through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear

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St Patrick’s Mass Schedule Weekend: Saturday at 4:15 pm Until further notice, there will be

no confessions at St. Patrick’s. Universal Intention: That human trafficking, the modern

form of slavery, may be eradicated.

For Evangelization: That with a missionary spirit the Christian communities of Asia may announce the Gospel to those who are still awaiting it.

OCTOBER PARISH INTENTION: That, through God’s healing power, there would be a decrease of violence in

our nation, making our communities safer for our children.

5:00 PM Confessions 7:00 PM RCIA @ STM

8/10 AM Masses 12:00 PM Spanish Mass 5:00 PM SDCW Rosary

8 & 10 AM Masses 12:00 PM Spanish Mass 6:00 PM Healing 10:00 AM Prayer Shawl 6:30 PM GriefShare 7:00 PM RE Rosary


through his suffering,

my servant shall justify many,

and their guilt he shall bear




Fr. Kerry Ninemire—Pastor, Fr. Carlos Ruiz—Parochial Vicar, Father Merlin Kieffer—Retired, in Residence

Deacon Ron Lehman


Bettina Boller Religious Education Director 565-5000 Ext. 118, Barbara Brelsford 565-5000

Weekend cleaning of Church & Rectory Katharina Coleman Finance Director

565-5000 Ext. 125, Patti Daugherty Office Assistant

Ramona Kramer Music Director Vanessa Leach 565-5000

Weekday cleaning of Parish Center and Church Stacie Levendofsky Office Manager/Secretary 565-5000 Ext. 110, Maria McAnerney Youth Ministry Director 565-5000 Ext. 119,

Ken Randall Maintenance Director-565-5050 Ext. 119

Rosie Rundell Pastoral Associate

565-5000 Ext. 115,






Scott Hulshoff Principal 565-5050

Cindy Donohoue Development Office 565-5060

INFANT BAPTISM Call the parish office and schedule a preceding preparation session and baptism. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE Contact the parish at least 6 months prior to the intended date, and participate

in sessions of preparation. Weddings are not scheduled in Advent or Lent.

SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING Call the parish to schedule a time with one of the priests.

October 18: Tom & Deb Vilkansas October 25: Tom & Deb Vilkanskas

November 1: Lisa Sedlacek & Barb Bonhotal

Please visit our website to complete the following:

 To register in the parish, or change your registration  To see an up-to-date calendar

 To see what is happening within the parish!

Stewardship Thought

“For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve

and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

If you held a mirror up to your life, would it reflect God’s love and grace? If you are struggling with this, try changing your attitude from “I want more” to “thank you God for everything you have given me, I have enough to share”. This change in perspective will bring you joy through service to others.

“Porque ni aun el Hijo del hombre vino para que le sirvan, sino para servir y para dar su vida en rescate por muchos."

Marcos 10:45

Si pudiera ver su vida reflejada en el espejo, ¿reflejaría el amor y gracia de Dios? Si usted tiene dificultad con esto, intente cambiar su actitud de "quiero más" a "gracias Señor por todo lo que me has dado, tengo lo suficiente para compartir". Este cambio de perspectiva le traerá dicha por medio del servicio a los demás.






STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE for October 11, 2015

Seven Dolors Saint Patrick’s

Offertory $880.04 Offertory $130.25 Env. Tithing $5593.00 Env. Tithing $115.00 Auto Tithing $285.00 Auto Tithing $35.00 Donation $0.00 Donation $0.00 Total $6758.04 Total $280.25 LECTURAS DE LA SEMANA Lunes: Rom 4:20-25; Lc 1:69-75; Lc 12:13-21 Martes: Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21; Sal 40 (39):7-10, 17; Lc 12:35-38

