cal support for diagnosis and repair of computer IT/electronic systems and netwo rks. Highly adept at handling multiple projects, programs and management duties simultaneously including sales, proposals, draft/implementation of engineering p lans, business plans, and client/customer interaction.

a Extensive Systems Engineering, Information Technology and Satellite Communicat ions experience in support of integration, maintenance, repair and administratio n of Microsoft, UNIX and Cisco-based networks, architectures, platforms and equi pment. Development of technical and operational standards and procedures for net works across air, space, and cyberspace domains. Skills and abilities encompass hardware installation, maintenance, employment of advanced troubleshooting/diagn ostics/repair techniques for Dell, HP, Sun and Cisco systems including servers, storage area networks, filers, switches, ATMs, routers, workstations, etc. Main tains, troubleshoots, diagnoses and repairs physical networks and network equipm ent for the transmission of information in data, voice, and/or video formats, ac ross multi-classified Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) archi tectures via 1000+ client systems.

a Solid project and program management experience for commercial, government and military installations, with expertise in PC hardware shop set up (create/refit /overhaul); development of maintenance procedures; implementation of shop safety protocols; create/maintain IEEE and ISO compliance procedures; establishment of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control methods, protocols and equipment; physica l network topologies and server hardware installations, integration, configurati on and maintenance; quality assurance; development of lifecycle/repair/maintenan ce plans and procedures; and the utilization and improvement of network diagnost ic techniques, equipment and tools.

a Highly knowledgeable in the development of technical training materials, conte nt, and personal instruction for junior technicians and personnel in the areas o f in-depth electronic theory and repair, computer systems and network theory; mi litary standards and guidelines; practical application and techniques for networ k troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of physical networks and network equipme nt; server installation/set up/configuration; basic and advanced repair techniqu es regarding utilization of network diagnostic equipment and tools. Drafts compr ehensive training procedures and instructions regarding troubleshooting methodol ogies to junior technicians for the installation, configuration, maintenance, tr oubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of Dell, Sun, HP and Sun servers, storage ar ea networks, switches, routers and workstations; Canon and Lexmark printers, sca nners, copiers, digital senders and plotters; maintenance of physical networks v ia installation, testing, troubleshooting, repair of network backbones and data transmission lines via fiber optic, Ethernet, RF and coaxial cabling media. a 8+ years in project engineering and program management. Extensive experience i


n research, design, development and implementation of government and commercial networks, architectures, and computer related systems. Acts as liaison for prepa ration, dissemination, brief and co-chair for technical meetings and forums docu mentation packages to senior government/military agencies, review boards, custom er meetings and command staff personnel. Provides recommendations and produces t op quality technical resolutions for IT/hardware system designs and problems to customer. Assumes lead on complex and difficult technical projects, assignments and repair efforts. Stays abreast with cutting-edge technologies and methodologi es for upgrades/modifications to engineering and computer IT systems/networks, e quipment, diagnostic tools and troubleshooting/diagnostic/repair techniques, in order to provide customer with the highest level of system performance and maint enance.

a 7+ years as assistant researcher for various remote sensing and space-born pro jects involving a wide variety of experiments utilizing cutting-edge technologie s to develop prototypical instrumentation. Provides system engineering services for civilian Research & Development facility regarding the production of experim ental satellite and ground-based detection/analytical systems and supporting net work architectures for atmospheric, earth, marine, space science and Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Performed system engineering duties via design, devel opment, fabrication, packaging, testing and field implementation of satellite in strumentation and atmospheric detection devices.

a Develops and prepares Statements of Work (SOW), Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) , technical assessments, and administrative reports and metrics. Develops and im plements engineering plans, design reviews, user test and acceptance plans, Equi pment/System Integrated Logistic Support Plans (EILSP), Engineering Installation Plans (EIP), Engineering Change Proposals (ECP), life-cycle maintenance plans. a Drafts and negotiates contracts for projects and programs, assesses customer n eeds and formulates viable solutions to resolve project discrepancies, develops task orders and assignments. Coordinates contractual actions, analyzes project r equirements, makes recommendations and revisions to engineering designs and spec ifications, as necessary, and prepares turn-key solutions via action plans, impl ementation schedules, milestones and procurement inventories within deliverable constraints. Analyzes contract bids/proposals, program scheduling metrics, contr act payments, cost accounting and database inventories, deliverables and milesto nes.

a Procures and manages subcontracts and personnel for various projects and progr ams on behalf of customer. Ensures compliance regarding contract agreements via adherence to government regulations and restrictions are maintained. Oversees co ntract modifications for proper administration, transition or closure.

a Performs organizational management through direction of personnel; assessment of personnel technical skills, proficiencies and weaknesses; executes performanc e reviews, conducts interviews, instructs and trains technicians, assigns tasks and revamps project goals under rapidly changing environments to meet customer n eeds.

a Administrates all aspects of technical, operational and logistical support for personnel training, procurement of computer systems, diagnostic equipment and t ools, allocation of repair parts, utilizing key functions of inventory managemen t, inventory control and accountability, resource allocation, and maintains dead lines and scheduling.

