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Board of Health Meeting Minutes

2014 September 18 @ 4 p.m.

360 Fairview Avenue West, Essex, Ontario, Room C Board Members Present:

Mr. Ken Blanchette (@ 4:39 pm) Mr. Gary McNamara, Chair Mr. Mark Carrick Mr. Richard Meloche Ms. Eleanor Groh (via telephone) Mr. Rob Modestino Mr. Irek Kusmierczyk Ms. Michelle Watters Board Member Regrets:

Mr. Hilary Payne Ms. Tamara Stomp Board Members Absent: Mr. Ron Jones

Mr. Ed Sleiman

Administration Present:

Dr. Wajid Ahmed Dr. Gary Kirk, Board Secretary Ms. Nicole Dupuis Ms. Sharon Kelly

Ms. Julie Fraser Ms. Theresa Marentette

Dr. G. Allen Heimann Ms. Rosanne St. Denis (Recorder) Administration Regrets:

Mr. Dan Sibley

1.0 Call to Order

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:18 p.m. 2.0 Moment of Reflection

A moment of silence was not taken. 3.0 Agenda Approval

It was moved

that the agenda be approved with the addition of 14.1 Healthy Kids Community Challenge.

CARRIED 4.0 Announcements of Conflict of Interest—None declared.


5.0 Adoption of Minutes

5.1 Regular Board Meeting: 2014 June 19

5.2 Joint Board Extension Committee (JBEC) Meetings: 2014 June 11

2014 July 9

2014 August 13

It was moved

that the Regular Board Meeting minutes of 2014 June 19 and the Joint Board Extension Committee minutes of 2014 June 11, July 9, and August 13 be approved.

CARRIED 5.3 2013 Financial Statements (100% Programs) Meeting: 2014 July 9

It was moved

that the 2013 Financial Statements Meeting minutes of 2014 July 9 be approved. CARRIED 6.0 Presentations:

(a) Introduction of Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Public Health Advisor

Dr. Kirk highlighted Dr. Ahmed’s background advising that upon Dr. Kirk’s movement to Dr. Heimann’s vacated position of Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Ahmed will move into the position of Associate Medical Officer of Health.

(b) City of Windsor Outsourced Internal Audit Process (Ms. Helga Riedel, CAO, City of Windsor)

Ms. Riedel’s attendance is a result of the City’s invite to participate in the outsourced internal audit process. Ms. Riedel discussed the audit model and the process for participation.

Mr. Carrick requested a report from Administration to take back to County Council. It was moved

that Administration come back with a report outlining the benefits of a third audit. [City outsourced internal audit]

CARRIED Discussion ensued. Ms. Kelly, in acknowledging the benefits of a risk analysis, suggested accreditation as a priority given the Ministry of Health and Long-Term’s recommendation to health units.

It was moved


7.0 Consent Agenda It was moved

that the reports listed on the Consent Agenda for 2014 September 18 as items 7a) to 7h) be received.

CARRIED 8.0 Reports and Questions

Dr. Heimann was asked to provide an update on confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68. 9.0 Business Arising

9.1 Board Bylaws:

9.1.1 Part IV—Management of Operations, section 8-Signing of Documents This bylaw sets out the process and authority for signing of Health Unit documents. 9.1.2 Part IV—Management of Operations, section 10-Information


This bylaw addresses the Health Unit’s management of data. 9.1.3 Part V-Roles and Interrelationships, section 1-Roles

This bylaw outlines the roles of the Board, CEO, MOH, and other Health Unit representatives.

It was moved

that the Bylaws listed in 9.1.1 to 9.1.3 be accepted. [in principle and subject to final approval of the Bylaw package as a whole]

CARRIED 9.1.4 Borrowing Bylaw

Administration requested Board endorsement of the bylaw to be able to increase the Health Unit’s line of credit to $750,000 to meet payroll needs when there are three pay periods in one month/for other contingencies. This provides Administration with some comfort during unexpected/uncontrollable events; e.g. sudden outbreaks where the Health Unit needs to act without confirmation whether the Ministry will pick up the cost. It was explained that using the increased line of credit would be a temporary measure with the funds replenished upon receipt of Ministry/municipal flow of funds. It was moved

that the Borrowing bylaw listed as 9.1.4 be accepted.



