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To: Public Health and Welfare









SECTION 1. Section 73-15-5, Mississippi Code of 1972, is


amended as follows: 8

73-15-5. (1) "Board" means the Mississippi Board of 9

Nursing. 10

(2) The "practice of nursing" by a registered nurse means 11

the performance for compensation of services which requires 12

substantial knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, 13

psychological and sociological sciences and of nursing theory as 14

the basis for assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and 15

evaluation in the promotion and maintenance of health; management 16

of individuals' responses to illness, injury or infirmity; the 17

restoration of optimum function; or the achievement of a dignified 18


administration, teaching, counseling, delegation and supervision 20

of nursing, and execution of the medical regimen, including the 21

administration of medications and treatments prescribed by any 22

licensed or legally authorized physician or dentist. The 23

foregoing shall not be deemed to include acts of medical diagnosis 24

or prescriptions of medical, therapeutic or corrective measures, 25

except as may be set forth by rules and regulations promulgated 26

and implemented by the Mississippi Board of Nursing. 27

(3) "Clinical nurse specialist practice" by a certified 28

clinical nurse specialist means the delivery of advanced practice 29

nursing care to individuals or groups using advanced diagnostic 30

and assessment skills to manage and improve the health status of 31

individuals and families; diagnose human responses to actual or 32

potential health problems; plan for health promotion, disease 33

prevention, and therapeutic intervention in collaboration with the 34

patient or client; implement therapeutic interventions based on 35

the nurse specialist's area of expertise and within the scope of 36

advanced * * * registered nurse practice, including, but not 37

limited to, direct patient care, counseling, teaching, 38

collaboration with other licensed health care providers; and, 39

coordination of health care as necessary and appropriate and 40

evaluation of the effectiveness of care. 41

(4) "Advanced * * * registered nurse practice" means, in 42

addition to the practice of professional nursing, the performance 43


of graduate education and experience are appropriately performed 45

by an advanced practice registered nurse. The advanced practice 46

registered nurse may diagnose, treat and manage medical 47

conditions. This may include prescriptive authority as identified 48

by the board. Advanced practice registered nurses must 49

practice * * * within the framework of a standing protocol or 50

practice guidelines, as appropriate and which have been approved 51

by the board. 52

(5) The "practice of nursing" by a licensed practical nurse 53

means the performance for compensation of services requiring basic 54

knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, psychological 55

and sociological sciences and of nursing procedures which do not 56

require the substantial skill, judgment and knowledge required of 57

a registered nurse. These services are performed under the 58

direction of a registered nurse or a licensed physician or 59

licensed dentist and utilize standardized procedures in the 60

observation and care of the ill, injured and infirm; in the 61

maintenance of health; in action to safeguard life and health; and 62

in the administration of medications and treatments prescribed by 63

any licensed physician or licensed dentist authorized by state law 64

to prescribe. On a selected basis, and within safe limits, the 65

role of the licensed practical nurse shall be expanded by the 66

board under its rule-making authority to more complex procedures 67

and settings commensurate with additional preparation and 68


(6) A "license" means an authorization to practice nursing 70

as a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse designated 71

herein. 72

(7) A "registered nurse" is a person who is licensed or 73

holds the privilege to practice under the provisions of this 74

article and who practices nursing as defined herein. "RN" is the 75

abbreviation for the title of Registered Nurse. 76

(8) A "licensed practical nurse" is a person who is licensed 77

or holds the privilege to practice under this article and who 78

practices practical nursing as defined herein. "LPN" is the 79

abbreviation for the title of Licensed Practical Nurse. 80

(9) A "registered nurse in clinical practice" is one who 81

functions in any health care delivery system which provides 82

nursing services. 83

(10) A "clinical nurse specialist" is a person who is 84

licensed or holds the privilege to practice under this article in 85

this state to practice professional nursing and who in this state 86

practices advanced nursing as defined * * * in subsection (4) of 87

this section. "CNS" is the abbreviation for the title of Clinical 88

Nurse Specialist. 89

(11) An "advanced practice registered nurse" or advanced 90

registered nurse practitioner is a person who is licensed or holds 91

the privilege to practice under this article and who is certified 92

in advanced registered nurse practice * * * or specialized nursing 93


certified registered nurse anesthetists and certified nurse 95

practitioners. "CNM" is the abbreviation for the title of 96

Certified Nurse Midwife, "CRNA" is the abbreviation for the title 97

of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. "CNP" is the 98

abbreviation for the title of Certified Nurse Practitioner. 99

(12) A "nurse educator" is a registered nurse who meets the 100

criteria for faculty as set forth in a state-accredited program of 101

nursing for registered nurses, or a state-approved program of 102

nursing for licensed practical nurses, and who functions as a 103

faculty member. 104

(13) A "consumer representative" is a person representing 105

the interests of the general public, who may use services of a 106

health agency or health professional organization or its members 107

but who is neither a provider of health services, nor employed in 108

the health services field, nor holds a vested interest in the 109

provision of health services at any level, nor has an immediate 110

family member who holds vested interests in the provision of 111

health services at any level. 112

