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Prreeppaarreed d bbyy RReevviieewweed d bbyy AApppprroovveed d bbyy


Mrr..VViinnooddKKuummaarr MMrr. . ..AAbbhhiisshheek k SSoonnkkeer r MMrr. . MMoohhmmmmaad d AAsssseeff Akbari

Akbari H





A. D'D'##)')'*+*+#'#'onon ,.

,. R$R$-'-''on'on/A/A))o-o-"" C.

C. AA$n$n$n# $n# R$R$coco)) D.

D. A*A**)*)$-$-'"'"#'#'onon E.

E. D$D$''n'n'#'#'onon 1

1.. IInn##))oo++cc##''oonn


1..11 PP++))oo$$ 1.

1.22 EnEn-'-')o)onn$n$n#"#"  +'+'$$''n$n$ " "n n R$R$$$)$)$ncnc$$ 1

1..33 EEnn--''))oonn$$nn##""  CCoo''##$$nn## 1.

1.44 EEn-n-')')oonn$n$n#"#" Po Po'c'c  S#S#""#$#$$n$n## 1

1.. PP))oo55$$cc# # DD$$##""'' 1.6

1.6 P)oP)o5$c5$c# # $o$o)")"7'c7'c" " M"M" 1.

1.88 PP))oo5$5$c# c# ScSc7$7$++$ $ ""n n MM''$$#o#on$n$


2. EnEn-'-'))onon$$n#n#" " RoRo$$  "n"n  R$R$onon''*'*'''#'#'$$ 3.

3. AA--$)$)""$ N$ N++*$*$) ) "n"n  TT$ $ o o E9E9+'+'$n$n# "# "n n M"M"c7c7'n'n$)$) 4.

4. AA--$)$)""$ $ N+N+**$) $) o o TT))+c+c  ""n n ;;$$7'7'cc$$ 

.. NN++**$$) ) oo < <oo))$$)) o on Tn T77$ P$ P))oo55$$cc## 6.

6. InIn#$#$)n)n" " CoCo+n+n'c'c"#"#'o'on n AAnn  CoConn++#"#"#'#'onon 8

8.. EE==##$$))nn""  CCoo++nn''cc""##''oonn >.

>. En-')on0$n#"/ I0."c#(En-')on0$n#"/ I0."c#(


>.1 A') An No'$A') An No'$ >.2

>.2 <"<"#$) #$) ?+"?+"'#'# @ Co @ Co"#"# S+) S+)"c$ "c$ AnAn )o )o+n+nB"#B"#$)$) >

>..3 3 SSoo'' >.

>.44 ,','oo'-'-$)$)''# # @ F@ Foo)" )" AAn Fn F"+"+n"n" > >.. TT))""''c Ic I""cc## >. >.66 <<""##$ M"$ M"n"n"$$$$n# In# I"c"c## . . Con#)o/ M$"(+)$(Con#)o/ M$"(+)$( .

.11 PoPo+#+#'o'on Pn P)$)$-$-$n#n#'o'on Mn M$"$"++)$)$  ..22 SS''  CCoonn##''nn$$nncc  ..33 NNoo''$ $ MM""nn""$$$$nn##  .4.4 SS''##$ $ TT))""''c c CCoonn##))oo  PP""nn





A. D'D'##)')'*+*+#'#'onon ,.

,. R$R$-'-''on'on/A/A))o-o-"" C.

C. AA$n$n$n# $n# R$R$coco)) D.

D. A*A**)*)$-$-'"'"#'#'onon E.

E. D$D$''n'n'#'#'onon 1

1.. IInn##))oo++cc##''oonn


1..11 PP++))oo$$ 1.

1.22 EnEn-'-')o)onn$n$n#"#"  +'+'$$''n$n$ " "n n R$R$$$)$)$ncnc$$ 1

1..33 EEnn--''))oonn$$nn##""  CCoo''##$$nn## 1.

1.44 EEn-n-')')oonn$n$n#"#" Po Po'c'c  S#S#""#$#$$n$n## 1

1.. PP))oo55$$cc# # DD$$##""'' 1.6

1.6 P)oP)o5$c5$c# # $o$o)")"7'c7'c" " M"M" 1.

1.88 PP))oo5$5$c# c# ScSc7$7$++$ $ ""n n MM''$$#o#on$n$


2. EnEn-'-'))onon$$n#n#" " RoRo$$  "n"n  R$R$onon''*'*'''#'#'$$ 3.

3. AA--$)$)""$ N$ N++*$*$) ) "n"n  TT$ $ o o E9E9+'+'$n$n# "# "n n M"M"c7c7'n'n$)$) 4.

4. AA--$)$)""$ $ N+N+**$) $) o o TT))+c+c  ""n n ;;$$7'7'cc$$ 

.. NN++**$$) ) oo < <oo))$$)) o on Tn T77$ P$ P))oo55$$cc## 6.

6. InIn#$#$)n)n" " CoCo+n+n'c'c"#"#'o'on n AAnn  CoConn++#"#"#'#'onon 8

8.. EE==##$$))nn""  CCoo++nn''cc""##''oonn >.

>. En-')on0$n#"/ I0."c#(En-')on0$n#"/ I0."c#(


>.1 A') An No'$A') An No'$ >.2

>.2 <"<"#$) #$) ?+"?+"'#'# @ Co @ Co"#"# S+) S+)"c$ "c$ AnAn )o )o+n+nB"#B"#$)$) >

>..3 3 SSoo'' >.

>.44 ,','oo'-'-$)$)''# # @ F@ Foo)" )" AAn Fn F"+"+n"n" > >.. TT))""''c Ic I""cc## >. >.66 <<""##$ M"$ M"n"n"$$$$n# In# I"c"c## . . Con#)o/ M$"(+)$(Con#)o/ M$"(+)$( .

.11 PoPo+#+#'o'on Pn P)$)$-$-$n#n#'o'on Mn M$"$"++)$)$  ..22 SS''  CCoonn##''nn$$nncc  ..33 NNoo''$ $ MM""nn""$$$$nn##  .4.4 SS''##$ $ TT))""''c c CCoonn##))oo  PP""nn


.. <<""##$ M$ M""nn""$$$$nn## 

.6.6 AAIIR R ??++""''## C Coonn##))oo M M$$""++))$$ 

..88 EEccoooo''cc""  MM''##''""##''oonn


10.. EnEn-')-')onon$n$n#" #" AA$$c#c# o o T T7$ 7$ CoCon#)n#)"c"c#o)#o)  AAc#c#'-''-'#'#'$$ 1

111.. HHoo++$ $ $$$$''nn 1

122.. EEnn$$)) C Coonn$$))--""##''oonn $n$)"$n$)"


12.2.1 1 EE$c$c##)')'c"c"  CoConn++##'o'onn 1

122..2 2 FF++$$  CCoonn++##''oonn


13.. EnEn-'-'))onon$$n#n#" " TT))"'"'n'n'n n o o S#S#""   14

14.. S'S'nn""$ On E$ On En-n-')')oonn$$n#n#" " AABB")")$$n$n$ 1

1.. EE$$))$n$ncc  R$R$onon$ $ P)P)ooc$c$++))$$


1..11 IInn##))oo++cc##''oonn 1

1..22 SS'' R R$$oonn$ F$ FooB CB C7"7")#)# 1

1.3.3 L$L$-$-$  o o EE$)$)$$ncnc  R$R$onon$$ 1

1.4.4 NoNo#'#'''c"c"#'#'on on R$R$9+9+')')$$$n$n##


16.. EE$$))$n$ncc  R$R$onon$ $ P)P)ooc$c$++))$$


16.1.1 EnEn-'-')o)onn$n$n#"#" M Monon'#'#o)o)'n'n P P)o)o))""$$ 16

16.2.2 EnEn-'-')o)onn$n$n#"#" A A++'# P'# P)o)o))""$$


188.. EEoo))""##  / / CC77$$cc''##

A$n'= A$n'=


A. Document

Copy Number








Site Ofce


Head Ofce B. Revision/Approval EMS Plan ssue !a"e

  Revision No Approval S"a"us

16/10/2016 TEDE!

