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Jill Heitzman, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS, CWS, CEEAA, FACCWS PO Box 271 Montgomery, AL


Academic year: 2021

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Jill Heitzman, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS, CWS, CEEAA, FACCWS PO Box 271

Montgomery, AL 36101 jheitzman@alasu.edu


2012-PRESENT Current student: PhD in Physical Therapy Program NOVA-SE

Ft Lauderdale, FL

2002 Doctor of Physical Therapy, Post Professional Creighton University

Omaha, NE

1978 Bachelor of Physical Therapy St. Louis University

St. Louis, MO

July 2011-June 2012: Faculty Scholar, University of Alabama at Birmingham Geriatric Education Center Faculty Scholars Program, Birmingham, AL

LICENSURE 2008-2015 Physical Therapist #PTH5376

Alabama Board of Physical Therapy 1978-2015 Physical Therapist #941

Missouri Board of Healing Arts 1994-2010 Physical Therapist

Iowa Physical Therapy Board of Health Care Professions 1990-1995 Physical Therapist # 2047

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Regulatory Boards 1986-1990 Physical Therapist #1312

Kansas State Board of healing Arts 1984-1988 Physical Therapist

Washington State Board of Physical Therapy 1984-1988 Education Specialist


1982-1988 Physical Therapist #15407

Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners 1981-1988 Physical Therapist #PT249R

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners CERTIFICATION

2013-2022 Neurological Certified Specialist (NCS) American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties 1998-2019 Geriatric Certified Specialist (GCS)

American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties 1997-2007 Certified Wound Specialist (CWS)

American Academy of Wound Management 2007-2017 diplomat-Certified Wound Specialist (CWS-d)

American Academy of Wound Management

2009 Certified Exercise Expert for the Aging Adult (CEEAA)

Section on Geriatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association 1999-2007 Certified Trainer for Clinical Instructor’s Course

American Physical Therapy Association 1998 Certified Clinical Instructor

American Physical Therapy Association

1982 Certified Hyperbaric Medicine

American Society of Hyperbaric Medicine ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE 2010-Present Alabama State University

2014 Associate Professor

Department of Physical Therapy College of Health Sciences

Montgomery, AL 36101 2011 Assistant Professor


2010 Adjunct Professor

Department of Physical Therapy 2007-2014 College of St. Scholastica

2007-2014 Online Instructor/course developer

Department of Physical Therapy, tDPT Program Duluth, MN

2004-2008 Iowa State University

2004-2008 Instructor, Gerontology Program

Department of Health and Human Services Ames, IA 50014

2004-2008 Creighton University 2004-2008 Adjunct Instructor

Physical Therapy Program

College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences Omaha, NE

1988-1990 Washburn University

1988-1990 Instructor/Academic Coordinator of Education Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Topeka, KS Other Teaching Experiences 2009-present Instructor

Certified Exercise Expert for the Aging Adult Course Series Section on Geriatrics/APTA

2008-2010 Instructor, Geriatrics Dogwood Institute Atlanta, GA

2007-2008 Guest Lecturer, Wound Management PTA Program

Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids, IA

2003-2004 Guest Lecturer, Wound Management PTA Program


Northern Iowa Community College Mason City, IA

CLINICAL EXPERIANCE 2009-2010, Aldridge Physical Therapy, Auburn, AL 2013- present Contract Physical Therapist

2010-2013 Rehabworks, East Alabama Medical Center, Opelika, AL, 2010 Clinical Education Coordinator/Outpatient Program Development

2011-2013 Contract Physical therapist

2008-2009 Lake Martin Physical Therapy, Dadeville and Alexander City, AL Contract Physical Therapist

1994-2008 Mary Greeley Rehab and Wellness, Ames, Iowa 1994-2008 Clinical Coordinator of Education

2003-2008 Geriatric Clinical Residency Developer, Director 1999-2008 Geriatric Wellness Resource Clinician

1998-2008 Wound Management Resource Clinician/wound clinic manager 2000-2008 Outpatient Clinician

1994-2000 Float clinician for acute care, SNF, HH and 3 outpatient facilities 2004-2008 Special Olympics Iowa/Healthy Athletes, Des Moines, IA

Director of FUNfitness

1990-1994 Prince William Hospital, Manassas, VA

Senior Physical Therapist, outpatient, home health and acute care 1986-1989 Midwest Back Care Center, Topeka, KS

Outpatient Clinic Supervisor

1984-1986 Vancouver School District, Vancouver, WA School District Physical Therapist

1983-1984 Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, MD Outpatient physical therapist

1981-1982 JoEllen Smith Memorial Hospital, New Orleans, LA Team Leader, Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Supervisor

1979-1981 Phelps County Hospital, Rolla, MO Staff Physical Therapist

1978-1979 Meramec Community Health Care Agency, Rolla, MO Home Health Physical Therapist, program developer


