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you build



The Canadian

home builders’


Membership in the Canadian

Home Builders’ Association

(CHBA) helps you build your


The CHBA is one organization

operating at three levels—locally,

provincially and nationally. All

levels of our Association share

a mission: to achieve an environ­

ment in which our members

can operate profitably, and to

promote affordability and choice

in housing for all Canadians.

By representing our industry’s

concerns to governments and

others, the CHBA works to create

business conditions that increase

your opportunities for success.

And you have direct access

to a wide range of services,

information and products that

can help you manage your

business, improve your skills

and build a profitable and

successful future.

Have a question? Need to reach us? The CHBA National Office is just

a call away at 1.800.387.CHBA, or email us at

Most CHBA member information, including newspapers, bulletins, guides

and research reports, is available online, so check in with us regularly at



as a Chba member, you Can ConneCT wiTh indusTry

Colleagues To share informaTion and make

imporTanT business ConTaCTs.

ThaT’s a valuable aspeCT of membership.

Open the door to business oppor­


Find out what’s going on

in the industry—what’s new, who’s

doing what?

Discuss business

issues that matter to you.

Get advice

and assistance from your peers.

Get technical support and the

latest information on innovative

systems and products.

Whether you are a new home

builder, renovator, developer,

manufacturer, supplier, trade

contractor or service professional,

there are many ways to meet

people, get involved and build

business relationships.


Dinner meetings, seminars, home shows, social events and other activities let you net­ work with other businesses in your community.

COMMiTTee ACTiviTies

At all levels of the Association, you can get more involved in the industry and meet other members by joining a Committee or Council. Most represent a wide spectrum of the mem­ bership, so you have a chance to work with people from different areas of the industry.

COnFerenCes AnD seMinArs

All levels of your Association offer a wide range of business seminars and conferences. Get the information you need to manage your business and make valuable business contacts.

Committee work is a great way to develop your business network.

It can also be a great personal experience and an opportunity to learn and improve skills such as stra-tegic planning and public speaking, to gain confidence and to make friends.



news and




The official, bi­monthly magazine of the CHBA featuring the latest industry news, economic forecasts, product information and business manage­ ment information.


The CHBA’s quarterly news ­ paper on industry developments and issues, and associa­ tion activities across Canada.



The industry’s leading, bi­monthly periodical on hous­ ing techno logy, products and prac­ tices for new home builder, renovator and trade contractor members.



A monthly bulletin from the CHBA highlighting key national issues and actions.



Ottawa Update, Tax Alert and Economic Update keep you informed about national is­ sues, taxation and economic trends of significance for the home building industry.

THe pULse


The CHBA’s annual survey of new home builder and renova­ tor members gathers views on market

trends and condi­ tions, and the issues affecting their business. A survey summary is available online, or call the national Office for detailed results.


The national Office posts CHBA research reports, publications, news releases and much more on the website on an ongoing basis.

all levels of your assoCiaTion provide you wiTh

up-To-daTe knowledge and informaTion. as a Chba

member, you know whaT’s happening in our indusTry and

Can use This knowledge To manage your business.



yourself as a




Let everyone know that you belong to the Association—not only your customers, but everyone you do business with. Use the CHBA Member logo on all your printed and electronic material.


The RenoMark™ logo identifies members who belong to the RenoMark™ program, adopted by many local HBAs. The RenoMark™ Code of Ethics and required business practices send a clear mes-sage of commitment to consumers.


The annual CHBA National SAM Awards recognize excellence and outstanding performance by new home builder, reno-vator and developer members in con-struction, design and marketing. Special SAM logos help finalists and winners to promote their achievements.



Every CHBA member company gets a free listing on the nation-al website. The site attracts thousands of consumers each month. The Find a Member search engine leads them directly to your company. Many local and provincial HBAs also list members on their websites.

Your CHBA membership is a mark of distinction that identifies you as an

industry professional.

Being part of the Association says something

important about your company and how you do business.


members use their membership to build confidence with consumers and

set themselves apart from part-timers and underground contractors.


Just consider a few of the important gains that the CHBA campaigned for in the past: the 5% down payment, the use of rrsp funds in home buying, maintaining the capital gains tax exemption for principal residences and the GsT rebate. More recently, our efforts were instrumental in achieving the lowering of the GsT and the GsT rental Housing rebate. All of these important initiatives exist because CHBA members worked together to make them happen.

Join the CHBA’s team and add to our strength. in the years ahead, you can help your Association to make further progress on impor­ tant issues such as:

• Tax and regulatory reform • shortages of skilled trades • The environment

• infrastructure investment • The underground economy • Builder liability

To learn more about the issues the CHBA is working on, get the latest policy and research reports online.

The CHBA is a well­respected and influential organization. Governments and other decision­makers at all levels listen when we speak out on issues. We are asked to participate in consultations, round tables and working groups.

Wherever important issues are discussed that affect housing, we are there!

have a say

in your


There is sTrengTh in numbers.

TogeTher we Can make


build your


skills and


Skills training and education

A range of seminars, education forums and training programs are available to members. In many cases, members can achieve an indus-try designation by completing Association- sponsored training and education programs.

The CHBA Builders’ Manual

This is the authoritative guide to energy- efficient, high-performance home building techniques. Call the National Office to purchase a copy or order online at

Chba guides

These publications are available online.

