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Configuration of mail and calendar iphone/ipad


Academic year: 2021

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Aarhus University has introduced a new security policy which means that a PIN number must be used and that the phone must automatically lock after 10 minutes max. when not in use after which it can only be opened with your PIN.

This also applies to mobile phones bought with private funds. Minimum password length: 4 characters.

On your mobile phone, there is a list of Microsoft Exchange rights. On that list you will see that it is possible to ‘remote wipe’ your phone. Microsoft Exchange makes it possible for the user as well as for AU IT to ‘remote wipe’ a mobile phone (that is, remove all contents). ‘Remote wiping’ is an option if you for instance lose

your phone and it is possible for you to ‘remote wipe’ your own phone through webmail. If you need help ‘remote wiping’ your phone, please contact the IT support of your main academic area.

nB! You must accept the au security policy in order to set up your email and calendar on your phone.

nB! the pictures used in this manual are from an iPhone. the position of some settings may therefore vary if you use an iPad. the terms in the manual will nonetheless correspond to both.

Erase your old account first

If you do not have an old e-mail account from Aarhus University on your iPhone/iPad, you can skip this step and go directly to page 3.

If you already have your AU email (and calendar) on your iPhone/ iPad, you need to delete the current setup.

If you have more than one Aarhus University mail account on your device, you should only delete the account you want to set up afterwards.


Scroll down and choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.

You will now see a list of the accounts that are configured on your iPhone/iPad.

Press the mail account you wish to delete.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings list and select ‘Delete Account’. Confirm by pressing ‘Delete Account’ again in the window that appears.


Set up your email account

Turn on your iPhone/iPad (and unlock it in case it is screen locked). Find and choose ‘Settings’.

Scroll down and choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.

If there are no mail accounts already set up, you can proceed to the next step.


Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’.

Fill in the information as shown below and choose ‘Next’ to continue.

email: <Your email address> e.g. ‘GRAM@asb.dk’ or GR@adm.

au.dk’ or ‘XYZ@science.au.dk’.

domain: Leave this field empty.

username: <Domain\Username> e.g. ‘ASB\GRAM’.

The domain in the ‘Username’ field depends on which institute you are from. You can find information on your domain on this web page: http://goo.gl/YXUqs.

Your username is often the initials in front of the @-symbol in your email address, e.g. the username for ‘GRAM@asb.dk’ is ‘GRAM’. Technically the username is your login-name from the ‘AD’. Please contact your specific IT-support regarding the username via this web page: http://goo.gl/ph6Y9.


The ‘Domain’ field should now be filled out automatically. If you are asked to fill out a new field called ‘Server’, please write ‘mail.au.dk’.

Now press ‘Next’.

You can choose which items your iPhone/iPad should download and synchronize. When you have chosen your preferences, please press ‘Save’.

mail signifies your e-mails.

Contacts are mailadresses, telephone numbers and other

information on contacts in Outlook.

Calendars are your personal calendars which you also know

from Outlook.

reminders are notifications about events in your calendar which


Your email account has now been configured. It is shown with the name you assigned to it in the field ‘Description’ during the setup.

If you need help or have further questions, please contact the IT-support of your main academic area via this web page:


You can choose to follow the rest of the manual in order to adjust the settings for your mailbox and for the synchronization of e-mails, contacts etc.

Adjusting settings

Click on the account you have just set up. It may take 10-15 minutes before all settings are accessible since the iPhone/iPad must download your mails and folders.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings menu for your mail account. Under ‘Mail Days to Sync’, we recommend choosing ‘No Limit’. This allows you to receive all emails from the folders you choose to synchronize (see the next paragraph) no matter when you have received them.


advanCed multimedia grouP

analytics group


Advanced Multimedia Group is a division under AU IT supported by student instructors. Our primary objective is to convey knowledge to relevant user groups through manuals, courses and workshops. Our course activities are mainly focused on MS Office, Adobe CS and CMS. Furthermore we engage in e-learning activities and auditive and visual communication of lectures and classes. AMG handles video assignments based on the recording, editing and distribution of lectures and we carry out a varied range of ad hoc assignments requested by employees.

In addition, AMG offers solutions regarding web development and we support students’ and employees’ daily use of typo3.

Analytics Group, a division comprised of student instructors under AU IT, primarily offers support to researchers and employees.

Our field of competence is varied and covers questionnaire surveys, analyses and processing of collected data etc. AG also offers teaching assistance in a number of analytical resources such as SAS, SPSS and Excel by hosting courses organised by our student assistants. These courses are often an integrated part of the students’ learning process regarding their specific academic area which ensures the coherence between these courses and the students’ actual educational requirements.

In this respect, AG represents the main support division in matters of analytical software.




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