Technical Experience a" Hardware/Software (Install/Configure/Troubleshoot/Repair )

Server Hardware: Dell Power Edge Servers: 850, 1650, 1750, 1950, 1950 III, 24 50, 2550, 2850, 2950, 6950; HP Proliant Servers: DL360, DL380, DL580; Sun Micros ystems: Sunfire Servers V210, V440, V880

Operating Systems: Microsoft: Windows Server OS 2000, 2003, 2008 (Standard/Ente rprise); Windows OS 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista,

Windows 7; Sun Microsystems: Solaris 7.X/8.X; Linux: Red Hat Enterprise 4

Workstation Hardware: Dell/ HP/Sun/Gateway/Compaq/Micron/COMPAQ



Storage: Dell: PowerVault SAN 750N, 755N, 128T LTO/SDLT Tape Library (Install On ly)

Network Hardware: Cisco Routers: 3800, 7200; Cisco Switches: Catalyst 2950, 375 0, 6500,

Brocade Switches: 48000 Director; 3COM Switches: H3C S5800

Network Management Tools: SMS, Remote Desktop/VNC Viewer, VBScript

Internetworking Components: Patch Panels: Black Box, Panduit, Leviton; Fan Outs: Telect 72-Port; Distribution Nodes; Junction Boxes

Data Transmission/Cabling: Fiber Optic: Single-mode/Multimode, ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FDDI;

Ethernet: RJ-45/Cat 5e, Cat 6; RF: Serial, RF, SMA, BNC, CATV; RS-232, RS-485, MIL SPEC Connectors, Telecom 66/110 Block

Network Domain Experience: NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, NSA, NATO

Information Assurance: DIACAP, DISA STG, IAVA, Army Gold Master (AGM) Messaging: MS Exchange 2000

Software, Tools and Utilities: IIS 4.0/5.0, Microsoft TCP/IP, Active Directory, DHCP, WINS, DNS,

Firewalls, Web Mail Servers, Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook (2002/2003/2007) rel ated features/functionality/connectivity

Clients: Terminal Server, Thin/Thick Client (Architecture, Devices, Tools) Advanced Toolset Knowledge: Net Stat and NetMon, Microsoft debugging Tools for Windows


AV/VTC Hardware: Teleconferencing Equipment: ClearOne - Converge Pro 880, Polyco m a" VSX 8000, Tandberg a" 1700MXP; Matrix Switchers: Extron a" Crosspoint 450; Video/RGB scalers: Extron a" DVS304; Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers: Extron a" Fox 500Tx/500Rx; RGB Receivers: Multidyne - 5000 FRX; Video Converters Extron - VSC 300; Power Amplifiers: QSC - CX404/302V, Crown - CE1000; Power Conditione rs: Furman - PM-8 Series II; HDTV/Stereo Tuners: Contemporary Research 232-ATSC/ 232-STA

Telephony: PBX, VOIP

Drafting Applications: AutoCAD, Solid Edge, OrCAD Schematic and Layout. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Senior Information Systems Engineer, STG Inc., United States Army, Ft. Eustis, N ewport News, Virginia (2010 - Present)

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

a Assumes Senior Information Systems Engineer and Deputy Program Manager duties through administration of contract scheduling, assessment and recruitment of sub contractors, review of candidates and conducting interviews for potential employ ment, and through attending/conducting high-level briefs and engineering design reviews. Drafted, edited, approved and disseminated project reports, records and other documents to ensure critical deliverables and milestones were met. Manage s installation action plans and implementation plans for project objectives. a Collaborates with U.S. Army engineering divisions for the draft and developmen t of Engineering Implementation Plans (EIP) for the Information Systems Engineer ing Command (ISEC) Enterprise Systems Engineering Directorate (ESED).

a Oversee as senior engineer for the implementation of new networks including in stallation, configuration, troubleshooting, testing and evaluation of network sy stems, maintenance and life cycle planning for Dell and HP server hardware/softw are, physical LAN/WAN architectures/topologies, and data/voice communications eq uipment for the United States Army Information Systems Engineering Command (USAI SEC) Information Technology (IT) Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Office. a Provides expert level technical supervision/support of staff regarding the ins tallation and maintenance of physical networks, servers, workstations, network e quipment and peripherals. Develops installation/test/quality assurance procedure s for multiple server and desktop computer system images. Provides oversight and support of TRADOC movement, addition and change activities for Enterprise-level systems and networks.


