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Klix was invented by two Michigan hair stylists who jointly had been doing hair extensions for more than thirty years. Having tried most if not all of the methods on the market they were dissatisfied with the options that they could offer their clients. They had invested thousands of dollars and countless hours taking classes and buying equipment and realized that it was time to try a new approach. Their goal was to develop extensions that were fast and easy to apply, were non-damaging, easy to wear and moveable. After many trials they finally found the winning combination and in 2006 Klix was born!


In 2010, the U.S. Government Patent Office officially recognized the distinct ingenuity and originality of Klix and awarded us with patent number U.S. 7,753,057 B2 and in 2012 with patent number 8,336,559. It is very difficult in this day and age to be awarded a patent. Doug Lalone, Registered Patent Attorney, of Rader, Fishman, & Grauer, PLLC, summed it up as follows, “After several years of navigating the U.S. Patent system, Klix successfully secured a patent on its revolutionary system of applying hair extensions.

We are happy to see such innovative technology be awarded its own patent which in this business environment is a major accomplishment.”

What is the significance of a patent? The term patent usually refers to a right granted to the patent owner or inventor of any new and useful process, machine, or any new and useful improvement thereof. In the event that the patent is infringed upon typically the patent owner will seek monetary compensation and will seek an injunction in the courts prohibiting the infringer from engaging in future acts of infringement.


In order to protect it’s brand image, Klix certified stylists, and the consuming public, Klix Hair, Inc., only sells it’s patent-protected products to Klix certified stylists (other than it’s educational products).

All products that you purchase or receive from Klix Hair, Inc., are only for your use in your capacity as a klixTENSIONIST and may not be resold, gifted or transferred to any stylist, person or entity not certified by Klix Hair, Inc., without prior written consent from the Company.





The Klix patented system dramatically reduces application time allowing the stylist to apply a full head of extensions in sixty minutes or less! This unique application process is simple, fast, and easy for both the experienced stylist and first time user. Klix application requires no heat, no glue, no tape, and if properly applied causes no breakage. Commitment free, Klix is a movable hair extension system that is sold to and applied only by professionals. Touch-ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks and can be completed in thirty minutes or less.

Klix are much healthier and safer than individual link or fusion methods as the weight of the wefts and hair are distributed horizontally across the head. Individual methods, which only attach to a

small amount of the clients own hair, do not distribute the weight horizontally but vertically. This vertical attachment method puts excessive strain on the hair follicle and often results in the clients’ own hair being pulled out at the root which may cause bald spots. When Klix are properly applied, bald spots seldom occur.

Klix are handmade of AAA quality, 100% virgin Remy human hair. The root of each strand is individually hand threaded and knotted onto a nylon mesh fabric maintaining the hair’s natural cuticle direction. This allows Klix to remain tangle free while looking undeniably natural and shiny. After the hair has been hand tied to the nylon mesh, liquid polyurethane is applied to each side of the mesh to a) create the appearance of human skin, and b) to cover the knots and create a cushion between the micro link and the scalp. The end result product is frequently referred to as a skin weft, or skin-like weft. Silicone lined aluminum micro links are then hand sewn to the weft every three/fourths of an inch. The silicone lining protects the clients hair from the metal of the link and the skin-like weft blends seamlessly with their scalp.

The removal is safe, fast, easy and painless, and leaves the client’s hair in its original condition.

Klix can also be used with ease to achieve temporary styles for fashion shows, photo shoots, weddings or other special occasions.

Klix come in a range of colors including duo and trio-colored mixes within one package. The multi-color packages reveal either a subtle hint of stunning hues or a dramatic edgy effect. The advantage of our duo and trio-colors is in the cost effective packaging; the stylist can achieve a color variation all within one package. Our klixLIGHTS (ombres) offer you a darker root color and gradually get lighter towards the ends for cost effective, non-chemical highlights.


In addition to the innovative and proprietary hair extension products that they supply to the industry, the staff at Klix Hair, Inc., prides itself in the personal and friendly service that it provides its customers on a daily basis. The combination of a quality product, individual service, same day shipping, marketing support, etc., has made Klix a valued and dependable partner for hair stylists nationwide.


Klix are handmade of AAA quality, 100% virgin Remy human hair. “Remy” or “Remi”, a superior method

of collecting hair, is the term used to describe human hair that is cut from one person (as opposed to hair that is collected from hair brushes, beauty salon floors or other sources). This assures that the cuticles

lie in the same direction as nature intended. Virgin Remy hair is strong and keeps its vitality, shine, and elasticity, and lasts longer than non-virgin and non-Remy hair. It is bound together before it is cut from the scalp and shipped to the factory. At the factory it is sewn together so that the hair remains root to end through the entire coloring process. Remy hair also remains tangle free when properly cared for.

AAA is the highest grade of hair available. It is always virgin and is of superior quality. It is often collected from young girls and teenagers and is particularly fine, healthy and soft.

Virgin refers to hair that has never been previously colored nor chemically treated.

Klix hair quality is superior to other brands because we remove a very low percentage of the cuticles during processing. The cuticles removed are normally weak and would contribute to tangling. Removing them also allows the dye color to be better absorbed by the hair.

It’s very common in the industry that with both low quality Remy (for example, hair that has been previously chemically processed) and non-Remy hair that the cuticles are completely stripped using a long acid bath. Although this does minimize the problem of excessive tangling, the acid bath process is very harsh and damaging, and results in hair that is weak, dries out and loses its’ natural look very quickly. The end result is hair that in a matter of 4-8 weeks looks like straw and you are likely to have a very unhappy client!

Unfortunately non-virgin and low quality hair that was collected from the head of one person is still considered Remy by the industry. Even though the cuticles “run the same way,” due to the poor quality of the hair the cuticles are removed. Don’t be fooled! If the package doesn’t indicate that it is “Virgin” or “Cuticle On”, the hair should generally be considered of lesser quality than the quality of Klix hair!