2012 Recipient: President’s Award, Section on Geriatrics APTA 2011 Recipient: Joan Mills Award. Section on Geriatrics/APTA 2010 Recipient. President’s Award, Section on Geriatrics APTA 2008 Recipient. Service Award. Special Olympics Iowa

2007 Recipient. Metropolitan Who’s Who Among Women Professionals 2004 Recipient. Outstanding Young Alumni Award, School of Pharmacy

and Health Professions, Creighton University GRANTSMANSHIP

2012 Williams-York B, Heitzman J, Dickson, J.

Seniors Standing Strong:

Fall Prevention Program for Women Over 60. $2,500

Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Women’s Health

Role on Project: PI (not funded) PUBLICATIONS Peer Review Publications:

Hakim, E.W., Heitzman, J. (2013). Wound management in the presence of peripheral arterial disease. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 29(3):187-194. Hardage J, Zeigler S, Blackwood J, Hartley G, Heitzman J, Libera J, Miller K. “Development of a Statement On Autonomous Practice” J Geriatr Phys Ther 2012; 35:82-85.

Heitzman, J. “Foot Care for Patients with Diabetes”, Topics in Geriatrics 2010, Vol 26, No 3 pp 250-263


Backstrum, D, Euhardy, M, Heitzman,J, Kegelmeyer, D, Meyer, A, Schuermann, S, Staples, W. Geriatric Physical Therapy: Description of Specialty Practice. Specialty council on Geriatric Physical Therapy, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, APTA, 2008.

Heitzman, J. “The Aging Musculoskeletal System”, Home Study Module for “Focus Geriatrics 2006”, Section on Geriatrics, APTA

Web-based Peer-Reviewed Publications

Heitzman, J. PTA Focus 2012, Issue 5: Integumentary System: Age-related Changes and Wounds . APTA Learning Center, Section on Geriatrics


Heitzman J, Morris A, Ford B, Newsom J, Bradford J. Interprofessional Management for a Person with Progressive Parkinson Disease. Deep South CME Network, UAB, June 14, 2012. Accessed at:

http://www.alabamacme.uab.edu/courses/Geriatric/Progressive_Parkinson_Dise ase/ID0497.asp

Heitzman, J. “The Aging Integumentary System” in Focus: Physical Therapist Practice in Geriatrics 2011, Issue 5. APTA Learning Center, Section on

Geriatrics, http://learningcenter.apta.org/showCourse.aspx?cs=c30d8f45-5ba4-4137-b261-79c187a6ca5a April 2012.

Professional Publications:

Heitzman, J, Williams-York B. “Recognizing Skin Cancer in Aging Adults: A PT Perspective, Gerinotes, 2012, Section on Geriatrics, APTA 19(6):28-33.

Heitzman, J. “Pharmacology and the Aging Adult”. Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA July 2011

Heitzman, J and Staples, W. “Using the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice with Patients with Parkinson Disease”, Gerinotes; focus issue on Neurology, Section on Geriatrics, APTA, July 2010

Heitzman, J, Moffat,M, Kemmis, K. “ The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice and the Musculoskeletal System” Gerinotes; focus issue on the Musculoskeletal system, Section on Geriatrics, APTA, July 2009


Heitzman, J. "Recognizing Signs of Elder Abuse", Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA2003

Heitzman, J. "Clinical Reasoning Concept Map for the Knee", Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA 2003

Heitzman, J. "Do's and Don'ts for Osteoporosis", Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA 2002

Heitzman, J. "Half Foam Roller Exercises": Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA, 2002

Heitzman, J. "Teaching the Integumentary System", Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA, 2002

Heitzman, J. "The Changing Health Care System", Gerinotes, Section on Geriatrics, APTA, 2000

PRESENTATIONS Peer Review Poster Presentations

2014 Poster Presentation at CSM, Las Vegas, CA

Heitzman J, Greene M, Dickson E, Knott T “Effects of 2 Wii programs on balance in the aging adults”

Heitzman J, Patel N, Yu I. “Does height effect the functional reach scores?”

