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Academic Administrators, Deans, Chairs, Committee Chairs, Directors, and Fellows Office of the President


Academic year: 2021

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Academic Administrators, Deans, Chairs, Committee Chairs, Directors, and Fellows 2021-2022

Office of the President

President Connie Ledoux Book

Vice President for Access and Success Jean Rattigan-Rohr Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Jeff Stein

Vice President and Associate Provost for Inclusive Excellence Randy Williams Vice President for Finance and Administration Janet Williams Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Patrick Noltemeyer Office of the Provost

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Aswani Volety Senior Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Tim Peeples Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Jennifer Platania Associate Provost for Academic Excellence and Operations Paul Miller Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning and

Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Learning Peter Felten Assistant Provost and Director of the Center for the

Advancement of Teaching and Learning Deandra Little

Academic Deans

Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences

Dean Gabie Smith

Associate Dean Nancy Harris

Associate Dean Angela Lewellyn

Associate Dean Kirby Wahl

Assistant Dean Amy Overman

School of Communications

Dean Rochelle Ford

Associate Dean Tony Weaver

Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education

Dean Ann Bullock

Martha and Spencer Love School of Business

Dean Raghu Tadepalli

Associate Dean Haya Ajjan

School of Health Sciences

Dean Becky Neiduski

Elon University School of Law

Dean Luke Bierman

Senior Associate Dean Alan Woodlief

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Sue Liemer

Associate Dean for Academic Success Wendy Scott

Associate Dean for Library and Information Services Kate McLeod Academic Affairs

Accreditation and Assessment Maurice Levesque, Director

Isabella Cannon Global Education Center Nick Gozik, Dean

Matt Buckmaster, Assistant Dean

Rhonda Waller, Executive Director of Global Engagement


Koenigsberger Learning Center Anne Bryan, Executive Director and Director of Academic Advising

Susan Wise, Director of Disabilities Resources James Holsinger, Director of Learning Assistance

Brandy Propst, Director of Elon 101

Library Joan Ruelle, Dean of the Carol

Grotnes Belk Library

Registrar Rod Parks, University Registrar

and Assistant Vice President Department Chairs

Accounting Danny Lanier

Art Michael Fels

Biology Linda Niedziela, Chair

Yuko Miyamoto, Associate Chair

Chemistry Kathy Matera

Cinema and Television Arts Naaemah Clark

Communication Design Ben Hannam

Computer Science Duke Hutchings

Economics Steve DeLoach

Education and Wellness Marna Winter

Carol Smith, spring 2022 (interim)

English Kevin Bourque, Chair

Kim Pyne, Associate Chair

Environmental Studies Robert Charest

Exercise Science Caroline Ketcham

Finance Chris Harris

History and Geography Rod Clare

Human Service Studies Bud Warner

Journalism Anthony Hatcher

Richard Landesberg, fall 2021 (interim)

Management and Entrepreneurship Rob Moorman, Chair

Brittany Mercado, Associate Chair

Marketing and International Business Coleman Rich

Mathematics and Statistics Crista Arangala

Music Hallie Hogan

Nursing Tiffany Morris

Performing Arts Lauren Kearns, Chair

Natalie Hart, spring 2022 (interim)