Here is an example of how Remy hair is bound and arrives in the factory before processing. It is kept together






TENSIONS 18” ... *

For a full head application of volume and length, klixTENSIONS 18”, our most popular product is packaged as follows;

• Six 10” wide panels of 18” long AAA virgin human Remy hair, totaling 60” in width

• Weighs 120 grams per package (approximately 4.25 ounces) or twenty grams per 10” panel • Is normally enough to accommodate 80-90% of all short to long applications

• Includes 12 extra links

halfPAX 18” ... * Fifteen percent thicker than our 20 gram panels, halfPAX are ideal for achieving fullness and

body and are ideal for clients that either don’t need or want a full head of extensions. They are also ideal for clients with extremely thick hair.

• One package contains three 10” wide panels of 18” long AAA virgin human Remy hair • Weighs 69 grams per package or 23 grams per 10” wide panel

• Includes 6 extra links


PAX 18” ...*

klixPAX 18” are ideal for introducing Klix to new clients, practicing, sampling and partial applications.

• One package contains three different colored panels of straight 18” long AAA virgin human Remy hair.

• Each panel is 10” wide and weighs 20 grams

• The three Klix colors included in the package are: #3 (Brown), #7 (Natural Blonde), and #9 (Blonde Duo)

• Includes six extra links (two for each hair color)


PAX 22” ...*

• One package contains three 10” wide panels of 22” long AAA virgin human Remy hair, totaling 30” in width.

• Weighs 75 grams per package or 25 grams per 10” wide panel. • Includes 6 extra links




* Note: All prices, product offerings, colors, textures, availability etc., are subject to change without notice. Please refer to our website regularly for current information. As a result of unstable market factors (see page 6) we are not printing our hair prices in this manual.


Additional inventory items that we sell are:

klixSTIX ...$ 10 *

Opening and closing tool set ...$ 13 *

Pulling needle set (2 needles) ...$ 5 *

Color swatch ring ...$ 35 *

Stainless Steel Super Opening Tool (see more info on page 8) ...$ 22 *

Silicone lined micro links (100 pieces) ...$ 15 *

Klix Bag ...$ 35 *

Klix Comb Klips; 4 piece set with case ...$ 30 *

Klix Comb Klips; 2 pieces without case ... $ 12 *

The micro links are available in black, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark blonde, and light blonde. Micro links are also available as a mixed color pack; 17 pieces of each color.

Note: The following terms are synonymous and are used interchangeably throughout this manual: micro links = links, weft = skin like and weft = panel.

Here is a reference of which colored links are used on each respective hair color number:

Black #1, #2

Dark Brown #3, #19, #25

Dark Blonde #7

Brown #4, #12, #17, #23 & #24, #28

Light Brown #9, #10, #11, #13, #18, #22, #26 & #27





Over the last two decades many factors have unfavorably influenced the cost and availability of virgin human hair and human hair products. As third world countries’ economies continue to grow (specifically China, India, and Brazil) hundreds of millions of people have moved from rural areas to urban areas in search of better jobs. These individuals, who were once regular suppliers of human hair no longer grow their hair for sale. Their incomes often rise significantly such that the money that they previously received from selling their hair is no longer

material. They also become more attuned to urban fashion and beauty trends and cut and color their hair accordingly. This trend along with continued global demand for virgin hair has created a tremendous imbalance of supply and demand thus forcing prices to skyrocket. Unfortunately there is no clear end in sight.

To compound matters labor costs in China have risen at a very rapid pace. This chart demonstrates this astronomical increase. As you can see, labor costs in China have risen 231% between 2002 & 2010 (compared with 27% in the U.S.). This rate of increase continues to this day. Klix hair

extensions are handmade, requiring many hours of labor to produce. As

a result of all these factors (as well as the continuing strength of the Chinese Yuan), we have experienced significant price hikes over the last few years. In light of these compounding factors we are doing our best to hold our prices firm as long as possible. However, based on the fact that we have already experienced several significant price increases from our vendors in the past two years (as of this writing, October 2012) there is little optimism to think that we will be able to continue to do so.



Full head application ...$650 - $850

Price includes the application of one package of klixTENSIONS and includes preparation, blow dry, haircut and styling.

These suggested prices are a guideline assuming that your salon or the salon where you work is located in an affluent area. However if the economy in your market can not support these prices we suggest that you adjust them accordingly. Klix is a very profitable service and we don’t want to see you miss opportunities because your prices are not competitive nor affordable.

We recommend that you use either your credit card or the salon’s credit card to purchase our products (as opposed to using the client’s credit card). We suggest that any unused hair should be kept at the salon by the stylist or salon management, depending on the rules of the salon. Charge your clients only for the amount of hair used. One package is sufficient for 80%-90% of short to long applications for clients with fine to medium hair texture. In many cases you will have hair left over.

Other scenarios that might occur and the price that we suggest that you charge are: One and a half package application ...$850 - $950 halfPAX application (42 links) ...$325 - $425 Smaller panel applications including klixPAX (minimum application 4 links) ....$10 per link Full head Touch-up* (estimated time 30 minutes) ... $85

* “Touching up” is the process of moving the panels up after the client’s hair has grown out between 1/2” to 1”. A normal touch-up should take approximately thirty minutes for a full head of Klix. However, if the client has not properly cared for their hair it is likely that the touch-up will take more time and you might choose to charge more. If there is tangling between the weft and the scalp it’s most likely that the client has not maintained and brushed the hair often enough and/or properly. You will find more details further on in this manual regarding touch-ups.



This stainless steel opening tool, which opens the micro link from the inside, differs from our “standard” opening tool which opens the link from the outside. It is a tool to be used in the event that you encounter a

micro link that has been crushed or crimped in such a way that it can not be opened with our standard tool. As this tool may break or cut several strands of hair that are in the micro link we urge you to use this tool only when you can not get the micro link opened by conventional means, i.e., use only in a “hair emergency”.

