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Planet Frameless Glazing. Planet 20 frameless glass swing door


Academic year: 2021

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Planet Frameless Glazing




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Planet 20 - Single Glazing

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Planet 100 - Double Glazing

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Joint Options


Sectional Drawings for Planet 20 - Single Glazing

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Sectional Drawings for Planet 100 Double Glazing

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Sectional Drawings for Planet 100 Double Glazing

with concealed mullion

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Technical Information

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Advanced Glazing Systems are the latest innovation benefiting from Planet’s 35 year experience in the design, manufacture and installation of partition systems.

All of the systems in Planet’s portfolio share a common design concept and components such as the 27mm profiles, doorframes and glass joint options. The glass, being retained by pressure fixed clear PVC gaskets in Aluminium tracks, ensures the highest acoustic performance with the additional benefit of increasing glass stability; an important element to consider when incorporating a deflection head or when ‘slammed’ doors reverberate through the adjacent glass.

100M modular system complements the range by being able to accommodate any solid panel (steel, plasterboard, melamine, timber veneered) within the same system components, offering a complete demountable partition system.

The elite acoustic performance of the glazing is matched by the doors in the portfolio, which are certified to UKAS standards.


Eclipse+ sliding door


Planet 20 Single Glazing

Offers the slimmest framework with glass installed into aluminium track sections with clear PVC gaskets, sealing the glass into tracks, to avoid glass movement.

This form of securing the glass also brings the plane of glass as close to the framework surface as possible.

Acoustic Performance: 35-40 dBRw

Deflection Head: +/-15 and +/-25mm as standard stock Fire Rating: 30.0 Integrity and 30.30 on glass only

Glass Thickness: 10-16.8mm glass

Solid Modules: Steel, Melamine, Timber veneer, Plasterboard

Single glazing with integral

deflection head Single glazing with slimline doorframe, for use with either glazed or timber

Flyout endcap to integrate with 100mm drywall


Satin stainless steel exposed bar sliding door system. Simple 26mm support rail with engineered rollers to provide a smooth running, visually striking door system.

Sliding door system with hidden running gear for the minimal look. The ideal complement to frameless glazed partitioning.

The slimline doorframe is small, strong and versatile. In elevation, the frame offers a 27mm jamb to visually match the head and base profiles, providing a perfect picture frame to the glazing.

Eclipse sliding glass door

Eclipse+ sliding door

Glass in slimline doorframe


Frameless glass door

Slimline doorframe with timber Frameless glass door

Planet’s frameless glass doors can integrate floor springs, pivot hinges and self-closing patch hinges. A range of pull handles and patch lever sets are available in stainless steel finish.

Solid door leaves can be veneered, laminated, factory sprayed, MFC – endless options are available. Doorframes in either aluminium or hardwood ensure that any design can be combined with a Planet partition.


The ultimate in acoustic performance for an all glass door leaf. This is an upgrade of our standard slimline doorset, utilising a minimal drop down seal to provide a tested acoustic performance of 34 dBRw.

Drop down seal in Satin stainless finish Slimline dB34 door

Slimline dB34 door


100mm wide framework with glass installed into aluminium track sections with pressure fixed clear PVC gaskets, sealing the glass into tracks, to avoid glass movement.

Every pane of glass is fixed with a seal on either side, avoiding glass to metal frame contact and achieving the highest acoustic performance.

Common components with 100M modular system ensure seamless integration of solid walls, door sets and glazing modules.

Acoustic Performance: 41-54 dBRw

Deflection Head: +/-15 and +/-25mm as standard stock Fire Rating: 30.0 Integrity and 30.30 on glass only

Glass Thickness: 6-12.8mm glass

Solid Modules: Steel, Melamine, Timber veneer, Plasterboard

Double glazing door frame, for solid timber doors or, alternatively, single or double glazed full glass leaves

Planet 100 Double Glazing

Double glazing head and base sections with integral deflection head 100mm drywall abutment to double glazing with 12mm vertical shadow gap


A wide variety of veneers and melamine finishes are available. Door leaves can be incorporated in aluminium or timber frames.

44mm timber doors incorporating dropdown seals are tested in Planet aluminium frames to achieve 34 dBRw

Solid Doors


Our flush glazed door is based around an aluminium inner frame to provide flexibility and stability, with bonded 6mm thick glass to each side to provide both performance and aesthetics.