Natalie Hart, Associate Chair

Philosophy Stephen Bloch-Schulman

Physical Therapy Education Stephen Folger

Physician Assistant Studies Kim Stokes


Physics and Engineering Martin Kamela

Political Science and Policy Studies Sean Giovanello

Psychology David Buck

Public Health Studies Cindy Fair

Religious Studies Geoffrey Claussen

Sociology and Anthropology Alexis Franzese

Sport Management Cara Lucia

Strategic Communications Vanessa Bravo

World Languages and Cultures Sophie Adamson, Chair

Brandon Essary, Associate Chair Graduate Program Directors

DPT Program Stephen Folger

LSB Graduate Programs Kristy Ruiz

MBA Program Brian Lyons, Faculty


MS in Business Analytics Brian Lyons, Faculty


MS in Accounting Ifeoma Udeh, Faculty


M.Ed. Program Mary Knight-McKenna

Master in Higher Education Rozana Carducci

MA in Interactive Media Derek Lackaff

MS in Physician Assistant Studies Kim Stokes

Interdisciplinary Program Directors and Coordinators

African/African American Studies (Minor) Buffie Longmire-Avital

American Studies (Minor) Samuele Pardini

Arts Administration (Major) David McGraw

Asian Studies (Minor) Jooyun Hwang

Biochemistry (Major) Karl Sienerth

Classical Studies (Minor) Kristina Meinking

Communications Core Vic Costello

Criminal Justice Studies (Minor) Duane McClearn

Engineering Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Four-

Year Program

Scott Wolter, Dual-Degree Program

Geographic Information Systems (Minor) Ryan Kirk

German Studies (Minor) Scott Windham and Kristin


Independent Major Scott Windham

International and Global Studies (Major) Safia Swimelar, Coordinator Baris Kesgin, Associate Coordinator

Italian Studies (Minor) Brandon Essary

Jazz Studies (Minor) Hallie Hogan

Jewish Studies (Minor) Andrea Sinn

Latin American Studies (Minor) Pablo Celis-Castillo

Leadership Studies (Minor) Chris Leupold

LSB Dual Degree Programs Mark Kurt


Media Analytics (Major) Brian Walsh

Middle East Studies (Minor) Shereen Elgamal

Multimedia Authoring (Minor) Michele Kleckner

Neuroscience (Minor) Eric Bauer

Peace and Conflict Studies (Minor) Federico Pous

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Minor) Joel Shelton Poverty and Social Justice Studies (Minor) Toddie Peters

Professional Writing Studies (Minor) Li Li

Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies (Minor) Shayna Mehas Academic Council

Staff with Faculty Rank Representative 2021-2022

Allison Bryan Part-time Faculty Representative 2021-2023

James Roberts Divisional Representatives 2021-2024

Rissa Trachman Polly Cornelius Kristen Doehler Chair-elect and Committee on Committees Chair Danny Lanier

Nicole Triche Patricia Perkins Cindy Bennett Heidi Hollingsworth David Levine Divisional Representatives 2019-2022

University-wide Chrystal Carpenter (at large)

CAS Megan Squire (at large)

CAS 2021-2022 Cora Palfy (at large)

Divisional Representatives 2020-2023

Chair Jason Husser

Kevin Otos

Handbook Subcommittee Chair Karl Sienerth

Julie Lellis Melissa Murfin

Lynda Butler-Storsved Administration/Ex-officio (non-voting)

President Connie Ledoux Book

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Aswani Volety

Curriculum Committee Chair Jason Kirk

Program Assistant Melissa McBane

Standing Committee Chairs

Academic Standing Committee Ryne Vankrevelen

Academic Technology Committee Christopher Waters, interim

Admissions Committee Jesse Akman

Athletics Committee Andrew Monteith

Elon Core Curriculum Council Jessica Gisclair

Faculty Research and Development Committee Vacant

Global Education Curriculum Committee Jeff Carpenter


Graduate Council Vickie Moore

Library Committee David Jiang

Post-Probationary Faculty Development Review Committee Michael Kingston

Promotions and Tenure Committee Lynn Huber

Religious and Spiritual Life Committee Vitaliy Strohush

Student Life Committee Elizabeth Bailey

Curriculum Committee (University) Jason Kirk

*Curriculum Committee (University)

Chair (Elon College) Jason Kirk

School of Education Carol Smith

School of Business Timothy Norvell

School of Communications Dan Haygood

Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences Hi-hua Chang

Arts and Sciences - Fine Arts and Humanities Natalie Hart

Arts and Sciences - Computing and Natural Sciences Svetlana Nepocatych

School of Health Sciences Antoinette Polito

Mathematics, Computing & Natural Sciences Svetlana Nepocatych

At-Large Patti Burns

At-Large Mina Garcia-Soormally

At-Large Vickie Moore

Provost Designee Jennifer Platania

Elon Core Curriculum Director Jennifer Platania (interim)

Dean of the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Joan Ruelle (without vote) University Registrar and Assistant Vice President Rodney Parks (without vote)

Associate Registrar Robin Straka (without vote)

