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Welcome  back!!    Another  year  has  passed,  training  has  happened,  boats  have  raced….and  once  again,  we  all   realize  that  we  can  still  improve  as  Coaches.    We  ask  our  athletes  to  constantly  strive  for  excellence,  and  therefore   should  hold  ourselves  to  the  same  level  of  expectation.    This  year’s  Conference  is  filled  with  amazing  Speakers  and   topics.        Below,  you  will  find  a  quick  resume  and  synopsis  of  their  presentation(s).    On  the  sheets  that  follow,  please  find   details  about  the  Conference  itself  (Schedule  of  Presentations,  Food,  Housing,  Directions,  etc.)  

Kris  Korzeniowski  

Obviously,  no  introduction  is  need  for  “Korzo”.    He  has  coached  National  Teams  for  the   US,  Canada,  Italy,  China,  The  Netherlands,  (among  others)  since  1972.    In  recent  years,   as  the  USRA  Director  of  Coaching  Education,  he  has  endeavored  to  restructure/revamp   the  System.    This  includes  rewriting  the  Level  I,  II,  and  III  Coaching  Manuals  &  Programs.  

1. Coaching  Eye:    Sculling  Technique   2. Coaching  Eye:    Sweep  Technique  

John  McArthur  

Coach  McArthur  is  well-­‐known  in  the  world  of  British  Rowing.    He  is  most  recognized  as  the   author  of  High  Performance  Rowing;  a  book  widely  circulated  in  many  countries.    Coach   McArthur  has  had  an  even  greater  impact  as  serving  as  a  mentor  to  young  coaches   throughout  England.    His  job  description  allowed  him  to  be  stationed  with  a  Club  (by  the   ARA)  for  a  season  to  solidify  the  staff,  before  moving  on  to  the  next  team.    In  this  manner,   he  has  been  instrumental  in  helping  lay  the  foundation  for  competent  coaching  across   England.  

1. Coaching  Eye:    Sculling  Technique   2. Mentoring  Young  Coaches  

It is worth highlighting that he has coached athletes to the U23 and senior worlds champs, won at Lucerne, etc, tons of national wins, National schools medals and have won events at both men’s and women’s Henley regattas. He has coached in Hong Kong, New Zealand and the UK. Wrote a book, Has a Master’s degree in Sports Science. Re- wrote the British Rowing Association's Coach Education Program. Currently coaching J16/18 kids at a posh school in London whilst mentoring some coaches there.

Terry  Eidson  

Coach  Eidson  is  a  Football  Coach  from  the  legendary  De  LaSalle  staff.    This  team  had  an   amazing  151  game  win  streak,  and  went  undefeated  for  12  years  –  an  unprecedented  streak   in  any  sport,  at  any  level.    The  ability  of  these  coaches  to  create  such  excellence  for  so  long,  is   unparalleled  in  HS  sports.    Their  story  was  first  written  into  a  Book,  and  subsequently,  into  a   movie.    If  you  haven’t  read  When  the  Game  Stands  Tall,  you’ve  missed  out  on  an  opportunity   to  grow  as  a  coach.    

1. (Key Note Speaker) – Creating Excellence 2. Empowering the Athletes to Create the Right Culture



Sergei  Beliaev  PH.D  

 Founder  and  current  President  of  Super  Sport  Systems  LLC,  has  knowledge  of  both  Russian     sports  science  and  American  management  and  coaching  styles.  Former  national  level  cyclist,     he  graduated  from  Moscow  State  Institute  of  Physical  Education  and  has  vast  research  and     coaching  experience  working  with  elite  athletes  both  in  Russia  and  in  the  US.  He  adopted     “Training  Optimization  Program”  (TOP  ™)  in  preparation  of  his  athletes  and  clients.    

1. Effective  Season  Planning:  This  in  depth  study  will  highlight  the  criteria,  goals,     selection,  and  the  sequence  of  planning.  

2. “Progressive  multi-­‐annual  development  of  young  athletes:  the  role  and  methods     for  special  endurance  component  development:”  Sergei  using  his  expansive  and   multi-­‐sport  experience  will  develop  in  detail  the  methodology  of  special  endurance.  

Graeme  King  

Mr.  King  has  been  building  boats  from  1965.    His  craftsmanship,  and  the  quality  of  his   creations  make  him  one  of  the  premier  boat  makers  in  the  world  today.      Graeme   brings  decades  of  experiences  &  knowledge  to  the  Conference.    

http://www.kingracingshells.com/king-­‐designs/     1. Boat  Designs  and  Why  shapes  are  what  they  are  

2. Boat-­‐making  Materials  &  what  each  brings.  


Steve  Hargis  

Coach  Hargis  is  the  current  Head  Coach  of  the  USA  Junior  National  Team.    He  has  grown  the  JNT  to  include  many   layers  from  Jr  B  Development  to  the  Selection  Team  that  represents  the  Red-­‐White-­‐Blue  at  Junior  Worlds.    Coach   Hargus  will  be  presenting  on  several  topics.    

