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Consultants on Cities, Cultural

Heritage and Tourism


We think that working with knowledge

and instigating action are inseparable,

seeing that without the world of ideas

we would not be able to build

alternative realities, and without

action, our ideas would simply remain



ICN-Artea Consultants is a company specializing in cities, cultural heritage and tourism, distinguished by our innovative and original proposals and methods. Our professional style of operation has evolved through our work all over Spain, performing a broad range of activities, starting with strategic planning and ma-nagement and carrying right through to the setting up of Heritage Interpreta-tion Centres. This means we have the Know How to tackle the whole process of diagnosis, planning and implementation of products for tourism and cultural purposes.

In recent years, we have worked in some of Spain´s most important historical cities, paying special attention to the cities designated as World Heritage Sitie. As you will see, we have done work not only to enhance the value of histori-cal patrimony, but also to recover intangible patrimony, as a starting point for analyzing and planning tourist destinations of the future.


What are our

most outstanding


where emotional impact is prime in communication with the visitor. From the viewpoint of intangible patrimony, our most daring pro-posal has been the Mysticism In-terpretation Centre in Avila, a con-temporary reading of universal mysticism, which includes an open and tolerant attitude and mystics from all religions and schools of thought.

We would also like to draw atten-tion to work done abroad: Jesuit Missions in Paraguay, Sofia’s FEV in Bulgaria or Tourism development along the border between Spain and Portugal, are some examples of our international activities.

In all our work, we try to respond to the growing demands of tourist and the rapidly changing interests and needs of our modern world. Spain has eleven cities declared

World Heritage Site, with specific characteristics and unique fea-tures, and we have in one way or another, worked in all of them in re-cent years.

In Avila and Salamanca, for exam-ple, we analyzed shortcomings and potential as tourist destinations and drew up strategic plans, in order to modernize and re-launch these destinations.

We also give particular impetus to tangible and intangible heritage, recovering and re-evaluating them as worthy of tourist interest. Avila’s city walls and the Cathedral of Sa-lamanca are some examples, but there are many more, as you will see in our curriculum. Apart from historical and monumental heri-tage, we have also worked with archaeological heritage, creating new heritage interpretation areas




A different way to present a city to the visitors. At night, over the Walls of the city of Ávila.


Jesuit Missions in Paraguay. Something more than heritage. An exceptional expe-rience to discover the World.


Tourism means direct contact between people and heritage. A performance in a World Heritage Site.


02 03



Salamanca 2002, European

Capital of culture. We created

new sensations to enhance

the enjoyment of the old city.

Adding value to local heritage.

Thinking of new proposals and giving a new image to the historical city.

Preparing tourist services, and visitor information.


Visitors in Salamanca´s streets. A special at-mosphere to celebrate 2002


Salamanca´s sky. A historical painting which recovered it´s importance for local people and tourist in the European Cultural Year


Light Action Over the Front of Casa de las Conchas.

A special show to paint a historic façade with light.

Salamanca 2002

04 06


Strategic Project for the Plan for more Dynamic Tourism in Cuéllar, Aranjuez, Peñafiel, Terras de Trives and Agreda & management of same.

Development of an interpretation Plan for Tourism in Málaga.

Plan for Evaluation of Heritage for the Consorcio Turístico Del Pirineo. Plan for Tourist Development of the

Camino de Santiago en Navarra.

International Reports and Plans:

Plan for the recovery, management and financial viability of the Jesuit Missions in Paraguay.

Proposal for tourist development in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria.

Tourism Development of the border area between Spain and Portugal.

Master Plan & Project


Strategic Project for the Plan for Excellence in Tourism in Salamanca & management of same.

Strategic Project, for thePlan for Ex-cellence in Tourism in Ibiza.

Diagnostic work for the Plan for Exce-llence in Tourism in Pamplona.

Strategic Plan, for historical villages in

the province of Salamanca.

Strategic Project for the Plan for Exce-llence in Tourism in Avila & manage-ment of same.

Strategic Project for the Plan for Exce-llence in Tourism in Segovia.

Steering Plan for the exhibition at

Santa María la Real de Nájera.

Plans to change the world around us

Our Projects

Detailed below are the proyects we have undertaken in the last years, together with our most outstanding clients, who can provide references on our work.




The Senses Moun-tain Main entrance to the Torras de Trives Interpretation Center. Light, colours and soul to begin the visit. An Artistic installation to talk about objects from the past. An evo-cative way to present a place.


A Beating City Contre-bia Leukade. Interpretation Center New ways to present an arqueological site. Aguilar del Río Alhama La Rioja


Room of the Lonley Bird.

Mysticism Interpretation Center In honour of St Juan de la Cruz Just silence and a quiet image of the wind swaying the trees. A place to sit and meditate 09PROJECT, CONCEPT EMOTION, LIFE 07 08 09 08PROJECT, CONCEPT EMOTION, LIFE

Interpretation Centre of Mysticism in

Ávila. Ayuntamiento de Ávila.

Proposal and Adaptation as Exhibition Centre of the Old Plazaola Railway

Station in Lekunberri, Navarra.

Go-bierno de Navarra.

Interpretation Centre of the

Medite-rranean in Oropesa del Mar.