How Not to Go Broke

Financial management for new home building and renovation companies. • So You Want to Advertise?

An introduction to advertising. • The Get It in Writing! Contractors’


How to compete with underground contractors and win.

How to Manage Risk

Advice on the risks facing new home builders and renovators every day in their businesses.

Connecting With Customers

A marketing and sales guide for new home builders.

The Marketing Advantage

A marketing and sales guide for professional home renovators. • A Guide to Residential Renovation


Advice on what to include in your con­ tract and pointers for discussion with clients.

Supplementary Clauses for Residential Renovation Contracts

A companion piece to the contract guide.

Anyone in business today knows that it takes constant learning to get ahead

and stay there.


sTopping bad

Things from


Here are just a few examples:

THe envirOnMenT

it is crucial that policy­makers understand the impressive environmental performance of housing over the last two decades. The CHBA’s analysis of existing government data shows clearly that the residential sector “leads the pack” on energy efficiency gains and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By telling the real story, we are better able to stop unwarranted regulations and build government support for voluntary, market­ driven approaches.


The CHBA plays a key role in the ongoing development of the national Building Code, making sure existing and proposed requirements do not undermine housing choice and affordability by imposing unnecessary cost or other restraints.

The list of items where the CHBA has successfully presented the industry’s case is long, including:

• Mechanical ventilation • secondary suites • Windows near lot lines • Garage stair landing • stairs and handrails • And more

prOvinCiAL CODes

The CHBA prepares important background information for provincial HBA presidents and executive Officers for their recommendations to provincial governments on code issues arising from the national code committees.

sprinkLer reGULATiOn

ACTiOn kiT

Mandatory sprinklers can add thousands of dollars unnecessarily to the cost of a new home. The CHBA provides local HBAs with an action kit to help in our fight against proposals for sprinkler regulations at the municipal and provincial levels.

When our industry faces the

threat of ill-conceived regulation

or intrusive government policy,

your Association takes action.





MArkeTinG inFOrMATiOn

The CHBA offers information on market research, consumer trends and preferences, and many other important marketing issues. Check online for marketing tips and presenta-tions by experts in the field.


renOvATiOn MOnTH

For these annual marketing campaigns, the CHBA provides local HBAs with consumer and media information as well as promotional materials for a wide range of local events, from home parades to consumer seminars. New Homes Month takes place every April, Renovation Month is held in October. Contact your local HBA to find out what’s planned for your area.


EnviroHome is a marketing opportunity for CHBA R-2000 home builder members to gain more visibility in their market area through the promotion of a model home. Contact the National Office or get an EnviroHome application kit online. Also check out


Many local HBAs organize home shows each year. These events give your company the op-portunity to promote your products and ser-vices to large numbers of potential customers.

Membership in the CHBA helps companies learn what’s on the minds of

consumers, and how to deliver outstanding service and value to them.

Members can also take part in co-operative marketing activities to increase

their profile and attract potential customers.

link To our websiTe

The CHBA has a strong online presence, with solid consumer information on new home buying and home renovation, and a clear message promoting the value of “working with the professionals”. Members are encouraged to use the icon developed by the Association to offer a direct link to from their own websites (


benefiT from



At the national level, the CHBA works with a wide range of government and private­sector partners. These partnerships provide our Association with critical resources that are well beyond those that members’ fees alone can provide.

Here are a few examples:

Levies, Fees, CHArGes, TAxes

AnD TrAnsACTiOn COsTs On

neW HOUsinG

Funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), this research study provides in­depth information about the true impact of government­imposed costs on our industry and our customers. Local HBAs use the report to influence municipal government approaches to development cost charges.

r­2000 HOMe iniTiATive

r­2000 is the premier “green” option for new home builders and their customers. As a voluntary, market­driven initiative, it provides a proven, science­based system that allows new home builders to build environmentally improved homes that deliver impressive performance results. The CHBA works with the federal government to keep the r­2000 Technical standard up­to­date and leading edge. participation in r­2000 provides members with access to training programs, ongoing technical support and a government­ backed quality assurance system. r­2000 was the world’s first green home initiative, and remains the leader.

GeT iT in WriTinG

This national initiative, carried out in partnership with Canada revenue Agency and CMHC, helps CHBA members fight the underground economy. Online information is available at

muCh of The sTrengTh of our assoCiaTion lies in

our abiliTy To harness The resourCes To address

our members’ business ConCerns.




THe BUsiness

ALLiAnCe CenTre

This important feature of the CHBA National Conference provides a venue for major national companies and new home builder and renovator members to meet, discuss business needs and opportunities, and develop business alliances.

Your Partners in Customer Satisfaction.

This website at offers great product information and support for new home builders and renovators with links to leading building products manufacturers, who are members of the CHBA Manufacturers’ Council.

Major national manufacturers, financial services companies and other

businesses involved in the housing industry are a significant part of the

Association’s membership.

These leading companies recognize that the CHBA is the home of industry

professionals. They seek to build business alliances with new home builder

and renovator members across Canada.

Strategic partnerships with manufacturers, service professionals and others

give new home builders and renovators a competitive edge. Collaboration can

involve technical training, cooperative marketing, support for special projects

such as “green” demonstration homes and many other activities for mutual






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