Instructions for use: Simply

insert the pointed tips into the top and bottom of the micro link and squeeze the handles together. The tool opens the micro link from the inside out. After the link has begun to open you should then use the standard opening tool and finish opening the link from the outside.





klixSTIX is a water soluble, gummy substance which minimizes slippage. It is used as a link filler in these commonly found scenarios:

• In the nape area - the bottom row - where there is a lot of movement and your client may not have enough hair to completely fill the link

• On medium and finer hair textures and on clients with an oily scalp • On the micro link at the end of each panel

• In some micro links during touch-ups when necessary • In the first one or two micro links along the hair line


Apply one drop of klixSTIX inside the silicone lined micro link as needed. klixSTIX is not necessary or intended for use in every micro link! If klixSTIX is overused it will be more difficult to do the touch-ups.

klixSTIX will remain inside the link until the first touch-up or when the micro link is opened. klixSTIX does not wash out until the micro links are opened for touch-ups or removal. klixSTIX is water soluble and will completely wash away after eight to ten washings. It will not harm human hair. If it needs to be removed before it dissolves (normally less than eight to ten washings) dab a small amount of acetone on a piece of cotton and rub gently. This will not harm the natural hair. We also suggest that you use acetone to remove any dripped klixSTIX on the hair outside of the link as a result of excess application.

It is possible that your client may experience some slippage of their micro links. Using more klixSTIX is not necessarily the solution to the problem. You must first consider other possible reasons that slipping is occurring, such as:

• Not enough hair is pulled through the micro link

• The client’s hair was not thoroughly cleansed prior to the application and silicone residue and/or product build-up is still present

• The client has excessively oily hair or is using silicone based products • The micro links were not closed tightly and evenly (using the widest portion of

the closing tool, not just the tip)

• The panel is too close to the hairline. Make sure that the sectioning around the perimeter is 1”- 2” inches from the hairline

* Your client’s hair texture may be too fine or too thin for Klix

klixSTIX ingredients: Copal, Rosin, Acrylate, Soft Resin, Ethyl Alcohol.




1) Klix does not issue refunds; cash or credit card.

2) Klix will gladly exchange any unused package or product (purchased at full price) within 30 days with the following conditions: a) In the event of an exchange, you will be responsible for both the inbound and outbound shipping costs (unless the

exchange is a result of an error by us).

b) We will ship the new package upon receipt of your return. At your request we will ship the replacement package immediately and charge it to your credit card. We will issue a credit upon our receipt of your return.

3) Sale or other discounted items are not exchangeable and are final sales.

4) We cannot replace any Klix product that has been colored or has had any chemical service done to it. Klix does not recommend coloring klixTENSIONS. We suggest that you color your clients’ natural hair to match the klixTENSIONS.

5) If you or your client believe that there is a problem with any Klix product prior to or after use or application, we recommend the following:

a) Prior to applying the extensions: Although we quality control our products it is your responsibility to visually inspect the extensions prior to applying them. If you believe that they are not up to standard, please contact us immediately. Do not cut nor apply them.

b) After applying the extensions: If your client complains about the product, and if you feel it would be helpful we suggest that you review the maintenance instructions with them. Try to provide some advice that will resolve the problem. If the issue remains unresolved we recommend the following:

• Have your client return to the salon at once.

• Contact us immediately. Do not remove any panels before speaking with us.

• Advise your client not to remove the hair nor have it removed before you have seen it in their head.

6) If we feel that there might be a problem with the product we will ask you to return a small amount (normally one panel) of hair for us to evaluate. If you decide or are pressured by your client to remove all of the panels, do not discard them! You will need to return them all back to us.

7) If after evaluating the hair we determine it to be defective, we will send you a prepaid UPS envelope to return the balance of the panels. We will exchange the product at no charge under the following conditions:

• The entire package of hair is returned

• It has been 4 months or less since it was delivered to you.

* Please note that we do not pay for any additional labor that is necessary or performed to resolve these issues.

8) Our policy regarding deposits and other payments toward classes is as follows:

a) Deposits and all other payments towards classes are non-refundable. If for any reason you cannot attend the class that you are scheduled to take, one of the following scenarios will apply:

• If you were scheduled to take a class at any of our locations, 10% of your deposit will be forfeited and the remaining amount will be credited to your account. You must reschedule to take a future class that is scheduled to be held within 3 months of the class which you cancelled. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your entire deposit.

• If you were scheduled to take a private class, i.e., when we travel to your location, and we are required to cancel or reschedule instructors, flights, hotels, car rentals, etc., you will forfeit the amount of your deposit equal to the cancellation costs that we incur. This may range anywhere from 10% to the entire amount of your deposit. If there is a balance of your deposit remaining it will be credited to your account and must be used within 6 months. 9) We will attempt to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Here is what we promise:

a) We will try and respond to your complaint immediately.


It is very important that you explain to your client that from time to time minor irritations or complications might occur. Here are a few of the most common complaints that might arise;

72 hour discomfort: For many people the first seventy two hours of wearing extensions can be uncomfortable, ranging from mild to severe. They might experience mild headaches, itching and/or general soreness. Mild pain relievers such as Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc., are often sufficient in relieving mild pain and discomfort. Those clients who have not previously worn hair extensions tend to complain of soreness most often. It is recommended that you discuss this issue with your clients during their first consultation and after completion of their application.

Traction Alopecia: Evidenced by small bald or very thin spots on the scalp, traction alopecia can be caused by many things. As it relates to extensions it can be caused by continuous and excessive tension of the hair root. This can occur with Klix if you over direct the hair that you’ve pulled through the micro link (this means that you pulled in a “V shape” as opposed to a “U shape” as discussed in this guide and in the video). The pulling can cause the hair follicle to become fragile and break or pull out. If detected early, traction alopecia is usually avoidable. It’s critical that you don’t pull the hair too tightly with the

pulling needle through the micro link. Please inform your customers that if after a few days they feel

that the hair is pulled too tightly or if they begin to see signs of thinning or hair loss to return to the salon immediately. You should loosen and readjust the micro links or in some cases consider removing the extensions in the effected areas.

