Summit Dance Works. Location: Date and Time: Ticket Information: Company Recital- Annual Recital- Friday, June 7th. Saturday, June 8th

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Summit Dance Works

Company Recital-

Friday, June 7th

Annual Recital-

Saturday, June 8th


Palmer Ridge High School

19255 Monument Hill Road, Monument, CO

Date and Time:

Company Recital- Friday, June 7th 5:30PM

Recreational Recitals- Saturday, June 8th - 9:00AM, 11:15AM, 2:00PM,

4:15PM, & 7:00PM

Ticket Information:






If you have more than one dancer in more than one show you


What is Recital?

Recital is our end of the year annual performance for all dancers at Summit Dance Works.

Our shows will be the final step in your dancer’s season here at SDW before moving into our next sessions-

they are an amazing way to see your dancers progress throughout the year and to celebrate their success!

The dancers are in costumes, the teachers are there to produce and your family makes up the audience! 

The recital is different from the Christmas Show- Our Christmas show is very casual and laid back

compared to the recital. Recital has a lot more production value and dancers involved!

A note from our Director, Ms Lyndzi:

Hi SDW Parents and Families!

I wanted to thank every person for providing their feedback in regards to the December show and we are

excited to make some wonderful changes to our Recital in June. We know this will be a special day for our dancers

and we’re excited to make Recital a smoother experience for everyone!

Our Recital will have SIX shows compared to our TWO shows for our Holiday Show- this will ensure shows do

not sell out and the lobby is not overcrowded. Ms Kristen and Ms Kasey will be in the lobby directing parents and

dancers, answering questions and taking care of VIPS to ensure everyone has a great experience! Our check-in tables

at recital will be strategically spaced to ensure no crowded lines. Parents will receive a color-coded pick-up postcard,

and, in addition this year, we will be implementing Recital Wristbands for the dancers. Please let our front office

know if your dancer has any medical or health concerns or allergies- important notes like this will be added to the

bands for our stage crew. SDW will also be adding five additional seasoned stage crew members to help backstage-

so our teachers will be able to better attend to their classes and dancers. Lastly, hand signals are taught in class to

our youngest dancers when learning their recital pieces. This makes a huge difference in show quality and SDW has

instructors in the Orchestra Pit guiding classes with the taught hand signals!

Thank you again for your feedback! Summit Dance Works is working hard with our management team to

make this Recital the best one yet!


Lyndzi Barnes

Executive Director

Summit Dance Works


Show Day Information

All dancers need to arrive to Recital 45 minutes prior to their showtime for Check-In

Check-In tables will be organized into colors by last name for EVERY dancer

Doors to the Theater will open 30 minutes prior to each showtime- all seating is reserved

Parents will be able to check-in their dancer and drop them off at the Check-in table 45 minutes

before the show

Parents will receive a pick-up postcard they must use to pick up their child after the show

Each child will receive a Recital wristband listing any important information needed

If your dancer has any allergies or medical conditions please let our front office know so we can

include it on your dancers wristband

We ask that all audience members stay until the end of each show so every performer can have

a wonderful recital and audience experience

If your dancer has multiple dances in one show, please bring them ready in their 1st costume

with all other items labeled in a bag with their name on it

Parents will bring their pickup postcard to the same color check-in table to check-out their

dancer after the show

No videotaping or photography during the performance. A Cut Above The Rest provides parents

the opportunity to purchase recital pictures and/or videos. Order forms will be available in the

SDW front office as well as before and after each show!

Recital Check-In and Check-Out Color

Organized by last name for every student

Last Name A-F: Check-In Color RED

Last Name G-M: Check-In Color YELLOW

Last Name N-R: Check-In Color GREEN

Last Name S-Z: Check-In Color PINK


Dress Rehearsal times are posted below your dancer’s showtime.

Dress Rehearsals will be at Palmer Ridge High School- the recital venue!

**Important Notes**






Dress Rehearsal Information

Tıcket Information

Tickets go on sale March 1st at 9:00 AM

Tickets are assigned seating. First come - first serve to purchase.

Tickets are $15.00 before April 1st and $20.00 after April 1st. 

(TutuTix adds a 10% ticket fee to each ticket purchased).

Tickets will be sold at the door as long as the show is not sold out.