1. Long  Term  Athlete  Development   2. Coaching  Ethics  

3. (Key  Note  Topic)  The  JNT  year  in  Review  +  Q  &  A    




Eric  Catalano  

Coach  Catalano  is  the  Executive  Director  of  Saratoga  Rowing  as  well  as  the  Head  Coach   of  the  Women’s  Team.    After  a  stint  at  Radcliffe  (Lightweights),  he  returned  to  the  SRA  in   2006.    “Cat”  was  the  Women’s  JNT  Development  Coach  in  the  early  2000’s.    He  is  

exceptional  with  rigging  &  on-­‐water  drills  (and  maybe  a  few  other  things).    His   presentations  will  be  quite  informative.  

1. Rigging  101  –  Free  Speed,  if  you  do  it  right   2. Drill  Sets:  Effective  Use  of  Drills  on  the  Water    

Derek  Byrnes  

Coach  Byrnes  was  the  long-­‐time  Head  Coach  of  the  Oakland  Strokes  (until  recently).    Under   Derek,  his  Women’s  boats  dominated  Junior  Competitions.    His  presentations  will  be  about   the  Sweep  rowing  stroke;  and  a  blueprint  for  winning  the  Youth  National  Championships.  

1. Winning  the  YNC  –  the  simple  plan  

2. Coaching  Eye:  Sweep  Technique  &  Triangles  (the   Catch)  


Casey  Galvanek  

Easily  one  of  the  best  looking  coaches  in  America,  Casey  brings  a  great  deal  of   knowledge  to  the  Conference.    He  has  built  Sarasota  RA  into  a  powerhouse  team  in   the  US,  created  National  Team  Athletes,  and  helped  a  city  jump  into  the  forefront  of   rowing  in  America.  

1. Managing  Race  Week  –  The  Details  of  Finishing   the  Plan!  

2. Creating  a  Cohesive  Coaching  Staff  

3. Coaching  Eye:  Sweep  Technique  (the  Drive  Sequence)  

Jim  Glavin  

Coach  Glavin  is  one  of  the  Premier  HS  coaches  in  America,  at  one  of  the  Premier  Programs  –  St.   Joe’s  Prep.    Jim  has  been  a  major  contributor  since  the  early  1970’s  at  programs  from  Mount   St.  Joseph’s  Academy,  Vesper  BC,  and  “the  Prep”  (among  others).      

1. Creating  a  Cohesive  Coaching  Staff  &  Team  Vision   2. Coaching  Eye:  Sweep  Technique  (the  Release  Sequence)  



Masters  Head  Coach,  and  has  just  started  a  new  Junior  Program.    Previously,  Boris  has   coached  at  Wayland-­‐Weston  and  West  Side.  

1. Coaching  Eye:  Sweep  Technique    

Ethan  Curren  

Coach  Curren  was  the  long-­‐time  Head  Coach  of  the  CRI  Junior  Women’s  Team.    His   accomplishments  as  a  Junior  Coach  are  well-­‐known.      

1. Selecting  the  Crew:    How  to  fill  the  seats  correctly   2. Coaching  Novice  Rowers:    Where  to  start  &  How  

3. Coaching  Eye:  Sweep  Technique  (the  “Catch”  Sequence)  

Marc  Mandel  

Marc Mandel began coaching in 1999 and has been the head coach at Gonzaga College High School (DC) since the fall of 2008. At Gonzaga his Senior 8 crews have won multiple Stotesbury Cup and S.R.A.A. Championships. Marc has also served as the Freshman Men's Heavyweight Coach at Georgetown and the Head Men's Coach at Florida Institute of Technology, where the program earned a silver medal in the Varsity 8 at the Dad Vail Championships. Marc graduated from Northwestern University and earned his MBA from Georgetown.  

1. The Gonzaga Blueprint: Thoughts on Building a Competitive Scholastic Program" This presentation will chronicle the evolution of the Gonzaga Crew. From teaching to training to racing and beyond, we will examine all aspects of the program to identify the core principles that have led to the team's recent success over the past several years. Specific emphasis will be placed on how we have addressed our most significant challenges and learned from our mistakes.  

2. "From the First to the Fourth Boat: Developing a Framework for Teaching a Uniform Style across your Program."

Coaches place significant emphasis on designing and implementing training programs that focus on athletes’ physiological development. Often lost in the process of developing erg scores is a structured plan for teaching the rowing stroke over an athlete's junior career. Mapping out what to emphasize technically, when in the learning process to emphasize it, and how to teach it will produce more efficient athletes and improved results for a program over the long-term. This presentation will demonstrate a step-by-step process for structuring how you teach your vision of the rowing stroke. We will conclude with videos of specific drills we use to teach our points at Gonzaga.  