a Provides expert level technical support to staff deploying or installing Enter prise-level systems, servers, LAN/WAN equipment utilizing SIPRNet/NIPRNet protoc ols, TCP/IP, DHCP, WINS, DNS, and SSL security protocols for the Internet. a Leads and participates as a senior member on multi-functional teams that desig n complex technical solutions. Provides senior-level business relations to custo mers and third party vendors in the management, planning, and control of all pro jects tasks and activities. Conducts public relations (PR) duties with ISEC ESED , I3MP, TRADOC, Fort Monroe and Fort Eustis Network Enterprise Centers (NEC) per sonnel. Interact with customers and other representatives to ensure conformance to customer and project requirements. Act as project liaison and perform externa l communication with U.S. government, manufacturers, vendors, subcontractors, an d customers.

a Coordinates with U.S. Army engineers, civilian project managers, and business representatives regarding network systems, to ensure software systems are aligne d with TRADOC Information Assurance and Vulnerability Alert (IAVA) policies, imp lementation of Army Gold Master (AGM) releases and patches, and conduct security scans via evaluation tools such as DISA Gold Standard. Maintains adherence to D epartment of Defense Information Assurance Process (DIACAP) policies and standar ds in order to ensure Information Assurance (IA) for new network installations a nd life cycle plans.

a Develops technical requirements, design criteria, performance standards and en gineering concepts to support operational objectives for planning and implementa tion of new network and computer systems. Conducts on-site surveys of military i nstallations, integration labs and vendor manufacturing facilities to analyze ne twork requirements, architectures, power capabilities, layout and refit of serve r room spaces, in addition to other project engineering requirements. Develops e ngineering designs and documentation for new or modified systems based on requir ements analyses, risk assessments, site surveys, cost estimates, and evaluations of relative cost and performance benefits of alternative approaches.

a Performs technical analyses in support of system design/allocations/requiremen ts, introduction of new technologies, migration of data from other systems, and incorporation of architectural changes.

Works with customers to define and prioritize desired capabilities for new compu ter systems. Works with analysts to define desired network architecture concepts and layouts for new or enhanced functionality.

a Utilizes detailed experience and knowledge with network architectures and desi gns, installation and maintenance of various classified and unclassified networ ks (NIPRNet/SIPRNet /JWICS/NSA/NATO); structures and operating capabilities of E nterprise-level network operating systems (i.e., MS Windows Server); network har dware, software, and peripheral equipment to provide troubleshooting techniques; network topologies and protocols, and technical Internet knowledgebase services .

a Demonstrates detailed experience and knowledge of wide area communications and network troubleshooting/issue resolution in a secure government environment, us ing scripting language for network and computer administration tasks.

Systems Engineering, General Dynamics Information Technology, United States Air Force, Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia (2008 - 2010)

480th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing a" Headquarters

a Performed engineering duties for the Operations Support Center (OSC) HQ and Ai r Combat Command (ACC) through engineering support via integration and maintenan ce of Enterprise-level network architectures, encompassing oversight at SCI, SAP and collateral levels. Supported U.S. Air Force warfighting networks and combat support systems via installation, maintenance and repair of Command and Control (C2) communication systems. Supported Sensitive Compartmented Information Facil ities (SCIF) for the Global Cyberspace Integration Center (GCIC) through integra tion, maintenance and repair of computer networks and AV/VTC systems across air, space, and cyberspace domains including NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, NSA, NATO, and other Air Force intelligence security domain networks. Analyzed, procured, impl emented, integrated, configured, provided quality assurance, sustained operation al integrity and managed networked systems for the transmission of information i


n data, voice, and video formats across Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area N etwork (WAN) architectures for 1800+ client systems. Drafted and implemented inn ovative uses of current technologies to solve programmatic problems. Researched and procured next-generation equipment for newly emerging IT and network technol ogies to meet program and procurement requirements.

a Supervised assigned staff for complex technical projects including hardware in stallation, integration, configuration, troubleshooting and repair of servers, s torage area networks, switches, routers and classified/unclassified networked sy stems. Oversee all large-scale and complex projects. Provided direction to assig ned staff to meet implementation schedules and deliverables for network upgrades , via on-the-job training and instruction. Maintained quality assurance and insp ection of personnel work performance and troubleshooting/diagnostics/repair metr ics to ensure shop personnel qualifications, skills, and maintenance procedure/p rotocol methods met compliance.

