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The Seducer’s


The Official Companion Guide to

How To

Seduce Out Of Your League

Derek Rake


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The Beginner Blueprint

Step Component Section

1 Get the Basic Toolbox –

• Understand the basic mindset of being a seducer; changing mindset from an average dater.

• Start on building a better you – get rid of the scarcity mindset!

• Raise your standards and get better results.

2.1, 2.3



2 Learn the mindset of a woman, and what makes her tick. How is her worldview different when it comes to dating?

Learn to speak a woman’s language.

3.o, 2.2

6.1 3 Plan where you are going to meet women – and

write a ‘battle-plan’.

Draw up the profile of your ideal woman – who do you want to date?



4 Build ‘instant rapport’ skills to develop bond instantly with women

7.9, 7.8

5 Learn about the “Master Salesman Formula” and the AIDA Principle.


6 ‘Attach’ her attraction to you by using NLP anchoring techniques.


The Intermediate Blueprint

Step Component Section

1 Identify your ideal woman – who is she? Where can you find her?

6.2 6.3 2 Learn the typical woman’s dating mindset. 2.2 3 Using your understanding of the dating

mindset of a woman, design your character.

Understand ‘why jerks get all the women’, and model yourself against the characteristics that appeal to women.


4 Learn the ‘principle of scarcity’ and draw up an action plan to incorporate your learnings in your interactions with women.

Play the ‘game of reversal’ – get her to chase you instead.



5 Introduce the ‘attraction factor’ in your conversations.


6 Learn the ‘failproof’ go-for-the-kiss strategy, and practice!


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The Advanced Blueprint

Step Component Section

1 Develop your skills to win at the ‘first step of seduction’ – to get her attention!

Learn the technique of ‘shifting focus’ and being unique.


Page 39

2 Further develop your rapport skills by using fast rapport techniques*.

Use humor, but be funny and not goofy.

7.8, 7.9

Page 41 7.5 3 Practice visualization techniques. Get all

your senses involved and make it as real as you can.


4 Learn the techniques to ‘hook’ women via the principles of creating interest and intrigue.


5 Monitor her comfort level and make sure that she does not see you as a ‘friend’ – instead, a sex partner.

7.11, 7.13

6 Learn the ‘cliffhanger’ principle, and go for the lay!


* Optional: If you have The Player’s Guide For Seducing Women audio program, listen again to Audio 12 (The Art of Dynamic Listening) and 24 (The Art of Leveraging Humor).


Final Note From Derek…

hope you find the blueprints useful in helping you to get the best out of “How To Seduce Out Of Your League”.

If you have further questions or feedback, please email me here – As this is my private email account, I would appreciate it if

you keep it for your own use only and not forward it to anyone else.

I personally read and reply my emails, so fire away. Remember – I am here to help you succeed.

Your loyal dating coach,

Author of “The Player’s Guide For Seducing Women” and “How To Seduce Out

Of Your League”

PS. Lastly, can I ask you for a small favor? Could you visit my blog at and leave me a note or two? I read the comments

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Copyright 2008 Derek Rake. All rights reserved. (65)8238-2082 | derek 6001 Beach Road #08-07, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589.




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