C. Amendment Record

Revision !e"ails of Amendmen" Pa#es $ Para


Ref ' A! E(SMS R) &omplian&e Referen&e *Elemen"s +,

D. Abbreviations

EMP Environmental Management Plan Al Bahr Project Name:

!M enter of !a"te Management

EA# Environmental Agenc$ in A%& #ha%i E'A Environmental 'm(act A""e""ment EMP Environmental Management Plan EM) Environmental Management )$"tem E* Environmental *e(re"entative +EA ,AE +e-eral Environmental Agenc$ .)E .ealth/ )afet$ an- Environment 'M) 'ntegrate- Management )$"tem  N)*" Noi"e )en"itive *eceiver"

PE* Preliminar$ Environmental *evie PM Project Manager  

A &alit$ A""&rance  &alit$ ontrol ,AE ,nite- Ara% Emirate"




1" #udit # s$ste%atic& inde'endent and docu%ented 'rocess (or

obtainin) audit e*idence and e*aluatin) it ob+ecti*el$ to deter%ine t,e e-tent to .,ic, audit criteria are (ullled" 2" Control


#ctions and acti*ities taen to 're*ent or eli%inate a ,aard and/or ris or reduce it to an as lo. as reasonable 'racticable le*el"

3" Correcti*e #ctions

Ste's t,at are taen to re%o*e t,e causes o( an e-istin) non con(or%it$ or undesirable situation" T,e correcti*e action 'rocess is desi)ned to 're*ent t,e recurrence o(  noncon(or%ities or undesirable situations"

4 E#D En*iron%ental #)enc$ in #bu D,abi

 En*iron%ent T,e ter% en*iron%ent re(ers to an or)aniations natural

and ,u%an surroundin)s" #n or)aniations en*iron%ent e-tends (ro% .it,in t,e or)aniation itsel( to t,e )lobal s$ste%& and includes air& .ater& land& 5ora& (auna& as .ell as ,u%an bein)s"

6 En*iron%ental


#n en*iron%ental as'ect is a (eature or c,aracteristic o( an acti*it$& 'roduct& or ser*ice t,at aects or can aect t,e en*iron%ent"

7 En*iron%ental


#n en*iron%ental i%'act is a c,an)e to t,e en*iron%ent" Suc, c,an)e can be 'ositi*e or ne)ati*e" En*iron%ental i%'acts are caused b$ en*iron%ental as'ects"

 En*iron%ental


#n En*iron%ental olic$ state%ent e-'resses a

co%%it%ent to t,e i%'le%entation and %aintenance o( an or)aniations en*iron%ental %ana)e%ent s$ste% and t,e


i%'ro*e%ent o( its o*erall en*iron%ental 'er(or%ance"

9 En*iron%ental


#n en*iron%ental ob+ecti*e is a s'ecic en*iron%ental )oal" ;our or)aniations en*iron%ental ob+ecti*es %ust be consistent .it, its en*iron%ental 'olic$"

10 En*iron%ental


En*iron%ental 'er(or%ance is all about ,o. .ell an or)aniation %ana)es t,e en*iron%ental as'ects o( its acti*ities& 'roducts& and ser*ices and t,e i%'act t,e$ ,a*e on t,e en*iron%ent"

11 Haard #n$ substance& ',$sical eect& or condition .it, 'otential to ,ar% 'eo'le& 'ro'ert$ or t,e en*iron%ent"

12 8ncident #n e*ent or c,ain o( e*ents .,ic, ,as caused or

could ,a*e caused (atalit$& in+ur$& illness and/or da%a)e <loss= to assets& t,e en*iron%ent& E#D re'utation or t,ird 'arties

13 8nduction T,e 'rocess b$ .,ic, ne. e%'lo$ees are introduced to a

.or'lace and its 'olicies and 'rocesses"

14 8ns'ection ,$sical on>site *erication t,at .or is 'er(or%ed and

e?ui'%ent is %aintained in accordance .it, e-istin) EHS standards and 'rocedures"

1 8nterested


#n interested 'art$ is a 'erson or )rou' t,at ,as a stae in t,e en*iron%ental 'er(or%ance o( an or)aniation" 8nterested 'arties %a$ be directl$ aected b$ t,e or)aniation or acti*el$ concerned .it, its en*iron%ental 'er(or%ance"

16 ear iss @nsa(e act or unsa(e condition .,ic, i( i)nored could result

in an accident"

17 !is 8s t,e 'roduct o( t,e %easure o( t,e lieli,ood o(  

occurrence o( an undesired e*ent and t,e 'otential ad*erse conse?uences .,ic, t,is e*ent %a$ ,a*e u'on 'eo'le and t,e en*iron%ent&

!is A (re?uenc$ - conse?uences"

1 Si)nicant


# si)nicant en*iron%ental as'ect is an en*iron%ental as'ect t,at ,as or can ,a*e a si)nicant en*iron%ental i%'act"

Si)nicance could be tied to:

 En*iron%ental concerns

 atural resource concerns


 Business or %ission concerns

 Concerns o( interested 'arties

19 +e-eral a

 No12 of 200 *eg&lation oncering Protection of Air +rom Poll&tion 20 +e-eral a

 No24 + 1999 Protection an- #evelo(ment of the Environment 21 +e-eral a

 No21 of 2005

!a"te Management

1. ntroduction 1.1 P+)o$

6hi" Environmental Management Plan i" inten-e- to (rovi-e an environmental management frameor for the (eration an- maintenance of the (roject8 6he (&r(o"e of thi" EMP i" to a--re"" all environmental concern" that ma$ re"&lt from "(ecific (eration an-maintenance activitie"8

6he e$ o%jective" of thi" EMP are:

• 6o en"&re activitie" -&ring the (ermanent lan-"ca(ing or" have lea"t im(act on

"&rro&n-ing environment


• 6o e"ta%li"h a frameor for environmental management to en"&re im(lementation of 

mitigation mea"&re

• 6o -evelo( monitoring (rogramme to en"&re reg&lator$ com(liance an- earl$ -etection

of an$ "ignificant environmental im(act"

• 6o (re"ent (lan" for im(lementing the recommen-ation" o f the E'A "t&-$

an-• 6o -emon"trate Al *$&m;" commitment to com(l$ ith environmental la"

an-reg&lation" of ,AE an- EA#;" re<&irement"8

1.2 En-')on$n#" +'$'n$ "n R$$)$nc$

6hi" "ection o&tline" a((lica%le fe-eral/ national an- international environmental reg&lation" relevant to the ,AE 8

1.2.1 N"#'on" L$'"#'on "n +'$'n$

6he +e-eral Environmental Agenc$ =+EA> &"e- to %e the main reg&lator$ %o-$ for the hole of the ,AE8 .oever recentl$ the effort" of the +EA ere merge- ith tho"e of the EA#8 6herefore/ the (re"ent (rinci(al environmental in"tit&tion in the ,AE i" the Mini"tr$ of Environment an- !ater *e"o&rce" hoever in A%& #ha%i the EA# i" con"i-ere- the  (rinci(al environmental in"tit&tion8 Emirate i-e environmental reg&lation" an- (olicie" are

-evelo(e- an- enforce- thro&gh the EA#8

Princi(al fe-eral environmental an- "ocial la" relevant to thi" (roject are o&tline- %elo:

• +e-eral a No8 =12> of 200 • +e-eral a No8 =21> of 2005 • +e-eral a No8 =24> of 1999 • Project )(ecification"

• A# E.)M) 4.0 =!a"te Management> an- .0 =Environmental Management>

1.3 En-')on$n#" Co'#$n#


environmental im(act of the or -one i" minimi?e-8

6o live &( to thi" commitment/ Al *$&m ha" im(lemente- vario&" environmental im(act management tool":

• )orting of "ite gar%age

• Pro(er -i"(o"al of all material"

• *e&"ing of material hen the (roject allo" ="&ch a" form or/ (a(er>

• *ec$cling of material" to re-&ce a"te henever (o""i%le =%$e (ro-&ct" of (r&ning/ c&tting" an- moing ill %e &"e- a" organic fertili?er>

