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Thanks, Lord Jesus, for the healing power and strength you give me every day.

To my daughter, Valerie, truth and faith bring peace and joy. Keep your integrity and faith, and the Lord will give you love and every joy life has to




Foreword by Kirti M. Kalidas, M.D., N.D. vii Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: Get Ready to Take Fat Loss to a Whole New Level xi


1 Understanding the Code and the Secrets

to Fat Loss 3

2 Exercise Secrets to Maximize Fat Loss 9


3 How to Use Your Success Planner 29

4 Weeks 1–2: Double-Accelerated Fat-Loss

Daily Success Planner 37

5 Weeks 3–5: Metabolic Increase Cycle

(MIC) Daily Success Planner 75

6 Weeks 6–8: Metabolic Adaptation Cycle

(MAC) Daily Success Planner 127


7 Flexible Planning for Weekends, Traveling,

Holidays, and Time Off 183


vi Contents


9 Making Wendy’s “Mmm Good” Recipes

Work for You 211

10 Breakfast and Egg Recipes 215

11 Shakes and Smoothies 221

12 Soups and Salads 229

13 Sides and Vegetables 237

14 Entrees 247

15 Desserts 255

Appendix: Beginner’s Home Workout 259 References and Scientifi c Basis 271 Index 277




The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.

—Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus At the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, we believe the best approach to your health is an integrative one, giving you the benefi ts of both natural and conventional medicine to restore optimal health and balance.

Wendy Chant and I share this philosophy with our clients and patients, respectively, and have been sending referrals to one another for years. When I have a patient who expresses a need for more movement or dietary discretion in his or her life, my fi rst thought—and recommendation—is Wendy. When she has clients whose needs go beyond mere physical and dietary changes, she sends them to me, so I can restore their hormonal balance. This way, her clients and my patients can achieve maxi-mum balance for cellular health.

Life is all about equilibrium; at least, that’s the view that Wendy and I share. Wendy’s philosophy is based on balanc-ing what you eat and how you move. In Crack the Fat-Loss Code, she introduced the idea that creating a sense of balance in the body was essential to restoring the proper levels of fat and muscle. In this new book, she focuses on how what you eat and when you move create a new sense of balance designed to readjust your metabolism for life.

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code speaks to more than just weight loss or physical fi tness; it speaks to the daily balance that must exist within the body’s cells to provide maximum health


ben-viii Foreword

efi ts. This book accomplishes what Wendy and I both try to do in our private practices: build a bridge toward wellness.

Many people might see this as just another diet book, but to do so would be to miss out on most of its benefi ts. In this volume, Wendy shares groundbreaking information about how your body needs, digests, and uses the food you eat. The body is full of complex pathways, delivery routes, organs, and systems that defy description. Wendy shares both essential information and the routines to help you understand how important it is to incorporate physical fi tness with nutrition for fat loss.

Her program goes beyond weight loss or muscle building; everything she writes about is carefully designed to promote function and balance within each of the body’s millions of cells. When cellular balance is achieved, you have more control over your body—whether to lose weight; get in shape; or simply bal-ance all the areas of your body, mind, and soul.

We are all born with genetic factors that infl uence our lives. Many people feel they are doomed—or at least defi ned—by these factors, but it is my philosophy that genes affect only 20 percent of how we live; the other 80 percent is determined by the daily choices we make when it comes to things like nutrition, fi tness, lifestyle, and more.

We all want beautiful, radiant skin; a smaller waist; and optimal health, but if we don’t have the proper diet and exer-cise program, these results can’t exist. Conquer the Fat-Loss Code covers both eating and movement to create balance in your body so that you can achieve your personal nutrition and fi tness goals. I recommend it highly, both as a physician and as a friend!

—Kirti M. Kalidas, M.D., N.D.

The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine




This was an incredibly important book for me. The time in which it was completed was a sheer miracle, and it certainly wouldn’t have had a chance without the incredible work of my writing authority, Rusty Fischer. Thank you, Rusty, once again for your true professionalism and incredible writing ability; you’re an amazing talent and a gifted writer.

Thanks to my literary agent, Wendy Sherman, who contin-ues to believe in me and my message and mission to help the world become fi t.

Special thanks to the team at McGraw-Hill: my editors, Judith McCarthy, Fiona Sarne, and Nancy Hall for their hard work in publishing this book on such a tight deadline. I appreci-ate the continued opportunity they have given me to spread my message.

Thanks to the love of my life, Scott, who has been my true friend and soul mate. Thanks for your love and support, babe. I love you.

Special appreciation and eternal gratitude to my dear friend Diane Breen, who has always been there through good and bad times to advise me, lend a hand, and be a true friend. I love you, my friend.

Many thanks to Debbie Cumming and Cathy Marques for helping with some parts of this book.

Special appreciation goes to this wonderful group of divinely sent true friends who have seen me through so much this past year. I will always hold their love, support, and prayers dear. Thanks in friendship to Ann and Tom Holstein, Jannet Abraham-Clark, Ray Clark, Susan Johnson, Jerrie Griffee, Dar-lean Yankovich, Sonja and Chris Smith, Laura Tappen Brown, Sandy Ambrose, Jana Weiner, Ina Williams, Debbie Barnes,




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