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December 7, !"#

December 7, !"#


Detailed Lesson

Lesson Plan

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in English


Grade 9



a()naly*e literature as a means of connecting to the +orld  b(Express appreciation of sensory images and

c($dentify literary devices from the lines of the text given%

$%Sub'ect -atter 

Topic: ./omeo and 0uliet1 2excerpt( 3iterary devices -aterials: laptop, graphic organi*er, charts

/eference: Teacher4s 5uide for English 5rade 6 2pp% 896#( 3earner4s 5uide for English 5rade 6 2pp% "#9"#6( $$%Procedure

Teacher )ctivity )%Preliminaries


5ood morning, class;

<efore +e start, let us pray first% 5eraldine, please lead us the prayer%

 =o+, before you sit please ma>e sure that your chairs are in perfect order%

?ell done% @ou may no+ sit do+n%

Class secretary, please chec> the attendance today%


Did you have a great +ee>end, classA

$t seems that you really eno'yed your

Student )ctivity

5ood morning, ma4am;

2The +hole class pray%(

2The students arrange their chairs%(

2The students sit%(

@es, ma4am%


+ee>ends% $ hope you are no+ ready for our lesson for today%

<ut before that, letBs have a revie+ of our  past lessons% ?hat did +e discuss last

meetingA @es, EingeloA

ThatBs correct; )nd +hat are literary devices, D+yghtA

%ThatBs right; )nd +hat are some literary devices that +e discussed, )ltaA

ery good, )lta;

8%nloc>ing of Difficulty

3oo> at in front, class% ?hat do you seeA

Correct% Today, +e are going to solve a  pu**le to unloc> the video behind it%

$ have a blue and a pin> box here that contains your names% $f $ pic> your name, ans+er the clue flashed on the screen and find the +ord on the pu**le% $f you ans+er correctly, you receive a chip% Earn chips throughout our lesson and later, at the end of  our class, you can redeem your pri*es% )re my instructions clearA

-aBam, +e discussed about literary devices%

-aBam, literary devices are common structures used in +riting% They ma>e the  portrayal of human emotion rich and


-aBam, some examples are similes, foreshado+ing, rhyme scheme, repetition, oxymoron and metaphors%

) pu**le, maBam%


Pu**le: P E / = $ C $ &  S D ? / D S )  3 S T  < ) = $ S F 5 ? ) D S P $ 3 3 G C < < 5 < E H  5 0 3 - ? 5  / D E ) - & & H P  = $ S F - E = T

)re you readyA

3et us start% or the first Iuestion: "%to send a+ay from a country or place as an official punishment%

@es, JJJA

Correct; =o+ find the ans+er on the  pu**le%


%a +ound produced by a pointed ob'ect or +eapon%

@es, JJJA

ThatBs right; or the third:

%causing great harm or damage often in a +ay that is not easily seen or noticed @es, JJJA

ery good; )nd for the last one: 8%a penalty inflicted on an offender

@es, maBam%

-aBam, the ans+er is <)=$SF%

-aBam, the +ord is ST)<%


through 'udicial procedure% @es, JJJA

Excellent; <ecause of your help, +e could reveal the video behind the pu**le no+;

2Teacher plays short video%(


?hat is the video all about, classA


?hat happened to the t+o lovers at the end of the videoA

ThatBs right; Do you >no+ +hich

famous play has the same plot as in the videoA

?hat is the playBs titleA

)%3esson Proper  "%)ctivity

ery good;

This is one of the famous scenes in ?illiam Sha>espeareBs ./omeo and 0uliet1% 3ast meeting, $ gave you an assignment to read the playBs excerpt on your boo>s, am $ correctA

-aBam, the +ord is P=$SF-E=T%

$t is about t+o people in love +ith each other   but their families are against their love,


)t the end, they refused to follo+ their   parents and chose their love for each other%

<ut they died at the end, maBam%

@es, maBam%


%Did you en'oy the storyA

To refresh your minds, here is a short summary of the story% ?ill you read it, 5herielA


 In the town of Verona lived two  families-- the Capulets and the

 Montagues-- who were enemies. Among the Montagues was Romeo. He attended  a ball to meet his love, Rosaline, but when he saw Juliet, he forgot everthing  about Rosaline. He was as!ing around about Juliet when "balt saw him and  prepared to fight but the elder Capulet  stopped him. #ater, when Romeo found

time to spea! to Juliet, he $onfessed his  feelings to her but he felt fear when he  found out that Juliet was a Capulet.  Romeo and Juliet sees and intera$ts

with their parents as figures of authorit be$ause the were the head of the

 famil. %ut be$ause of the distant

realtionship between Romeo and Juliet with their parents, the rebelled and $hose love over famil. "hus, the start of  the tragi$ fate of these two star-$rossed lovers.

