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Public Health


Community Health Services Director/CHS Administrator



Public Health Office Dodge Center, MN


Office Hours 8:00 - 4:30 P.M. Evening/Weekend hours as needed.




Under the general supervision of the Community Health Services Director/CHS Administrator and the technical supervision of the MN Department of Public Health, responsible for directing and

supervising nurses, dieticians, health educators and other assigned staff in the six areas of Public Health responsibilities; performs professional public health nursing services to individuals, families and groups; promotes disease prevention and control through public education and immunization programs; participates on interdisciplinary team to assure client service coordination with other disciplines; assigns workload to team members; and performs related work as assigned. Must be available to support the department during emergency situations.

Duty No.

Essential Duties Frequency B/G

(A position may not include all the work examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned)


A. Supervision of Public Health nurses, dieticians, health educators and other assigned staff providing services in the six areas of public health responsibility which includes programs such as Maternal Child Health, WIC, Parenting, Child and Teen Outreach, Public Health Emergency Preparedness, SHIP, Disease Prevention, Waivered Programs, Assessments and Health Promotion.

B. Works with staff or team leads on client assignment, planning of clinics and other public health activities.

C. Hiring, orientating, training, performance evaluations, discharge, rewards and develops and monitors performance improvement plans.

D. Monitors nurses work schedules, time off requests and


approves assigned staff timecards.

E. Monitors nursing and dietician licensure requirements and assures individual training requirements for all assigned staff are complete and current.

F. Advocate for staff needs, provide appropriate educational opportunities and assure resources are available for staff. G. Demonstrate problem solving, leadership, conflict management,

and team building skills in order to ensure a productive work environment and achievement of goals.


A. Participate in development and implementation of Community Health Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan and Quality

Improvement Plan for Agency and Community Health Board. B. Implement and monitor program changes mandated by the

Legislature and/or Department of Health.

C. Ensures the department is providing public health services in accordance with federal, state and local policies, rules and regulations.

D. Reviews client charts to monitor quality of service. E. Have knowledge and provide assistance in obtaining and

managing available state, federal and local grants by conducting research, writing and submitting applications.

F. Communicates and provides reports and updates to director on departmental workload, programs and policies.

G. Assist with departmental budget planning.



A. Provide professional Public Health Nursing Services to individuals and families in the community

B. Carries out duties as assigned within the framework of the policies and philosophy of the agency.

C. Performs all aspects of the Nursing Process: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation.

D. Documents accurately and completely observations, treatments given and other significant information in the client record. Maintains adequate records at all times, and submits appropriate and timely periodic reports as required. E. Coordinates activities with other professional and

para-professional staff involved in the client’s care.

F. Accurately interprets Agency policies and services to persons receiving services or those inquiring about services.

G. Participates in planning own professional development activities.

H. Accepts and processes client referrals from physicians, family members, clients themselves, and others in the community. I. Applies public health nursing skills to individuals, families, and

groups by practicing advanced nursing principles and appropriate preventative rehabilitative measures.

J. Guides and counsels families and clients so that they recognize their health needs and problems, by interpreting implications of medical diagnoses and introducing ways of coping with medical treatments and possible changed lifestyles.


K. Provides families with information and support which may help them to perceive their situation more realistically.

L. Teach patient and family members technical procedures as appropriate.

M. Participates in periodic quality assurance review of public health nursing and paraprofessionals.

N. Provides case management for waivered service clients. O. Assess client financial status to determine program eligibility

and refer to financial worker when appropriate.



A. Participates in and coordinates adult/child health screening clinics in accordance with public health policies by administering vision and hearing tests, blood pressure screenings, nutrition screening, blood screening, (ie: hematocrit, blood glucose, lead), Child and Teen Checkup screen protocol and educates clients in health promotion and wellness programs.

B. Carries out health screening and counseling activities for walk-in clients and at clinics, health fairs, etc. as assigned.

C. In response to request from the community, provides information and referral as needed.

D. Represents the Agency at conferences and meetings as requested.

E. Utilizes public health nursing principles by teaching and counseling new parents in appropriate infant and child care; including stages of normal growth and development.

F. Assesses potential problems of families and clients; teaches and encourages healthy coping methods and wellness programs to prevent future health problems and diseases. G. Provides preventative and restorative health counseling and

teaching to maintain optimum health of individual, families, and other community groups.

H. Coordinates and facilitates the dissemination of community health information to the public through presentations, workshops or seminars as the health needs of population groups determine.




A. Participates in and coordinates adult/child health immunization clinics in accordance with public health policies by administering immunizations, and tuberculosis tests.

B. Participates in investigation of infectious disease potential outbreak/outbreaks in the community.

C. Provides case management for clients identified with active T.B. Administers prescribed medications to walk-in clients.



 Knowledge of Work Rules. Develops and maintains a thorough working knowledge of all department and applicable jurisdictional policies and procedures in order to help facilitate compliance with such policies and procedures by all staff members.