•  Noi"e level ill %e maintaine- lo %$ (ro(er maintenance of e<&i(ment an- "itching off generator" -&ring the after office ho&r"8

Al *$&m en"&re" that their team i" aare of &(-ate- a((lica%le environmental la" an-reg&lation" an- or har- on meeting or e@cee-ing the"e re<&irement" on the (roject8


1. P)o5$c# D$#"'

Name $-o&a"ion of "he Proe&"

ro+ect Contract o :


Clien"/s nforma"ion

0(E !REC01R

P23-C 4AR!EN !REC01RA0E P.1. 3o5 6789 A32 !(A39 2.A.E. T$.: (812! 4066 F"=: (812! 4066

Con"ra&"or/s nforma"ion

P.1. 3o5 6:;6<9 A32 !(A39 2.A.E. T$.: ( 812! 632>00 F"=: (812! 633032


1..1 Sco$ o <o) 

Maintenance activities includes, but not limited to the following:  *ec&rrent hortic&lt&ral (roce-&re"8

 *ec&rrent gro&n-" maintenance (roce-&re"

 (eration  maintenance of irrigation "$"tem"

 .an- atering a" re<&ire-8

 *e(lacement of -ea- or -$ing hortic&lt&re8

 Planting of "ea"onal floral -i"(la$"8

 Maintenance of all agric&lt&ral or"/ rene an- (lant the green" area" incl&-ing

 *emoval an- re(lanting of "ea"onal foliage8

 Provi"ion of (rotective fencing to area" of ne (lanting or area" &n-er re(air8

 )(ecific cleaning maintenance of f&rnit&re/ toilet"/ "ha-e "tr&ct&re" an-ancillar$ %&il-ing"8

 leaning an- maintenance of all (la$gro&n- facilitie" in "afe oring or-er8

 lean of all har- (ave- area" thro&gho&t the -e"ignate- ontract area8

 *e(air to (ave- "&rface" to en"&re a &niform an- even "&rface i" maintaine-8

 Maintenance of all fi@e- an- mova%le electro mechanic item"/ +o&ntain" ith all it" acce""orie"/ P&m( an- control room incl&-ing the Ac &nit"8

 Maintenance of fi@e- f&rnit&re an- -&"t%in" incl&-ing re(air/ re(aint an- or  re(lace a" (er EngineerC" in"tr&ction"8

 Maintenance of all mechanical electrical (la$ e<&i(ment"/ am&"ement" an-ri-e"8

 Maintenance of all the com(onent" of lrrigation netor it" controller" an-en"&re a-e<&ate ater i" availa%le for the gar-en"8

 an-"ca(e maintenance o(eration" lie moing of gra""/ trimming  (r&ning of 6ree"/

 +ertili?ing / a((lication of Man&re  Plant (rotection chemical"/ ee-ing an-irrigating

 *e(air an$ -amage" occ&rre- -&ring the contract (erio- -&e le"" orman"hi( at contractorC" co"t an- re(airrein"tate the -amage- gra"" area" -&e to the or" of other contractor" %$ (rior coor-ination ith them8


 ontractor "hall (rovi-e e@(erience- (rofe""ional engineer an- technical "&(ervi"or$ "taff an- la%o&rer"8 .e "hall (rovi-e the min n&m%er of la%o&rer" a"  (er late"t contract re-&ce- term an- %a"e- on A* (erformance commitment8

 6he contractor "hall e@ec&te the emergenc$ maintenance on time ithin a  (erio- not e@cee-ing 3 ho&r" an- e@ec&ting all the in"tr&ction" from the

-e(artment ith in the (re"cri%e- time failing hich ill affect hi" (a$ment"8

 ontractor "hall "&%mit the or foreca"t an- monthl$ maintenance re(ort in time a" ell a" the A"%&ilt -raing" of the gar-en" "hoing the general la$o&t an- all the feat&re" of the gar-en" a" of e@i"ting8


 #i"(o"al of green a"te material" of (lantation an- fore"t"

 Dreen a"te "ho&l- %e -i"(o"e- in a PD# a((rove- manner8 6he folloing o(tion" are recommen-e-:

i. Shred and pulverize in-situ, large Tree cuttings and deliver to the Compost Plant

ii. Use of circular power saw to slit truns of trees to the re!uired size i.e. " #$cmdiameter%girth prior to deliver& to the compost Plant.


'peration activities include but not limited

to:- leaning of (atha$" incl&-ing all civil "tr&ct&re"/ re(airing an- or re(lacing interlocing tile" an- removing all "&r(l&" material" an- -e%ri" on -ail$ %a"i" to a((rove- -&m(ing area8

 !ater feat&re" an- fo&ntain"

 All (icnic "helter" an- BB facilitie"8

 All toilet facilitie" an- a""ociate- "hoer" an- a"hing facilitie"8

 All -rining fo&ntain" an- a""ociate- ater "&((l$ (i(e or ith the area of  re"(on"i%ilit$8

 6he entire area "ho&l- %e e(t clean/ ee- an- litter free al the time

 )&ch -ail$ activitie" that are nece""ar$ to -eliver the "ervice (rovi"ion to the  (&%lic: e8g8 the "itching of  on of lighting/ o(eration of valve"/ ta("/ etc for 

irrigation (&r(o"e" an- fo&ntain"8

 *eg&lar in"(ection" of "oft an- har- area"/ (la$gro&n- e<&i(ment/ (&%lic facilitie"/ etc to en"&re the "afet$ an- "ec&rit$ of all a""et"


 iai"on ith the (&%lic/ A#!EA/ other M&nici(alit$ #e(artment"/ etc in re"(ect of all thir- (art$ activitie" ithin the (&%lic o(en "(ace"

 iai"on ith A#!EA an- other thir- (art$ "ervice (rovi-er" to en"&re contin&it$ of "ervice

 6aing a((ro(riate action" to en"&re (&%lic "afet$ an- (rotect a""et" again"t van-ali"m an- "afeg&ar- the <&alit$ of lan-"ca(e an- a""et" an- -amage from thir- (artie"8

 '""&e" (ermit" to or to thir- (artie" i"hing to carr$ o&t o(eration" ithin  (&%lic o(en "(ace"8 hecing a (rior to (ermitting or to (rocee- ll

metho-"tatement"/ "ec&rit$ an- "afet$ mea"&re" to %e

em(lo$e- )ec&rit$ of all P&%lic Dar-en" an- other a""et" ithin the ontact arae %$ "(eciali"t D&ar-8

 En"&re an- tae all )afet$ (reca&tionar$ mea"&re" for the vi"iting (&%lic an- hi" "taff8

 6he contractor "ho&l- notif$ the Engineer (rior =(erio- of notice 2 -a$"> for an$ "(ecific o(eration" lie fertili?ing/ gra"" im(rovement (rogram" etc8

1.6 P)o5$c# $o)"7'c" M"

Plea"e refer A((en-i@ 1 for Project Deogra(hical Ma(

1.8 P)o5$c# c7$+$ "n '$#on$


All -ate" are a((ro@imate8

6he &(-ate- an- a((rove- (rogramme can %e viee- at the A*;" "ite Project ffice8

2. En-')on$n#" Ro$ "n R$on'*''#'$ 2.1 R$on'*''# o #7$ Con#)"c#o)

• Al *$&m"hall im(lement an- a-here to Project )(ecification" an- EA# re<&irement"8 An$ &ncertaintie" a%o&t the EMP "hall %e clarifie- ith PA*)N)8

• Al *$&m "hall en"&re that all "taff mem%er"/ "&%Al *$&m an- "&((lier"

&n-er"tan-an- a-here to the EMP8 Noncom(liance ith the con-ition" of the EMP/ hich form"  (art of the agreement/ ill con"tit&te a %reach of ontract8

• 'n ca"e Al *$&m (lan" to &n-ertae an$ activitie" that are not incl&-e- in the EMP/

the$ m&"t notif$ PA*)N)C" Environmental *e(re"entative (rior to commencing or"8 #e(en-ing on the a--itional activitie"/ f&rther a""e""ment of the im(act"/