Pimples and Itching: On occasion your client might complain of pimples and/or itching on their scalp. In many cases those pimples are actually inflammatory areas around the hair follicles. This is commonly known as folliculitis. Itching is a common symptom of folliculitis. The extensions might be the cause if the hair is pulled too tightly (as explained above). Relieving the tension on the hair follicle will normally resolve this problem. Please note that if left too tight excessive tension might cause traction alopecia. It is important that the tension be relieved as soon as possible. Folliculitis is a common complaint in the general population. There are many other possible causes to consider; general skin ailments such as dermatitis, excessive sweating, acne and others. Additionally, allergic reaction to hair products and chemicals such as relaxers, hair color, and other general beauty products might be the cause. It is also very important that your client thoroughly rinse all shampoo and conditioner from under the wefts. The hair must also be thoroughly dried under each weft to avoid creating an overly moist environment.

Note: The skin-like weft on Klix products is coated with polyurethane and contains no latex, a common cause of rashes and itching related to allergic response.



Klix assumes no liability whatsoever for any physical, psychological or other problems

experienced by your clients while wearing Klix. Just as there is no way to predict what kind of reaction

a user might experience from hair dyes, facial and other skin products, contact lenses and liquids, etc., there is no way to predict whether a client might experience an adverse reaction to Klix. We suggest that you discuss the risk of such reaction with your client prior to application.

The stylist will not make any claims or representations regarding the products other than information contained in this User’s Guide, and the stylist will not give any third party purchaser of the products any warranty on behalf of Klix Hair, Inc. The stylist further agrees that all sales of the products to the stylist are governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this User’s Guide, as it may be revised or updated from time to time.

Except solely for material defects which are to be determined and for which the sole remedy is as set forth in paragraphs 5-7 of page 10 of this User’s Guide, Klix Hair, Inc. MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS, STATUTORY OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY RELATING TO THE PRODUCTS.

The stylist for himself/herself and his/her heirs, successors and assigns, hereby waives and releases any and all rights, claims and actions for any losses and damages of any nature that he or she may have against Klix Hair, Inc., its employees, officers, directors and agents (collectively the “Klix Releasees”) which in any way arise out of or relate to the stylist’s use or sale of the products.

The stylist agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Klix Releasees harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, demands, suits, actions and/or judgments, and all costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, based upon, or arising out of damage to property or injury to any person or persons caused by any act or omission of the stylist, or sustained in connection with the use or sale of the products or based upon or arising from the failure by the stylist to follow the procedures and guidelines set forth in this User’s Guide.

Nothing in this User’s Guide, or the stylist’s purchase or use of Klix Hair, Inc.’s products shall render the stylist as an agent, partner, employee or joint venturer of Klix Hair, Inc. for any purpose.






Each of the black plastic tabs on the color swatch ring is numbered and the respective hair color swatches hang from the black tab. Each solid color or multi-color combination is manufactured and packaged as on the swatch ring. We cannot mix and match colors from one swatch to the other to create a custom

color for packages already in stock. However, we are open to suggestions for future color combinations.

The following explains how the colors are applied to the weft:

• Single colors: One solid color is applied to the wefts throughout the entire package.

• Duo-colors (for example #10): The two colors hanging from the black tab are alternated every ½ inch on the wefts throughout the entire package.

• Trio-colors (for example color #13): There are three colors hanging from the black tab. Each package contains four 10” wide panels of the two lightest colors alternated every 1/2” on the weft and two 10” wide panels of the darkest color on the same black tab. The darkest color is usually

applied at the nape of the neck to add depth or a lowlighting effect.

Note: Klix color numbers do not correspond with standard industry color levels.


To achieve the best results, match the texture of your client’s hair as it naturally air dries to the most similar one of our textures. Your client may still straighten or curl their hair on a daily basis. When using a flat iron or curling iron be sure to keep heat away from the weft and links.

Straight Texture

After our straight texture has been washed it air dries with a very slight lift. If your client has slightly wavy hair our straight texture will usually match. It can be curled but it will not hold a curl as well as the body wave texture.

Body Wave

Gentle “S” wave throughout the package. May also be blown straight or flat ironed. The brunettes tend to maintain their shape and return to the original wave after washing more so than the blondes. The wave in the blondes tends to fall out to some degree after washing and may require curling to replace the wave.





We suggest that you use these guidelines to properly introduce Klix to your clients. The clients’ responses will help you understand your clients’ prior experience and knowledge of Klix and extensions in general.

1) Ask if they have ever worn extensions before. If they have, you might ask about their experience and what brands and methods that they’ve tried. Explain the benefits of Klix.

2) Ask what their objective is with extensions; length, volume and/or highlights.

3) Evaluate your client’s hair, keeping in mind that Klix might not be the correct extension product for them. Client’s with very fine hair or hair which is very fine and silky textured may not be good candidates for Klix as they may not have enough hair near the link to fill it. This may lead to chronic slippage of the link and weft. If you are concerned that their hair is too fine or thin for Klix we suggest that you apply a small panel (4-5 links) in an inconspicuous spot and have them wear it for a few weeks to see if they slip or if any other unwanted issues arise. When in doubt, try it out! 4) Ask how frequently they exercise and what kind of workouts they do. Advise them that excessive

heat such as found in saunas, jacuzzis and Bikram yoga classes is not healthy for the hair. Also advise them that exposure to the sun, swimming pools and salt water should be kept to a minimum. 5) Ask if they wear their hair up frequently. This will help you determine proper placement of the panels.

Please refer to page 18 for panel placement suggestions.

6) Explain the product, application process, and possible “side effects” that your client might experience.

7) Explain the importance of proper maintenance, proper brushing, the touch-up process, etc. Our studies have shown that stylists that do not thoroughly review the maintenance sheet and procedures with their clients often have to deal with avoidable issues.

8) Determine the client’s texture, desired length and color match by using the Klix color swatch ring.

Explain to the client that Klix may not be colored or chemically treated, and that the hair is not guaranteed if they do so.

9) Discuss pricing of the application, touch-ups and removal.

10) Explain when to schedule future appointments for touch-ups and color services.