a Maintained unique rapport with command staff and civilian managers across vari ous IT departments, via additional provisioning of technical support and service s for non-assigned system hardware/software upgrades, repairs and modifications. Planned, coordinated and implemented the installation of hardware/software upda tes, patches, enhancements and upgrades to existing server operating system plat forms. Provided comprehensive action plans, installation plans, scheduling metri cs and procedural documentation for server room upgrades and modifications. a Assumed leadership and supervisory roles through training/instruction of perso nnel in the areas of in-depth computer network theory, practical application and hands-on training regarding network and server equipment troubleshooting and di agnosis, utilization of network diagnostic and testing equipment, and advanced r epair techniques of physical network infrastructures and data/transmission lines .

a Reviewed candidates and resumes for viable replacement of hardware shop person nel. Conducted interviews, assessed skill sets and technical capabilities for re cruitment of potential employees.

a Resolved technical problems, queries and complaints affecting quality assuranc e and availability of services to customer network including provisions for emer gency technical support services outside standard office work hours. Provided cu stomer with continual rapid analyses/repair response time in the service of comp lex server, switch and command network operational issues and failures, typicall y resulting in less than a two-hour repair time.

a Drafted comprehensive lists and capabilities of PC hardware shop personnel ski ll sets, technical abilities regarding requirements for Work Breakdown Structure s (WBS) and Request for Proposals (RFP), including the collation of data and met rics regarding inventory of shop technicians, services and work assignments. Act ed as technical consultant to significantly improve shop capabilities and increa se personnel technical expertise levels, for the purpose of submitting enhanced proposal requirements during last contract (NETCENTS).

a Initiated and coordinated IT strategic planning processes with customers. Deve loped and implemented projects for customers regarding overhaul of various techn ical aberrations and inconsistencies in physical layout of command network. Impl emented project task phases to assess, refit, upgrade, document and create drawi ngs for , NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, NSA, and NATO networks. Provided quality assu rance for project deliverables and milestones to customer and upper management v ia administrative reports, metrics, updates, project outlines and flow charts. a Managed IT projects, interfaced with manufacturers, attended customer meetings and assumed lead role/liaison duties with third party technical support vendors , agencies and command IT department heads on behalf of customer regarding contr act tasks and deliverables, and management of subcontractors. Initiated and supe rvised unique projects and complex tasks. Performed lead role in the supervision , administration and technical aspects of operations for advanced projects inclu ding overhaul of command network layout; development of computer hardware subcom ponent replacement procedures and protocols; implementation of command network t roubleshooting and diagnostic techniques; teat and evaluation plans for network systems, development of shop safety practices and protocols; assessment and impl


ementation of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control methods, protocols and equip ment installation; and design and refit of PC hardware shop layout.

a Maintained project duties through assessment, refit, upgrade, drafting of docu mentation and drawings for NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, NSA, and NATO networks. Asse ssed, drafted proposals and deliverables for multiple classified and unclassifie d network projects, including overhaul of existing hardware shop policies and th e creation of new policies for network maintenance procedures, lifecycle upgrade protocols, network hardware maintenance and repair. Provided on-going research for cutting-edge technologies and topologies regarding upgrade of command networ k equipment and related hardware upgrades, for the implementation of network exp andability and scalability. Catalogued, drafted, and created documentation and d rawings for layout of physical network through computer-aided drawing software. Maintained conference room AV/VTC systems.

a Maintained network engineering roles and responsibilities via assessment and a nalysis of command network, development of lifecycle/repair/maintenance plans an d procedures, research/upgrade/utilize network diagnostic equipment and hardware . Performed technical support roles through network hardware installation, maint enance, diagnostics and repair on Dell, Sun and Cisco systems including servers, storage area networks, filers, switches, routers, workstations, etc. Employed a dvanced troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques across a wide array of server platforms including Dell, Sun and HP. Installed, maintained, diagnosed and repai red Dell, HP, Canon and Lexmark printers, scanners, digital senders and plotters . Serviced and repaired network diagnostic equipment. Supported classified and u nclassified network system maintenance through hardware installation, integratio n, configuration, troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenance of servers, storage area networks, switches, routers, etc. Maintained physical networks via installation, testing, troubleshooting, repair of fiber optic and Ethernet cabl ing media including termination of multimode and single mode fiber; Cat5, Cat6, Serial, RF, AV and MIL SPEC connectors. Maintained PBX and VOIP telephone system s.