-evelo(ment of a--itional mitigation an- monitoring mea"&re" an-or an a--en-&m to the overall EMP ma$ %e re<&ire-8

Al *$&m m&"t notif$ the itC" Environmental *e(re"entative of an$ com(laint" receive-8

2.2 CEO/M"n"$'n D')$c#o)/$n$)" M"n"$)

 ea- the -evelo(ment of a((ro(riate E.) Management thro&gh the integration of E.) into the entitie" management "tr&ct&re/(roce""e"" an- c&lt&re an- regl&ra monitoring an- revie of E.) (erformance 8

• ,ltimatel$ re"(on"i%le for the entite" E.) (erformance • )et a clear E.) Polic$8

• Allocate a-e<&ate re"o&rce" for E.) management

• Allocate re"(on"i%ilit$ for E.) management an- -elegation of a&thorit$ • En"&re im(lementation of the ri" management (rogram"

• En"&re the entit$ ha" effective "$"tem" for (rovi"ion of E.) 'nformation/training an- "&(ervi"on

• En"&re that entit$ have effective emergenc$ (roce-&re"

2.3 P)o5$c# M"n"$)

 #evelo( an- im(lement a((ro(riate E.) management %$ en"&ring E.) management "$"$em" ar in Place an- (erating effectivel$

• Allaocate re(on"i%ilit$ of E.) management an- -elegation • En"&re a-e<&ate %&-get an- re"o&rce" for E.) management • En"&re a((ro(riate E.) "&(erv"ion of em(lo$ee"

• 'm(lement an- monitor effectivene"" of ri" management (rogram" • En"&re a((ro(riate ha?ar- an- inci-ent inve"tigation"

• *eg&larl$ -i"c&"" E.) i""&e" at meeting" of -e(artment"/-ivi-on" or "enior  management

• En"&re (rovi"ion of E.) information /training an- "&(evi"ion • En"&re a((ro(riate emergenc$ (roce-&re are


• ea-er"hi( of the -evelo(ment/im(lementation an- maintenance of a((ro(riate E.)M) ithin the entit$

• Provi-e "(eciali"t a-vice an- "&((ort to "enior management regar-ing the management of or(lace ha?ar-" ri""

• En"&re E.) (erformance monitoring "$"tem i" in (lace to en"&re the effectivene"" of  inj&r$ (revention an- ri" management (olicie" an- (roce-&re"8

• En"&re effective to a$ comm&nication %eteen "enior manager" an- E.) #e(t • En"&re E.) (rogram are coni"tent ith entit$ (olicie" an- (roce-&re"

2. EHS O'c$)/A-'o)

• Provi-ing a-vice on the im(lementation of E.) (olic$ an- (roce-&re" • *ai"ing E.) matter" an- i""&e" to management on %ehalf of eme(lo$ee" • omm&nication an- aarne"" rai"ing of E.) re<&irement"

• A""i"ting ith con-&cting E.) in"(ection" of the or(lace • A""i"ting !'6. 6.E inve"tigation of E.) i""&e"" or inci-ent • Atten-ing E.) ommittee meeting

2.6 S+$)-'o)/Fo)$"n

• Provi-e E.) information/training an- "&(ervi"ion • A""i"t ith the (re(aration of ri" a""e""ment" • En"&re a((lication of a((riate ri" control mea"&re" • *e(orting of E.) ha?ar-" an- inci-ent"

2.8 <o)$)

• om(l$ ith rea"ona%le E.) in"tr&ction" an- "afe oring (roce-& re" • ,"e of a((ro(riate PPE8


• Be familiar ith emergenc$ an- evac&ation (roce-&re"

•  Not illf&ll$ or recle""l$ en-anger an$oneF" health an- "afet$ • *e(ort" E.) ha?ar-"/inci-ent an- i""

3. A-$)"$ n+*$) "n #$ o $9+'$n#"n"c7'n$)

Planning for average n&m%er an- t$(e of E<&i(mentan- Machiner$ to %e -e(lo$e- for the  (roject i" enclo"e- in A((en-i@G'' to thi" -oc&ment

4. A-$)"$ n+*$) o T)+c "n ;$7'c$

Planning for average n&m%er of 6r&c" an- Hehicle" to %e -e(lo$e- for the (roject i" mentione-in A((en-i@G ''' to thi" -oc&ment

. N+*$) o <o)$) on #7$ )o5$c#

Planning for n&m%er of or force to %e -e(lo$e- for the (roject i" mentione- in A((en-i@ G 'H to thi" -oc&ment8

6. In#$)n"/ Co00+n'c"#'on "n1 Con(+/#"#'on


• Environmental )ite 'n"(ection hecli"t • !a"te 6ran"fer Note

• Environmental 'nci-ent +orm

8. E=#$)n"/ Co00+n'c"#'on

All comm&ncation" 0ith EA# "hall %e via client

>. En-')on0$n#"/ I0."c#(

+olloing environmental im(act" ma$ re"&lt from Al *$&m;" activitie"8 )ince all im(act" are tem(orar$/ "&"(en-e- "e-iment level" are e@(ecte- to ret&rn to %a"eline level" folloing com(letion of the (eration an- maintenance8

>.1 A') "n No'$

't i" antici(ate- that certain level" of air an- noi"e im(act" ill %e generate- in the folloing a"(ect":

• #&"t:+rom the &nloa-ing of "eet "an- an- earthor" o(eration8

• Plant an- Hehicle Emi""ion": om%&"tion emi""ion" from vehicle"/ -ie"el generator  an- machiner$ &"e- for lan-"ca(ing an- (eration an- maintenance (&r(o"e"8

•  Noi"e:+rom earthor" o(eration/ o(eration of machinerie" an- movement of vehicle"8 Potential "en"itive rece(tor" ma$ incl&-e: *e"i-ent" of the localit$/ (eo(le oring clo"e to lan-"ca(ing location"/ client/ con"&ltant an-vi"itor" to the "ite.oever the o(erational -&ration of the activit$ i" "hortterm an- therefore the im(act" are not e@(ecte- to %e



>.2 <"#$) ?+"'# @ Co"# S+)"c$ "n )o+nB"#$)

6he (roject or i" locate- relativel$ aa$ from the coa"t or an$ "en"itive ater %o-$8 Al"o there i" no no "torage of chemical" an- f&el at "ite a" "&ch gro&n- ater ill not %e affecte-8

>.3 So'

6he t$(ical ca&"e" of "oil contamination are acci-ental f&el an- chemical "(ill"8 6here i" no "torage of chemical" an- f&el at "ite8

>.4 ,'o'-$)'# @ Fo)" "n F"+n"

Al *$&m;" activitie" ill not have an$ negative effect on the the fa&na an- flora of the area8

>. T)"'c I"c#

6ran"(ortation activitie" "&((ort increa"ing mo%ilit$ -eman-" for (a""enger" an- freight/ nota%l$ in &r%an area" lie the (re"ent "ite8 6he mo"t im(ortant im(act" of tran"(ort on the environment relate to climate change/ air <&alit$/ noi"e/ ater <&alit$/ "oil <&alit$ an- %io-iver"it$8 ,niver"all$ the activitie" of the tran"(ort in-&"tr$ relea"e "everal ga"e" each $ear into the atmo"(here8 6he"e incl&-e lea- =P%>/ car%on mono@i-e =>/ car%on -io@i-e =2 not a (oll&tant>/ methane =.4>/ nitrogen o@i-e" =N@>/ nitro&" o@i-e =N2>/ chlorofl&orocar%on" =+">/ (erfl&orocar%on" =P+">/ "ilicon tetraflo&ri-e =)+>/ %en?ene volatile com(onent" =B6I>/ heav$ metal" =?inc/ chrome/ co((er ca-mi&m> an- (artic&late matter" =a"h/ -&"t>8