Miércoles: Rom 6:12-18; Sal

124 (123):1b-8;Lc 12:39-48

Jueves: Rom 6:19-23; Sal 1:1-4,

6; Lc 12:49-53

Viernes: Rom 7:18-25a; Sal 119

(118):66, 68, 76-77, 93-94; Lc 12:54-59

Sábado: Rom 8:1-11; Sal 24

(23):1b-4ab, 5-6; Lc 13:1-9

Domingo: Jer 31:7-9; Sal

126:1-6; Heb 5:1-126:1-6; Mc 10:46-52

READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Rom 4:20-25; Lk 1:69 -75; Lk 12:13-21 Tuesday: Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21; Ps 40:7-10, 17; Lk 12:35-38 Wednesday: Rom 6:12-18; Ps 124:1b-8; Lk 12:39-48 Thursday: Rom 6:19-23; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 12:49-53

Friday: Rom 7:18-25a; Ps 119:

66, 68, 76-77, 93-94; Lk 12:54-59 Saturday: Rom 8:1-11; Ps 24: 1b-4ab, 5-6; Lk 13:1-9 Sunday: Jer 31:7-9; Ps 126:1-6; Heb 5:1-126:1-6; Mk 10:46-52


The 3rd Annual CYO Bierock Sale

CYO will begin taking orders for

bierocks on October 17-18 and October

24-25 after all Masses.

The bierocks will be

distributed on Sunday,

November 8 after each

Mass. Proceeds will go

toward NCYC 2015.


One cannot help but notice the new doors on the main entrance to the Church. Thank you to those who donated

and others who volunteered their labor to this project. The new doors give us an occasion to pause and reflect on

the meaning of doors, especially to a Church.

When you step through the doorway of a church, you are leaving the outer-world behind and entering an inner world. The outside world is a place abounding in life and

activity, but also a mingling of the base and ugly. It is a sort of a market place, crossed and re-crossed by all. There is something profane but not bad about it. Behind the church doors is an inner place, separated from all this

activity and market place. It is a silent and holy spot. It is true that the whole world has been created by God and we may meet anywhere, that all we receive is from God’s hand, and when thankfully received, is holy.

Never-theless women and men have always felt that certain places were in a special manner set apart and dedicated

to God.

Between the outer and inner world are the doors. They are the barriers between the market place and the sanc-tuary, between what belongs to the world at large and what has been consecrated to God. And the doors warn humans who open them to go inside that they must leave at the door the thoughts, wishes and cares which are here out of place. The place you are entering is holy ground. Do not rush through the doors. Let us take time to open our hearts to their meaning and pause a moment. In this way, our entering will be an act that is fully intended and

reflected upon.

(These words and thoughts are from Romano Guardini’s outstanding little book entitled SACRED SIGNS. We will finish

his reflection on the meaning of doors nest week)


This coming Wednesday, October 21, is the deadline to register your child for this RE year!!


El próximo miércoles, día 21 de octubre, es la fecha límite para registrar a su hijo para este nuevo año!!

Liturgical Renewal

We will have a change in our Liturgical Renewal process. In recent years, we have been meeting between Masses during a weekend near the beginning of the new liturgical year. Our new Liturgical Minister Reflection Day will be held during Lent. Watch the bulletin around that

time for more details.

Update on (Rev.) Joseph Popelka

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below you will find a message directly from Fr. Joseph Popelka, your former pastor. From the time of his leave

of absence I have been in regular contact with him, including in-person meetings. As you will read below,

following his leave of absence Father undertook an extended spiritual retreat. He likewise has consulted with trusted individuals. The result is that he has elected to

leave priestly ministry. While such a decision always involves sadness for us all, it is perhaps important to recall that the ministry he offered generously in the past

is in no way diminished. It is my hope that each of you will keep him in prayer as he discerns his future.

May God bless you abundantly. Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger


During these days of rest, I have taken the

opportunity to attend an extended retreat and to

take significant time to reflect and pray. I have discovered that during my 23 years as a priest that a

certain peace was lacking in my life. The stress involved in priestly ministry also was a great burden.