Global Cyberspace Integration Center (GCIC) a" Ryan Center

a Performed Assistant Site Lead duties for the Operations Support Center (OSC) H Q and Air Combat Command (ACC) through systems engineering support duties includ ing integration and maintenance of enterprise level network architectures and co mmunication systems, integrated and maintained Air Force warfighting networks an d combat support systems, and installed and maintained repair of Command and Con trol (C2) communication systems encompassing oversight at SCI, SAP and collatera l levels. Supported Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) for th e Global Cyberspace Integration Center (GCIC) through integration and maintenanc e of computer and video systems across air, space, and cyberspace domains includ ing NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, NSA, NATO and other Air Force intelligence security domain networks. Analyzed, procured, implemented, integrated, configured, provi ded quality assurance, sustained operational integrity and managed networked sys tems for the transmission of information in data, voice, and video formats acros s Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures for 2000+ c lient systems. Identified innovative uses of current technologies to solve progr ammatic problems. Researched and identified uses of newly emerging technologies to meet program and procurement requirements. Ensured and maintained operational security (OPSEC)/antiterrorism/threat assessments, measures and protocols acros s cyberspace domains. Implemented and maintained command access and entry contro l operations.

a Maintained automated audio/video communication systems in support of operation al Air and Space Operations Center (AOC). Provided technical support for audio/v ideo multimedia systems, platforms and software applications via installation, c onfiguration, programming, operation, administration, troubleshooting, analysis, repair and maintenance of video teleconferencing (VTC) and audio/video projecti on systems, including teleconferencing equipment (ClearOne - Converge Pro 880; Polycom - VSX 8000; Tandberg a" 1700MXP), matrix switchers (Extron a" Crosspoint 450), video/RGB scalers (Extron a" DVS304), fiber optic transmitters/receivers (Extron a" Fox 500Tx/500Rx), RGB receivers (Multidyne - 5000 FRX), computer/vide


o converters (Extron - VSC 300), power amplifiers (QSC CX404/302V a" Crown CE10 00), power conditioners (Furman - PM-8 Series II), HDTV/stereo tuners (Contempor ary Research - 232-ATSC/232-STA), audio/video software programs (Extron a" Matri x Switchers Control Program), etc. Administered and troubleshot integrated voice and video solutions including Voice Over IP (VoIP). Provided service to users r egarding scheduling and operation of video teleconference equipment in support o f classified and unclassified video teleconferences. Collaborated with technicia ns and network providers at other remote locations to track and resolve video te leconferencing problems. Assisted in the development of operating procedures and processes for operation and diagnostics of video teleconference system. Tested and certified video teleconference room protocols via local and remote locations .

a Performed networking duties across multi-classified networks through hardware installation, integration, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics and repai r on Dell, Sun, and HP systems including servers (PowerEdge 1950/2950/6950) (Sun fire V210/V440/V880) (Proliant DL Series), storage area networks (PowerVault 750 N/755N) , filers and workstations (Dell, Sun, HP), etc. Employed advanced troubl eshooting and diagnostic techniques across a wide array of server platforms incl uding repairs conducted at the system board and component level. Installed, main tained, diagnosed and repaired Dell, HP, Canon and Lexmark printers, scanners, d igital senders and plotters. Maintained physical networks via installation, test ing, troubleshooting, repair of single/multimode fiber optic, Ethernet, RF and C ATV transmission lines including termination utilizing ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FDDI, C at5, Cat6, Serial, RF, SMA, BNC, RJ45, and other AV and MIL SPEC connectors. a Performed system administration duties via installation and configuration of W indows 2000/2003/XP/Vista workstation operating systems, Windows 2003 and 2008 s erver operating systems, Sun Solaris T 7.X/8.X, UNIX and LINUX server operating systems. Installed and configured server management platforms including HP OpenV iew and CiscoWorks. Managed server/client networks via management of user accoun t/distribution list creation, user permissions, software/firmware modifications and upgrades, firewall installations, applied network security software updates and patches to ensure compliance with Air Force network security policies; and p erformed operating system improvements via upgrades and software patches.

a Performed network administration duties via installation, configuration, maint enance, diagnosis and repair of systems and equipment across ATM/IP LAN/WAN netw orks using IPv4 routing and subnetting of Internet layer protocols and intrusion detection systems (IDS). Installed, maintained, diagnosed, repaired and tested fiber optic/Ethernet networks and systems including routers (Cisco 3800/7200), s witches (Cisco 2950/3750/6500; Marconi a" ASX1000), WAN accelerators (Juniper - WX-100), hubs, patch panel systems and other related network hardware components .

a Hands-on understanding of cross platform (Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris) network infrastructures. Maximized hardware utilization and network longevity (lifecycl e) via system resource management to ensure high customer benefit-to-cost ratio. Ensured sustained performance of hardware/software workstations, servers and ne twork systems in order to maximize high-end user productivity. Diagnosed and rep aired multiple networks across Dell, HP, Sun and Cisco system platforms while ma intaining rapid trouble call resolution to minimize customer impact and reduce n etwork downtime. Maintained system protocols to facilitate rapid recovery for ev ents regarding system failures (including backups, redundancy of key services an d equipment, contingency plans and periodic testing of failover plans). Assessed computer system architectures and physical network layouts and made recommendat ions and proposals for future system upgrades and expansion.

a Responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all RF/SATCOM equi pment, to include JTT, PRC5, CTT and GBS. Maintained and serviced tactical satel lite communication (SATCOM) equipment and data links to ensure joint interoperab ility of tactical C2 systems, joint and coalition C2 interoperability data stand ards, and to facilitate air component information management and SATCOM terminal management. Installed and maintained RF and microwave antenna arrays including (High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Sup


er High Frequency (SHF), and Extra High Frequency (EHF).