2013 Poster presentation at CSM, San Diego, CA

Heitzman J, Dickson J, Duncan JC. “Using an Inter-Professional Approach to Develop Accessibility Awareness within Students in the Health Care Professions”

1996 Poster presentation at CSM

Lampe K, Heitzman J: "Guidelines for Teaching the Integumentary System PT Programs"

1996 Poster Presentation at Annual Conference

Lampe K, Heitzman J: "Guidelines for Teaching the Integumentary System in PTA Programs"

Peer Review Presentations

Jan 2013 “Changing Family Dynamics Effect on Health Care”, APTA CSM San Diego, CA


Jan 2013 “Focus Geriatrics: A Look at the Aging Adult through the Preferred

Practice Patterns of the Guide to PT Practice, Preconference: CSM San

Diego, CA

Feb 2012 “Effective Wound Pain Management in the Aging Adult”, APTA CSM, Chicago, IL

Feb 2012 “Autonomous Practice in Physical Therapy: What does this mean to me?” APTA CSM, Chicago, IL

Feb 2010 “Aging in Place: A look at Home evaluation and Modifications to become Certified Aging in Place Specialists” CSM 2010, San Diego, CA

Feb 2007 “Focus Geriatrics 1: the Aging Musculoskeletal System”, Precon: CSM Feb 2007 “Rage against Age: Setting up Health Screens and Clinics” CSM 2007 Feb 2005-2011 “Student Forum-Working with the Older Adult Can be fun, A Look at

Various Practice Setting” CSM 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Feb 2005 “Using the VAC on Diabetic Ulcers-Case Study” CSM 2005, New Orleans Feb 2003 "Home Safe Home": 2003 Combined Sections Meeting, APTA

Invited Professional Presentations:

Aug 2013 “Respectful Communication with those with disabilities” and “Ethics in Physical Therapy: Having those tough discussions”

Student Programming, Alabama Chapter of PT Fall Conference, Birmingham, AL, Aug 2013

2009-2014 “Certified Exercise Expert for The Aging Adult” faculty, Program by Section on Geriatrics, APTA

Montgomery, AL March/Aug and October 2009, San Diego, CA July 2009 and February 2010

Asheville NC Mar 2010, May 2010, September 2010 Boston June 2010

Des Moines, Oct 2010, May 2011 San Antonio, Jan 2011

Miami, FL, April 2011 Cherry Hill NJ April 2012 St Louis MN June 2012

Auburn, WA Oct 2012 and Feb 2013 July 2013, Huntsville, VA


May, July and Sept 2014, Cherry Hill, NJ July, Aug, and Oct 2014, Milwaukee, WI

April 2013 “Clinical Education: Viability of clinical Education within the Current Health Care Environment”, College of Health Sciences, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL

Oct 2010 “Aging Integumentary System”, Wisconsin PT Assoc Fall meeting, July 2010 “Focus Geriatrics: Aging Integumentary System”, EXPAC, Indiana July 2010 “Manual Therapy for the Geriatric Patient”, lab instructor, Portland, ME, April 2010 Understanding the aging Musculoskeletal System to Develop the PT POC”

Missouri PT Spring Meeting, St Louis, MO

2009-2010 “Aging Musculoskeletal System: Using Functional Outcomes to Develop a Plan of Care”

Dallas TX, November 2009 Tulsa, OK, Aug 2010,

New Orleans LA, Sept 2010, Ormond, FL Oct 2010

Sept 2009 “Rehab Balance Assessment Tools: Fall Prevention for Aging Adults”, Presbyterian Manor, Chicago, IL,

August 2008 “Aging Musculoskeletal System: Implications for therapy”, Restore Therapy Annual Conference Birmingham, AL

June 2004 "Recognizing Elder Abuse": APTA National Symposium, Chicago 2004 July 2004 "More than skin deep", Continuing education course, Omaha, NE Oct 2004 “FUNfitness-Special Olympic Healthy Athlete Program” Iowa State PT

Association Fall meeting, Ames IA May2003 "Home Safe Home" and

"Boning up on Health: A Look at Osteoporosis"

Iowa Governor’s Council on Aging, Des Moines, IA

Oct 2003 "Osteoporosis": National Student Conclave, APTA, Milwaukee, WI

March 2003 "Physiology of Aging and the Role of Physical Therapy “Iowa State University; Ames, IA


May 2003 "Physiology of Aging and the Role of Physical Therapy” Northern Iowa PTA Association, Mason City, IA

1999-2007 "Credentialed Clinical Instructors Course", biannually 1999-2007 Locations:

Creighton University Omaha, NE

Northern Iowa Community College, Mason City, IA Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA RADIO TALK SHOW

“Living with Diabetes”, 2013, Montgomery, AL "Talk of Iowa: Osteoporosis": 2002, Ames, IA

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 2014-present Federation of State Board Physical Therapy,

Item writer

2014- present Alabama Board of Physical Therapy Licensure, Appointed Task force on continuing education, member

2010- 2013 Federation of State Board Physical Therapy, Item Bank Review Committee

1976-PRESENT: American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

2007-2010 Chair, Combined Program Chairs Committee 2007-2009 Member, Committee on Chapters and Sections 2011-2013 SOG representative, CSM Task force Committee Section on Geriatrics:

1978-1980, 1993-Present Member 2012-2015 Vice President

2014-present Course Administrator, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, Series of 3 courses and testing 2012 Member, Geriatrics Specialty Council Certification