Tickets can be purchased at

Parents will receive an online code to redeem

their 2 complimentary tickets from SDW

If you have two dancers or more dancers in two or more shows, you will receive

two pairs of complimentary tickets from SDW

Recital Informational Meeting

Saturday, April 13th (Recital Picture Day) at 11 AM & 1 PM

We will have two Recital Informational meetings- they will be held at the studio during

our Recital Picture Day on Saturday, April 13th at 11 AM & 1 PM. This meeting will be LIVE so we

will email out a link to join virtually. We will also record the meeting and email the

recording out to all parents.


Parent Participation Week

April 15th- 20th

We are happy to offer our parents the chance to get inside the classroom with their dancer(s).

Experience the teaching style of your child’s instructor and the passion for dance that flows in our

classrooms. This is held only one week a year so make sure to take advantage of experiencing every

aspect of your dancer’s class(es). From attendance, stretching, across the floors and more, you’ll get the

chance to learn from your own dancer!

*Dress code not required for adults! :)

Recital Costume Week

April 1st- 7th

This is the week that your dancer will be getting their recital costume.

Boys and Company GOYO (“Get On Your Own”) Costume information will be emailed out individually!

We will make any alterations and also be taking a picture of each individual dancer for their pick up postcard!

Continuation Week

May 17th-23rd

All children’s classes will have a continuation ceremony at the end of their class.

They will receive their graduation certificate and have some fun photo opportunities

with their instructor and parents!!! Our continuation week is to celebrate your dancers progress

throughout the year and to look forward to continuing onto the next level.

Awards Banquet

Tuesday, June 4th & Wednesday, June 5th

Summit Dance Works is excited to provide an awards banquet for both our Company Dancers and our

Academy dancers! Our awards banquet is a special time for SDW to present our dancers with awards,

scholarships and gifts from the year. Banquets are an intimate setting- each dancer and one parent will

receive complimentary entry and each additional family member will require a $5 charge for food. More

information coming soon!

Company Awards Banquet- for our competitive dance team only-

Tuesday, June 4th 7:30 PM at Palmer Ridge High School

Academy Awards Banquet- all academy classes-



Saturday, June 8th 9:00 am

Dress Rehearsal-

WEDNESDAY, June 5th 1:00-2:30 pm

1. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Thursday 4:00 pm- Ms Myah

2. Dance Abilities- Ms Debi

3. Tippy Toes- Monday 5:15 pm- Ms Taylor

4. Tiny Tumbling- Saturday 11:45 pm- Ms Tara

5. Little Flippers- Saturday 9:00 am- Ms Tara

6. Beginning/Building Acro- Tuesday 5:30 pm- Ms Taylor

7. Tippy Toes- Thursday 4:45 pm & Tippy Toes Tuesday 5:15 pm- Ms Jazmine

8. Beginning/Building Hip Hop- Tuesday 6:15 pm- Ms Jazmine

9. Bowties & Tutus- Saturday 11:00 am- Ms Tara

10. Tippy Toes- Saturday 9:30 am- Ms Tara

11. Tiny Tappers- Thursday 4:45 pm- Ms Myah

12. Hippity Hop- Saturday 12:15pm- Ms Jazmine

13. Tap 5- Wednesday- Ms Debi


Saturday, June 8th 11:15 am

Dress Rehearsal-

Wednesday, June 5th 3:00-5:00 pm

1. Mini Tap/Jazz- Tuesday 5:30 pm- Ms Aja

2. Kidance- Thursday 6:00 pm- Ms Myah

3. Kidance- Tuesday 4:00 pm & Kidance Monday 5:45 pm- Ms Jazmine & Ms Brenda

4. Building Ballet- Tuesday 7:15 pm- Ms Taylor

5. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Tuesday 4:00 pm- Ms Brenda

6. Hippity Hop- Tuesday 5:30 pm & Thursday Hippity Hop 4:15 pm- Ms Myah & Ms Jazmine

7. Hippity Hop- Thursday 5:00 pm- Ms Myah

8. Hippity Hop- Monday 5:15pm- Ms Myah

9. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Monday 5:00 pm- Ms Jazmine