9.2 Information Requested by the City of Windsor

Administration provided an update on the presentation to City Council, notably the City’s vote in support of releasing obligated funds to the Health Unit as well as the motion to include the Health Unit, City and County Administration to work together to move the funding issue forward to the Province. The Chair congratulated the Senior Management Team for their Council presentation and passion in getting the resources it needs to serve the residents of Windsor-Essex. The Chair also thanked his colleagues and the Board for their patience and vigilance.

10.0 Media Coverage-–Circulated.

11.0 Board Correspondence--Circulated.

12.0 Other Health Unit Resolutions for Endorsement—None received. 13.0 New Business

13.1 Board Retreat Deliverables

Administration discussed the process undergone this summer focussed on how to work best with the Province to convey this Health Unit’s deep concerns about the health of the community and the lack of adequate funding to address the needs. Administration referred to page 91 of the board meeting information package, a listing of deliverables developed from the final board strategic planning session on

August 21, 2014. Administration will bring a similar document forward in January 2015 once the new Board has been confirmed.

13.2 Presentation to MOHLTC Representatives (August 18, 2014)

Administration referred to page 92 of the Board meeting information package, a PowerPoint presentation provided to political representatives to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. The Chair emphasized the need for adequate and equitable distribution of Ministry funding amongst health units/a different funding model that would increase this Health Unit’s per capita funding/ability to address local health indicators. The next step will be to invite the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to Windsor to discuss possible solutions that could occur in the interim.

13.3 CEO Performance Appraisal Process

Administration discussed the annual process. The process is being brought forward in response to a lack of knowledge about the process identified in the last Board survey.


13.4 Provincial Appointments to the Board

There are now three vacant positions on the board of health. Administration

requested the Board forward the Appointment Secretariat link to individuals who may be interested. Administration requested interested individuals provide his/her

biography to Administration so that the Chair can draft a letter of endorsement. Administration will resend the link for forwarding to potential candidates. 13.5 Oral Health Preventative Service

Administration discussed the proposed resolution outlining the need to maintain clinical preventive oral health services in the Ontario Public Health Standards under current eligibility criteria.

It was moved

that the resolution as provided be supported.

[THAT the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) maintain clinical preventive oral health services in the OPHS under current eligibility criteria.] It was further recommended that a copy be sent to Ms. Monica Turner, Director of Policy, at AMO [the Association of Municipalities of Ontario] as well as to City and County Councils for support.

CARRIED 14.0 Other Business

14.1 Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Windsor is one of 40+ successful communities that will receive Ministry funds for the Healthy Kid’s Community Challenge. The City is taking the lead as the applicant agency. Ms. N. Dupuis will take the lead on behalf of the Health Unit, assisting in working through the details with the City. Ms. J. Fraser will assist with the evaluation portion as needed. Appreciation and congratulations were extended to the Chair and


It was queried whether there was a response planned to Minister Hoskins’ re: the WECHU [Health Care ] Funding article. The Joint Board Executive Committee will audit the article to address the real numbers and provide a response. S. Kelly circulated a draft summary of funding received in 2013 and 2012.

15.0 Committee of the Whole (CLOSED SESSION) It was moved

that the Board move into Committee of the Whole at 5:42 p.m.


It was moved

that the Board move out of Committee of the Whole at 5:42 p.m.


16.0 Next Meeting: At the Call of the Chair or 2014 October 16 (Windsor). 17.0 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:43 p.m. RECORDING SECRETARY:


Associate Medical Officer of Health and CEO Chairperson Board Secretary





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