To test your >no+ledge about the

excerptKstory, let us have a simple game% $ have a box here% This contains

@es, maBam%

@es, maBam%


Iuestions about the text ./omeo and 0uliet1% )s $ play a music, you +ill pass this box to your seatmate% ?hen the music stops, the student left holding the  box +ill pic> a Iuestion and +ill ans+er 

it% $s that clearA

3et us start% Huestions:

"%?hat is the relationship bet+een /omeo and 0uliet +ith their parentsA %Fo+ do /omeo and 0uliet interact +ith their parentsA

%)re /omeo and 0uliet rebellious, in the modern senseA

8%?hat is /omeoBs fearA

#%?ho said these lines and +hyA &Is she a Capulet', (, dear, a$$ount, m lie is a  foe of debt)*

L%?ho said these lines and +hyA &M onl love sprung from m onl hate. "oo earl seen un!nown and !nown too late.*

7% Fo+ does Sha>espeare describe /omeo and 0ulietA

@es, maBam%

Expected ans+ers:

"%/omeo and 0ulietBs relationship +ith their   parents is one of a distant relationship% They

follo+ their prentsB commands because they are obliged to follo+%

%/omeo and 0uliet interact +ith their   parents as if they +ere figures of authority,


ery good, class%


or us to really visuali*e the text, let us fill in the graphic organi*er on the board% @ou ans+er in separate charts% ?rite scenes on the play that corresponds to the senses on the board% ?or> in t+o 2( groups% The girls are 5roup Capulet and the boys are 5roup -ontague% The first group that finishes +ins and gets five 2#( chips% )re my instructions clearA

+hich is true because they are the head of  the family%

%@es, /omeo and 0uliet are rebellious, in the modern sense%

8%/omeo felt a sudden fear and it +as that he fell in love +ith a girl from his familyBs enemy%

#%/omeo +as the one +ho said the line% Fe +as shoc>ed to >no+ that his love came from his familyBs foe%

L%0uliet +as the one +ho said the line +hen she learned that /omeo +as from her  familyBs greatest enemy%

7%Sha>espeare described /omeo and 0uliet as star9crossed lovers, meaning that their fate ended tragically%


<&@S 25roup -ontague(:

5$/3S 25roup Capulet(:

)re you readyA 3et us begin;

2Students do the activity%(

S$5FT: +hen Romeos ees fell upon the $aptivating beaut of Juliet, he thought of   Rosaline no more.

FE)/$=5: "balt "his, b his voi$e,  should be a Montague.

T&CF: Capulet...uen$h the fire, the room is grown too hot.

T)STE: Romeo /in fom th sweet lips' (

FE)/$=5 T&CFS-E33 S$5FT T)STE FE)/$=5 T&CFS-E33 S$5FT T)STE


5roup JJJ +on; 3etBs give them a round of applause%

Class, +hat does these lines sho+ or expressA

ThatBs right; ?e call these sensory images% The +ords are used to let the readers feel +hat is happenig in the story% Do you thin> using these are importantA

?hy do you say soA

Correct; ?hat elseA

ery good;


5oing bac> to the text of ./omeo and 0uliet1 class, if you noticed, the play is made of rich and expressive +ords and the emotions of the characters +ere emphasi*ed% ?hat do +e call them againA

ThatBs right; =o+, letBs ans+er a short exercise to test if you understood it +ell% )ll you have to do is to match the

trespass urged) 0ive me m sin again.

S-E33: "he eager oung Romeo tread  upon the garden, flower blooms sending a  sweet fragran$e on his path below the


2Students clap%(

-aBam, they express emotions that appeal to the senses of the readers%

@es, maBam%

-aBam, they are important because they ma>e the story more interesting to the readers%

-aBam, they ma>e the readers visuali*e the story%


literary devices on the left +ith the appropriate lines that +ill be flashed on the screen%


&/ESF)D&?$=5 "% Fe is li>e a mouse in front of the teacher% -ET)PF&/ % .Fe had no idea of the

disastrous chain of events to follo+%1

&G@-&/&= % /oses are red iolets are blue

<eautiful they all may be <ut $ love you

/EPET$T$&= 8% .Today, as never  before, the fates of men

are so intimately lin>ed%1 /F@-E #% Sometimes +e cherish things of little value% Fe  possessed a cold fire in

his eyes%

S$-$3E L% .Fenry +as a lion on the battlefield%1

)re my instructions clearA

3etBs start%

3et us chec> if your classmatesB ans+ers are correct%

@es, maBam%

2Students ans+er the exercise%(

)ns+ers: "%Simile %oreshado+ing %/hyme Scheme 8%/epetition #%&xymoron L%-etaphor  @es, maBam%


?ere you able to identify the literary devices from the lines, classA

ery good% Do you no+ find it easier to find these devices in literary textsA

Class, +hy do you thin> +riters ma>e use of these devicesA

ThatBs right% ?hat is the importance of literary devices to every +riterA

%5enerali*ationKalue $ntegration Class, did you en'oy our lesson for todayA

ery good% =o+ let us revie+ +hat +e have learned for today% )lexandrea, +hat +as the title of the play that +e


