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The Exposition Site

Expo 2015 Digital Smart City

Cisco Partnership perimeter: IP

Data Center and Cloud Platform

Cloud-based collaboration

IP & Logical Security

Wi-Fi Solutions for outdoor and

indoor: Wi-Fi integrated with wired

and mobile network solutions

Main IP Services

IP Telephony

Messaging & Collaboration

Business Telepresence

Multimedia Services

Sap Hana















The Exposition Site

The exposition site is located in North-West Milan, near the new Milan Fairgrounds ―Fiera Milano, and will extend approximately 1,1 million square meters.

The exposition area has been designed as an integral landscape - an island circled by a waterway -structured around two perpendicular and symbolic axes: the Decumanus and the Cardo of ancient Roman cities. The site is conceived as an outdoor Expo, characterized by the abundance of greenery which will occupy over 280.000 square meters.

Each participating country will be invited to express its own interpretation of the Expo Milano 2015 theme on lots lining the main site axis, the Decumanus or World Avenue while the exhibition area assigned to Italy and its regions, provinces and cities will be laid out along the Cardo. A spacious piazza covering over 4,000 square meters at the intersection of the two axes will represent the symbolic meeting place between Italy and the world.

The exposition site will also include areas dedicated to events and entertainment including a Lake Arena which can accommodate up to 21,000 visitors, an Open Air Theater with a capacity of almost 8,500 visitors and an Expo Center with an auditorium, an open-air performance area, a media center and a volunteer quarter. Thematic areas and pavilions built and operated by Expo 2015 will be dispersed in eight different locations throughout the site. Food and visitor services will be organized in 14 different Service Areas and will include restrooms, shops, banking services and information services.

Expo 2015 Digital Smart City

Expo 2015 site is a model for the Smart City of the Future which will enhance the visitors’ experience and discovery of the theme as well as leave a legacy of innovative systems and solutions for future cities.

Cities have in fact become the focal point of policies and economic strategies of the new millennium and smart and sustainable urbanization – the Smart City – is a necessary condition for this vision to become reality.

The development of a Digital Smart City is strictly related to the benefits it can bring in terms of improvement of the quality of life and the targets of a sustainable urbanization are the result of environmental and social sustainability combined with economic development.


The Expo 2015 Digital Smart City is therefore sustainable, comfortable, attractive, safe, informative and efficient. The construction and management of the Expo 2015 Digital Smart City requires numerous sustainable and best-in-class solutions from integrated energy management, e-mobility systems and logistics, queue management services to advanced visitor services such as e-health. In addition, the technological services must be integrated with a state of the art telecommunications network to ensure agile delivery of services and fast and secure connectivity

throughout the site.

Cisco Partnership perimeter: IP Network & Solutions

The IP Network Architecture has the objective to reduce operational complexity and provide network and user services to help enable the borderless experience.

The IP Network Architecture aims at implementing the flexibility to deliver

transformative, network-based experiences providing control in an environment that includes partners, customers, and employees connecting anyone, anywhere, on any device - securely, reliably, and seamlessly.

Quality of Service: Voice and video and multimedia content transport with an end-to-end architecture for a media-optimized network comprising advanced, intelligent technologies and devices in a platform optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences.

Sustainability: an innovative combination of products and architecture promoting sustainability by reducing energy consumption across an entire infrastructure. The solution will measure, monitor, and control energy usage on IT and non-IT devices from the network for agility and efficiency integration.


Application aware: enables the optimal experience of any IP based application, at any time, and on any device, delivering a very fast application performance, using network capability. With application awareness built into the network, IT has an effective tool for managing application performance holistically.

Portability: based on a Unified Network to offer portable services and to provide anywhere, anytime access to information for wired, Wi-Fi, and remote users on any device to enhance participation.

Seamless user experience: end point/user services, even though they are the functions of the network, define the user experience and enable the attributes of secure, reliable, and seamless performance on a broad range of devices and environments.

The Layer 2/3 network will be implemented on top of existing Optical Infrastructure which will be based on GPON and/or Pont to Point optical network according to the network provided and implemented by Telecom Italia.

IP Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure on the exhibition site features a fiber optics MPLS-based ultra-broadband access. Links between Pavilions, network terminations and service points of presence (PoP) as well as links among Metropolitan PoP are in fiber optics. Cisco Routers help to deliver differentiated, converged services that optimize bandwidth usage, while Cisco Switches optimize multicast platform that provides scalability for traditional data.

The LAN infrastructure for the exposition site and buildings need to ensure that end users have a consistent experience when they use collaborative applications across the venue site (dynamically applying QoS policies, based on user or device type). A fiber optics-based Internet access solution on GBE interface is provided, ensuring high-speed access and high bandwidth capacity.

Data Center and Cloud Platform

On the EXPO Milano 2015 site, virtual data center and storage pool are delivered as a service through cloud computing technology (IaaS), to host “Expo-critical” data and application.