Systems Engineering/Systems Analyst, Allied Technology Group, Command and Contro l Center (C2CEN), United States Coast Guard, ISC Portsmouth, Virginia (2007 -200 8)

a Managed engineering support plans for engineers and project management assigne d to the Land-Based Engineering Branch (C2CEN - ISC Portsmouth) through assessme nt, draft and revision of engineering design changes for the transmission of dat a, voice, and video formats over LAN, WAN, RF, VHF and satellite networks and sy stems (Cisco/Sun) across C4ISR frameworks, to include Vessel Traffic System (VTS ), Ports and Waterways Safety System (PAWSS), Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service (CGVTS) Radar Sensor System, Nationwide Automatic Information System (NAIS), an d the MTM200 Core.

a Analyzed, researched and edited Land-Based network and communication systems ( servers, switches, routers, hubs, RF transmitters and antennae (VLF, LF, MF, HF, VHF, SATCOM) for viability of fleet capabilities. Submitted proposals for curre nt software and equipment system upgrades, life-cycle maintenance procedure deve lopment, and assessment of integration and test planning cycles.

a Captured, drafted, edited, and tracked complex technical documents for the ins tallation, operation, repair and maintenance regarding Land-Based Engineering (L BE) networks and communication systems via development of Equipment Integrated L ogistics Support Plans (EILSP). Collaborated with subject matter experts (SME), scientists, engineers and manufacturers in preparation of equipment and componen t specification documents to ensure adherence to MIL-STD/MIL-SPEC engineering st andardizations and compliance regulations. Resolved equipment interface conflict s through vendor product assessment for functionality and compliance requirement s. Developed/modified engineering maintenance standards. Developed technical com pliance documents pertaining to Land-Based network interface protocols for vario us U.S. Coast Guard sensor array and communication platforms.

Electrical Engineering, Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), NASA Lan gley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia (1998 a" 2007)

a Managed and supervised 20+ personnel for conceptual aout-of-the-boxa projects regarding a wide variety of experiments utilizing cutting-edge technologies and prototypical instrumentation. Provided technical support duties and training for junior technicians in the research and development of experimental satellite an d ground-based network architectures for the Atmospheric, Earth, Marine, and Spa ce Science Divisions via NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and Department of D efense (DoD) programs. Performed system engineering duties via design, developme nt, fabrication, packaging, testing and field implementation of satellite instru mentation and remote sensing devices. Facilitated installation and maintenance o f various computer networks (servers, databases, switches, software applications ) for the integration of remote sensing systems to facilitate data collection me thodologies for testing and analysis.

a Supervised personnel for Class 100 clean room facility and polymer deposition foundry including oversight for project instrumentation design, fabrication, pac kaging, configuration and testing satellite instrumentation and remote sensing d evices. Trained personnel in the utilization of fabrication hardware and softwar e packages for the introduction and use of new fabrication and diagnostic equipm ent. Trained personnel via classroom setting for the design and preparation of u ser instruction manuals regarding set up and operation of specialized fabricatio n equipment.

a Performed assistant researcher duties for scientists involved in data analysis regarding faint and bright star imagery (Intelligent Star Tracker Project - NAS A NRA), and the (Active Optics Program - NASA CODE R) utilizing active pixel pos itioning and adaptive optic technologies. Assisted in the development of experim ental CCD camera and system for data collection and reduction methodologies conc erning various star field patterns. Developed coding algorithms to remove pixel aberrations that surface in optic manipulation. Investigated configurations of o ptical methodologies to improve on the original Star Tracker design. Acquired an d compiled data, performed encoding/decoding of data transmissions, performed co mputational and empirical analyses on collected data. Supported research via des


ign and fabrication of anext generationa CCD camera as an active pixel array for the development of producing a viable star tracking capability. Assisted scient ists on Intelligent Star Tracker project (NASA NRA), and the Active Optics Progr am (NASA Code R), through mechanical and systems engineering support for scienti sts in the design, fabrication, testing, troubleshooting, packaging, wiring, and schematic drawings of prototypical equipment for electro-optical and passive se nsor array instrumentation, in the field for domestic and remote research projec ts including the development of passive sensing and surveillance sysytems.