11) Fill out the “Consultation and Deposit Agreement” on the following page (we suggest that you make multiple copies of these to have at your disposal). We suggest that you have your client sign it and that you keep it on file. We also encourage you to design your own form if it will better fit your needs.




Client:__________________________________________ Consultation date:____________________ Stylist:____________________________________ Salon:___________________________________ Client’s desired result: Length ______ Volume ______ Length & volume______ Highlights_______

Klix color # _________ Texture ________

Estimated price including labor cost:

Full package $________ 3/4 package $ ________ 1/2 package $ ________ 1/4 package $________ Estimated application time: ____________________________

Deposit Required at Time of Booking (50%): $_____________

Balance Due at Time of Application: $_____________ Application date:_____________________________________

Touch-up and removal estimates: Touch-up $ __________ Removal $ __________

Note: The touch-up estimate is based upon a ½ hour service. If you do not properly maintain your extensions it’s likely that it will take more time and result in a higher fee.

Estimated date of first touch-up _________________________

I have reviewed and understand the Klix consultation and deposit agreement:

Client Signature: ________________________________________________

Stylist Signature:________________________________________________ Date:_________________________






This step prepares your client’s hair so that the silicone lined micro links will stay in place without slipping. If your client’s hair looks excessively oily it may have a build-up of silicone products on the surface. To make certain that your client’s hair is free of build-up from silicone and oil based products you should perform a “wax build-up test”. Use a single straight blade of your shears to scrape the surface of the hair where you believe that build-up exists. Wet the hair and hold that section of hair tightly (refer to the Instructional DVD). Use your open blade as if you were spreading warm butter and use light to medium pressure when scraping. If build-up exists a white film residue can be scraped from the surface of the hair. This residue needs to be removed prior to applying Klix.

Note: When scraping the hair it is possible to scrape off semi-permanent hair color deposits or color shampoos and conditioners which are laying on the surface of the cuticle. When performing a wax build up test the residue scraped off of the hair shaft will normally be a filmy white, not the color of your clients’ hair. If a build-up is found wash at least two or three times with a clarifying shampoo, a high alkaline shampoo, or a baking soda bath (1 tablespoon baking soda mixed with 1 ounce of shampoo). Repeat the build-up test until no residue can be scraped off with your scissor blade. A normal acid balanced shampoo is sufficient to wash the hair before application when no build up exists. Repeat until hair is squeaky clean near the scalp.

After you have rinsed the hair thoroughly, blow dry it straight. This will make your application much easier. You may apply styling product to your clients’ hair at this time. Apply product from the mid-shaft down to the ends. Keep styling product away from the root area to avoid slippage.

Some products that we recommend are:

Clarifying shampoos

Aveda Detox Shampoo Bubble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo Malibu Undoo Goo Shampoo Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three

Other recommended shampoos

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Kerastase Nutrative 3 Kerastase Reflective Bain Chroma Riche

Coppola Keratin Care Pureology Hydrate, NanoWorks or SuperSmooth Note: Almost all shampoos have some silicone or a derivative of silicone (any ingredient with the suffix “cone” has some silicone in them). If your client is using a product that contains silicone it is necessary to clarify the hair.




Now that you have completed all the steps required prior to application, you are almost ready to begin the application process. Review with your client once again what objective they are expecting to attain with extensions. Now, review the sectioning diagrams found on page 18 and select the one that is most appropriate for the objective. This will help you plan your application.

The application is done in six easy steps; Part, Measure, Cut the Weft, Thread the Hair Through the Link, Slide the Weft Up, Close the Link. Examine your work and proceed! Here is how you do it:

Measure and cut the weft

Using both hands hold the weft up to the part to establish the desired length. Cut the weft with your scissors, keeping in mind that your panel should not be less than four or more than eight micro links long. The links on the ends of the weft should not be located less than one inch from the hairline.

Create the part

Beginning at the back of the head, just below the occipital and approximately two inches above the hairline, use a rattail comb to create a slightly U-shaped clean part across the back of the head. Secure the hair tightly so that is out of your way.

Thread the hair through the micro link

Beginning with the link in the center of the weft, insert the

pulling needle through the bottom of the micro link and grab a small U-shaped section of hair from the area just below the part.





The width of the area that you pull the hair from should not be wider than the width of the link.

Pulling hair from an area wider than the link (or in a “V shape:) is called “over directing,” and will cause excessive and undesired tension on your client’s hair and may cause damage.

Slide the panel up and close the link

Once the center micro link has been filled with hair, grasp your clients’ hair with one hand and slide the micro link and weft up as close to the scalp as is comfortable for your client. In order to ensure that the silicone lining remains in the link you must slide the micro link and the silicone up simultaneously. To do so, place your thumbnail underneath the micro link as you slide it upward. If you can not fill the micro link with enough hair to assure that it does not slip, it may be necessary to add a drop of klixSTIX into the link. Be careful not to apply more than one drop as the excess will drip onto the hair. If this occurs use cotton and a small amount of acetone to remove it.

Using your closing tool squeeze the micro link closed. To ensure that the micro link is closed tightly use the widest part of the closing tool and squeeze it again. Working outward from the center micro link that you have already closed continue moving outward from the center and fill and close each micro link. As you complete each panel lift it up to ensure that no individual hairs from under the row are caught in the micro links, which can be quite painful for the client. Continue up the back of the head applying panels using the same steps.




FULL HEAD OF LENGTH & VOLUME Section approximately 1” between rows SIDE SECTIONING

Placement for fine textured hair VOLUME Section approx. 2” between extension rows BACK SECTIONING

For clients who wear their hair back/down


Before starting the application select one of the five sectioning patterns below to achieve the results you are looking for. Cut the panels in sections as needed, adjusting to each individual head shape. Remember that each cut panel should be no less than four and no more than eight micro links long.






One 5 link panel on each side, one 4 link panel in back.


Seven link panels on each side.


Two 7 link panels in back.


For stylists who want to get creative.