The cloud platform has been built for optimal delivery of critical services to visitors and to ensure a superior visitor experience.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform built in collaboration with Telecom Italia provides virtual hosting and storage capacity as a service. The cloud


consists of a single allocation pool within the Expo Virtual Private Cloud.

The architecture provides full redundancy, both physical and at network level, with dynamic load balancing (DRS) .

Optional software and applications include server operating systems, database management system, antivirus, virtual server backup, disaster recovery, etc.


Cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration services built by Telecom Italia and based on the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) offer highly secure collaboration solutions. The solution enables EXPO 2015 and Participants to collaborate in real time with coworkers, partners, customers and suppliers in different parts of the globe. This solution is delivered through a number of advanced applications and services and it is available on desktops and mobile devices to enable enhanced communications for Expo Staff and Participant Countries personnel.

IP & Logical Security

The Security Architecture has to protect both Expo network resources and Users by providing effective protection for any user, using any device, from any location, and at any time.

The Cisco Solution:

• Can provide end-to-end security and protection, supporting wired, wireless,

and VPN networks.

• Gathers information from users, devices, infrastructure, and network services

to enforce consistent contextual-based policies across the network

• Provides visibility into who and what is on the network for advanced

discovery and troubleshooting

• Enforces security policy on all devices that attempt to gain access to the


• Is able to integrate with authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA),

posture, profiling, and visitor management

• Provides comprehensive real-time threat protection and highly secure

communications services to stop attacks before they affect business continuity


• Identifies, classifies, and stops malicious traffic, including worms, spyware, adware, viruses, and application abuse

• Uses global threat correlation with reputation filtering to prevent threats with confidence

• Enables consistent policy enforcement, quick troubleshooting of security events, and summarized reports across the deployment

• Supports role-based access control and an approval framework for proposing and integrating changes

The security architecture understands the full context of a situation - the who, what, where, when and how. With highly distributed security policy enforcement, security is pushed closer to where the end user is working, anywhere on the Expo 2015 Exposition Site.

Logical security is integrated into an end-to-end architecture that addresses all layers of the network.

Secure Network: Secures the network with firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN, and content filtering.

Secure access: Secures the networks and services; enforces network security policies by allowing access only to trusted devices.

Security Manager: Helps configure and manage Cisco firewalls, VPNs, IPS sensors, and security services.

Wi-Fi Solutions for outdoor and indoor: Wi-Fi integrated with

wired and mobile network solutions

The Wi-Fi network will be part of the broader wireless mobile infrastructure (i.e. GSM/UMTS/LTE network) that will be provided and managed by the Telecom Italia. The Expo Milano 2015’s goal is to provide a high quality visitor experience throughout the facility. The wireless network can help deliver the experience, both by directly providing services to visitors, and by enabling employees to more efficiently perform their roles. The aim of Expo 2015 is to deliver the best of breed Wireless solution to support the success of the exhibition.


The Wi-Fi network will support/deliver the following services:

• Visitor/Employee Wi-Fi Experience from various Wi-Fi devices

• Wi-Fi Security including: Wireless Intrusion Prevention, Rogue Device Management, automatically monitoring for wireless network anomalies and identifying unauthorized access and RF attacks

• Constant awareness of the RF environment, dynamically reacting based on real-time spectrum analysis

• Location Services (for user devices and tags) with the best precision available in 2015 (expected to be below around 1 meter).

• Voice over Wi-Fi Services

• Video over Wi-Fi Services

• Seamless Integration with Wired Security Services • Wi-Fi Network Management

Visitors will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network with any kind of device and be granted both Internet access and Expo Services available to visitors from common areas such as pavilions, conference rooms and outdoor areas.

Their connection will be fast and secure, and visitor wireless traffic will not be able to reach internal network assets.

The Wi-Fi network will be location aware so that the location of users and valuable assets can be tracked, and better served through integration with other applications. Location services will be able to capture and store both historical and real-time data, and will be able to provide alerts when particular assets reach particular gates. Visitors will be able to leverage the Wi-Fi network in order to view Expo Video application, which runs natively in a multicast manner. The Wi-Fi network will be able to classify, prioritize Multicast Video and reliably transfer to employees over the air. System will be able to maximize bandwidth and available frequency band. Employees will be able to leverage the Wi-Fi network in order to connect to the Internet and internal network resources using a laptop or other Wi-Fi capable device. Their connections will be fast and secure to facilitate the access of mission critical and bandwidth intensive applications.


Mission critical traffic such as voice will be prioritized over other traffic through Quality of Service mechanisms.

Employees will be able to use Wi-Fi or dual-mode phones for voice

communications over the wireless network. They will be able to roam throughout onto Wi-Fi hotspot of the facility without dropping calls.

The security of the Wi-Fi system is paramount and the Wi-Fi network will have in-depth security capabilities that ensure the integrity of the network, provide segmentation between certain wireless applications and, through integration with other security products, provide a holistic security solution.