10. Tippy Toes- Monday 6:00 pm- Ms Jazmine

11. Kidance- Thursday 6:00 pm- Ms Jazmine

12. Bowties & Tutus- Tuesday 6:30 pm- Ms Taylor

13. Tiny Tumbling- Monday 5:45 pm- Ms Taylor

14. Tiny Tappers- Monday 5:45 pm- Ms Jazmine

15. Kidtap- Tuesday 4:45 pm- Ms Jazmine

16. Tiny Tappers- Tuesday 4:45 pm- Ms Aja

17. Funky Tots- Tuesday 5:00 pm- Ms Myah

18. Little Flippers- Tuesday 5:00 pm- Ms Aja

19. Tiny Tumbling- Thursday 5:30 pm- Ms Sophia

20. Kidtap- Thursday 6:45 pm- Ms Myah

Recital Tımes & Show Info

1. Core Routine

2. #2 Birds of Africa

3. Dancing Kids Jazz Love potion no. 9

4. #8 Trials and Tribulations

5. Cypress Jazz- Mambo Party

6. Olympus Jazz- Meet me at the Roxy

7. Denali Jazz- Tribe

8. Everest Lyrical- Clouds

9. Zion Jazz- Hey Baby

10. #3 Piano Man

11. Dancing Kids Hip Hop- So Fly

12. Olympus Tap- I’ve Got Rhythm

13. Camille Shaw

14. Everest Jazz- Power


15. Denali Musical Theatre- A Musical

16. Cypress Tap- The Way You Look Tonight

17. Zion Musical Theatre- A Night to Remember

18. Lilly Landwehr

19. Daddy/Daughter

20. Denali Contemporary- The soliloquy

21. Everest Musical Theatre- Paris Original

22. Olympus Musical Theatre- French Boyfriend

23. #13 Lyrical Dont worry about me

24. Petite Musical Theatre- Something Terrible

25. #10 Strongest Suit

26. #15 The Sound

27. #16 Hills and Roads

28. #5 Shape of You INTERMISSION 29. Sophia Rose 30. #11 Bitter Earth 31. #9 Mic Drop 32. #14 Stand by Me

33. #12 I want you Back

34. #1 Battle of the Thrones

35. Minis

36. #17 Wild Horses

37. #7 Bound to you

38. #6 Boy Girl Dance

39. Dads

40. Production

Company Show- Friday, June 7th 5:30 PM


PEAK Show-

Saturday, June 8th 2:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal-

Thursday, June 6th 1:00-2:30 pm

1. Tippy Toes- Tuesday 9:30 am- Ms Jazmine

2. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Tuesday 10:00 am- Ms Jazmine

3. Kidance- Monday 4:00 pm- Ms Brenda

4. Acro 2 - Ms Alyssa

5. Acro 3/4- Ms Alyssa

6. Kidance- Saturday 10:00 am- Ms Jazmine

7. Tippy Toes- Tuesday 6:00 pm- Ms Myah

8. Tippy Toes- Saturday 10:00 am- Ms Tara

9. Hip Hop 2/3- Ms Jazmine

10. Kidtap- Monday 4:45 pm- Ms Taylor

11. Building Hip Hop- Thursday - Ms Jazmine

12. Tiny Tappers- Tuesday 10:45 am- Ms Jazmine

13. Kidtap- Saturday 10:45 am- Ms Jazmine

14. Tap 4- Wednesday- Ms Alyssa


Saturday, June 8th 4:15 pm

Dress Rehearsal-

Thursday, June 6th 3:00-5:00 pm

1. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Saturday 11:15 am- Ms Jazmine

2. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Wednesday 10:00 am- Ms Taylor