The following are some sectioning ideas of how to apply klixPAX. Before starting the application select one of the sectioning patterns below to achieve the results you are looking for. Reminder: Each package of klixPAX contains three panels, each a different color and each ten inches wide. Each 10” panel has fourteen micro links attached.


Ready for touch-up!

Six weeks of new growth.

Touching-up is the process of moving the weft panels up closer to the scalp when the client’s hair has grown out between 1/2 to 1 inch.

Touch-ups are usually required every 4 to 6 weeks depending how fast the client’s hair grows. If the client has properly cared for their hair you can wait until the hair has grown out closer to one inch. Stress to your client not to wait longer than the recommended 4 to 6 week period. The longer that your client waits before touch-ups the more likely the client will damage their own hair and/ or experience severe tangling or matting. It also makes it more difficult for you to do the touch-up quickly, easily and profitably. When done on schedule the actual process is quite simple. The photos and text on the following page explain the process.

There are two general scenarios and respective procedures for touch-ups; when your client’s roots need coloring and when no color application is required. The following are the steps to follow for each scenario.

When coloring of the roots is required:



Brush or Comb-out: It is critical to remove all tangles prior to wetting the hair. Never comb or brush the

hair upside down.

Coloring the roots: Do not remove Klix prior to or during color retouches. Use cotton between sections to avoid spotting or dripping color on the extensions. It is okay if the color touches the weft. Although it will change the color of the weft it will not damage it. If applying a bleach retouch keep the bleach away from the weft. Apply the bleach to the scalp or new growth only. Do not color Klix hair products. We do not guarantee the results and our product guarantee will be voided.




Wash: Do not use circular motions when washing the hair. Try to keep the hair in it’s most natural state by using horizontal movements. Do not use shampoos with glycerin, silicone or sulfur such as dandruff shampoos. When rinsing, section the hair to allow the water to rinse the underlying panels to prevent product build-up. It is very important to moisturize the hair after washing. Do not use conditioners with silicone. Do not apply conditioner directly on top of the micro links. This may cause them to slip. Here is a list of recommended conditioners;

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner Kerastase Nutrative Masquintense

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask Kerastase Relective Masque Chroma Riche Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask Coppola Keratin Care Conditioner

Coppola Keratin Smoothing Therapy Pureology Hydrate Conditioner,

Infusium (leave in) Nanoworks or Super Smooth Conditioner

• Dry: After you have rinsed the hair thoroughly blow it straight. This makes the touch-up much easier and quicker. It is safe to put your client under the dryer if required.

• Open the links: Beginning in the back of the head and at the lowest panel use the standard Klix opening tool (the one with the internal hole) to gently squeeze the micro links open one at a time. Make certain that both edges of the link are aligned in the round hole of the opening tool. It is easier if you start at the ends and work toward the center link. You don’t need to open the links all the way, but just enough to allow you to free the hair that is in the link. In the event that you have a micro link that is very difficult to open, use our stainless steel Super Opening Tool. This tool opens the link from the inside and helps restore enough shape to the link to allow you to then open it with the standard opening tool. Use this tool sparingly. Although it opens the links quickly and easily it is likely to cut a few strands of hair.

• Comb: Using a fine tooth comb you now need to comb out all the dead hairs that have become trapped in the micro links. As most people normally shed fifty to sixty hairs per day do not become alarmed when you see the amount of hair that you comb out. This hair is from the clients’ head and is not hair from the extensions. All tangles should be combed out at this time as well. Begin at the end of the hair and work up toward the root. You can also comb out any klixSTIX residue if any exists.

• Slide weft panels up and close the link: Once you have combed out all the naturally shed hair and tangles it is time to slide the panel up. Grasp the client’s natural hair with one hand and slide the micro link and weft up to the scalp. In order to assure that the silicone lining remains in the link you must slide the link and the silicone up simultaneously. To do so, place your thumbnail underneath the link as you slide the link upward.



A micro link being hand-sewn to the weft!

Prior to closing the links it may be necessary to pull additional hair through the link so that it is full. If you can not fill the link with enough hair a drop of klixSTIX may be applied in the link. Once you have slid the weft panel up close all links tightly. For best results lift each row up to ensure clean parting and to assure that no individual hairs from under the row are caught in the micro links.

Brush and style: Once you have moved all the panels up you should brush the hair one more time. Using a combination boar and nylon bristle brush begin approximately 6 inches from the bottom of the hair. Brush down through the hair toward the ends. Then move up 6 inches and brush through again to the ends. Continue until you’ve reached the weft and brushed through to the ends. Lift each panel and brush until all panels have been brushed.

When coloring of the roots is not required: Follow the same procedure as above, but eliminate the coloring step.


• Each link should open and close a minimum of 4 to 6 times • Non-damaging. Each link is lined with silicone for protection

and gripping ability

• The metal inside the link is threaded to insure that the silicone remains securely in place

• In the event that any micro links break and you need to sew on a new one, we include thread and twelve extra micro links with each package. In the rare event that additional thread is needed you should only use synthetic thread. Cotton thread is not recommended as it is not strong enough. Refer to the instructional DVD for sewing tips.




To remove Klix, use the standard opening tool to gently squeeze the micro links open one panel at a time. Make sure that you have both edges of the closed micro link lined up in the round hole of the tool.

Gently slide the your clients’ natural hair out from the extension panel. If your clients’ hair has been maintained properly the removal should take approximately ten minutes.

Take your client to the shampoo bowl and brush gently with a soft boar bristle brush or comb to remove any naturally shed hairs that were trapped inside the micro links. If klixSTIX was used gently comb out any dry residue and proceed with washing. Don’t be alarmed as you will see 4 to 6 weeks of trapped hairs which have shed (fifty to sixty per day)!

Step 1

Using the opening tool gently squeeze the micro links open one panel at a time. Make sure you have both edges of the micro link lined up in the round hole of the tool.

Step 2

Remove the client‘s natural hair from the extensions by gently sliding the wefts out.





• You must not color nor have any other chemical service done to your extensions. Doing so will void our product warranty and likely damage the hair.