a Executed program management roles and system engineering responsibilities in s upport of various Research & Development projects via assessment of field instru mentation prototypes regarding product design specifications, ensuring all techn ical requirements, deadlines, scope, milestones in preparation for launch of sat ellite instrumentation. Acted as project liaison through the establishment, inte gration and maintainence of governmental interagency relations for project resea rch collaboration via provision of technical consultation and design assessment. Collaborated between project leaders and electronics manufacturers through tech nical evaluation regarding quality assurance (QA) requirements and reliability s tandard for product fabrication. Drafted technical and administrative reports, p roposals, project deliverables and modifications to senior project management. D eveloped instrumentation models and devices for remote field testing and operati on via rapid prototyping design software and CNC equipment.

a Performed system administrator duties through installation, maintenance and ro utine upgrades including installation of server/client operating systems, securi ty patches, user accounts, e-mail accounts, hardware/software installation and u pgrades, resolution of server/client conflicts and failures across multiple netw ork platforms (Dell/Sun/Cisco). Installed and maintained Windows and Unix based platforms. Maintained server and user support software through multiple operatin g system platforms and software application packages including Windows Server 20 03, Sun Solaris 7, UNIX, Dell Open Manage, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, etc. Assisted engineers in the development, planning, procurement, installation , configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex LAN and WAN network systems for the integration of remote sensing systems. Evaluated and performed t echnical reviews for system error risk factors and lifecycle planning.

a Performed network administration and PC hardware technician duties through ins tallation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of Dell servers (PowerEdge 19 50) and Sun servers (V210), multiplexers, storage area networks, and Cisco swit ches (2900 Series), routers and workstations (Sun/IBM) across LAN and WAN networ ks. Troubleshot and repaired workstation and server system boards, subsystems an d peripherals at the component level. Resolved hardware and software conflicts. a Conducted research for infrared/near-infrared detector-based projects by provi ding quantitative analyses through data collection and reduction methodologies f or the investigation of harmful emissions of trace gases and aerosols from natur ally occurring forest fires and other ecological disasters (FireSat).

a Provided system engineering support for successful launch of SAGE III-METEOR s atellite mission, through implementation and testing of Ground Support Equipment (GSE); Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) instrumentation testing, Electromagn etic Interference (EMI) control methods, thermal vacuum chamber and vibration te sting; and Integration & Testing (I&T) of instrumentation package onboard space launch vehicle (Apollo/Soyuz) a" Moscow, Russia a" Baikinor, Kazakhstan (2003). Maintained communication systems and equipment via operation and repair of HF/VH F/microwave transmitters/ receivers.

a Employed complex electronic skills through implementation of electrical/electr onic systems and remote sensing devices, circuit design and fabrication, system integration and testing, environmental data collection and analysis, implementat ion of field ground support equipment and power systems. Utilized circuit design and layout tools, soldering/population of PC boards, chassis fabrication and as sembly, C++ programming, microcontroller programming, system testing and debuggi ng via diagnostic equipment and software analysis tools, for the creation of an alog and digital sensor/detection instrumentation. Modeled electronic circuit si mulations via LabView. Installed and maintained automation equipment for the pro


duction of experimental CCD pixel array via Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) a" Allen Bradley (PLC-5) utilizing ladder logic. Interpreted, drafted and docum ented complex mechanical/electrical drawings, schematic diagrams, blueprints, pl ans, instructions, and engineering procedures.

a Implemented mechanical engineering skills through conceptual design of modelin g 3D prototypes, fabrication of metal and plastic components via operation of nu merical controlled instrumentation (CNC) and manual milling machines. Assembled and tested final designs utilizing machine shop equipment and tools.

a Designed and fabricated discrete components for developmental research instrum entation and devices utilizing 3D modeling software (Solid Edge, Auto CAD) in co njunction with 3D fabrication hardware (Roland MDX-650/CNC milling machine; Dime nsion SST - ABS polymer deposition ) Utilized manual milling machines and lathes to produce sub-assemblies for active pixel-based remote sensing systems.

a Drafted and produced operational and training manuals for various clean room f abrication instrumentation for junior technicians. Created step-by-step procedur es for troubleshooting, repair and safety guidelines for specialized design inst rumentation.