This has become stronger in the past three years since my parents' deaths. For this reason, I will not be returning to the priestly ministry. While I am firm

in my decision to seek laicization, I will miss and always treasure the blessing of being a part of

people's lives. (Rev.) Joseph Popelka


Consider the joy of spending one hour each week in quiet prayer before the Lord.



If you are interested in taking an hour for adoration, or with questions, please call:

Phyllis Mentgen at 565-1103 or Linda Lake at 341-2574

CURRENT NEEDS Pancake Mix Boxed Potato Mix

Rice Mixes Fruit Cocktail Canned Mixed Vegetables UPDATE: Ten orders were

filled today. We’re so blessed to have such generous

donors. May God bless you

in return!





Second Adorers Needed for the following times:

Sunday 6 am, Thursday 3 am, Friday 11 am, Saturday 3 am

Seven Dolors

Parish Council

Cathie Lavis



Ray Buyle



Patty Reinert

, Liturgy Liaison

Ben Bussard

, MCS Liaison

Lucille Johnson

, Evangelization Liaison

Joe McGraw

, Catholic Formation Liaison

Amy Everett

, Parish Life Liaison

Karen Weathers

, Parish Life Liaison

Delores Thomas, Recording Secretary

NCYC is next month -- November 19-22

“Here I am, Lord” Indianapolis, IN

CYO would like to ask the parish to pray for

our journey. We have 18 youth and 11 adults

attending. We do still have a few youth that

could use some financial help to attend the

conference. If you can offer assistance in this

regard, any donation for scholarships would be



Thank you so much for your continued dedication to our Capital Campaign. It is wonderful to see so many envelopes included in our Regular Collection every


We would like to ask for one small favor: please make sure to write a separate check for the Capital Campaign and do not include the Capital Campaign

on one check for multiple envelopes. Your attention to this matter will help our Money Counters, the Finance Office and Pledge Redemption

Company to keep track of pledges with the most accuracy possible.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lisa Sedlacek, Realtor®



Realty Executives-Weis Real Estate Co.


Manhattan, KS 66502


SDCW Annual Rosary

The SDCW will be praying a special rosary on

Oc-tober 25, for all women of Seven Dolors, living and

deceased. Rosary will begin in church at 5PM and

be followed by a potluck salad supper in the

church basement. After supper Sister Margaret

Nacke will give a presentation on the scourge of

human trafficking. Sister Margaret, who lives in

Belleville, KS, founded the Bakhita Initiative. Its

goals are to create a specific nationwide network

of Catholic Sisters involved in efforts to end human

trafficking. She was awarded a grant enabling her

to develop a database that includes 90

congrega-tions of sisters, networks and

collab-orations where there is a strong

pres-ence of sisters who address human

trafficking. Please join us for this

evening of sisterhood. This is open to

all women.

October Rosaries

Throughout the month of

October, Seven Dolors will have a

rosary before each Saturday 6

pm, Sunday 8 am and Sunday 10

am Mass. Please join us in this

devotion at 25 minutes before

each Mass.

Next week’s leaders

Oct 24-25

6 pm: Stacie Levendofsky

8 am: Nellie Bucholtz

10 am: Layne Turnbull

Notice for St. Patrick’s Parishioners:

Fr. Kerry will host a general parish meeting after the 4:15 Mass on October 24

to discuss liturgical ministries, parish care and parish financ-es. The meeting should last about 30 minutes.

Are you dealing with the death of your spouse, a parent, a sib-ling, a child or a friend? Come to any or all of a series of meet-ings to help you understand, cope, and heal through a pro-cess called GriefShare. Wheth-er it’s been one month, one year or 10 years, GriefShare can help you heal from the loss of your loved one. Each week the group will watch a video seminar on DVD. Our next meeting of GriefShare is Tuesday, October 20. The topic is “ Les-sons of Grief – Part One” “You need help to face the days ahead, to take steps forward, to do your grief work, and to remain steady as you go. This session introduces several practical lessons that will help.” Join us! Meetings are Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM in the Seven Dolors Parish Center, 731 Pierre. You are welcome to come to any or all sessions. For more information call the Parish Offices at 565-5000.