• Using medium pressure, brush your entire head of hair and extenions with a combination soft boar bristle and nylon brush at least twice a day. Avoid pulling the extensions too hard. Then move up six inches and comb through to the bottom. Lastly, move up close to the weft and repeat. All tangles should now be removed.

• Avoid using brushes with small circular balls on the end of the bristles which could snag or break the hair.

• To prevent matting or tangling make sure to brush in-between each individual panel. Start with your ends and work your way up towards the weft. Lift each panel and gently brush out any tangles in-between the skin weft and your scalp. Avoid pulling on the weft or getting the bristles caught in the micro links.

• Do not tease Klix. You may tease your own hair but be careful not to entangle the extensions!


• To minimize tangling while sleeping pull your hair back into a loose braid or a soft ponytail. In the morning gently unravel the braid or ponytail with your fingers. Do not wear your hair up or pulled back for long periods of time. Constant and/or excessive tension could loosen the micro links and/ or worse cause unwanted irritation of the hair follicle. Leaving your hair damp or wet over night is also not recommended.


• We recommend waiting 24 hours after application before washing your hair. • Always comb out all tangles prior to wetting your hair!

• When washing do not scrub or use circular motions. This will cause the hair to tangle. Use horizontal movements and keep the hair in its most natural state. Do not wind the hair up or place ends on top of the head. We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

• Do not use shampoos with glycerin, silicone or sulfur, such as dandruff shampoos.

• It’s imperative that your klixTENSIONS are moisturized every single wash to maintain their shine and luster. Apply products directly below the micro links and throughout the ends.

• Do not use silicone-based conditioners or styling products directly on top of the micro links. This may cause them to slip and may shorten their longevity. A hydrating mask used weekly will help keep your Klix moisturized.

• When rinsing it’s important to section your hair to allow the water to rinse the underlying panels of hair to prevent product build-up.






• Blow dry your klixTENSIONS on low to medium heat settings. If using a round brush, a round soft boar bristle brush is recommended.

• Heating tools such as curling irons and flat irons may be used. You must keep the heat away from the weft by not less than one inch.

• Do not apply silicone based styling products directly on the weft or near the micro links.


• Activities in a constant damp environment may lessen the longevity of klixTENSIONS. • Salt water and swimming pool chemicals may cause dryness, tangling, and color fading. To

minimize these effects apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer prior to entering the water to discourage chlorine or salt from penetrating the hair. After swimming immediately wash your hair with tepid water. Prolonged exposure to the sun, salt water, saunas or pool chemicals is not recommended.

• Never wear a swim cap.


• Do not remove your klixTENSIONS between color re-touches.

• Touch-ups are necessary every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. Discuss your touch-up schedule with your stylist.

• Color or highlighting should be applied to the new growth prior to your touch-up. Please consider this when booking your touch-up appointment. Do not change the color of Klix before or after application as this will void our guarantee.


• Do not remove klixTENSIONS at home! Doing so will cause damage to the klixTENSIONS and perhaps your own hair.

• Contact your klixTENSIONIST for a removal appointment.


• We don’t recommend that klixTENSIONS be applied after pregnancy or during pregnancy if hair loss is present. Women can experience hair loss for 3 to 9 months after breast feeding has been stopped.


• Prior to undergoing any medical examination or testing we recommend that you inform your doctor that you are wearing extensions. Our links are made of aluminum and wearing them during a procedure might effect the results of your exam or tests and possibly your health.




Now that you’ve learned how to apply Klix you are on your way to greater earnings. However, knowing how to promote and market extensions in your salon is critical to your success. Below are a few ideas that have worked for many successful klixTENSIONISTS.


It is very important that you stay up to date on what is new at Klix. From time to time we post new informa-tion in the “klixTENSIONISTS Only Group” on our Facebook page and our website. Please don’t forget to become our Facebook friend and join our group! We might also send out occasional announcements via e-mail. Please make sure to keep us updated with your current e-mail address!

These announcements and/or information may include: • Promotional and sale priced items

• Changes to our swatch ring, product offerings, availability and prices • Tips on cutting and marketing ideas

• Trade show appearance dates

• Tips on how to use our Klix marketing tools

Inform your current clients and target clients in your market area that you now offer Klix. There are many ways to do so; telephone, mail, internet, local newspapers and magazines, in-salon literature, DVD, etc. We supply you with many of the tools that you need at no additional cost such as:

• A self-looping promotional DVD to be played in the salon for client viewing

• Pre-designed advertisements in different sizes that allow you to insert your name and salon infor-mation (viewable in the “klixTENSIONISTS ONLY” area of our website under the marketing and “Advertising” tab). These ads are great for postcards, pamphlets, etc. See page 28.

• Pamphlets to be given to your clients in both Spanish and English that explain the benefits of Klix • Decals for your front door or window and for your station mirror

Klix is very interested in helping you succeed and will help pay for your advertisements. This program is called Co-Op Advertising and is explained under the “Advertising” tab on our website. It is a wonderful op-portunity to obtain funding to promote your business!


Obviously the best opportunity that you’ll have to sell Klix is when you have your client in the salon. If you feel that your client would benefit from hair extensions, that is the best time to suggest Klix. Here’s how:

• Explain why they may be a good candidate for hair extensions.

• Introduce them to Klix (with enthusiasm of course). klixPAX can be a great selling tool. Keep them at your station. They serve as a great demonstration tool.

• Explain how safe, quick, simple and affordable Klix are and explain their advantages compared to other extension products and methods.





• Take out your Klix color swatch ring and show your client which color you would suggest by placing the selected Klix color swatch next to your clients’ hair

• Show them before and after photos from previous clients or from the internet

• If they are reluctant to try them suggest that they can start slowly by having a couple of panels applied by using the colors within the klixPAX or leftover pieces that you might have on hand • Attempt to CLOSE THE SALE... Ask them when they’d like to have them applied!

