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VC6096 Overview September Tom McNeela, Product Manager Mobile Computing Division


Academic year: 2021

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VC6096 Overview

September 2008

Tom McNeela, Product Manager

Mobile Computing Division


VC6096 Agenda

• VC6096 Value Proposition

• Key Features

• Accessories

• Target Markets

• Product Line Positioning

• Go to Market Activities

• Service Offering

• VC6000 Series SKU’s & Release Timeline

• Competitive Positioning


VC6096 Value Proposition

Provide a fixed terminal for

transportation use cases to the Enterprise Mobility portfolio. VC6096 will compliment the

VC5090 fixed terminal for forklifts. Adds heavy-duty vehicle telemetry functionality to the portfolio.

Leverage the Enterprise Mobility platform in additional form factor. (VC6096 = outside the four walls, truck. VC5090 = inside four walls, forklift)


VC6096 Key Features


• Windows Mobile Phone 6.1 Professional

Vehicle telemetry

SAE J1708

SAE J1939

Full QWERTY keypad

6.5” VGA Display; Touchscreen

USB 1.1 Type A & USB 1.1 Type B connectivity

• SD Card Slot

• Integrated GPS (SiRFStarIII chip set)

• IP64 Environmental Sealing


• MPA 1.5


• CPU Bulverde PXA 270, 624 MHz

• Memory 128MB RAM, 256 MB Flash


• 3-G WWAN: HSDPA (No EVDO configuration)

• WLAN- JEDI a/b/g

• PAN – Bluetooth V. 2.0 EDR, Class II


VC6096 Key Features

Power Input


• Fixed-mount / powered by the vehicle

• Voltage input: 10V to 33Vdc, negative ground with filtering & ignition • Non-terminated power cable at vehicle end

A standard AC/DC power supply is available for lab/development use or inside the 4 walls use cases.


• Supports 3rd party mounting solutions, e.g. RAM Mounts; Brodit Mounts • (4) M8 screws, 100mm x 100mm spacing (VESA Mount)

VC6096 is a fixed mount device

• No battery (internal capacitor maintains RTC when external power is disconnected)

• No imager/scanner

• No drop/tumble specifications

VC6000 is an available configuration with radios removed

• No WAN, WLAN, GPS nor Telemetry


VC6096 Key Features

235 mm

242 mm

Depth: 47 mm Weight: 2.2 kg



Vehicle power cable

Fixed mount power supply (for use in “inside-the-4-walls” application)

CLA Power Supply

Combination Antenna (combination WAN and WLAN antenna)

WAN Antenna Cable

WLAN Antenna Cable

GPS Antenna

6-Pin Deutsch telemetry cable

9-Pin Deutsch telemetry cable

6-Pin Combination Cable

9-Pin Combination Cable

Accessory cable

Provides the below connections from the terminal 50-pin connector: (2) Full RS232

(1) DB 9 (for use with telemetry cable) (8) Digital input

(8) Digital output (2) Analog input


VC6096 Country List

VC6096 will be approved for use in a subset of the

standard MCD country list. The planned countries are

listed below:

• United States (Rev A, Oct. ‘08)

• Canada (Rev A, Dec ’08)

• European Union (Rev A, Feb ’09)

European Union Countries

Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark United Kingdom Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Bulgaria Romania


VC6096 Target Markets

Transportation and Logistics

• Specifically, Courier, Less Than Truckload (LTL) Line Haul, and Truckload (TL) segments

• Applications

• Driver Log/Time Cards

• Highway Fuel Tax Recording • Fleet Management

• Asset Management

Government and Public Safety

Target Market Need:

An in-cab solution requiring the ability to track and manage a vehicle while supporting worker communication


Product Line Positioning

Wide Feature set

MC9090 802.11/EDGE/IDEN MC1000 Batch MC50 802.11 VC5000 Forklift Computer MC3000 Gun 802.11 MC9090 I-Safe//RFiD PPT8800 802.11 Industrial MC

Enterprise MC Application Specific

WT4000 Wearable MC35 802.11 EDGE MC17 Personal Shopping System MC3000 802.11 WM6.1 Mid Market Value Premium MC75 802.11 HSDPA EVDOrA GPS Camera HC700*