Standard Setting Committee, ABPTS

2012-present Member, proposal review committee, CSM, Section on Geriatrics

2003-2012 Combined Sections Meeting Program/education Chair 2000-present Editorial Board: “Gerinotes”

2004-2010 Director, Board of Directors 2009 Member, Finance Committee 2007-2009 Item writer,


Specialty Academy of Content Experts (SACE-ABPTS)

2006-2009 Member,

Description of Specialty Practice Review Committee 2006 Member, Geriatric Specialty Council Certification

Standard Setting Committee of ABPTS 2008 Assistant Editor, March Issue of Gerinotes 2003 Guest Editor,

Focus issue on Osteoporosis, January Issue of Gerinotes

Education Section:

1988-Present Member

1999-2007 Credentialed Trainer, Clinical Instructor Course 1988-2008 Member, Clinical Education SIG

Electrophysiology Section:

1994-Present Member

1994- Present Wound Management Special Interest Group Charter Member

2010- Present WMSIG, Task force on certification 1998-2002 Co Chair,

WMSIG Practice Guidelines Committee Neurology Section

2010-present Member

2008-Presnt Alabama Physical Therapy Association (ALPTA) 2010-2012,

Reelected 2012-2014 Director at Large

2010-2012 Member: Patient Access and Information Act task force to Obtain direct access in Alabama

1993- 2008 Iowa Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) 2002-2006 Medicare Reviewer

2004-2010 Special Olympics Healthy Athletes

2008-2010 Southeast Regional Director, FUNfitness 2003-2008 Clinical Director, Iowa FUNfitness,

National Games Coordinator

2004-2008 FUNfitness International Training Committee, Trained in Cayman Islands, Jan 2004


2005-2008 ARC of Story County

2005-2008 Director Board of Directors Manuscript (Book) Review:

Malone DJ, Bishop KL. Acute Care PT: A Clinician’s Guide. Slack (Reviewed in preparation for 2nd edition), 2012.

Adult Neurological Rehabilitation: A Case Based Approach. (Reviewed book proposal, 2012) Jones & Barlett Learning.

Evidence Based Therapeutic Exercise. (Reviewed book proposal) Slack Incorporated. Oct 2013.

Manuscript Review:

American Gerontology Society. Practice Guidelines for Post Operative Delirium Patient Care, 2014.

FACULTY TEACHING Alabama State University

Fall 2010 PTH 782 Geriatrics

PTH 655 Fundamentals of Neurological Rehabilitation I Spring 2011 PTH 665 Fundamentals of Neurological Rehabilitation II

PTH 535 PT Interventions-Wound Management Fall 2011 PTH 782 Geriatrics

PTH 655 Fundamentals of Neurological Rehabilitation I PTH 790 Research III

Fall 2012 PTH 782 Geriatrics

PTH 655 Fundamentals of Neurological Rehabilitation I PTH 790 Research III

Spring 2013 PTH 665 Fundamentals of Neurological Rehabilitation II Fall 2013 HSC 5013 Introduction to Integumentary

PTH 6453 Introduction to Neurological Physical Therapy PTH 782 Geriatrics

HSC 5009 Assistive Technology PTH 759 Clinical Pharmacology PTH 790 Research III


PTH 7555 Clinical Integumentary Physical Therapy PTH 759 Clinical Pharmacology

HSC 5008 Entry Level Clinical Pharmacology

Fall 2014 PTH 7455 Introduction to Neurological Physical Therapy PTH 790 Clinical Pharmacology

HSC 5008 Entry Level Clinical Pharmacology HSC 5013 Introduction to Integumentary PTH 7784 Gender Health

College of St Scholastica

Fall/Spring 2007-2014 PTH 6710 Pharmacology for Physical Therapy Online course using WebCT

Creighton University

Spring 2004 PTD 437 PT Interventions II, unit on Integumentary 16 contact hours

Spring 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

PTD 437 PT Interventions II, unit on Integumentary, 12 contact hours

PTD 439 PT Interventions IV, unit on Integumentary, 12 contact hours

Iowa State University

Spring Semesters 2004, 2006, 2008 GERON 501D Physical Activity & Aging Online Course using WebCT

Washburn University Fall 1989 AL 264 Clinical I AL 170 PT Procedures Spring 1989 AL 279 Clinical II AL 273 PT Issues Fall 1988 AL 264 Clinical I AL 170 PT Procedures

Academic Service

Alabama State University

2010-2012: College Of Health Science: Fellowship Committee 2012-Present:

College of Health Science: Curriculum committee


Physical Therapy Program:

Curriculum Committee (co chair 2012-present) Admissions Committee (chair 2013/2014) Clinical Education Committee( 2012-2014) Graduation committee (2014-2015)


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