• Whether or not you have made the sale provide the client with the Klix consumer pamphlet to take home and review. Suggest also that they look at our website if they would like to obtain more information

If you are not having the kind of success that you had anticipated, stick with it. Remember that nothing comes easy! Current studies suggest that people have to be exposed to a brand name at least seven times before it really penetrates their consciousness. This includes the tactics mentioned above, plus word of mouth. This means that you have to stay active in selling yourself and Klix!


Klix is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Klix can ship most orders the same day if received before 2:00 pm Eastern Time. 1) Call 1-877-BUY-Klix (1-877-289-5549)

2) Have the color number and texture ready (Straight or Body Wave).

3) Have the following credit card information available when you call: (VISA, MC, AMEX, or Discover) • Expiration date

• 3 digit security code from the back of the card (for AMEX it is the 4 digits on the front of the card) • The address that the credit card statement is mailed to (Note: This anti-theft information is

required by the credit card companies)

We will send the credit card receipt with your shipment. Below is a list of estimated shipping costs; UPS Ground service ... $8 - $12 UPS Next Day delivery guaranteed by 10:30 am in most areas ... $25 - $50 UPS Two Day delivery guaranteed by 10:30 am in most areas ... $15 - $25 UPS Three Day delivery guaranteed by end of the day ... $18 - $20 UPS Saturday Delivery ... $40 - $75









Klix is interested in investing in your success! Advertise in your market area that you are now certified to

apply Klix. Download our ads and learn how you can receive Klix credit, or klixBUX for your advertising

expense. Please visit our website at www.klixhair.com. Using your Klix ID #, click on the “klixTENSIONISTS

ONLY” link and check out our user friendly marketing and advertising pages. Download the ads and personalize them with your name, salon name, etc.

• 60 minute application • 30 minute retouches

every 4-6 weeks • 10 minute removal • No damage, no hair loss • Remain beautiful 4-6 months • 100% highest quality human hair • No glue, no heat, no tape, no mess • Adds fullness, length or highlights

Ask your stylist about this affordable option in hair extensions

Embrace the


U.S. Patents 7,753,057 B2 and 8,336,559

Ask your stylist about this affordable option in hair extensions

Now available at U.S. Patents 7,753,057 B2 and 8,336,559 Embrace the Extraordinary! • 60 minute application

• 30 minute retouches every 4-6 weeks

• 10 minute removal

• No damage, no hair loss

• Remain beautiful 4-6 months

• 100% highest quality human hair

• No glue, no heat, no tape, no mess

• Adds fullness, length or highlights

Stylist, please enter your information here.

U.S. Patents 7,753,057 B2 and 8,336,559

• 60 minute application • 30 minute retouches every • 100% highest quality human hair

Ask your stylist about this affordable option in hair extensions

Embrace the Extraordinary!





Congratulations on becoming klixERTIFIED! It is very valuable to educate the front desk staff at the salon about Klix products to enable them to answer questions from clients. It is also very beneficial to inform your co-workers about Klix so that they recommend and help promote them for you! Remember that having yourself and co-workers wearing Klix is the best advertisement! Your co-workers will be better educated to talk about Klix and of course will look great wearing them!

We suggest that you copy and provide them with this fact sheet to assist them in promoting Klix and yourself!

• The stylists that are certified to apply klixTENSIONS in our salon are: • ___________________________________________________________ • ___________________________________________________________ • ___________________________________________________________

What makes Klix unique and special is that Klix:

• Only take one hour to apply

• Are hand-made of high quality human hair on a soft skin-like weft which has silicone-lined micro links sewn to them

• Are applied by threading a small amount of the clients’ natural hair through the micro links. The links are then gently pressed closed. The silicone lining in the micro links protects and cushions the clients’ natural hair

• May be worn as long as 4 to 6 months with proper care and maintenance

• Need to be “touched up” every 4 to 6 weeks. This means that the skin-like weft needs to be moved up closer to the scalp. This process takes approximately thirty minutes

• Are non-damaging to the clients’ hair and use no heat, no glue, no chemicals and no fusion • Are very lightweight, comfortable to wear and lay seamless on the scalp

• Are perfect for everyday use, as well as weddings, events, photo shoots, fashion shows, etc. • Are a very good value. However the cost for applying Klix will vary depending on the style,

volume and length that each client desires. The klixTENSIONIST will make that determination after consulting with the client







In order to activate your account we require that you fill out and sign this form.

Fax, or e-mail it to us along with copies of your cosmetology license and drivers license to: E-fax: 1-801-659-7379 | Fax: 1-248-291-5291

E-mail: activate@klixhair.com

Stylist name: ___________________________________________________________________ Home address: _________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: ________________ Zip: ___________________ Phone: __________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ Website: ___________________________________________________________________ Salon name: ____________________________________________________________________ Salon address: __________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: ________________ Zip: ____________________ Salon owner’s name(s): _________________________________ Phone: __________________ Salon e-mail: _______________________Website:_________________________________ Stylist signature:_________________________________________________________________

By signing this form I acknowledge that I have read this Users Guide and that I accept ALL OF the terms and conditions as SPECIFIED THEREIN.

In order to protect it’s brand image, Klix certified stylists, and the consuming public, Klix Hair, Inc., only sells it’s patent-protected products to Klix certified stylists (other than it’s educational products).

All products that you purchase or receive from Klix Hair, Inc., are only for your use in your capacity as a klixTENSIONIST and may not be resold, gifted or transferred to any stylist, person or entity not certified by Klix Hair, Inc., without prior written consent from the Company.

Your permanent Klix ID # and the listing of your salon on our website will be updated within thirty days. In the meantime, please use this temporary ID # to access the “klixTENSIONISTS Only” section of our website: 48009-25


• Color & Texture Product List

• Maintenance Sheets

• Consumer Pamphlets

• Door/Window Static Cling Decal

• Mirror Static Cling Decal

• In Salon Image DVD

Protected by U.S. Patents

7,753,057 B2 and 8,336,559

Klix Hair, Inc.

ph 877.289.5549

fax 248.291.5291

efax 801.659.7379

email info@klixhair.com






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