 Commitment to the Work Group. Develops respectful, cooperative and productive work relationships with co-workers, including the demonstrated willingness to help newer staff so their respective job responsibilities can be performed with confidence as quickly as possible.  Commitment to Customer Service. Demonstrates by personal example the service quality

and integrity expected from all staff members. Represent Dodge County in a professional manner to the general public, employees and other outside contact/constituencies in a manner that helps maintain and enhance Dodge County’s reputation as well managed and citizen oriented.

 Communication. Confer regularly with and keep one’s immediate supervisor informed of all important matters pertaining to those functions and job responsibilities for which they are accountable.

 Productivity and Work Organization. Demonstrates ability to plan, organize and accomplish work in a timely and effective manner. Report to work location on time and on a regular basis.  Problem Solving and Decision Making. Exercise good judgment in problem solving, analytical

thinking, and independent thinking as it relates to departmental and county procedures, problems, and policy interpretations.

 Safety Rules and Procedures. Know and observe the safety policies and procedures of the County. Perform tasks in a safe and efficient manner while using appropriate safety

equipment, clothing, and devices.


 Graduation from a National League of Nursing accredited baccalaureate program in nursing.


 Current licensure to practice professional nursing in Minnesota.  Certification as a Public Health Nurse in Minnesota.


 Two years full time supervisory experience, preferably in the field of Public Health and three years of experience as a Public Health nurse or registered nurse.


 Thorough knowledge of the principles of public health nursing programs.  Knowledge of public health nursing administration.

 Knowledge of current trends in public health care service delivery.

 Knowledge and understanding of federal, state, and local rules and regulations within the Public Health Services area.


 Knowledge of public health services program eligibility requirements.

 Knowledge of current research in the area of communicable diseases and social service resources and their functions.

 Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of public health nursing programs and identify unmet public health nursing needs within the community.

 Ability to apply principles of public health to communities, families and individuals  Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationship with agency staff,

representatives of other agencies, clients and the general public  Ability to maximize available resources.

 Ability to identify and eliminate duplication of service  Ability to direct and teach public health nursing staff  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

 Ability to do logical, creative thinking and to make independent decisions.

 Establish and maintain effective and supportive public relations sufficient to interpret and convey information, policies, and legal requirements to inquiring individuals and


 Ability to utilize effective teaching methods in relating to clients, families, groups and staff.  Demonstrates ability to identify and solve problems creatively.

 Demonstrates ability to strive for continuous quality improvement.

 Demonstrates sensitivity and respect of cultural and individual differences.

 Demonstrates keyboarding, word processing and computer documentation abilities.


Medium work which may include exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally. Visual and aural acuity sufficient to conduct physical assessments and communicate orally and in writing. At times requires stooping, crouching, reaching and climbing on a step ladder.


Position involves travel throughout the County in all seasons of the year. A significant number of work hours are spent in client homes under varying conditions of cleanliness and temperature. This position carries the possibility of exposure to infectious agents, including bloodborne pathogens. Demands flexibility in scheduling, including presentations or possible evening and weekend visits, to meet diverse client and community needs.


Part V: Additional Comments: 

Physical, Mental and Environmental Requirements

Part I: Physical Requirements

Section A

The physical mobility requirements of this job are to spend:

Section B

The physical effort requirements of this job are

# of pounds lifted

Section C

The physical dexterity requirements of this job are to operate:

5 hours a day sitting 20 pounds lifted waist high x a telephone

1 hours a day standing 0 pounds lifted shoulder high x Computer/electronic equipment 2 hours a day walking 0 pounds lifted above the head hand tools

hours a day kneeling Electric tools

hours a day stooping x Manipulate small objects 1 miles a day walked 20 pounds are carried alone

feet climbed using a ladder pounds are carried with someone else feet climbed on an incline 30 distance weight must be carried (feet) feet climbed using stairs pounds are pushed

pounds are pulled pounds are held

Part II: Sensory Abilities

The checked items listed below are sensory requirements needed for this job. Items are critical, useful, or not required.

Part III: Mental Effort

The mental efforts required on a daily basis are:

critical useful

X see X reading X Analyzing data

X distinguish colors X writing X Searching for solutions X hear or listen X basic arithmetic Creating methodologies

X taste mathematics X Conducting research

X smell X weighing and/or measuring X Managing resources

X touch X visualizing conclusions X Evaluating performance of others X speak

Part IV: Work Environment

The elements of this job’s work environment are (complete all that apply):

4 hours a day spent working

under time pressure 90

The condition of the air is clean

(controlled) X

The noise level is normal

4 hours a day spent working

rapidly 3

The condition of the air is normal/average The noise level is loud, requiring ear


95 % of time spent indoors 1 The condition of the air is dusty/dirty X The surface of the working environment is level 5 % of time spent outdoors 1 The condition of the air is wet/humid X The surface of the working

environment is sloping 10 % of time spent in an

automotive vehicle 5

The condition of the air is affected by

fumes, smoke etc. X

The surface of the working environment is uneven 95 % of time spent at a desk,

bench or window X

The surface of the working environment is slippery 95 % of time spent in an

office or control room

Part V: Additional Comments: This position requires some visits into homes that could be smoky or unclean. During the winter months you could encounter sloping, uneven, or slippery conditions while making home visits.


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