Preload Team Lead - Logistics and Distribution, United Parcel Service, Newport N ews, Virginia (1990 a" 1998)

a Conducted inventory management for multi-million dollar facility through revie w and analyses of distribution center package volume receiving/shipping metrics. a Maintained warehouse operations via dispatch of route carriers, draft and revi sion of delivery routes/charts, and provided analyses/reports utilizing delivery route performance metrics.

a Maintained inventory system database of warehouse packages, delivery route sch edules, and route carrier dispatch records.

a Managed contract requirements via administration and compliance of company pol icies and procedures.

a Prepared reports, proposals and made administrative recommendations to upper m anagement regarding employee performance and improvements for warehouse operatio ns and procedures.

a Attended and resolved employee/management contract disputes and grievances. a Performed employee relations manager duties for facility personnel regarding i mplementation and standardization of employee guidelines via warehouse duties an d responsibilities, job performance requirements, regulations, and this issuance of award/merit programs.

a Established guidelines for employee performance standards and regulations, as well as implemented employee incentive bonuses for increased production output. Interior Communications Electrician, IC3 (3rd Class Petty Officer), United State s Navy

USS Kalamazoo (AOR 6), Naval Station Norfolk; Norfolk, Virginia (1986 a" 1988) a Operated and performed organizational and intermediate maintenance on alarm, w arning, and indicator systems; interior communications; and shipas control, ente rtainment, and navigation systems.

a Installed, maintained and repaired interior communications equipment including public address systems, interior telephone systems, alarm systems, engine/bridg e telegraphs (ship's command station), various ship control and equipment monito ring devices, ship's gyrocompass, rudder position indicator, audio-visual equipm ent, ship's entertainment and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, advanced navigation and other equipment. Serviced and repaired RF transmitters and recei vers (HF, VHF, UHF, microwave, SATCOM), communication systems, and transmission lines.

a Provided technical support for design, development, and refit of electrical mo tors and control instrumentation for shipboard winches and elevators aboard nava l surface ships. Serviced and installed power supplies, power distribution syste ms, data transmission and communication line networks, power cabling and high vo ltage electrical lines. Repaired and installed control distribution systems of s witching networks, switchboards, power relays, and circuit breaker panels.


eprints, wiring diagrams and sketches. Developed repair procedures and training documentation for junior electricians

COMSUBLANT, CINCLANTFLT; Norfolk, Virginia (1988 a" 1990)

a Performed command duties as Master-At-Arms (MAA) implementing services to incl ude force protection, physical security, law enforcement, counter intelligence, and antiterrorism/threat assessments. Implemented and maintained command access and entry control operations.

a Implemented quick-response preventive measures and contingency plans to mitiga te potential hostile actions or threats to command personnel. Maintained prepare dness in the use of military/civilian security force techniques including utiliz ation of pepper spray, baton and small arms.

a Maintained entry point access, surveillance and intrusion-detection equipment via operation of retina scanners, video cameras/monitors, and infrared motion de tectors, card key/code key access terminals.

a Managed transmission of classified and sensitive materials between command sta ff and various government agencies. Controlled and reviewed security clearances for visiting military officers, officials, dignitaries and visitors. Familiarity with COMSUBLANT policies and regulations.

Ship Intermediate Maintenance Activity (SIMA), E-Division; Norfolk, Virginia (19 90)

a Troubleshot, diagnosed, repaired and main propulsion motors and generators. Co nducted scheduled and emergency repairs/maintenance for interior communications equipment, public address systems, telephone systems, alarm systems, various shi p control and equipment monitoring devices aboard U.S. Navy ships and submarines .

a Executed duties regarding overhaul and rewind of motors and generators via rep air/replacement of electrical components including bearings, brush caps, capacit ors, commutators, brushes, and sandblasting/baking of motor housings.

a Familiarity of U.S. Navy ship and submarine designs, construction, frameworks, systems, components, engineering methods, maintenance procedures, blueprints, d rawings and plans.


a Associates in Applied Science (AAS), Electrical Engineering Technology, ITT Te chnical Institute, Norfolk, Virginia (2000).

a Currently pursuing BS in Electrical Engineering, acquired 60 semester hours, T homas Nelson Community College/Old Dominion University, Hampton/Norfolk, Virgini a (2013).

a Coursework in C/C++ programming languages.

a Coursework in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) a" Allen Bradley. CERTIFICATIONS

a DoD 8570.01-M IAT Level I Compliant. a CompTIA Security+ (2007).

a CompTIA A+ (220-701) a" Jun. 2011. (preparing for test) a CompTIA A+ (220-702) a" Jun. 2011. (preparing for test) a CompTIA Network+ (2008) a" Jun. 2010. (preparing for test) a Studying for CCNA Exam a" Sept. 2011.

a Dimension SST - ABS Polymer Deposition Operator (2006). a Roland MDX-650 CNC Operator (2006).

a NASA-STD-8739.2 Workmanship Standard for Surface Mount Technology. a NASA STD-8739.3 Soldered Electrical Connections.

a NASA STD-8739.4 Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harness, and Wiring. a NASA-STD-8739.7 Electrostatic Discharge Control.





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