On October 22, Fr. Kerry will talk about Morality and Social Justice to the Inquirers. We meet in the Tower Room of the Utopia annex at 7p.m. If you have questions, call Rosie at the office or email her at

Church Basement and School/Gym Rental

It seems like in this day and age everything we do is

be-coming more complicated. Speaking of complicated, we

are being asked to change the way we rent the church

basement and school gym. As always, we will continue

to rent these spaces for a donation. That has not

changed. However, due to insurance concerns, we are

going to have to start requiring that the person

responsi-ble for the rental provide a copy of their homeowners

insurance listing that coverage has been extended for the

rental event. Although this seems like a burdensome

re-quest, insurance companies are actually used to getting

these requests and it should be relatively easy for them to

provide you with this. We apologize for the

inconven-ience, but if this allows us to continue renting the space

for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc., then it is a

small price to pay. Thank you for your understanding and


MCS Upcoming Events

Week of October 19th-23rd







School/Parish Clean-Up Day

Saturday, November 7th

more information to come...










Go to and set up an account to register online. Once registered, select Manhattan

Cath-olic Schools as the recipient of a percentage of your purchases. The

school is receiving 5% cash back from the Shoppers Cards. What an

easy way to help our school! 3rd Quarter 2015 (July 1st-September 30th) alone has brought

in $2,883.17! This is with only 235

families participating— won’t you please add your family to the list? Thank you for supporting Catholic



at Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Manhattan, KS

October 4, 2015

by Fr. Kerry Ninemire

Charles David Waggoner


Dylan John Waggoner

sons of

Adam & Brenda (Holland) Waggoner Godparents:

Shannon Clark & Betsy Macke Chris Waggoner & Barb Holland

The Diocese of Salina Respect Life Office will sponsor a bus trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20-24, 2016. The trip includes bus fare, hotel for two nights, Mass, the March For Life, National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, sightseeing, and the Life is VERY Good Rally, youth/lifeisverygood.aspx (optional, additional cost) Cost of the trip is $325 per person. Online Registra-tion is available at, Reservations are due no later

than Oct. 1.

For more information contact Eric & Jaclyn Brown, 785-650-2474, or

For the past 25 years, many of you have been faithfully clipping and saving Best Choice UPC codes. I started collecting the codes for the benefit of Seven Dolors Adult Choir. Since that time I have redeemed around 75,000 codes resulting in approxi-mately $2,200 for the choir. Thank you so much to everyone who saved, whether it was one code or a sack full. I never knew where they came from but you all know, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts. Since Ray's Supermarket has closed, we no longer have a source for Best Choice products in Manhattan that I know of. If you still have codes you have not sent, go ahead and send them as I need 1,000 to mail at a time and I have around 600. God bless you all! -Delores Thomas

In your November envelope

packet, you will find an

envelope marked "All Souls

Day." This envelope is to

remember deceased

persons who are special to

you. The envelopes will be

placed in a basket on a

stand next to the altar on Nov. 1st weekend

and they will be remembered at Mass. The

monies in the envelopes will be used toward

our Parish Charity, Memorial and Mass

Funds. We will publish the names of your

Beloved Deceased in a future bulletin. You will

also have the opportunity to write their names

in the Book of the Dead in the Sanctuary. Note

that we have two Masses on All Souls' Day

(Monday, Nov. 2nd): 7:00 and 5:20.


The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is

taught by Lori Harlan, FertilityCare

Practition-er. There are brochures in the Gathering Area

about the Creighton Model Fertility Care

Sys-tem, known as the most natural and safe way

for family planning.

Please contact Lori at


questions or to sign up for

an introductory session.