 Noi"e re(re"ent" the general effect of irreg&lar an- chaotic "o&n-"8 't i" tra&mati?ing for the hearing organ an- that ma$ affect the <&alit$ of life %$ it" &n(lea"ant an- -i"t&r%ing character8 ong term e@(o"&re to noi"e level" a%ove 75-B "erio&"l$ ham(er" hearing an-affect" h&man (h$"ical an- ("$chological ell%eing8


ollection/ "torage -i"(o"al of a"te material" generate- -&ring the (eration an-maintenance "tage" "hall %e manage- efficientl$8 't i" the re"(on"i%ilit$ of Al *$&m ont8 to arrange for the collection of "oli- a"te from the "ite8

A" a re"(on"i%le contractor/ ho&"eee(ing/ a"te "egregation/ a"te "torage/ "election of a"te contractor/ a"te -i"(o"al ill %e -one a" (er EA# reg&lation" in the %e"t (o""i%le a$

. Con#)o/ M$"(+)$(

Project environmental re<&irement" "hall %e im(lemente- %$ Al *$&m -&ring the (eration an- maintenance of the (roject G Al Bahr 3 to en"&re that im(act" on the environment are avoi-e- an- minimi"e-8 6he follo0ing environmental control mitigation mea"&re" 0ill %e im(lemente- -&ring the co&r"e of the (roject:

.1 Po+#'on P)$-$n#'on M$"+)$

6he Poll&tion Prevention Mea"&re" cover" the activitie" on the (roject "ite that have %een i-entifie- a" having the (otential to ca&"e (oll&tion to the gro&n-ater/ airan-or "oil"8

6he mea"&re" mentione- %elo ill %e im(lemente- to avoi- or minimi"e the (otential for (oll&tion or -egra-ation of the "&rro&n-ing environment8

.1.1 S#o)"$ "n H"n'n o H"G")o+ S+*#"nc$

6he )(ill ontingenc$ Plan -etail" action" to %e &n-ertaen an- notification re<&irement" in the event of a "(ill of ha?ar-o&" material8 6he 'nci-ent mitigation mea"&re" are mentione- %elo:

• All ha?ar-o&" material/ incl&-ing chemical" an- f&el"/ ill %e "tore- at a -e"ignate- "ite aa$ from the "ea e-ge or "tormater -rain"8

• Jee( a li"t of all ha?ar-o&" "&%"tance" (re"ent on "ite an- the material "afet$ -ata "heet" =M)#)> for the"e "&%"tance" ill %e rea-il$ availa%le8 6hi" li"t ill  %e (rovi-e- to the (roject (ro(onent an- reg&larl$ &(-ate-8

• Each rece(tacle containing -angero&" goo-" ill %e mare- ith the correct technical name of the "&%"tance it contain"8


• 'ncom(ati%le material" ill not %e (lace- in common containment8

• All flamma%le li<&i-" ill %e "tore- &n-er cover an- in ellventilate- area"8 No electrical e<&i(ment ill %e &"e- ithin 10 metre" of the "torage area &nle"" of  intrin"icall$ "afe (eration an- maintenance8

• $lin-er" of com(re""e- ga" or flamma%le ga"e" ill %e "tore- &(right in "ec&re rac" an- o&t of -irect "&nlight or heat "o&rce8

• All ha?ar-o&" li<&i-" ill %e "tore- in an im(ervio&" %&n- area here the vol&me of the "torage %&n- i" not le"" than 110K of thelarge"t "torage tan  containe- ithin the %&n-8

• 6he ontractor ill en"&re that there i" a-e<&ate firefighting e<&i(ment at the f&el "torage area8

• *ef&elling o(eration" ill tae (lace at a -e"ignate- "ite/ hich ill %e in"(ecte- %$ the ontractor;" Environmental *e(re"entative8

• !here mo%ile ref&elling i" re<&ire-/ the ref&elling tr&c" ill &"e -ri( tra$" -&ring o(eration" an- carr$ "(ill it"8

• 6he gro&n- &n-er the ref&elling area" ill %e (rotecte- again"t  (oll&tion ca&"e- %$ "(ill" an-or tan overfill"8

• +ill no??le" ill %e e(t ithin the %&n-e- area hen not in &"e an- (a-loce-8 • Jee( a((ro(riate "(ill clean &( material a-jacent to "torage an- maintenance


• ,"e- or a"te f&el or other a"te chemical" ill %e "tore- in a  %&n-e- area &ntil collecte- for off"ite -i"(o"al %$ an a((rove- a"te ontractor 

at an A%& #ha%i M&nici(alit$EA# a((rove- "ite8

• !a"te material or ater containing a"te chemical" "&ch a" thinner"/ oil an- mineral "(irit" ill not %e (&m(e- or -i"(o"e- of into "tormater -rain"/ "anitar$ "eer" or into the gro&n-8

• Al *$&m ill com(l$ ith all EA# legi"lation ith regar-" to the "afe "torage an- han-ling of ha?ar-o&" "&%"tance"8

• )afet$ ffiecr ill %e re"(on"i%le for the training of all (er"onnel on "ite ho ill %e han-ling ha?ar-o&" material" a%o&t it" (ro(er & "e/ han-ling an- -i"(o"al8


.1.2 M"'n#$n"nc$ "n <"7 DoBn o ;$7'c$ "n M"c7'n$)

• ollection "$"tem ill %e (rovi-e- =i8e8 -ri( tra$" or im(ervio&" lining"> &n-er  all machiner$ or e<&i(ment that ma$ lea h$-rocar%on"ha?ar-o&" "&%"tance"=incl&-ing generator" an- (&m(">8

• Hehiclemachiner$ re(air hether minor or major on o(en gro&n- or at the "i-e of roa-" i" for%i--en8 Hehicle"e<&i(ment ill %e move- to a -e"ignate-or"ho( for re(air or mechanical "ervicing8

• Hehicle an- e<&i(ment a"hing ill not %e alloe- at "ite8

.2 S' Con#'n$nc

6he )(ill ontingenc$ mea"&re" -etaile- %elo -e"cri%e" the action" to %e &n-ertaen an-notification re<&irement" in the event of a "(ill of ha?ar-o&" material:

• A((ro(riate "(illage it" ill %e ma-e availa%le on "ite in the event of a "(ill8

• 'n the event of a "(ill/ imme-iate action ill %e taen to contain or clean &( the "(ill &"ing "an- or a "&ita%le a%"or%ent material8

• Jee( a((ro(riate "(ill clean &( material a-jacent to "torage an- maintenance area"8 • All "(illage" of ha?ar-o&" material" ill %e re(orte- imme-iatel$ to Al *$&m;" )afet$

fficer ho ill "&%mit an inci-ent re(ort to the on"&ltant ithin 24 ho&r"8

• 'n the event of a major environmental "(ill/ )afet$ fficer ill imme-iatel$ notif$ the con"&ltant8

• ontaminate- "oil/ rag" an- other clean &( material ill %e e(t in a((ro(riate container" %efore %eing -i"(o"e- of to a m&nici(alit$ a((rove- "ite8


• 6he ontractor ill %e re"(on"i%le for training all "taff regar-ing their environmental re"(on"i%ilitie" on "ite an- in the (roce-&re" for han-ling "(ill" an- ill (rovi-e all "taff ith a((ro(riate (er"onal (rotective e<&i(ment8

• 'n the event of a "(ill/ the area ill %e in"(ecte- %$ the Al *$&m;" )afet$ fficer an-the Par"on;" A*E =)afet$> an- thi" ill form (art of an-the inci-ent re(ort

.3 No'$ M"n"$$n#

6he  movement of vehicle" an- o(eration of machinerie" can re"&lt in "ignificant noi"e im(act" if no control mea"&re" are im(lemente- an- in"talle-8 All e<&i(ment to %e &"e-on"ite ill %e o(erate- an- maintaine- in accor-ance ith man&fact&rer;" in"tr&ction" for  lo noi"e o(eration8 Engine cover"/ "ilencer"/ m&ffler" an- other form" of aco&"tic lining" or mo%ile "hiel-" ill %e &"e- at all time"8 Engine" ill %e "itche- off hen not in &"e8 E@(erience- (er"onnel ith "&ita%le training to en"&re that the"e metho-" are im(lemente-"hall %e -e(lo$e- on "ite8