Valeria  Godspodina  

Coach  Valeria  trained  in,  and  competed  for  Bulgaria.    She  currently  coaches  at  Radnor  HS.   1. How  to  develop  a  Training  Program  (for  young  coaches)  


          Jim  Lister          

Jim  Lister  is  currently  the  International  Recruiter  for  Syracuse  University  Women’s  Rowing.    Previously  he   was  the  recruiting  coordinator  for  Duke  University  for  the  last  5  years  of  his  10  year  tenure.    Previous  to   his  collegiate  career,  he  was  the  junior  coach  at  Saratoga  Rowing  Association  when  the  program  was  just   beginning.    He  also  had  the  opportunity  to  coach  at  various  camps  including  Craftsbury  and  most  recently   the  USRowing  U23  Pre-­‐Elite  Sculling  Camp  for  the  past  2  summers.    He  has  also  served  at  the  U23  Team  Manager  in  2008  

and  2009.    Lastly,  he  worked  at  two  boat  building  facilities,  including  Van  Dusen  Racing  Shells.       1. Recruiting:    Helping  your  athlete  find  the  right  fit.  

    Zach  Plug        

ROWGA is a program that was developed specifically for rowers to help prevent injuries, by increasing flexibility and strengthening specific parts of the body. The program combines prolonged isometric yoga poses, body weight resistance movements, and balance positions. It is used in addition to a traditional rowing, erg and weight program to help avoid overuse injuries from the receptive rowing stroke. It also improves the core strength needed to maintain proper technique

during weight lifting and rowing. This session will provide you with all the tools necessary to start a weekly program with your club tomorrow, the content is also available free online so you can re-watch it and share it with your athletes directly.  

Presenter: Zach Plug, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY), Coach and PT for Brock University Rowing  

  Rich  Davis  

 Coach  Davis  was  the  long-­‐time  coach  of  the  St.  Paul’s  School.    He  coached  10  Olympians,  and  30  National   Team  members.    He  is  the  recipient  of  the  “Rings  of  Gold  Award”,  and  currently  writes  a  column  for  the  

Rowing  News:    “Ask  the  Coach”.      

1. Ingredients  for  a  Successful  Program  –  The  basics  of  Excellence  


Dr.  Matt  Chase  

Coach  Chase  is  the  Head  Coach  of  the  Westerville  Crew.    He  is  also  comes  with  some  incredible,   medical  background.    Coach  Chase  has  tracked  his  lactate  tests  for  years  and  come  to  the  conclusion   that  most  rowing  coaches  don’t  train  correctly.    He  will  talk  about  training  and  intensity,  and  what  he   has  found  works  best  for  Junior  Athletes.  


Discussion  revolves  around  using  lactate  testing  as  an  aid  to  developing  endurance.    His  athletes  have   repeatedly  achieved  Grand  Final  finishes  at  Youths  and  Club  Nationals  using  lactates  to  prescribe  exercise   intensities.    Coach  Matt  will  review  his  methods  and  data  to  support  the  concept  that  each  athlete  has  an   exact  steady  state  intensity  that  elicits  the  greatest  endurance  training  benefit.  


Conal  Groom  

Coach  Groom  is  the  Head Coach at Seattle Rowing Center, a rowing club devoted to youth through elite development on Lake Washington's Ship Canal in Seattle,

Washington.    As  an  athlete,  he  was  an  Olympian  &  a  9-­‐time  National  Team  member.    He   is  the  Coach  of  the  JNT  –  Men’s  Sculling.    

1. Coaching  Eye:  Sculling  Technique    

Manny  Delgado  

Prior  to  a  brief  stint  with  Marietta  College,  Coach  Delgado  was  the  head  novice  men’s  coach  at  Ithaca   College  from  2007-­‐2012.  During  his  5  years  as  assistant  coach,  the  varsity  8  medaled  4  out  of  the  5  years   at  the  New  York  State  Collegiate  Championship,  winning  the  gold  medal  in  2009  and  2012.  Additionally,   his  freshmen  8+  finished  3rd  at  the  2011  ECAC  National  Invitational  Regatta.  

Coach  Delgado  rowed  at  Ithaca  College  from  2003-­‐2007,  rowing  in  the  varsity  8+  for  two  years.  He  was   named  co-­‐commodore  for  the  2006-­‐2007  season  and  won  the  most  valuable  oarsmen  award  in  2007.  In   addition  to  his  coaching  experience,  Coach  Delgado  has  experience  working  at  non-­‐profits  as  a  personal  fitness  coach  for   the  YMCA  of  Ithaca,  owned  and  operated  his  own  sport  psychology  company,  and  consulted  with  the  Ithaca  College   women’s  basketball  team,  which  won  the  league  championships  in  2012  and  2013.    

1. Defining  &  Developing  Mental  Toughness:    Through qualitative research with collegiate national champions and Olympic gold medalists, and with the support of previous research, Coach Manny Delgado has been able to identify the mental characteristics that contribute to success on the highest levels. With these traits clearly identified, there are steps you can take to help your athletes develop mental toughness in order to perform their best when it’s needed most.  






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