An integrated dropdown seal increases the acoustic performance to 36 dBRw

Flush Glazed Doors


A single part doorframe offers a 27mm jamb to match the head and base profiles and offers a 56mm overall dimension including the doorstop.

Two part doorframes in Planet 100 enable the system to locate the door at any point within 100mm frame thickness.

FGD Doors


Planet 100 Double Glazing

with concealed mullion

A concealed mullion post enables the system to accommodate thinner glass. Glass is retained by a clear PETG or an exposed PPC aluminium trim.

Acoustic Performance: 36-40 dBRw

Deflection Head: +/-15 and +/-25mm as standard Glass Thickness: 6-8.8mm glass

Solid Modules: Steel, Melamine, Timber veneer, Plasterboard

Double glazed head and base sections

Slimline low profile mullion post with stealth glazing trims



Unique – with an integral transparent cross shaped connector creating a narrow and virtually invisible recessed joint that locates into specially formed glass edges.

The solid joint piece fills the gap between the two panes of glass, offering the highest acoustic insulation.


Award winning PETG dry jointing channel that is demountable and re-usable. Discreet, clear and easily installed.


The ultimate in flush glazing – crystal clear PETG that provides a sheer finish to the elevation with a minimal connection between glass panels. The joint bonds to a standard polished glass edge with factory applied acrylic tape.


Aluminium dry joint that can be satin anodized or polyester powder coated to your individual colour preference.

Eyecatching and fully demountable.


Joint Options





Sectional Drawings for



Sectional Drawings for


Levels of sound resistance/degree of privacy • 20 dB Rw – Normal speech readily • audible

• 25 dB Rw – Loud speech clearly audible

• 30 dB Rw - Loud speech audible under normal conditions • 35 dB Rw – Loud speech audible but difficult to distinguish

• 40 dB Rw – Loud speech faintly audible but cannot be distinguished • 45 dB Rw – Shouting audible but cannot be distinguished

• 50 dB Rw – Shouting barely audible

Single glazed 12mm CFT door set with dropdown threshold Single glazed CFT 12mm door

Technical Information

Glass Door


KEY: CFT - Clear Float Toughened Glass (A) - Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Information


• Suggested glass thickness to provide medium duty

• Standard office loading 0.74kN • Please contact your regional

office for glass thicknesses data for 1.5kN and 3kN line loads

Framed options exist to satisfy all of the above classifications

Planet are part of the Linkspan Interiors Group Ltd. In line with our policy of continuous devel-opment, specifications and details may change without notice. The content of this brochure will not form part of any contract.


Impact Resistance


Regional Offices

Southern: Unit 3, York Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9AD Tel: 01444 247933 Fax: 01444 248799 Email: info@planetsouth.co.uk

Western: Unit 14, Cavalier Court, Bumpers Way, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6LH Tel: 01249 448920 Fax: 01249 446942 Email: mail@planetwest.co.uk

Wales: 5th Floor, Clarence House, Clarence Place, Newport, South Wales, NP19 7AA Tel: 01633 855528 Fax: 01633 854401 Email: info@planetwest.co.uk

Midlands: Centre House, Court Parade, Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 8LT Tel: 01922 743390 Fax: 01922 743268 Email: info@planetmidlands.co.uk

North West: 10 Woodway Court, Thursby Road, Wirral International Business Park, Bromborough, Wirral, Bromborough, CH62 3PR

Tel: 0151 482 8398 Fax: 0151 334 0668 Email: info@planetnorthwest.co.uk Northern: Unit 3, Apex Business Park, Apex Way, Leeds, LS11 5LN

Tel: 0113 204 8600 Fax: 0113 204 8601 Email: info@planetnorth.co.uk

Scotland/South Tel: 0141 771 7304 Fax: 0141 781 1558 Email: info@planetscotland.co.uk Scotland/North: Riverside House, Riverside Drive, Aberdeen, AB11 7LH

Tel: 01224 224488 Fax: 01224 224489 Email: mail@planetscotland.co.uk Showroom

London: 104-110 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DH

Tel: 020 7821 5007 Fax: 020 7821 5010 Email: showroom@planetpartitioning.co.uk

Tel: 0800 328 9561


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