Ayunta-miento de Oropesa del Mar.

Exhibition of Ieronimus in the Tower of

Salamanca Cathedral. Ayuntamiento

de Salamanca.

Assessment of Avila’s City Walls as Exhibition Site.

Interpretation Centre in la Alhóndiga,

Segovia. Secretariat of State,

Comer-se & SMEs. Junta Castilla y León, Ayuntamiento de Segovia.

Terras de Trives Interpretation Centre.

Xunta de Galicia.

Exhibition Project: The School in

Casti-lla, A Century of History.Junta de

Cas-tilla y León.

Exhibition in St Esteban Convent in Sa-lamanca to commemorate the XV

Ibe-roamerican Meeting.Ayuntamiento de


La Rioja, Civitas Dei Exhibition at the Monasterio de Santa María la Real de

Nájera. Gobierno de La Rioja,

Funda-ción Caja Rioja.

Water, Agriculture & Gastronomy: In-novative area for the Gastronomy of

Navarra. Fundación Itoiz-Canal de


Interpretation Centre at the Celtiberian

site of Contrebia Leukade.

Ayunta-miento de Salamanca.

Audiovisual Project on the Facade of the Casa de las Conchas in Salaman-ca. Ayuntamiento de Salamanca.






A dynamic brand ima-ge, for a new tourist region.

BIN Beira Interior Norte (Portugal) SAL Salamanca (Spain)

Two countries, only one destination


design and urban


Other proposals:

Communication Tourism Plan for

His-toric Villages in Salamanca. Guide-Catalogue for the Spanish World Heritage Cities.

Actions for a tourist development.

Way of the Castilian language.

Design and Development of brand

image of BINSAL. (Portugal-España).

Communication project. Montemayor’s


Urban Plan of action to recover Aoiz’s

side streets with new proposals of paving and public art.

Strategies to improve museums and interpretation centers: Proposals to introduce innovative formulas to out-dated museums.

Interpretation Centre for Bull-running

in Cuellar.Junta de Castilla y León.

“The Inhabited Castle” in Cuellar.

Jun-ta de Castilla y León.

Mudejar Interpretation Centre in Cue-llar. Junta de Castilla y León.

Project for Olite Castle as Exhibition

Centre. Gobierno de Navarra.

Exce-lentísimo Ayuntamiento de la Merin-dad de Olite.

Project for the Cathedral of Pamplona

as exhibition centre. Arzobispado de

Pamplona (Departament of Culture) and Gobierno de Navarra.

Evaluation and Exhibition-Housing in Churches on the Camino de Santiago

in Navarra.Gobierno de Navarra

(De-partament of Tourism).



Junta de Andalucía (Dirección Gene-ral de Turismo).

Group of Cities designated as World Heritage Sities.

Ayuntamientos de Málaga, Salaman-ca, Ávila, Pamplona, Ibiza, Segovia, Cuellar, Peñafiel, Aranjuez, Tudela, Es-tella, Olite, Cudillero, Oropesa del Mar, etc.

Arzobispado de Pamplona.

Associations for development: Leader, Proder y Cederna-Garalur Groups. (European Formulas).

Tourist Consortia: Plazaola, Pirineo, Valdizarbe, etc. Cajas de Ahorros. Fundación Kutxa.

Fundación Caja Rioja. Gureak.

Madrid School of Tourism.

Principal Clients

Interamerican Development Bank. Ministry of Tourism of Paraguay. Secretariat of State for Tourism, Com-merce & SMEs.

Junta de Castilla y León (Dirección General de Turismo).

Comunidad de Madrid (Dirección Ge-neral de Turismo).

Xunta de Galicia (Dirección General de Turismo).

Gobierno de Navarra (Departments of Tourism, Enviroment, Labour & Cultu-re).

Gobierno de Aragón. Comunidad Valenciana. Principado de Asturias.

Gobierno de la Rioja. Consejerías de Turismo y Cultura.


Searching for

new models

Course in Tourist Management at the Escuela de Turismo de Navarra. Coordination of KULTUR´97.

Study for Training in Tourism in Nava-rra


Training consultants for the Secretariat of State for Tourism.

Training courses for Schools of Tourism in Madrid & Pamplona.

Diagnosis & Training Plan within va-rious Plans for greater Dynamism and Excellence.

Diagnosis of the training needs of the Asociación de Casas Rurales del Piri-neo Navarro.

Diagnosis of the training needs of the Asociación de Campings del Pirineo Navarro.



The historical heritage is alive

and part of the XXI Century

These are some performances of one of our collaborators, the german artist Delleft Hartung.

He uses light and language to give new life back to the heritage.

Like him, many other artist and

proffesionals help us to incorporate histori-cal heritage in to the XXI Century.

T.S Eliot


“Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past.”



ICN-Artea, has a multi-disciplinary team. We would like to stress that we offen work with an extensive network of collaborators which includes designers, artists, set designers, architects, engineers and experts in ur-ban landscapes. Our work methods normally involve professionals from various fields, who improve and enrich our projects. You can see our complete staff and network of professionals in



Avd. Marcelo Celayeta, 75 - Nave B-3 Oficina 20 Tel. 948 382 834 Fax: 948 382 mail:





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