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University of Hawaii at Hilo School of Nursing

Response to Program Committee of the UHH Graduate Council To: Program Committee Members:

Bryan Kim (Chair), Department of Psychology

Mahealani Jones, Office of Admissions, Division of Student Affairs Anthony Wright, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Additional Information to Address Comment #1

Below please find a list of current FT faculty and current PT or adjunct faculty or persons who have tentatively agreed to participate as adjunct faculty or visiting scholars. The list includes persons who are willing and qualified to teach in the indicated course area. Most course areas include at least two proposed qualified faculty.

UH Hilo FT Faculty School of Nursing

E. Lovell, MSN, PHN-C Information Systems, Public and Rural Health C. Mukai, PhD, MSN, FNP-C Family N P, Gerontology, Advanced Health

Assessment, Women’s Health J. Thompson, MSN, NNP, RN-C Neonatal NP, Pediatrics, Advanced

Pathophysiology, Health Promotion C. Beck, MSN/MA FNP-C, PHCNS-C,


Family N P, Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Advanced Health Assessment, Medical Anthropology

A. Davis, PhD,MSN, GNP-C, ACNP-C Gerontology NP, Acute Care NP, Quantitative Research, Clinical Diagnostics/Differential



Systems-based Leadership and Management, Qualitative Research

J. Brinkley, MSN, FNP Family NP, Health Promotion, Advanced Pathophysiology

J. Flood, PhDc, MSN, RN-C, LS-C Qualitative Research, Evidence –Based Practice, Pediatric Nursing

UH Hilo School of Nursing PT Lecturers

G. Kinney, PhD, MSN, CTNA Transcultural Nursing Scholar

Former Chair & Director UH Hilo BSN Nursing Program

Former Director of Nursing-HCC, OL

Transcultral Nursing, Qualitative Research, Systems-based Leadership and Management 

O.L. Curet, PhD, MBA, MSN, FNP-C Senior Manager Deloitte.

Former Lecturer/ London School of Economics MBA Program, London.

Information Management Systems, Health Economics, Statistics, Quantitative Research, Family NP.

UH Hilo FT College of Pharmacy E. Fisher PhD, R Ph.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs &


Professor: UHH College of Pharmacy. S. Holuby PharmD, BCPS

Assistant Professor UHH College of Pharmacy

Advanced Pharmacology.

Current or Proposed Adjunct Faculty D. Pacquiao, EdD, RN,CTN

Associate Professor of Nursing, Director of the Center for Multicultural Education, Research and Practice at the UMDNJ School of Nursing

Coordinator of the PhD in Urban Health at UMDNJ

Transcultural Scholar

Social Aspects of Health, Nursing

Education, Systems-based Leadership and Management 

J. Novak, DNSc, RN, MA, CPNP

Associate Dean for Practices and Clinical Director Schools of Nursing and Health Professions. Health University of Texas, San Antonio

Evidence Based Practice, History, Ethics, and Innovation,

R. Squellati, MSN, NP-C Colonel, U.S. Air Force Corps. Former Detailee to the Office of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye

Adjunct Faculty UH Hilo School of Nursing

Adult NP, Health Policy, Health Promotion


Transcultural Nursing Scholar Education M.L. Altman PhD, MA

Diversity and Culture Specialist Assistant Professor-School of Nursing Purdue University

Health Policy: Local to Global, Social Aspects of Health, Culture and Healthcare Delivery

H. Ainsley, MHA

CEO Hilo Medical Center.

Systems-based Leadership and Management 

C. Grimm, MSN, FNP-C Director of Operations Bay Clinic Incorporated

Family NP


The proposed DNP program follows an Executive Model of delivery in which didactic courses are offered in semester intercessions which will allow adjunct or current School of Nursing faculty to be hired on a lecturer basis. This model is successfully used in DNP programs such as those at Case Western Reserve University where students from throughout the United States attend intercessions and then continue to complete projects, scholarly papers, and practicums within an arranged time period augmented by distance learning modalities.

The DNP program curriculum will involve team teaching of one-half intersession, which will not considerably hinder their contribution to the undergraduate program. In addition, DNP students will be provided the opportunity to serve in the role of TAs (teaching assistants) which will not only prepare them for their academic roles, but provide mentored instructors for the undergraduate nursing program. Moreover, the collaboration of scholars with UH Faculty will enhance faculty development and provide a community of scholars for improved clinical practice and practice related research.


The practicum components of courses will be organized as preceptor model, with one student per preceptor. Preceptors are qualified experts in their areas who, rather than seek monetary remuneration, accept a preceptee as part of their professional role. It is anticipated that some students may have their practicum off island, on the mainland, or in another country. Overall supervision of the clinical courses will be at intervals in person or online through Laulima or through one of the new computer practicum tracking programs available. Active recruitment of didactic faculty and practicum preceptors will be ongoing.

The UHH School of Nursing is also currently exploring becoming an affiliate member of NEXus, which is a U.S. D.H.H.S. sponsored innovative partnership among select nursing institutions to facilitate enrollment in doctoral courses not available on their home campus (see attached brochure). Through NEXus, the participating

institutions have identified over one hundred PhD and DNP courses that are available through distance learning and are open through enrollment from Academic collaborator and Affiliate member institutions. The purpose of NEXus is to allow nursing students to remain in their own rural communities while seeking an advanced degree. This affiliation could provide the UHH DNP student a wide range of possible elective courses while the DNP program continues to expand.

Additional information to address Graduate council comment #2

The program will be supported by tuition and professional fees. Honorable Representative Jerry L. Chang who is a member of the School of Nursing Advisory Board is supportive of the proposed DNP and will assist us in securing resource contacts in support of the program. In addition, key members of the U.S. Senate such as Chief of Staff , Dr. Pat DeLeon of Senator Inouye’s office have submitted letters of support and have assisted in obtaining funding sources for the program. (Letters of support can be provided to the council if appropriate).





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