802.11/EDGE/IDEN Rugged LaptopML/MW900

MC55 802.11 EGPRS GPS &

LAN Only In-VehicleVC6096

Computer MC70 802.11 EGPRS EVDO GPS


VC6096 Go-to-Market Plan

Demand Generation

Q2 ’08 Preparation

• Demand Generation Creative Production • Alignment with Corporate initiatives

• Early Adopter Units • Seed Units

Q3–Q4 ‘08

• Solution tie-ins • Product oriented

• Direct mail / E-mail blasts • Print advertising - TBD

• Online advertising

• Click through offer to capture information

• Interactive Microsite

• Photography (Beauty Shots / Solution images / 360° Photo) • Leverage Corporate campaigns


VC6096 Go-to-Market Plan

Collateral Creation / Sales Tools – Q4 ’08

Internal Motorola only • Direct Sales Presentation • Comprehensive Sales Guide

• Quick Reference Product Snapshot • Distributors & Channel Partners

• Partner Presentation • Partner Brief

Suitable for all Audiences • End User Presentation • Application Brief

• White Paper – Telemetry • Collateral Translations


VC6096 Go-to-Market Plan

Launch Activities

• PR

• Pre-launch Press Briefings (Proactive Pitch) • Press Meetings at Shows

• Analyst Relations

• Pre-briefings to key industry analysts

• Shows

• Post Expo – Sept ’08 (Backroom discussion)

• American Trucking Associations (ATA) – Oct. 4-7, ‘08 (Launch)

Additional shows TBD


VC6096 Go-to-Market Plan

Channel Readiness

• Webinars • Distribution (9/10/08) • Channel Partner (9/11/08) • Presentations • Customer facing • Collateral • Partner Brief • Application Brief • eLateral

• Telemetry White Paper • Service Plan

• Product Demo Units

• Reduced-cost units available to distribution & partners • Restricted total number of units per distributor or partner • On-line Education / Certification Courses


Customer Services for the VC6096

Three years Five years Up front with the product

(or within 30 days thereafter) SOB-VC60XX-30


Service from the Start On Site System Support


Service from the Start – Bronze with Comprehensive Coverage


Service Center Support – Bronze Purchase at any time

Up front with the product (or within 30 days thereafter)

Time of Purchase

One year SCG-VC60XX-10

Service Center Support – Gold

Three years Five years SSG-VC60XX-30


Service from the Start – Gold with Comprehensive Coverage

Length of Agreement Service

Part Number Enterprise Mobility Services

Three years Five years Service from the Start – Gold


-Service from the Start – Gold with Comprehensive Coverage

Fastrack Option (U.K. only)

One Year Service Center Support – Bronze


-Service Center Support – Gold

Three Years Five years Service from the Start – Bronze with Comprehensive Coverage


-Service from the Start – Gold with Comprehensive Coverage

Express Shipping Option

One Year Service Center Support - Bronze

Three Years Five Years Service from the Start – Bronze with Comprehensive Coverage

Commissioning Service Option

Length of Agreement Must Be Purchased Alongside…

Service Option

Available Options



– Normal wear and tear, as well as coverage for internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage

– Rapid in-house turnaround times for product repairs – Full access to technical support resources

– Telephone and e-mail support

– Internet access to technical documentation Benefits:

– Significantly reduces unforeseen repair expenses

– Provides multiple years of seamless coverage at a one-time cost – Protects the investment while helping to maintain peak performance – Offers more complete coverage at a lower cost — truly more for less

Service from the Start with Comprehensive


Note:Service from the Start programs must be purchased up front or within 30 days of the product purchase


Configurations & Release Timeline

2008 Oct Nov Dec 2009 Jan Feb Mar


Rev A (US / CANADA) – January 2009 Rev A (EMEA) – February 2009

VGA 128/256 QWERTY No No No Yes Ver 2.0 Class II No WM 6.1 Classic VC6000-MA0SKQQ000R VGA 128/256 QWERTY No HSDPA Yes Yes Ver 2.0 Class II Yes WM 6.1 Professional VC6096-MACSKQRT1WR Display RAM/ Flash Keypad ADC WAN WLAN LAN PAN GPS OS Configuration


Competitive Analysis


– over 475K systems deployed

– The QUALCOMM solution is a closed, proprietary solution. Devices, airtime and applications must be procured as a system; no individual elements allowed. Additionally, changes are difficult.


– potential threat if functionality added to the CV30

or used in concert with AVL box.

• Many smaller competitors with offerings that may or may not

provide the entire solution include (some of these included

current or potential partners):

– QSI – Driver Tech – Techlogix – Peoplenet – WebTech Wireless – Network Car



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