(Healing Mass)

In light of our awareness of

cancer during the month of October, Seven Dolors

will have a special Mass for those affected by cancer

on Monday, October 19th at 6 pm. At this

Mass, we will celebrate the Sacrament of the

Anointing of the Sick. If you are affected by cancer

or another serious illness, we invite you to this




Morrison, Frost, Olsen, Irvine & Schartz LLP P. Bernard Irvine 785-776-9208 323 Poyntz, Suite 204, Manhattan, KS 66502 AUTOMOTIVE Clay's Auto Service

Clay & Esther Umscheid 785-539-9481

1630 Poyntz, Manhattan 66502

Schram Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Chuck & Deb Schram 785-537-0357

3100 Anderson, Manhattan 66502


Alternative Healthcare Center

Dr. John Wertin 785-537-9330 830 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, KS 66502 CONSTRUCTION

D & R Construction, Inc.


210 Southwind Place Suite 2C, Manhattan, KS 66503


The Dental Health Group, LLP J. Dennis Dlabal, DDS;

Britt C. Feltner, DDS; Jill Dlabal-Ellner, DDS; Dana Ryan-Smith, DDS


1640 Charles Place, Suite 101 Manhattan 66502

ELECTRICIANS Robert's Electric, Inc.


2708 Amherst Ave., Suite B Manhattan, KS 66502


Stifel Nicolaus & Co., Inc.

Charlie Browne 785-776-1066

323 Poyntz, Manhattan, KS 66502

The Trust Company

Mark Knackendoffel 785-537-7200

800 Poyntz, Manhattan 66502

HOME REMODELING & REPAIR Midland Exteriors Jamie Musa 785-537-5130 2794 Rory Road, Manhattan, KS 66502

Irvine’s Floor Covering, LLC Mark Irvine

785-539-8351 1218 Hostetler Drive Manhattan, KS 66502

LAUNDROMATS Speed Wash Laundry

“Por favor visitenos para lavar su ropa.”

620-640-7573 1118 Moro St. in Aggieville ORTHODONTICS Tindall Orthodontics Mark C. Tindall, DDS, MS, PA PEST CONTROL

American Pest Management, Inc.

Ravi Sachdeva 785-537-9188 220 Levee Drive, Manhattan, KS 66502 PHARMACY Kellstrom Pharmacy 785-776-1200 1860 Claflin Rd, Manhattan, KS 66502


Bob's Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Randall Steiner, Victor Steiner 785-539-4155

5281 Tuttle Creek Blvd., Manhattan, KS 66502


Lisa Sedlacek, Realtor®,SRES, ABR

Realty Executives-Weis Real Estate Co.


Manhattan, KS 66502

Irvine Real Estate, Inc.

Real Estate & Rentals

Paul B. Irvine, Mary Beth Irvine, John Irvine, Marlene Irvine, Dylan Sherley


1031 Poyntz , Manhattan, KS 66502

RETAIL STORES Christian Books & Gifts

Margaret Johnson 785-537-0310 1437 Anderson Ave. Manhattan, KS 66502 THRIFT STORES

Family Center Budget Shop

785-565-5010 730 Colorado Street, Manhattan KS 66502

Sat. 10/17 6 p.m. +RJ Robel

Sun. 10/18 8 a.m. +Mary Zane Aumack 10 a.m. +Steve Konz

12 p.m. For the Parish Mon. 10/19 6 p.m. +Vickie George

Tue. 10/20 7 a.m. SI Joe Mills Family 8 a.m. SI Rios-Cano Family Wed. 10/21 7 a.m. +Charlotte Bede Thur. 10/22 7 a.m. +Paul Ehm

8 a.m. +Keith Noll

Fri. 10/23 7 a.m. +Ann & Alec Micklos Sat. 10/24 6 p.m. SI Deborah Umscheid Sun. 10/25 8 a.m. Fr. John Moeder

10 a.m. +Mike Pachta 12 p.m. For the Parish


Sat. 10/17 4:15 p.m. +Bob Rogers, Sr. Sat. 10/24 4:15 p.m. +Joe Riley

Sacristan: Jean Kuehler Votives: Wright Family Linens: Tress Mitchem Albs: Patty Garibay


Your business could be here! Please contact the

parish office at 565-5000 and talk to Stacie.




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