3. Funky Tots- Saturday 9:30 am- Ms Jazmine

4. Tap 1- Ms Alyssa

5. Tippy Toes- Wednesday 9 & Tippy Toes- Wednesday 9:30 am- Ms Taylor

6. Kidance- Tuesday- 5:45 pm- Ms Brenda

7. Bowties & Tutus- Tuesday 6:30 pm- Ms Brenda

8. Tap 2- Ms Alyssa

9. Boys Hip Hip- Ms Jazmine

10. Tiny Ties & Tutus- Tuesday 10:30 am & Tiny Ties & Tutus- 
 Monday 4:00 pm- Ms Taylor

11. Kidtap- Tuesday 6:30 pm- Ms Myah

12. Tiny Tappers- Wednesday 10:45 am- Ms Taylor

13. Tiny Tappers- Saturday 12:00 pm- Ms Jazmine


Saturday, June 8th 7:00 PM

Dress Rehearsal-

Thursday, June 6th 5:30-7:30 PM

1. Rising/Focus Teen Ballet- Ms Brenda

2. Beginning/Building Lyrical- Ms Sophia

3. Tap 3- Ms Alyssa

4. Beginning Hip Hop- Monday- Ms Myah

5. Beginning Ballet- Thursday- Ms Brenda

6. Beginning/Building Acro- Thursday- Ms Alyssa

7. Rising/Focus Teen Lyrical- Ms Taylor

8. Beginning/Building Hip Hop- Ms Myah

9. Ballet 2/3 Academy- Ms Brenda

10. Rising/Focus Teen Jazz- Ms Myah

11. Building Musical Theatre- Ms Debi

12. Beginning Ballet Monday- Ms Brenda

13. Beginning Musical Theatre- Ms Debi

14. Rising/Focus Teen Hip Hop- Ms Myah

15. Mini Tap/Jazz Thursday- Ms Alyssa

16. Beginning/Building Tap- Thursday 6:45 -Ms Taylor

17. Olympus, Denali, Everest Ballet- Ms Brenda

Recital Tımes & Show Info



1115 Hip Hop 2/3 Monday - Ms Jazmine Hippity Hop Mon 515- Ms Myah

1130 Boys Hip Hop Tuesday - Ms Jazmine Hippity Hop Mon 445- Ms Myah

1145 Tippy Toes Thu 445 - Ms Jazmine Beginning Hip Hop Mon- Ms Myah

12 Hippity Hop Thu 415 - Ms Jazmine Tiny Ties & Tutus Thu 4- Ms Myah

1215 Kidance Thu 6 - Ms Jazmine Kidance Thu 6- Ms Myah

1230 Building Hip Hop Thu - Ms Jazmine Tiny Tappers Thu 445- Ms Myah

1245 Funky Tots Sat - Ms Jazmine Kidtap Thu 645- Ms Myah


TIME Individuals First Group First 8 Mommy & Me Tuesday Morning - Ms Jazmine Tap 3- Ms Alyssa

815 Mommy & Me Wednesday Morning - Ms Jazmine Tap 2- Ms Alyssa

830 Mommy & Me Saturday Morning - Ms Jazmine Tap 4- Ms Alyssa

845 Tiny Ties & Tutus Monday 5PM - Ms Jazmine Tap 1- Ms Alyssa

9 Tippy Toes Monday 6 - Ms Jazmine Beginning Building Acro Thu- Ms Alyssa

915 Tiny Tappers Monday 545PM - Ms Jazmine Acro 2- Ms Alyssa

930 Tippy Toes Tuesday 930AM - Ms Jazmine Acro 3/4- Ms Alyssa

945 Tiny Ties & Tutus Tuesday 10 - Ms Jazmine Mini Tap Jazz Thu- Ms Alyssa

10 Kidance Tuesday 4PM - Ms Jazmine Dance Abilities- Ms Debi

1015 Tiny Tappers Tuesday 1045 - Ms Jazmine Beginning MT Thu- Ms Debi

1030 Kidtap Tuesday 445PM - Ms Jazmine Building MT Thu- Ms Debi

1045 Tippy Toes Tue 515 - Ms Jazmine Tap 5- Ms Debi

11 Olympus, Denali, Everest Ballet (BW)

Recital Picture Day

Saturday, April 13th

Picture day is encouraged for all dancers- even if you do not plan on purchasing photos!

This is a chance for us to photograph each class prior to recital and to get great photos for our

Yearbook Program of every class and dancer!

Dancers should wear their recital costumes to picture day!

Pictures by JCM Photography- information and order forms coming soon!

Our Mommy & Me dancers are invited and encouraged to attend Picture Day this year! Mommy &

Me dancers can wear their regular dance gear to Picture Day!