(14) "Privilege to practice" means the authorization to 113

practice nursing in the state as described in the Nurse Licensure 114

Compact provided for in Section 73-15-22. 115

(15) "Licensee" is a person who has been issued a license to 116

practice nursing in the state or who holds the privilege to 117


SECTION 2. Section 73-15-20, Mississippi Code of 1972, is


amended as follows: 120

73-15-20. (1) Advanced practice registered nurses. Any 121

nurse desiring to be certified as an advanced * * * registered 122

nurse practitioner shall apply to the board and submit proof that 123

he or she holds a current license to practice professional nursing 124

and that he or she meets one or more of the following 125

requirements: 126

(a) Satisfactory completion of a formal post-basic 127

educational program of at least one (1) academic year, the primary 128

purpose of which is to prepare nurses for advanced or specialized 129

practice. 130

(b) Certification by a * * * nationally approved 131

certifying body. Such certification shall be required for initial 132

state certification and any recertification as a registered nurse 133

anesthetist, nurse practitioner or nurse midwife. The board may 134

by rule provide for provisional or temporary state certification 135

of graduate nurse practitioners for a period of time determined to 136

be appropriate for preparing and passing the National 137

Certification Examination. Those with provisional or temporary 138

certifications must practice under the direct supervision of a 139

licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner or certified 140


(c) Graduation from a program leading to a master's or 142

post-master's degree in a nursing clinical specialty area with 143

preparation in specialized practitioner skills. 144

(2) Rulemaking. The board shall provide by rule the 145

appropriate requirements for advanced practice registered nurses 146

in the categories of certified registered nurse anesthetist, 147

certified nurse midwife and advanced practice registered nurse. 148

* * *


( * * *3) Renewal. The board shall renew a license for an 150

advanced practice registered nurse every two (2) years in 151

even-numbered years upon receipt of the renewal application, fees 152

and protocol or practice guidelines. The board shall adopt rules 153

establishing procedures for license renewals. The board shall by 154

rule prescribe continuing education requirements for advanced 155

practice nurses not to exceed forty (40) hours biennially as a 156

condition for renewal of a license or certificate. 157

( * * *4) Reinstatement. Advanced practice registered 158

nurses may reinstate a lapsed privilege to practice upon 159

submitting documentation of a current active license to practice 160

professional nursing, a reinstatement application and fee, a 161

protocol or practice guidelines, documentation of current 162

certification as an advanced practice nurse in a designated area 163

of practice by a national certification organization recognized by 164

the board and documentation of at least forty (40) hours of 165


the nurse practitioner within the previous two-year period. The 167

board shall adopt rules establishing the procedure for 168

reinstatement. 169

( * * *5) Changes in status. The advanced practice 170

registered nurse shall notify the board immediately regarding 171

changes in * * * their practice site or change in practice, i.e., 172

currently practicing in one (1) certification and changing or 173

adding another category of certification. 174

( * * *6) Practice requirements. In today's health care 175

arena, the spirit of collaboration among health care providers is 176

imperative so that all patients can receive the highest level of 177

care possible. The board shall make periodic site visits to 178

assure that the health and safety of the public are being 179

protected. The advanced practice registered nurse shall practice: 180

(a) According to standards and guidelines of the 181

National Certification Organization. 182

* * *


( * * *b) According to a board-approved protocol or 184

practice guidelines. 185

( * * *c) Advanced practice registered nurses 186

practicing as nurse anesthetists must practice according to 187

board-approved practice guidelines that address pre-anesthesia 188

preparation and evaluation; anesthesia induction, maintenance, and 189

emergence; post-anesthesia care; peri-anesthetic and clinical 190


* * *


( * * *d) Each * * * advanced practice registered nurse 193

shall include and implement a formal quality assurance/quality 194

improvement program, which shall be maintained on site and shall 195

be available for inspection by representatives of the board. This 196

quality assurance/quality improvement program must be sufficient 197

to provide a valid evaluation of the practice and be a valid basis 198

for change, if any. 199

( * * *e) Nurse practitioners may not write 200

prescriptions for, dispense or order the use of or administration 201

of any schedule of controlled substances except as contained in 202

this * * * article. 203

( * * *7) Prescribing controlled substances and medications. 204

Certified nurse midwives and certified nurse practitioners may 205

apply for controlled substance prescriptive authority * * *. 206

Certified nurse midwives and certified nurse practitioners who 207

have * * * received prescription authority from the board may 208

prescribe Schedules II-V. The words "administer," "controlled 209

substances" and "ultimate user," shall have the same meaning as 210

set forth in Section 41-29-105, unless the context otherwise 211

requires. The board shall promulgate rules governing prescribing 212

of controlled substances, including distribution, record keeping, 213

drug maintenance, labeling and distribution requirements and 214

prescription guidelines for controlled substances and all 215


the rules promulgated by the board shall constitute a violation of 217

Section 73-15-29(1)(f), (k) and (l) and shall be grounds for 218

disciplinary action. The prescribing, administering or 219

distributing of any legend drug or other medication in violation 220

of the rules promulgated by the board shall constitute a violation 221

of Section 73-15-29(1)(f), (k) and (l) and shall be grounds for 222

disciplinary action. 223

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from



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