Correct; ?hat is the play all about, /alfhA

ThatBs right% ?hat else did you learn for today, 0osephA

Correct; ?hat is the importance of literary devices, FannahA

@es, maBam%

-aBam, +riters use these devices so that the story +ill not appear boring to the readers%

-aBam, these devices ma>e their literary +or>s creative and pic> the interest of the readers%

@es, maBam%

/omeo and 0uliet, maBam%

-aBam, it is all about t+o young star9crossed lovers that refused to follo+ +hat their   parents +anted 'ust to be +ith each other%

-aBam, +e also learned +hat are the different literary devices%

-aBam, literary devices ma>es the literary  piece or +riting more interesting, beautiful and artistic% They express the emotion of the characters +ell%


ery good;

?hat do +e call lines or +ords in a text that appeals to the senses of the readersA


 =o+ $ >no+ that you really understood our lesson very +ell so it is time for our last activity for today% ?e are going to have a short role playing activity% $ +ill group you into four 28( groups% FereBs +hat you are to do: $f you can see, $ am holding a box% $nside this are strips of  papers that contain situations or lines

from the play ./omeo and 0uliet%1 5roup leaders, please come in front and  pic> a situation%@our group +ill act out

the situations that you +ill pic>%

Sensory images, maBam%


1.Romeo (, she doth tea$h the tor$hes to burn bright. 2id m heart love till now'  3orswear it, sight) 3or me I neer saw true

beaut till this night.

"balt "hus. % his, voi$e, should be a  Montague. 3et$h me m rapier, bo.

 Mr. Capulet 4insman, wherefore storm ou  so'

"balt 5n$le, this is a Montague, our foe. 6.Romeo 7to Juliet8 M lips, two blushing   pilgrims, read stand, to smooth that rough

tou$h with a tender !iss.

 Juliet +hi$h mannerl devotion shows in this9 3or saints have hands that pilgrims hands do tou$h, And palm to palm is hol  palmers !iss.


$ +ill only give you five minutes to  practice and prepare% <ut before that,

here is the rubric for your short role  play%

2Teacher sho+s rubric%(

)re you ready, classA

@ou can start practicing%

Time is up% 5roup ", please present your  output no+%

ery good, 5roup "% Class, let us give them a fire+or>s clap%

:.Romeo /in from th lips' 0ive me m sin again.

 Juliet ;ou !iss b the boo!.

 <urse Madam, our mother $raves a word  with ou.

=.Romeo Is she a Capulet' ( dear a$$ount)  M life is m foes debt.

 %envolio Awa, begone9 the sport is at the best.

 Romeo A, so I fear9 the more is m unrest.

@es, maBam% 2Students practice%( 25roup " presents%( 2Students clap%( 25roup  presents%( 2Students clap%( 25roup  presents%(


5roup , please present your +or> no+%

5ood +or>, 5roup % 3et us give them a crocodile clap%

Fo+ about 5roup A

5ood 'ob, 5roup % @ou deserve a 0uan dela Cru* clap%

5roup 8, it is your turn no+%

Excellent 'ob, 5roup 8% 3et us give them a @es clap%

ery good, class; @ou portrayed the characters +ell and you delivered the dialogues expressively% Did you en'oy the activityA

Class, +hat do you thin> is the >ey to your successful roleplaysA @es, -0A

ThatBs right% ?hat else do +e need to remember +hen performing a roleplayA

ery good; ?hat do +e need to remember +hen delivering character linesA Correct; 2Students clap%( 25roup 8 presents%( 2Students clap%( @es, maBam%

-aBam, +e delivered the dialogues clearly%

-aBam, +e should portray the chracters correctly to sho+ the audience the clear  message%

-aBam, +e should remember to pronounce the +ords correctly and properly%



Folistic /ubric for Short /ole Playing

Response Criteria Rating

&utstanding Clarity of dialogues and its message, ideas +ell9organi*ed and seIuenced, +ell9performed role play


ery good Clarity of dialogues and its message, ideas are seIuenced, +ell9  performed play%


5ood Completes the tas> but some dialogues and messages +ere not clear, some ideas organi*ed and seIuenced%


air Completes the tas> but most of the ideas are not organi*ed and seIuenced, some participial phrases +ere not used correctly, used t+o participial phrases


Poor Tas> +as done for compliance only% The role play is not +ell9 organi*ed and seIuenced



Class, you did a very good 'ob on your short role plays% 3et4s give everyone a round of  applause%

 =o+, $ have here an unopened letter from /omeo and 0uliet and they +ant us to respond to it%

Complete this chart and respond to /omeo and 0ulietBs letter%

advantages disadvantages )rranged -arriage "% % % "% % % 3ove marriage "% % % "% % %


?rite your assignments on a one9half sheet of paper, cross+ise%

)re my instructions clearA

Pass all your assignments tomorro+% Do you have any other IuestionsA

$f that is so, class dismissed%

@es, maBam%

 =one, maBam%





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