Staff Advisory Council

Chair Doug Purnell

Administrative Staff Kristen Aquilino

Administrative Staff TJ Bowie - past chair

Administrative Staff Brian Dudiak

Administrative Staff Drew Hambright

Administrative Staff Adrian Carpenter

Administrative Staff Katie Wicke LaPlante

Office and Support Staff Mel Brown

Office and Support Staff Belinda Day

Office and Support Staff Jamie Canada

Office and Support Staff Joan Dawson

Office and Support Staff Monica Glover

Office and Support Staff - Vice Chair Joel Thomas

Physical Plant Staff Paul Adams

Physical Plant Staff Brandon Moore

Physical Plant Staff Ray Pruitt

Physical Plant Staff Susan Tripp

Senior Staff Jeff Stein

Senior Staff Kelli Shuman

Campus Directors

Academic-Residential Partnerships Shannon Lundeen

Center for Access and Success Jean Rattigan-Rohr


Elon Academy Terry Tomasek

Odyssey Scholars Program Marcus Elliott

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Deandra Little, Director Mary Jo Festle, Associate Director

Kelsey Bitting, Associate Director

Olivia Choplin, Associate Director

Center for Engaged Learning Peter Felten, Executive Director Jessie Moore, Director

Center for Environmental Studies Michael Strickland

Center for Leadership Melanie Bullock

Center for Organizational Analytics Manoj Chari

Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education (CREDE) Sylvia Muñoz, Director Center for Research on Global Education Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society (CSRCS) Brian Pennington

Center for Writing Excellence Paula Rosinski, Writing Across the University

Julia Bleakney, The Writing Center

Chandler Family Professional Sales Center Raghu Tadepalli (Interim)

Civic Engagement Scholars Program Jen Uno

Cultural and Special Programs Jeff Clark, Executive Director

Design Thinking Danielle Lake

Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Alyssa Martina

El Centro, the Spanish Center Sylvia Muñoz

Elon Core Curriculum Jen Platania, interim Executive


COR 1100 Paula Patch

ENG 1100 Heather Lindenman

STS 1100 Ryne Vankrevelen

COR Capstones Scott Windham

Assistant Director of Assessment Kristina Meinking

Elon University Poll Jason Husser

Executive Education

Love School of Business Vacant

Fellows Programs

Honors Program Lynn Huber, Director

Barbara Gaither, Associate Director

Elon College Fellows Kim Epting

Business Fellows Tina Das

Teaching Fellows Jeffrey Carpenter

Communications Fellows Dave Bockino

Leadership Fellows Chris Leupold

Gender and LGBTQIA Center Luis Garay

Health Professions Yuko Miyamoto

Information Technology Pat Donohue, Assistant CIO and

Director of Campus Technology Support


Kelly Reimer, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning


Gary Sheehan, Information Security Director

Imagining the Internet Center Janna Anderson, Executive


Kernodle Center for Civic Life Bob Frigo

Liberal Arts Forum Samuele Pardini

Lumen Prize Ben Evans

Multifaith Scholars Amy Allocco

National & International Fellowships Ann Cahill

Nonprofit Management Erika Lopina

Office of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development Carla Fullwood

Peace Corps Prep Program Jennifer Eidum

Program for Ethnographic Research & Community Studies

(PERCS) Robert Perdue

Pre-Law Elisha Savchak-Trogdon

Project Pericles Mat Gendle, Director

April Post, Associate Director

Sponsored Programs Bonnie Bruno, Director

Jenny Chapman, Grants Coordinator

Student Professional Development Center Tom Brinkley, Executive Director

Sunshine Center for Open Government Brooks Fuller

Sustainability Elaine Durr

Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life Joel Harter

Undergraduate Research Meredith Allison, Director

Jen Hamel, interim Associate Director

Qian Xu, Associate Director

William Garrard Reed Finance Center Kate Upton

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Administrative Fellow Vacant

Faculty Fellow for the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE)

Damion Blake

Faculty Fellow for Civic Engagement Carrie Eaves

Faculty Fellow for Leadership Raj Ghoshal

Faculty Development Fellow for Service Learning Phillip Motley

Faculty Fellow for Sustainability Samantha DiRosa

Faculty Fellow for Technology Kyle Altmann

Elon College Faculty Fellow for Internships CJ Fleming Updated 8.3.21


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