 Noi"e can %e minimi?e- from the folloing mitigation mea"&re":

• A((ro(riatel$ "che-&le the (eration an- maintenance activitie" to avoi- "en"itive time an-or "en"itive location" here (o""i%le8

• ontrol noi"e %eteen the ho&r" of  PM an- l AM an- all -a$ +ri-a$8

• *e(lace noi"$ (lant ith le"" noi"$ alternative"/ or (rovi-e (lant hich i" "(ecificall$ -e"igne- ith noi"e inhi%itor" "&ch a" generator" com(re""or" ith "ilencer" an-m&ffle- jac hammer"8

• ,"e (lant in accor-ance ith man&fact&rerC" "(ecification"8 • rientate machiner$ aa$ from noi"e "en"itive re"i-ential area"8

• (eration an- maintenance tr&c movement" "ho&l- %e arrange- to avoi- re"i-ential area"/ here (o""i%le8

• Machine" =that are fitte- ith engine cover"> ill ee( the engine cover" clo"e-8

• *eg&lar an- effective maintenance of "tationar$ an- mo%ilee<&i(ment i" to %e carrie-o&t8

• 6he folloing mitigation mea"&re" "ho&l- %e taen "(ecificall$ for nighttime


⇒ En"&re the noi"ie"t or" are onl$ carrie- o&t -&ring -a$time ho&r" =07:0020:00 or a" (er  the a-vi"e> an- en"&re all or" (erforme- o&t"i-e the"e ho&r" are agree- %$ an- given rea"ona%le notice to the EA#/ ho ma$ im(o"e certain re"triction"8

⇒ P&%lic/ (artic&larl$ re"i-ent"/ in area" imme-iatel$ a-jacent to the (eration maintenance"ite" "ho&l- %e con"&lte- (rior to the "tart of nighttime (eration an-maintenance to alert them to the noi"$ activitie" at nighttime/ to e@(lain the rea"on for night (eration an- maintenance to o%tain (&%lic &n-er"tan-ing/ an- to "olicit "(ecific (&%lic concern" an- "&gge"tion" for mitigation8

⇒ P&%lic %ill%oar-" "ho&l- %e erecte- at the (eration an- maintenance "ite"/ li"ting (eration an- maintenance activitie"/ contact (er"on" an- tele(hone n&m%er" for receiving (&%lic concern"/ com(laint"/ an- "&gge"tion" on a con"tant %a"i"8

⇒ !here (o""i%le/ "tationar$ noi"e machiner$ "&ch a" generator" "ho&l- %e locate- aa$ from "en"itive rece(tor" an- enclo"e- "tr&ct&re for noi"e control8

⇒ !here a((ro(riate/ nighttime "&(ervi"ion %$ the environmental monitoring team" ma$ %e re<&ire- for on"ite noi"e mea"&rement an- (rom(t inci-ent re"(on"e8

⇒ A noi"e com(laint regi"ter ill %e maintaine- to ee( a recor- of an$ com(laint" receive-an- the reme-ial action" taen8

.4 S'#$ T)"'c Con#)o P"n

All -eliverie" of material" an- removal" of a"te or other material"/ m&"t tae (lace ithin the (ermitte- ho&r"8 Hehicle" to the "ite m&"t %e (ro(erl$ coor-inate-8 Hehicle" m&"t not arrive %eteen  AM to 1 PM or a" agree- ith 6raffic #e(artment"8 No em(lo$ee" hether Al *$&m or "&% contractor or (er"onnel em(lo$e- on "ite "ho&l- ca&"e &nnece""ar$ noi"e from their activitie"/ incl&-ing e@ce""ive Lrevving; or vehicle engine"/ m&"ic from ra-io"/ "ho&ting8Altho&gh the %acgro&n- noi"e level" in the area are -ominate- %$ roa-traffic "o&rce"/ noi"e from a--itional roa-traffic -&e to the (eration an- maintenance activitie" "hall %e controlle- an- minimi?e-8

All traffic "hall %e e(t to -e"ignate- roa-"8 )(ee- control" on the ro&te/ t$(icall$ 30 mh/ an- caref&l logi"tical an- ro&te (lanning to com%ine tri(" "hall %e a-o(te-8 6hi" "(ee- m&"t  %e a-here- to/ in or-er to minimi?e the ri" of acci-ent"/ roa- "&rface -i"t&r%ance/ -&"t

an-fine (article "&"(en"ion in the air8

. <"#$ M"n"$$n#

!a"te can %e cla""ifie- a" either:

Deneral !a"te an- (eration an- maintenance *&%%le  hich incl&-e" a"te (a(er/ %oar-/ car-%oar-/ %enign organic -ome"tic a"te/ (la"tic/ &ncontaminate- (eration an-maintenance-e%ri" "&ch a" "cra(metal/ &"e- %ric"/ oo-/ a"te concrete/ &n&"e- "&%"oil an- r&%%le from e@cavation" or-emoli"he- "tr&ct&re"8


.a?ar-o&" !a"te  incl&-e material" that are (otentiall$ -angero&" an- ma$ affect h&man an-or environmental health8 6hi" o&l- %e %eca&"e of the a"te"C inherent chemical an-or   (h$"ical com(o"ition/ hich co&l- %e to@ic/ (oi"ono&"/ flamma%le/ e@(lo"ive/ carcinogenic

or ra-ioactive8 .a?ar-o&" a"te ma$ incl&-e item" "&ch a" "(ent %atterie"/ a"te oil"chemical"/ em(t$ chemical container"/ ol- oil filter"/ an- "har( o%ject" etc8 hich re<&ire "(ecial collection/ han-ling an- -i"(o"al8

!a"te management ill %e -one %$ a-o(ting folloing mitigation mea"&re":

..1 Co//$c#'on "n1 S#o)"6$ o2 <"(#$

• Al *$&m ill (rovi-e a-e<&ate facilitie" for the collection an- "torage of a"te material incl&-ing litter%in"/ a"te "i(" an- rec$cling %in"8

• P&tre"cent a"te an- litter ill %e collecte- in -e"ignate-/ lea (roof container"8 • !a"te container" ill %e (rovi-e- ith net" or li-" to (revent a"te %eing

carrie- aro&n- %$ "cavenger" or %$ the in-8 • !a"te container" ill not %e overfille-8

• Al *$&m ill a((oint an in-ivi-&al re"(on"i%le for the reg&lar in"(ection of the "ite an- "ite clean&(litter (icing8

• Al *$&m ill (rovi-e -e"ignate- a"te "torage area" for the %&l "torage of  a"te (rior to removal off"ite8 *efer A((en-i@ ' for "ite la$o&t (lan "hoing the a"te Area 8

• B&l a"te "torage area" ill %e con"tr&cte- on an im(ervio&" "&rface an- %e rea-il$ acce""i%le to collection vehicle"8

• .a?ar-o&" a"te ill %e "tore- in an im(ervio&" %&n-e- area8

• 6he ontractor ill %e re"(on"i%le for arranging the timel$ collection of a"te


..2 D'(.o("/ o2 <"(#$

•  No a"te ill %e -i"(o"e- of or %&rie- on "ite8

• 'llegal -&m(ing/ incl&-ing roa-"i-e -&m(ing an- illegal lan- filling/ i"  (rohi%ite-8 !or" that involve on"ite filling ith material other than virgin


• B&rning an$ a"te on "ite i" (rohi%ite-8

• All a"te ill %e -i"(o"e- of %$ an a"te ontractor to an a((rove-A%&#ha%i M&nici(alit$EA# "ite8

• Al *$&m ill im(lement a "$"tem to recor- the amo&nt" of a"te material  %eing tran"ferre- for -i"(o"al off"ite8

• !a"te recor-" ill %e hel- on "ite an- %e availa%le for a&-iting8

.6 A') ?+"'# Con#)o M$"+)$

6he Air &alit$ on the (roject "ite that have the (otential to im(act on air <&alit$ ill %e controlle- %$ a "erie" of mitigation mea"&re" to %e im(lemente- "o a" to minimi"e the relea"e of harmf&l (oll&tant" to the atmo"(here8 6he mitigation mea"&re" are mentione- %elo:

.6.1 D+(# S+..)$(('on

• Al *$&m ill reg&larl$ in"(ect "toc(ile"/ e@(o"e- or area" an- (eration an- maintenanceor" (ractice"8

• )toc(ile" of fine material "&ch a" "an-/ to("oil material/ cement/ etc8 ill %e  (rotecte- from in-8

• 6he ontractor ill con-&ct -ail$ in"(ection" of "toc(ile" to a""e"" hether  air%orne material i" %eing generate- an- the "toc(ile re<&ire" -am(ening8

• )toc(ile" an- con"tr&ction roa-" ill %e -am(ene- &"ing %o"er"8 #&"t "creening ill %e &"e- a" re<&ire-8

• An a-e<&ate ater "&((l$ ill %e (rovi-e- for -&"t "&((re""ion8

• #&"t generating activitie" ill cea"e -&ring e@ce""ivel$ in-$ (erio-"8

• #i"t&r%e- gro&n- or "toc(ile" ill %e (rogre""ivel$ reha%ilitate- %$ e"ta%li"hing tem(orar$ or (ermanent vegetation or &"ing geote@tile8

• E@ce""ive vehic&lar movement ill %e avoi-e-8

• Hehicle "(ee-" ill %e re"tricte- on &n"&rface- roa-" an- trac"8

• 6r&c" ha&ling an$ loo"e material that co&l- (ro-&ce -&"t hen travelling ill cover their loa-" an-or maintain a((ro(riate free%oar- = 083m>8


• !here (ractical/ locate "toc(ile" aa$ from "en"itive rece(tor"8

.6.2 O#7$) E0'(('on(

•  No &ncontrolle- fire" ill %e alloe- on the (eration an- maintenance "ite8 • (eration an- maintenance vehicle" an- e<&i(ment ill %e reg&larl$


.6.3 OGon$ D$./$#'n6 S+*(#"nc$(

• ?one -e(leting "&%"tance" ill not %e &"e- on "ite8 +ire (rotection (ro-&ct"/ refrigerant"/ coolant"/ an- -egrea"ing agent" ill %e %a"e- on nono?one -e(leting alternative"8

• An$ refrigerant" &"e-/ ill %e limite- to *134a t$(e =nono?one -e(leting>8 6he ontractor m&"t (rovi-e -etail" of all refrigerant" &"e- on "ite8

.8 Ecoo'c" M'#'"#'on

6o minimi"e an-/ here (o""i%le avoi-/ im(act" on ecologicalcomm&nitie" from (eration an- maintenance activitie"/ folloing mitigation mea"&re" are recommen-e-:

• on"ent from the relevant M&nici(alit$ -e(artment =i8e8 Dar-en" an- *ecreational

Par"> ill %e o%taine- (rior to the removal of vegetation "&ch a" lan-"ca(e (lanting or  tree"8

• Poll&tion (revention/ "(illage an- "e-iment ero"ion controlmitigation ill %e a-here-to in or-er a-here-to avoi- im(act" on marine "(ecie" an- ha%itat"


Al *$&m i" committe- to eliminate or minimi?e an- manage Environmental A"(ect" ari"ing o&t of (roject activittie"8 *efer A((en-i@  H for Environmental A"(ect of the Project/ it" im(act an-Al *$&m;" attem(t to control "&ch a"(ect" to minimi?e or eliminate it" effect on environment8

11. Ho+$ $$'n

't i" e""ential that goo- ho&"eee(ing i" maintaine- thro&gho&t the (erio-" of Project8 Acce"" a$" ill %e e(t clear/ "&r(l&" or "cra( material remove- -ail$ an- oring area" e(t ti-$8 6he folloing g&i-eline" "hall %e folloe-:

• All electrical e<&i(ment/ lighting/ (l&m%ing an- ventilation of office "(ace "hall %e

in"(ecte- an- maintaine- on a reg&lar %a"i"

• Doo- ho&"eee(ing in the office environment "hall %e con"i-ere- one of the (rimar$

-efen"e again"t acci-ent an- inj&r$ in the or(lace/ an- therefore i" the re"(on"i%ilit$ of  all (er"onnel

• All (a""agea$"/ e@it"/ fire -oor"/ %rea gla"" alarm (oint"/ firefighting e<&i(ment/ fir"t

ai- "tation"/ an- other emergenc$ "tation" "hall %e e(t clean an- &no%"tr&cte- at all time"

• All "mall item" "&ch a" tra"h can"/ (lant container" etc8/ "hall %e (o"itione- "&ch that the$

-o not re(re"ent a tri( time ha?ar-

• a%inet -oor" an- file -raer" "hall %e e(t clo"e- hen not in &"e8 !hen oring ith

ca%inet/ onl$ one -raer at a time "hall %e o(ene-

• a%inet" an- "helving "hall %e loa-e- from the %ottom "helf &(ar-"/ an- heav$ item"

 (lace- a" lo a" (o""i%le8 At no time "hall heav$ or "har( o%ject" %e "tore- a%ove e$e level

• ffice" "hall %e reg&larl$ ti-ie- an- cleane-/ a"te%a"et" reg&larl$ em(tie-/ an- floor"

reg&larl$ vac&&mcleane-

• 't i" the re"(on"i%ilit$ of maintenance "&(ervi"or" to ee( their re"(ective area" clean at all

time"8 Metal container" m&"t %e (rovi-e- for the -i"(o"al of rag"/ a"te (a(er/ grea"e/ oil/ an- other a"te material"

• 6he removal of "cra( material "hall %e &n-ertaen

• All loo"e an- "&r(l&" material" "hall not %e "tore- ithin o(erational area"8 )torage area"


• All e<&i(ment "ho&l- %e e(t clean8 )(are" (art" "ho&l- %e (ro(erl$ maintaine- in an

or-erl$ manner on "helve" or in %in"

• 6o maintain goo- ho&"eee(ing/ or area" "ho&l- %e atten-e- to con"tantl$ rather than


• All "olvent" an- flamma%le material" ill %e e(t in a((rove- (ro(erl$ la%ele- container"

an- "tore- in -e"ignate- location" "trictl$ aa$ from "taira$" an- (a""agea$"

• )anitar$ toilet" a%l&tion facilitie" ill %e (rovi-e- at convenient location" on "ite

an-"eage reg&larl$ tinere- for a((ro(riate treatment an- -i"(o"al

• 6em(orar$ -rainage trenche" or channel" "ho&l- %e e(t clear an- &no%"tr&cte- at all


•  All chemical" an- f&el" m&"t %e "tore- in "econ-ar$ containment • M)#) m&"t %e (lace- for all chemical" &"e- on "ite

• All material" "ho&l- %e la%ele- (ro(erl$ an- e(t at -e"ignate- "torage area"

• 6he acce"" onto the (&%lichigha$ from the or"ite ill %e e(t clean an- free of 

m&--&"t at alltime"

an-• )moing i" onl$ alloe- in -e"ignate- area an- "trictl$ (rohi%ite- near the f&el tan/ chemical "torage area" an- other flamma%le (lant area" here the no "moing or no o(en flame "ign" are -i"(la$e-8

12. En$) Con$)-"#'on $n$)"

#&ring e@ec&tion of the (roject/ Al *$&m ill en-eavor to re-&ce the &"e of energ$ herever  (o""i%le8 +or ever$ 1000 litre" of -ie"el f&el &"e-/ a((ro@imatel$ 287 ton" of 2 i"

(ro-&ce-an- emitte- into the atmo"(here8 Ba"ic mea"&re" "&ch a" i-ling vehicle" hen not in &"e ill %e comm&nicate- acro"" the (roject at in-&ction "tage an- al"o -&ring reg&lar tool%o@ tal"8