Main IP Services

Support to Unified communication and collaboration: equipment and software The Unified Communication and Collaboration solution will support Expo 2015 on the following areas:

• Build productivity with comprehensive unified communications to help workers communicate and work more effectively.

• Enable mobility with embedded software capabilities to keep workers productive wherever they are, with any content type, on any device, providing a rich and consistent experience.

• Improve collaboration: Click to begin an IM session, initiate a phone call, or easily start a video-conferencing call.

• Extend video capabilities to employees through a single, unified

communications infrastructure from the desktop to telepresence rooms.

• Simplify voice systems with unified communications to streamline provisioning and maintenance.

• Maintain business continuity and collaboration with a high-availability


IP Telephony

An all-in-one solution that eliminates complexity: a competitive voice package that includes a given amount of fixed to fixed and fixed to mobile calling; the flexibility of complementing the voice plan with customized international calling packs; an optimal level of integration between the IP telephones and Pavilion’s telecommunication infrastructure; A solution that will: efficiently run voice, data, and video communications over a single, converged network; take advantage of a wide array of Cisco IP endpoints to meet diverse communications needs; optimize efficiency with Cisco Unified Communications network management.


IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open, standards-based Internet Protocol.

It provides a way for Expo 2015 and Participants to extend consistent voice communications services to the entire staff, throughout the exhibition site - in the Pavilion, in the accommodation campus, and so on.

IP telephony solutions support advanced, reliable voice and video communication with endpoints at any location.

Messaging & Collaboration

A single interface to easily access all messaging and collaboration services (SMS, Fax, Real Time Collaboration, Instant Messaging, Audio / Video Conferencing, Documents Sharing, Skill Search, etc).

A bi-directional communication platform that allow visitors to interact with Participants directly from their mobile devices.

Real time interaction for Expo staff and other organizations located on campus from any connected device (tablet, smartphones, virtual and desktop PCs).

Some example of application are:

• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): a solution that allows employees (and visitors) to bring personally-owned mobile devices to the Expo event and use those devices to access the Expo resources and services

• Jabber: Enables collaboration securely and effectively from anywhere with

colleagues, business partners, and customers

• Webex: Combines the power of enterprise social networking, content creation, and real-time communications by instantly share information and knowledge across teams, departments and geographies


Business Telepresence

Expo 2015 requires superior coordination of people, processes, and priorities to be successful. Effective collaboration between personnel, partners and exhibitors to speed up execution and improve results will be crucial and having the right tools to do the job is essential.

Expo 2015 needs a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network that empowers Communications and Collaborations between internal and external people with support for a wide variety of endpoints.

Telepresence Endpoints and ancillary equipment will turn participant’s conference rooms into Telepresence rooms for immersive videoconferencing experience inside and outside Expo Telepresence Infrastructure, to:

• Manage resource allocation for optimal conferencing

• Enable recording of high- quality videos and presentations

• Allow Any-to-Any Interoperability with all Telepresence endpoints • Built-in Interaction with Jabber Client

VDC Cloud platform in collaboration with Telecom Italia “As-a- Service” will

• allow interoperability between different terminals of any kind


Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services include comprehensive solutions that enable Expo 2015 and Participants to manage their media content and to play Digital Media not only within their pavilions but also to distribute contents beyond Expo Digital Media domain. Digital Media Players: IP-based endpoints that can play high-definition live and on-demand video, motion graphics, web pages, and dynamic content on digital displays. The Digital Media Players will allow users to manage, schedule, and publish digital media.

Interactive Experience Clients & Managers:

• To allow countries and partners to deliver information in real-time, reuse web

content and applications

• To provide administrators with a user-friendly interface to centrally control and monitor Digital Media Clients

Cisco Appspace Digital Signage solution is the complete platform for interactive media experiences to deliver and manage applications in order to communicate, connect, and engage people in an entirely new way.

The Digital Media Management Platform allows managing content assets and creating playlists for multiple types of end points; defining program scheduling, group of monitors / end-point devices, type of content.

Expo Digital Media Applications are:

• Digital Sign: Dynamic Advertising, Way finder, User Engagement • Smart Phone: Media Delivery on mobile devices

• Desktop: Media Delivery on office/home devices • Directory: People Interaction, Service Catalog

• Video Wall: People entertainment, large mass audience



The SAP HANA is the next generation of SAP’s in-memory technology. This multipurpose, in- memory appliance gives organizations and EXPO Milano 2015 instant insight into business operations, while allowing them to react quickly to changing business conditions.

SAP HANA lets business users immediately access, model, and analyze all their transactional and analytical data in real time, from virtually any data source. This can take place in a single environment, without affecting existing applications or systems.

Delivered on optimized hardware from Cisco, SAP HANA efficiently processes and analyzes massive amounts of data. It packages SAP’s intelligent use of in-memory technology, columnar database design, data compression, and massive parallel processing.

SAP HANA provides a flexible, cost-effective, real-time approach for managing large data volumes. It helps organizations and EXPO Milano 2015 dramatically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of running multiple data warehouses, operational, and analytical systems.





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