130 Kidance Sat - Ms Jazmine Hippity Hop Thu 5- Ms Myah

145 Tiny Ties & Tutus Sat - Ms Jazmine Funky Tots Tue 5- Ms Myah

2 Kidtap Sat - Ms Jazmine Hippity Hop Tue 530- Ms Myah

215 Tiny Tappers Sat - Ms Jazmine Tippy Toes Tue 6- Ms Myah

230 Hippity Hop Sat- Ms Jazmine Focus & Rising HH - Ms Myah

245 Beginning Building Hip Hop Tuesday - Ms Jazmine Beginning Building HH Mon - Ms Myah

3 Kidance Tue 545 - Ms Brenda Focus & Rising Jazz - Ms Myah

315 Kidance Mon 4 - Ms Brenda Kidtap Tue 630- Ms Myah

330 Kidance Mon 545 - Ms Brenda Beginning Building Acro Tue- Ms Taylor

345 Beginning Ballet Mon - Ms Brenda Kidtap Mon 445- Ms Taylor

4 Focus & Rising Ballet- Ms Brenda Tiny Ties & Tutus Mon 4- Ms Taylor

415 Tiny Ties & Tutus Tue 4 - Ms Brenda Tippy Toes Mon 515- Ms Taylor

430 Bowties & Tutus Tue 630 - Ms Brenda Focus & Rising Lyrical- Ms Taylor

445 Tiny Tappers Tue 445- Ms Aja Tiny Tumbling Mon 545- Ms Taylor

5 Ballet 2/3 Academy Thu - Ms Brenda Bowties & Tutus Tue- Ms Taylor

515 Little Flippers Tue 5- Ms Aja & Thurs Beg Ballet- Ms


Building Ballet Tue- Ms Taylor

530 Mini Tap Jazz Tue- Ms Aja Little Flippers Tue- Ms Taylor

545 Tiny Tumbling- Ms Sophia Funky Tots Tue- Ms Taylor

6 Beginning Building Lyrical- Ms Sophia Tippy Toes Tue- Ms Taylor

615 Little Flippers Sat - Ms Tara Tiny Ties & Tutus Tue- Ms Taylor

630 Tippy Toes Sat 930 - Ms Tara Tippy Toes Wed 9- Ms Taylor

645 Tippy Toes Sat 10 - Ms Tara Tippy Toes Wed 930- Ms Taylor

7 Mommy and Me 1030 - Ms Tara Tiny Ties & Tutus Wed 10- Ms Taylor

715 Bowties and Tutus 11 - Ms Tara Beg Build Tap Academy- Ms Taylor

730 Tiny Tumbling 1145 - Ms Tara Tiny Tappers Wed 1045- Ms Taylor

Recital Picture Day



1. Breckenridge $65

Happy Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal

Recital Packages

These items increase on the day of the show and there are a limited number of priority packages available, so place your order with the front office as soon as possible!



2. Keystone $100

Happy Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal


3. Copper $125

Bravo Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal


4. Aspen $165

Bravo Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal


Early Admission Into Venue With Custom Recital Survival Kit

5. Vail $200

Bravo Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal


Early Admission Into Venue With Custom Recital Survival Kit Recital DVD

Priority Check In and Check Out

6. Winter Park VIP $275

Bravo Ad

Magical Moment Candy Bouquet Themed Recital Animal


Early Admission Into Venue With Custom Recital Survival Kit Recital DVD & Recital Photos

Class Photos (from recital picture day in April) Priority Check In and Check Out

End of Show Photo Opportunity With Entire Staff and Themed Characters from the Recital


Themed Recital Animal $15.00 Happy Ad $25.00 Bravo Ad $65.00 Magical Moment Candy Bouquet $35.00 6 Stem Pink and Yellow Flower Bouquet $25.00 Yearbook Program $45.00

Everyone will receive a complimentary: Recital shirt, Academy Awards banquet (all recreational classes) or

Company Awards banquet (Competitive Dance Team Classes) & a Regular Program


Our annual 18’-19’ program yearbook is a memorable keepsake featuring photos of all SDW events, group classes and dancers. Please help SDW make our program yearbook great by participating in our ads contest! You can write a sweet dancer dedication, promote your business or reach out to business sponsors to purchase ads for

your dancer!

All Ad forms are due on

Monday, April 1st

Please make sure that you complete the following:


Form returned by deadline, completed and with payment.


Hardcopy of Ad to the office with attached order form.


Emailed PDF or image to

Top sellers will be notified via email on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Dancers must sell at least $500 in ads to be considered for 1st place prize and $300 in ads to be

considered for 2nd-5th place prizes.

Who should I sell Ads to?

Family, Friends, Loved Ones

Dancer Dedications are great ads for family members and friends! Include a sweet note, memory or message to your dancer for a wonderful dance memory!

Local Businesses, Family-Owned Businesses

SDW Business Ads are open to ALL businesses- even if they don’t have a storefront! Do you have a family member that sells jewelry, candles, clothes or something amazing?! Our Yearbook Business Ads are for everyone! Our Business Ads are tax deductible with receipts available upon request. Ask the front desk if you needmultiple copies of the Business Sponsorship form!!


Hello Local Business Owners!

Summit Dance Works is preparing for our annual recital,

“One Magical Moment.”


year our annual recital is a huge event with over 450 dancers participating and all of their

friends and families are in attendance! We host six shows over two days with over 3,000

audience members across our Recital weekend! We offer Yearbook Programs for purchase and

include many candid and professional photos of our dancers and classes, dedication ads from

parents and business ads from local businesses! Our recital will be Friday, June 7th and

Saturday, June 8th if your business has any seasonal promotions they’d like to advertise!

Your Sponsorship Includes:

Your Ad published in our Yearbook

Your business listed on a slideshow at recital

Your ad posted to our Facebook Page



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