12.1 E$c#)'c" Con+#'on

Electricit$ ill form a large (ercentage of energ$ con"&m(tion thro&gho&t the (roject -&ration8 Again/ %a"ic (rinci(le" "&ch a" "itching off light"/ com(&ter" an- tool" hen not in &"e ill %e


light %&l%" an- com(&ter e<&i(ment ill %e "o&rce- here (o""i%le8 A (olic$ for en"&ring that energ$ &"e i" re-&ce- here nece""ar$ ill %e im(lemente-8 Air con-itioning &nit" &"e "ignificant amo&nt" of energ$ an- the "ame (rinci(le ill a((l$8 't ill %e the re"(on"i%ilit$ of  the Project Manager to en"&re that all non e""ential electrical e<&i(ment i" "itche- -&ring the ho&r" of -arne""8

12.2 F+$ Con+#'on

+&el con"&m(tion again i" antici(ate- to %e "ignificant in term" of energ$ con"&m(tion8 A" (art of the Al *$&m;" re-&ction (lan/ an a((ro(riate maintenance "che-&le ill %e rolle- o&t to en"&re the mo"t efficient &"e of (lant an- machiner$8 !hen not in &"e/ generator" ill %e "itche- off an- no generator %eing &"e- on the "ite ill %e overloa-e-8

13. En-')on$n#" T)"'n'n o #" 

6he (roject management ill contin&e ith it" e"ta%li"he- (ractice of training all the "ite "taff  orer" in EMP aarene"" training8 +olloing environmental to(ic" "hall %e covere- in the tool  %o@ tal:

• Environmental Aarene"" • )egregation of a"te • Energ$ on"ervation

• Emergenc$ *e"(on"e Proce-&re" • )(ill *e"(on"e +lochart

• Ecological Management • Poll&tion Prevention • Air &alit$ Management

'n-&ction a%o&t environmental aarene"" ill %e (rovi-e- at "ite %$ the )afet$ fficer8 *efer  A((en-i@ H' for (oer (oint "li-e" for Environmental 6raining of "taff/

14. S'n"$ on En-')on$n#" AB")$n$

+olloing information can %e -i"(la$e- at vario&" co n"(ic&o&" location" at "ite:

• #o not thro a"te an$ here e@ec(t in the %in" (rovi-e-• Mae "&re a"te goe" in the correct %in


• Mae "&re none of the vehicle in $o&r control lea" ith re"(ect to oil or f&el8 • Ala$" "itch off electrical a((liance" hen not in &"e8

• *e(ort fa&lt$ e<&i(ment that $o& thin ma$ affect the environment8

• il an- to@ic a"te" "ee( in to the earth/ (oi"on" &n-ergro&n- ater/ ill" -elling creat&re" an- mae lan- infertile8

14.1 S"$ o En-')on$n#" S'n"$/AB")n$

1. E$)$nc R$on$ P)oc$+)$

1.1 In#)o+c#'on

#&ring the co&r"e of (eration an- maintenance/ emergencie" that have an environmental im(act ma$ occ&r "&ch a" the "(illage of f&el or other (oll&ting material"8 6he main o%jective" of the Emergenc$ Pre(are-ne"" *e"(on"e Plan are to en"&re that:

• Environmental "en"itivitie" on "ite are non an- (rotecte-8


• ocation of ri" area" are i-entifie- =thro&gh the (rovi"ion of "ite la$o&t ma(">8

• All mean" are availa%le to contain the con"e<&ence" of an acci-ental "(ill/ fire or 

relea"e of oilf&el8

• Em(lo$ee" are "&ita%l$ traine- to re"(on- to a fire or "(ill8 • Pro(er re(orting tae" (lace8

• Pro(er inve"tigation i" &n-ertaen in the event of an inci-ent8

 Notification re<&irement" to activate the emergenc$ re"(on"e (roce-&re" are (rovi-e- in "&%"e<&ent (ara"8 6he relevant level" of emergenc$ re"(on"e are (rovi-e- %elo8

Al *$&m;" (er"onnel "&%contractor" m&"t %e in"tr&cte- an- rehear"e-/ a" a((ro(riate/ in the re<&irement" of the emergenc$ re"(on"e (roce-&re8 +olloing control of an inci-ent or  emergenc$/ an inve"tigation ill %e con-&cte- corrective action" i-entifie- an-a--re""e- thro&gh Environmental 'nci-ent +orm8 6he )afet$ fficer ill verif$ the clo"e o&t of environmental relate- action"8 on"&ltant i" re"(on"i%le for notif$ing the EA# of an$ emergenc$ that i" major in nat&re8


1.2 S' R$on$ FoB C7")#

ontain the "(illage imme-iatel$ &"ing "(ill it"/ containment %oom"/ -ri( tra$/ etc

En"&re that the area i" "afe for or 

i8e8 eliminate an$ "o&rce" of irrigation/ "itch off   (lant/ an- e@ting&i"h "(ar"/ flame"

)to( !or 'mme-iatel$ Prevent an$ more material from


 Notif$ "&(ervi"or imme-iatel$ Provi-e -etail" of location/ <&antit$

an-"&%"tance"material involve-8


Minor inci-ent that can %e controlle- itho&t e@ternal a""i"tance8


Major inci-ent that re<&ire" "ignificant re"o&rce" to %e controlle- or e@ternal a""i"tance i"


1.3 L$-$ o E$)$nc R$on$


An emergenc$ that occ&r" at the "ite an- can %e manage- initiall$ itho&t e@ternal a""i"tance8 Al *$&m;" .)E fficer "hall contact on"&ltant;" *E  A*E =)afet$>8

Al *$&m;" Project Manager  )afet$ fficer "hall initiate an increa"e in "tat&" if:

• "it&ation i" e"calating or control ha" not %een e"ta%li"he- imme-iatel$ • the inci-ent re<&ire" a--itional re"o&rce"

•  (o""i%le im(act to clientC" re(&tation/ an-• re"o&rce" committe- are in"&fficient8


An emergenc$ here the "iteC" a""et re"o&rce" have %een f&ll$ committe- or the time to  %ring the inci-ent &n-er control i" e@ce""ive or "ignificant re"o&rce" are re<&ire- to control

the inci-ent8 Al *$&m;" Project Manager )afet$ fficerill contact on"&ltant;" A*E )afet$8

ther characteri"tic" of the emergenc$ incl&-e:

• facilit$ an-or a""et an-or "&rro&n-ing environment • life/ (ro(ert$ the environment

an-• liel$ im(act to clientC" re(&tation8 1.4 No#''c"#'on )$9+')$$n#

6he notification re<&irement" in the event of an environmental emergenc$ -&ring (eration

#i"(o"e of material in accor-ance ith EA# *e<&irement"8 om(lete Environmental inci-ent inve"tigation +orm an- )&%mit to Environmental Project Manager8


an- maintenance are (rovi-e-:

EME*DEN )E*H'E) N6A6 N,MBE*) Am%&lance 999 B 99: +ire Briga-e 997 Police 999 Environment Agenc$ =EA#> 02 93 4519/ 050 11033/ 050 170120/ 050 12 3403/ 050 7:1 105

16. En-')on$n#" Mon'#o)'n A+'#'n "n R$o)#'n

An Environmental Monitoring an- A&-it =EMA> Programme (rovi-e" the frameor for earl$ i-entification of environmental ri"" an- facilitate" the im(lementation of a((ro(riate corrective action"8 6hi" "ection -e"cri%e" the environmental monitoring an- a&-iting Program for the (eration an- maintenance or" involve- in the (roject8

6he main o%jective" of the EMA Programme are to:

• Provi-e an earl$ in-ication "ho&l- an$ environmental control mea"&re or (ractice fail to achieve acce(ta%le (erformance "tan-ar-"

• Monitor the (erformance of the (roject an- the effectivene"" of the mitigation mea"&re"

• #etermine the (roject com(liance ith EA# re<&irement" an- tae reme-ial action if  &ne@(ecte- (ro%lem" or &nacce(ta%le im(act" ari"e8

En"&re 'nternal A&-it i" con-&cte- %$ Al *$&m

16.1 En-')on$n#" Mon'#o)'n P)o)"$

6he Environmental Monitoring Programme-evelo(e- for the (roject i" enclo"e- in A((en-i@ H'' 8 6he monitoring (lan cover" folloing (arameter":

• Air Poll&tion ontrol • !ater Poll&tion ontrol





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