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nd-based at opened in features w xtensive p world-class n fixture in a younger cations is a premie for primar customers /7 custome personnel ope, West A ng Hong Ko principally e ment and h enting Hong nation with further expa st-ever Asia Awarded Lu cale market erft shipyar growing de cruise bran ttractions, R 2009. A o world-class premises. G s entertainm the annual and more d er global p rily the mar

by utilizing er support c supporting Africa, Mid ong”) engaged in hospitality ac g Kong took the foundin and its crui an luxury cr uxury Cruis t. The estab rd in Breme emand for nds. Resorts Wo ne-stop, no entertainm Genting Ho ment institut l DJ Mag T dynamic clie provider of ritime and e a robust g centers, a lo customer dle East a the busine ctivities. k on the bo ng of Star se portfolio ruise line to se Line”, C blishment of erhaven an new cruise orld Manila on-stop ent ment, uniqu ong Kong’s

ion and tren Top 100 Clu entele. managed s energy mar global infra ocal presen locations a and Asia P ess of cruise old initiative Cruises, “T o in the reg o cater to t Crystal Crui f the Lloyd nd Nordic Y e ships and

was the firs tertainment e events, s investme ndsetter in A ubs global satellite, te rkets. Har astructure t nce in 24 co across Nor Pacific. Lea e and cruis to grow th The Leadin ion, Gentin the high-en ses extend Werft Grou Yard’s thre d realize th st integrate and leisur and excitin nt in icon Asia’s danc poll - furthe errestrial an ris CapRoc hat include ountries an rth America arn more a se he ng ng nd ds up ee he ed re ng ic ce er nd ck es nd a, at


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