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new and tougher compliance

mandates… rising customer and

producer service expectations…

relentless demands for cost cutting…

these are the imperatives driving reinsurance today. they are also the reasons why many reinsurers are looking hard at their business processes, committed to meeting the challenge of change. two questions are now critical in the quest for business fitness: how effective is document management, and how efficient is workload organisation?

cSc is responding with a compelling and trusted solution designed to address both these key questions. we are enhancing our SicS software suite with automated work Distributor (awD) – the most complete document and workflow management system in financial services today.

the growing DemanD to improve

Document anD workflow


Some industry watchers claim reinsurers have lagged behind primary insurers in exploiting technology. Reinsurance contracts are complex, and operations are often relatively small scale, with less potential to deliver significant economies of scale and

productivity improvements.

New and exacting business demands on reinsurers are changing the reinsurance technology landscape fundamentally:

• regulatory regimes, incorporating Sarbanes Oxley and local country requirements, demand much more sophisticated monitoring and reporting of risks and contracts

• Customers and producers expect a reduction in policy and correspondence cycle times, good looking paperwork, and online transaction convenience

• Cost efficiency and controls are increasingly important as determinants of the industry’s winners and losers.

More and more reinsurers are meeting these business demands across their organisations with document and workflow management technology, and they find it is making a significant difference. They are

ensuring better compliance through more efficient and transparent processes. They are improving support to customers and producers with immediate and accurate work status information and more efficient multi-channel service. They are cutting costs by removing paper dependency, streamlining and automating processes, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

CSC will help reinsurers achieve all these results through the SICS with AWD document and workflow management solution, using our deep and specialist knowledge of the industry to address core

reinsurance business processes, such as placement, underwriting, technical accounting and claims management.


SicS with awD - a perfect partnerShip

AWD is a perfect partner for SICS. Like SICS, it has an unrivalled global reputation.

Created by DST Systems, AWD is used by more than 340 financial services

companies around the globe, with impressive results. According to the specialist

research company, Celent: ‘awD has the largest insurance industry client base

worldwide of all Business process management (Bpm) vendors surveyed.’

CSC and DST have been strong global partners in supporting AWD for 15 years. AWD is CSC’s

recommended document and workflow management software solution, and some 90 of our customers have implemented it.

AWD is also a key component in CSC’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations – significant, since we have the largest number of reported contracts in life, pensions and annuities BPO, and we are the leading provider in property and casualty insurance BPO for policy administration.

‘The insurance industry benefits

from CSC’s and DST’s long-standing

alliance, which successfully marries

insurance-specific expertise with

BPM functionality.’

2007 Business Process Management Solution Vendors for Insurers, Celent

In a unique package of capabilities in the reinsurance industry, SICS users will be able to leverage the benefits of this well proven AWD solution.


Document anD workflow management with SicS

awD performance is impressive. cSc’s clients have achieved significant results; averaging 25% - 35% productivity improvement and 20% - 30% cost savings, for example.

Here are the kinds of improvements that AWD can deliver:

compliance control anD


integrated document management technology

• Rapid access to documents for rapid dispersal

to customers

• Multiple users can view the same document image

at the same time, wherever they are – ‘parallel processing’ to speed document processing

• No more lost customer files

• Feature-rich document content viewer

> Colour images > Sub documents

> Support of additional file formats such as pdf > Thumbnails

> Versioning > Annotations.

Secure access to documents, providing information security

• Nothing lost or hidden in desks

• Accessible to home-workers and 3rd parties.

Comprehensive audit trail

• Permanently recorded for every work item –

‘Who, What and When?’

real-time activity ‘event’ monitoring

• Browser-based ‘Dashboard’

• Immediately identifying work-in-progress


business intelligence – accurate and standardised – measuring • Service levels • Productivity • Quality • Utilisation • Efficiency.

Superior cuStomer Service

Coordination of all aspects of a piece of work, ensuring it is executed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Customers’ experience

• Faster end-to-end processing times, eliminating

unnecessary steps which delay customer responses

• Immediate access to status of work in progress • Ability to interact with work process through

numerous channels (scanned documents, phone, fax, e-mail, SMS, internet etc.)

• Reduced errors in handling that cause customer


coSt SavingS

direct costs

• Less paper

• Less training costs for staff • Less office space and equipment • Less storage space needed.

better staff planning through work distribution

• Better cross-utilisation of people for available work • Most important work done first

• Supervisors do not need to actively distribute work.

elimination of paper processing tasks

• Photocopying • Filing

• Paper distribution • Work tracking

• Simplifying work processes • Automatically generated letters.

Performance measurement

• Activity based costing supports a focus on

improving process efficiency and setting appropriate staffing levels.

instantaneous file access

• Eliminate call backs • Eliminate file pulls

• Eliminate requests and search time.


Document anD workflow management with SicS

Find out more about SiCS with awd

SICS is already used more than any other reinsurance solution. With AWD,

the suite will be an indispensible tool for achieving success in the reinsurance

industry of today and tomorrow.

To find out more about this solution or discuss a particular need, please

contact Francoise Dibben on


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