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SDA Bocconi School of Management Research activity



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Institutional collaborations and networking

The Database





SDA Bocconi School of Management

Research activity

PE and LBO Lab works within the SDA Bocconi School of

Management Research Division

SDA Bocconi is the national reference point in the field of

education and of research applied to management activity

SDA Bocconi offers more than 300 courses, 20 masters, employs

420 people with a dedicated faculty of 321 lecturers



Commitment to the process of cultural growth in a context of

synergistic collaboration between companies and the financial


Increase transparency and the development of knowledge in

the Private Equity and M&A market

Being an independent point of reference for companies and

financial transactors/dealers where to debate problems and

prespectives in a mutual interest view



Give a systematic interpretation, always updated, of the market

(trends, typology and size of the deals)

Describe the portfolio composition of the backed companies and

the way-out conditions

Analyse the funds investment policies, the reasons and

conditions under which shareholders sell their stakes, the prices



Goals (follows…)

Identify problematic areas, discuss about new market

spaces/segments, evaluate transactors/dealers behavioral


Compare Italian market trend with the international market

Produce studies and innovative researchs on the PE market

able to support dealers’ activity


Private Equity and LBO Laboratory Director:

Prof. Valter Conca

SDA Professor

EMCFB Director - Executive Master in Corporate Finance and Banking;

Associate Professor Bocconi University

Dott. Osvaldo Maria Baione

Dott. Daniele Ingannamorte Dott. Alberto Ongini

Dott. Vittorio Riccardi Dott. Emanuele Cairo

Other collaborations:

Prof. Raoul Pisani (Bank and Insurance Area)

Prof. Renzo Cenciarini (Administration Finance and Control Area)

Dott. Giulio Camia


Institutional collaborations and networking

International networking:

CMBOR Nottingham University (U.K.)

M&A Research Centre S.Gallen University (CH)

(Turnaround management)

(Private Equity firm)

(Legal advisor) (Financial advisor)

(Fiscal advisor )

(Recruiting company)

With the patronage of:



The Database


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Review   Database  M&A  

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The Database (follows…)

8 descriptive fields of the backed companies

38 descriptive fields of the deals

14 descriptive fields of the way out

1554 deals detected of which 1363 from year 2000

1281 target companies in database of which 1093 from year 2000

668 identified way out of which 633 from year 2000

Starting from 2005:

842 deals

539 target companies

451 way out

The database can be consulted only by researchers




Research reports: production of reports about the market

situation and of innovative scientific researches

Columns: published on the journal Economia & Management

Publications: publication of researchs, reports and articles in

specialized journals and newspapers

Workshop: on specialized topics of interest for practitioners

Conference: organized yearly on the themes of major

actuality and attraction for dealers

Researches to order


Outputs (follows…)


The ranking in the private equity market (Il Sole 24 Ore)

The private equity and LBO market (Economia & Management)

M&A and Private Equity Laboratory: industrial acquisitions and financial acquisitions

(AFCNet Community SDA Bocconi) Turnaround deals

(Economia & Management)

Research reports (2008/10):

Private equity and LBO Market Outlook (2008, 2009 and 2010) Credit crunch effects on LBOs

Debt remodeling and LBO financing

Post IPO performance of backed companies

Industrial acquisitions and private equity: does the premium price for synergies remain?

Special situations acquisitions


Outputs (follows…)

Publications (2009/10):

Credit crunch, liquidity contraction and LBO: which changes in the leveraged finance market

(Economia & Management) Private equity, fears for 2009 (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Private equity: 2008 positive (Via Sarfatti 25)

Private equity down 60% (Il Sole 24 Ore)

The risk evaluation in the private equity portfolio. Hypothesis for a model of Private Equity Risk Rating (Economia & Management)

Workshop :

Vertical and horizontal acquisitions as opportunities for aggregation in the sector chains

(AFCNet Community SDA Bocconi) The role of the AFC function in the

M&A processes

(AFCNet Community SDA Bocconi) The dual track process in the way out (Executive MBA)

The role of the advisor in the private equity acquisitions

(Executive MBA)

SPAC: new investment oportunity (2011)


Copyright SDA Bocconi

Outputs (follows…)


The private equity market: half success (Bocconi University, 2007)

The private equity and LBO market. The credit crunch effects on the leveraged acquisitions (SDA Bocconi, 2008)

How the private equity market changes after the credit crunch (SDA Bocconi, 2009)

The crisis effects on the private equity stakes portfolio. A study on the Italian market

(SDA Bocconi, 2010)

The role and behaviour of the Italian Limited Partners in Private Equity. The results of an empirical research

(SDA Bocconi 2011)

General Partners’ organizational models in Private Equity. The results of an empirical research

(SDA Bocconi 2012)


Articles (follows…)


Articles (follows…)


Articles (follows…)





"Claudio Dematté" Research Division

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